Ivanka Trump – her escape route blocked for now

Ivanka Trump has had her argument that she should not have to testify at her father’s fraud trial rejected. He has been accused of inflating the value of his assets on financial statements and if found guilty will have to pay a fine of at least $250m. Her brothers are also listed as defendants in the case. It is a bench trial with no jury, and the judge is the sole decider.

  This month has been rattling her chart, 30 October 1981, NY,  with the Solar Eclipse conjunct her Pluto Jupiter in Libra and the Lunar Eclipse catching her Scorpio Sun. So the court decision will have had a considerable impact on her. Her Solar Arc Saturn is also conjunct her Uranus over coming months which will ruffle her calm and may clip her wings with Saturnine authority blocking her Uranian independence and defiance.

 Her dysfunctional, unhealthy and aggravated relationship chart with her father with its composite Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus was always going to be at maximum strain this year with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun through from early this month right till the end of November which is a downbeat, can-be-separating influence. Through October to late November she has a calamitous tr Neptune opposition her Mars/Saturn midpoint on her personal chart. From late November to mid December tr Saturn opposes the composite Mars for a setback and an angry outburst between DT and daughter. With more Saturnine clouds hovering over their connection in 2024 – and worse from 2025 onwards as tr Uranus in Gemini starts to square the composite Sun, Mars, Saturn etc for several years thereafter.

  Her personal chart shows some relief late December into January 2024 with a confident push through 2024 running alongside same as above and failed plans. 2025/26 may be her low ebb with undermining Neptunian Solar Arcs as she hits her mid life crisis with tr Uranus opposition her Uranus.

[No great astro insights pro-tem but she evidently spent her birthday alone because Jared was on a visit to Saudi Arabia – which for some reason makes my antennae twinge. In 2021, he  secured a $2 billion investment from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund despite objections from the fund’s advisers about his investment firm’s inexperience, the possibility of the kingdom bearing most of the investment risk, unsatisfactory due diligence on the firm’s operations and an excessive asset management fee. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman overruled the panel which raised ethical concerns about it being seen seen as kickback for Kushner’s actions in the White House or an attempt to gain favor as Trump seeks another presidential term in 2024. Watch and wait.

https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/05/jared-kushner-affinity-partners-saudi-arabia. ]

6 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump – her escape route blocked for now

  1. She recently posted a Kardashian-like selfie, which gave major middle-age crisis vibes – and I also wondered why Jared wasn’t the one taking the photo. Unless he was, as seems to be the case, off to SA.

    Her ongoing (tho separating) Pluto square can’t be fun either – esp as a Scorpio.

    Hard to feel sorry for a spoiled self-centered person devoid of most empathy, no matter her unhealthy relationship with Daddy; she’s certainly had the means to seek therapy all these years.

    • Kim Kardashian recently posted her birthday pictures with Ivanka there. Born a year apart, you would think they’re naturally friends with so much Libra and Scorpio, plus Kim’s ascendant and Ivanka’s moon in Sag and Ivanka’s Mars in Virgo with Kim’s Venus in Virgo

  2. She is a billionnaire – why not help out her family’s cause by making a substantial down payment @ the end of it all? And ensure re-election of her father into the WH…?

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