Boris Johnson – struggling to stay relevant

Boris Johnson is joining GB News as a presenter, programme maker and commentator in the new year, aiming to play a key role in coverage of both the UK and USA elections.  He’s also more imminently facing a tough week image-wise as the covid inquiry promises juicy titbits from the chaos at No 10 as the pandemic hit.

  Despite a column in the Daily Mail he’s diminished considerably in stature and influence since he was ousted with his articles hardly setting the world on fire.

  Neither the DM nor GB News fit with his liberal progressive outlook but he’ll be in the business of earning money and getting a platform so he may not be overly fussy.

 He’s in a Saturnine phase which won’t suit his wing-and-a-prayer approach as tr Saturn is hitting his Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto T Square this year up to March 2024. It’s grow-up-and-get-real time with rolling setbacks but he won’t take it kindly. After that tr Neptune is in an undermining square to his Sun and Venus in Gemini from April 2024 on and off till early 2025.  Tr Pluto is also square his Scorpio Moon throughout 2024 for emotional and domestic challenges.

  What is unquantifiable since his birth time may be marginally out is that both his SA Jupiter and Progressed Mars are sitting on his Midheaven at the moment which should give his career a hefty boost. But if his birth time is out by five or ten minutes that may not hold good in terms of timing.

  His relationship chart with GB News is less than settled this month and again late December to early February as tr Neptune squares the Gemini Sun; with a fair amount of upheaval and disruption from tr Uranus opposition the Pluto over the New Year and January to March 2024. With more tensions later in the year.

  His wife Carrie,  17 March 1988, is having a droopy year with tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun into early 2024. But will recover her confidence and drive in 2024/25 as tr Pluto squares her Jupiter.

  Her relationship chart with Boris, tied together with a fated yod of composite Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Sun North Node, looks to be hitting heavy weather in 2025/26 as tr Pluto opposes the composite Uranus and squares the Saturn. This timing is echoed in his chart with tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon midpoint, his marriage significator. Changes of one sort or another will be afoot.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. Interesting about the ‘Saturnine phase’ you mention for Boris. We can see a few bedraggled chickens coming home to roost with the Covid Inquiry at the moment, but probably these are easily shooed away.
    When BJ married his second wife and childhood friend, Marina Wheeler, on 8 May 1993, Saturn was 29 Aquarius poised to begin it’s transit of Pisces in the first years of marriage and new fatherhood, and his first Saturn Return. Much water under the bridge, and many children since then! Here comes his second Saturn Return, third marriage, and however many children it is now.

    His first marriage, 5 September 1987, had Saturn 14 Sagittarius square Virgo Venus, and Chiron 28 Gemini conjunct his Sun and Venus. His first wife, Allegra Mostyn Owen, has said she saw their marriage as the end of the relationship rather than beginning. She had a very difficult time with him, and he was extremely elusive, sometimes not coming home and not telling her he would be elsewhere. This marriage, as it progressed, ‘coincides’ with Saturn in opposition to his Gemini stellium.

    I also noticed a curious pattern, which will be highlighted by a Lunar Eclipse in October 2024 at 25 Pisces, and another in March 2025 at 23 Virgo. They hit the GB News Gemini Sun square Neptune, so may be a turning point or scandal for them. This mutable sign and degree region seem sensitive ones for Boris:

    First marriage: Mercury 25 Virgo, Uranus 22 Sagittarius, Chiron 28 Gemini
    Second marriage, first child: Moon Sagittarius, no degree as no time, but would hit late Sagittarius by the following day. Black Moon Lilith, 22 Pisces.
    Boris/Carrie composite: Mars 23 Pisces
    Boris Third marriage, 29 May 2021: Mercury 24 Gemini, Venus 24 Gemini, square Neptune 23 Pisces
    His commitment to GB News connects with these through it’s founding Sun 22 Gemini square Neptune 23 Pisces.
    Carrie Symonds/Johnson: Sun 27 Pisces, Moon’s Nodes 23 Pisces/Virgo

    As you say, changes will be afoot! And they appear to have deep roots.

    • It is my view people under Saturn transits often rush into relationships, marriages, moving house or even have children as a negative response to the pressure rather than because it is the right thing to do. It’s like they hope by taking some kind of action or making a commitment to someone else, they can palm the responsibility off. I’m sure there are times when it’s right to do those things under a transit but clearly in Boris’s case it never will be.

  2. Boris is a Gemini and Carrie a piscis. His sun squares hers. Not a good combo.
    Boris is very unstable being from a mutable sign.
    I don’t think they have a future.
    Marjorie, what do you mean by a sun/moon midpoint? And why is it relevant for relationship interpretation?

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