Jean Luc Godard – a pioneer with passion

13th Harmonic chart

Film director Jean-Luc Godard, giant of the French New Wave, has died at 91 “peacefully at home” in Switzerland of assisted suicide. Emmanuel Macron tweeted: “We’ve lost a national treasure, the eye of a genius”. Critic Peter Bradshaw called him ‘ a genius who tore up rule book without troubling to read it.’ His Nouvelle Vague movies of the late 1950s and 60s – Breathless, the Little Soldier, A Woman is a Woman – revolutionised cinema; although his politicised films and unbending radicalism did go out of fashion. He had made an unlikely career revival in recent years.

  He was born 3 December 1930 2am Paris, France, with a chart marked out for success and trailblazing.  His communicative 3rd house Sagittarius Sun was in a square to filmic Neptune and more significantly in a super-confident, attention-demanding Fire Grand Trine to Mars in flamboyant Leo trine a reforming, rebellious Uranus in Aries.  His breaking-the-old-mould Uranus was further emphasised being square Saturn in Capricorn opposition his Midheaven and widely opposition a triumphant, self-assured Jupiter Pluto in Cancer in his 10th.

  He married two of his leading ladies through the marriages didn’t last which was not surprising given his 7th house Uranus and North Node.

His Harmonic charts conveyed his talent and stature as clearly as his natal chart with strong creative 5th and 7th Harmonic as well as break-through genius 13H. And his leaving-a-legacy 17H and global star 22H were also notable.

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  1. I am not so sure that there is any correlation between giftedness and longevity. A great many gifted artists’ lives were cut short for various reasons, Mozart, Fabritius, Schiele, Freddy Mercury to name but a few. Perhaps those who live longer just have more time to develop their art and establish a reputation. I also think that our soul has a purpose when we come into this life that we as individuals may or may not understand. Once that purpose has been fulfilled maybe there is less need to remain here. But that’s just my view.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. IMO gifted artists tend to live long lives. My friend wrote his psychology doctoral thesis on orchestra conductors tending to live well beyond average life expectancy. Does the astrology for visionary people validate this? And any validity for the theory that the number of planets in the 7th house corresponds to number of marriages/relationships? Thank you.

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