Climate change – a global imperative

Great things are expected of the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow kicking off on October 31st this year in the aftermath of increasingly violent weather swings worldwide. How many of the lofty promises will end up being actioned is questionable but the pressure is certainly on. One of the pledges of the 2016 Paris agreement is that signed-up countries will ratchet up their commitment to reduce greenhouse gases. Trump (in)famously withdrew and Biden signed back up again.

  It will be a noisy conference this November since it starts with a Sun Mars conjunction in Scorpio opposition Uranus square Saturn. It finishes on November 12th by which time tr Mars has closed the square to Saturn to exact which is bad-tempered and then closed the conjunction to the Sun on the final day. Tensions will run high; with intense debate from Mercury square Pluto as well. Mercury is also in an upbeat trine to Jupiter and an evasive/muddled inconjunct to Neptune so it won’t be easy to hold to a steady focus.

  The Paris Agreement was signed April 22 2016 which has a revolutionary/reforming Pluto square Uranus.  But it also has an over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune square a discouraging and setback-prone Mars Saturn conjunction. 2023 looks like a year when progress may grind to a halt or some other significant complication arises when the Solar Arc Mars is exactly conjunct the Saturn.

5 thoughts on “Climate change – a global imperative

  1. Russia will control most of the western world’s energy with its pipeline under the sea IN THE NEAR FUTURE . Don’t think they’ll be too bothered about climate change when they control the world.

    • Ah, yes, another GOP fishing trip. And how did you come to acquire this vastly important information?

      And it’s coming to a beach near you IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. As you say, the pressure is on. I sincerely hope there’s some sense of urgency this time, and a willingness to park greed and complacency too. It’s incredibly frustrating to know, for instance, that the first viable production of electric cars was in 1884 (Thomas Parker) in the UK, and 1890-1 (William Morrison) in the USA. They were often marketed as suitable for “ladies”…..which may explain in part why they didn’t take off as cars for everyone. Imagine if they had. Production peaked around 1912, but these cars were still being driven in the 1920’s.

    In 1884 Pluto entered Gemini and Uranus entered Libra, (what a trine !)with Saturn at a later degree in Gemini too. In 1890 Uranus moved into Scorpio. Pluto and Neptune in Gemini squared Saturn in Virgo that year. Jupiter boosted this from Aquarius at various points. Not sure what to make of this pattern, but perhaps all the airy inventiveness lacked an anchor?

  3. Oh dear what a shame another opportunity missed for the world to come together as one. The effects on economic output alone which are directly attributable to climate change is increasing yearly with India, China, USA and Indonesia being the worst effected. In Europe the monetised cost of heat related mortality is now equivalent to 1.2% of it gross national income, or the average income of 11 million European citizens. What a bunch of lemmings!

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