2021 – a boxed in Mars

Astrologers search for patterns in seemingly random events to offer partial reassurance that life is not all a swirling meaningless chaos. It can be a delicate task distinguishing between coincidental clusters of events and a genuine connectedness. And distinguishing between what is an individual reaction and what is going on out in the collective.

  There do seem to be more cancer deaths from celebrities in the news at the moment – and no doubt more who never catch a mention. And many people I know appear to be weighed down in their personal lives by multiple problems, which vary according to their particular life’s pattern – ie. some have health issues, others have domestic woes etc etc.

  The tr Saturn square tr Uranus while hinting at tensions and irritability and producing situations which require endurance, doesn’t feel like the main culprit.

    The only astro-thought I have is that Mars opposition Pluto dominated the recent June Solar and late May Lunar Eclipses. There was also a formidable Mars square Pluto Saturn Jupiter in the Capricorn Ingress which ushered in 2021. Depending which of the Cardinal Ingresses is used and opinions vary – the Aries and recent Cancer Ingress also have afflicted Mars, especially the late June one with Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus opposition Moon.

Eclipses and Ingresses are both thought to stay in effect for months afterwards. And the principal Ingress for the year ahead.

  Mars is assertive, says ‘I want’, ‘I will do’ and likes to make fast progress, sweeping obstacles aside. When Mars is blocked by Saturn there are accidents, setbacks, irritating blockages and delays. Blocked by Pluto it tends to bring up intense frustrations and what I think of as spider web situation. No matter which way you turn you are trapped and end up feeling you have no choices. Mars Pluto is also destructive, ruthless, brutal so can accompany major natural or man-made disasters and the kind of fear-inducing savagery seen in Afghanistan.

   The upcoming Ingresses in October in Libra and December in Capricorn are easier in terms of Mars afflictions and the December Solar Eclipse, supposedly a joyful one, has only a Mars sextile Pluto which will be easier.  

  That’s the best I can do for explanations.

6 thoughts on “2021 – a boxed in Mars

  1. What I observe for myself is that this ‘blocked Mars’ forces us to slow down and face up to the things that we have been putting off for one reason or another, it’s time to deal with unfinished business, confront issues from the past (which may be painful) and tie up loose ends before starting anything new. Often it is hard to figure out what is going on, but the astrology gives us the perspective we sometimes need to be able to see the wood from the trees. And if you still don’t deal with it, it comes back again with the next hard transit, possibly even bigger than before, until you find the courage to face up to whatever it is that is holding you back. We each travel our own path. Astrology offers us a roadmap.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Marjorie!
    I myself had not thought of these ‘Mars troubles’ as a reason for the frustrations I and so many people around me are experiencing. This sounds like a VERY probable explanation for the ‘blocked’ feeling of 2021!
    It’s also a relief to read that the upcoming ingresses have easier aspects for Mars. Thank you again 🙂

  3. I endured (?) a Mars-Pluto arrangment back in 2015…lasting several years until recently. Employment was non-existent. I’d sent some 1500 resumes after job postings. I finally landed an offer … yet the results were hardly worth the agony and waiting. No matter what I did or what I said in the few interviews acquired, nothing seemed to matter.

    Things are a mite better, having finally landed another gig after three years of invested effort. The pandemic, astro convulsions, surviving thru a year of eviction fears during a moratorium on such, and a cancer mis-diagnosis (it was only a kidney stone) are finally subsiding. Whew!

  4. I agree the Saturn square Uranus is interesting but is not the culprit. Uranus has the effect of bringing out into the sunlight issues, and with Saturn these are physical problems, so is bringing these problems to our attention not necessarily causing them.
    Mars goes into Libra in the middle of this month.

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