Israel and Palestinians – the torment drags on ++ militant settlers ++ Hamas & Netanyahu need to be gone

Demands for a humanitarian, political response in Gaza are falling on deaf ears as two determined adversaries refuse to cease hostilities.

 Benjamin Netanyahu with his ruthless, do-or-die determined Pluto Mars in Leo is well matched by Hamas’s Mars Pluto in Scorpio and their leader Yahya Sinwar’s Mars in Leo opposition Saturn square a Scorpio Sun. A recipe for deadlock. Curiously, or maybe not, Sinwar, 29 October 1962 (wiki), has a relationship chart with Netanyahu with an almost certainly composite New Moon = more whole when together, conjunct Neptune and square Uranus. In some twisted way, with opposing agendas, they need each other.

  David Steel, former Liberal leader and ex-President of Medical Aid for Palestinians writes in today’s Times: “ Peace can only be reached in the region by a new effort that should include the de-militarisation of Jerusalem, possibly with a permanent UN peacekeeping force.”

“Netanyahu has failed and should go, along with the lacklustre Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, to be replaced by negotiators who are willing to revive the idea of a corridor between Gaza and the West Bank, backed firmly by the US, UK and others, including the Arab states led by Saudi Arabia.”

  There is precious little in the astrology to back up any hopes of a cessation of antagonism any time soon.

 Netanyahu’s lacklustre Term chart from 2022 appears to be limping along with a revival of confidence running alongside failed plans in 2024. Where there is an indication of major shocks is from mid 2024 onward into 2025. Uranus at 26 Taurus from July 2024 into 2025 – comes up in various related charts in the region – Israel, Netanyahu, MBS etc so that could be when another bonfire is lit.

 The Israel/Netanyahu relationship chart also indicates mid 2024 and just after for major disruption and aggravation with tr Uranus square the composite Mars, before it moves on to square the composite Saturn in 2025. Neither of which necessarily suggest a parting of the ways.

  The Israel/Hamas relationship chart which at the best of times is fraught and hostile with a composite Uranus opposition Pluto Mars is nerve-stretched over the next few months and on and on for several years.

  All the indications from the Israel chart is that they are into the riskiest phase of their existence extending on into the 2030s. Tr Uranus is conjunct their 8th house Taurus this year on and off till early 2025, presumably trying against the odds to uproot them from old attitudes. Their Solar Arc Mars is in a depressing square to the Moon/Saturn midpoint at the moment; then moves to a destructive, potentially deadhalt square to the Pluto in 2025; when there is also an explosive tr Uranus square the Mars. Nothing that looks remotely like peace or even a reversion to the status quo ante. Constant turmoil and danger ahead.

 Hamas, equally, or on a similar trajectory with successes and failures over the next year and more – with 2025/26 looking like the end of the road when their Solar Arc Mars Pluto cross their Sun.

Emmanuel Macron has been one of the few voices up to now calling for a ceasefire, which may be motivated by France having the largest Muslim population of any European country because of its historical Algeria and North Africa connection. On his astrocartography, Gaza sits on his Sun Mercury Midheaven, so it could be an area where he takes the lead and comes to prominence. Ireland and Brazil have also demanded a ceasefire.

  Tony Blair has also volunteered his services though there’s nothing on his ACG to suggest it is a success region for him.

  David Cameron, on the other hand, may come into his own since Gaza puts his Jupiter and Moon close to his midheaven. He is a former UK prime minister who steps up as a surprise Foreign Secretary with Braverman gone and Cleverly moved to the Home Office.

A new documentary now on show made by two Jewish filmmakers is trying to put the record straight as they recall their early indoctrination into a one-sided story of the creation of Israel.  The film argues that some American Jews are told a story – about Jews escaping persecution and genocide to return to their ancestral homeland – that almost entirely erases the existence of Palestinians. It’s a narrative that has been incredibly influential in shaping global attitudes about the Israeli state and US alliances in the Middle East.

 They say the process reminded them of what they’d learned in school about the history of the US, “in terms of a people who came to a new country that were refugees or immigrants and created a city on a hill, a beacon of light and a democracy. That narrative is incredibly empowering until you hear about the Native Americans and you realize it lacks some really basic points.”


     Chaim Silberstein, a Jewish settler, can see only one response to the Hamas attack of October 7 — expanding the settlements and solidifying Israel’s already tight grip on the occupied West Bank. He is one of 500,000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank, which has had a huge upsurge in violence in the weeks since the rampage by Hamas militants through southern Israel sparked war in Gaza. 167 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank since the war broke out, a further eight had died at the hands of settlers. Nearly 1,000 people have been forced from their villages, the UN said.

 Some settlers consider the West Bank to be part of the Land of Israel. “The battle isn’t just about territory — it’s a religious conflict between Judaism and Islam.”

 Some settlers now feel so emboldened that they even envisage expanding into Gaza, from which Israel withdrew in 2005. Daniella Weiss, head of the radical settler organisation Nachala, spoke recently  of “our movement’s efforts to return to Gaza, the entire Gaza, and build settlements”. Weiss’s dream is not widely shared. But in the West Bank, the settlements which most of the international community consider illegal have been gradually expanding, which Palestinians say is destroying all hope of a two-state solution.

 The recent violence is down to an expanded IDF presence and to militant settlers. One western diplomat said, “We’re seeing a blurring of the division between the IDF and the settlers, who are often accompanied by soldiers in IDF uniform when they go on the rampage.” They have also been buoyed by the presence of settlers in the Israeli government, widely seen as the most rightwing in Israeli history. These include finance minister Bezalel Smotrich, who has said the Palestinian people do not exist.

 The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has reported incidents recently of settlers attacking Palestinian residents, “in some cases threatening them at gunpoint or firing at them”, as well as damaging property, stealing livestock, felling trees and vandalising water tanks.

Add On: November 18

‘Too many taking sides in this conflict miss the true nature of Hamas – and Netanyahu.’

‘Both those calling for a ceasefire and those opposing it are making assumptions that don’t stack up.’

  A sensibly nuanced piece on the Gaza mess by Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian.

‘Biden and co are overlooking the fact that Netanyahu and his coalition are utterly opposed to the very arrangement (a political solution) Israel’s western allies advocate. This is the most rightwing government in Israel’s history. It includes junior ministers who fantasise about flattening Gaza with a nuclear bomb or repopulating it with the Jewish settlements that were uprooted in 2005, and senior ministers who are, even now, wrecking any chance of cooperation with the only body that could plausibly fill the vacuum in a post-Hamas Gaza: the Palestinian Authority.’

‘Washington, Brussels and London currently back Israel because they agree that no peace is possible without the removal of Hamas. They are much less clear that no peace is possible without the removal of Netanyahu and his henchmen. Yet both can be true.’

“The potential solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.”

 Background piece in today’s Sunday Times (paywall).  Does rather back up my gloomy astro thought that there is no solution.

Two state solution: There are nearly half a million Jewish settlers in the West Bank, 60 per cent of which is directly run by Israel, another 200,000 settlers live in east Jerusalem. The settlers believe they have a biblical imperative to live on the land between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea. They are unlikely to move.

One state solution, peaceful coexistence. It could call into question the Jewish identity of Israel and is not supported by Israeli government.

  Goes back to James Cameron’s thought that ‘the aspirations of the Jews and Arabs are irreconcilable’ – ‘no compromise any mortal man can devise is going to —–’

 And that was written fifty years ago.

30 thoughts on “Israel and Palestinians – the torment drags on ++ militant settlers ++ Hamas & Netanyahu need to be gone

  1. Thank you, Marjorie, for the write-up and everyone for the excellent discussion. I am so heartsick over the rising death toll and the intransigence that this journalist and news junkie can barely read the news. I always learn so much from all of you and appreciate your insight and historical perspective.

    I seem to keep having the same discussion, especially with like-minded progressive Jewish friends, that you can be anti-Netanyahu and and Israeli government without being seen as anti-Semitic.

  2. I am now convinced it’s really more about the gas and oil as per Bridget and WiAS comments. It also makes sense now why the major countries who will also benefit voted against or abstained. This is sickening.

    • Just want to add that the majority of people marching for peace don’t even analyse and realise the depth of this conversation we are unfolding. So it has not been a thought that this annihilation is about gas and oil takeover? I.e money, always about the money. 2nd/8th house values money
      Focus on values when it’s really about the money. Distraction. Mitigating the horrors. Where justified? Whose justification works best? What a conundrum!!!!

    • Macron is not a lone voice. Brazilian President Lula was the first to ask officially for a ceasefire as current UN leader. 90 countries agreed, Russian and UK abstained, USA vetoed the proposal.

      • I guess when I mentioned Macron as the only one to speak, I was referring to France as one of the G7 countries. Didn’t mean to make less of others who have been speaking out.

        Bridget A’s comment about ‘gas and oil reserves’ makes a whole lot of sense now….. and the whole ancestral, historical and revenge thing is not the whole story and a distraction.

  3. “Tony Blair has volunteered his services”.

    Right. That’s cue for me to go out into the garden, tomorrow morning, grab a spade and start digging out my own bomb shelter.

  4. Nobody seems to be talking about the gas and oil reserves off the coast of Gaza. Since 2008, after invading Gaza, Israel took control over them and it’s been reported they have recently handed out licences, one of which is BP. The reserves are between 17 and 21 nautical miles offshore and under the Oslo II accords the Palestinian National Authority has maritime jurisdiction up to 20 nautical miles. Israel also has control of the Meged oil and natural gas field in the West Bank. Israel states that the field lies west of the 1948 armistice line yet most of the reservoir is situated beneath the Palestinian territory occupied since ’67. In 2022 Israel, Egypt and the EU signed a memorandum of understanding that could see Israel export its natural gas to the bloc for the first time. The Palestinian people have not realised any financial benefits from their natural resources.

    • “Nobody seems to be talking about the gas and oil reserves off the coast of Gaza. ”

      Is this a global problem? I would think that the pogram to eliminate Hamas/Palestine takes first position.

      Which comes first…gas reserves or winching back the Israeli war machine?

      • Regarding the backstory, there’s a lot to unpack. Access / ownership of the oil and gas reserves in Gaza, along with the Ben Gurion Canal, and other proposed real estate developments, etc., appear to be factors driving Netanyahu’s efforts to completely level, and depopulate Gaza via the brutal genocide of the Palestinians.

        Then there’s Netanyahu himself, who is already talking about Israel taking full control of Gaza, post genocide, as if it was a foregone conclusion. Grandiose plans, notwithstanding the fact that he’s been on trial for corruption since May 2020 ( among other things the 333 prosecution witnesses make for a lengthy legal process), or the fact that recent widespread protests by Israelis opposed to his proposed judicial reforms presented a challenge to his authority. It seems that Netanyahu has benefitted from the events of 7 October, as the focus shifted from his conduct, to the threat of an external enemy.

        Finally, many in the West are not aware that Netanyahu supported Hamas in 1987, in what turned out to be a successful attempt to undermine support for the Palestinian government led by President Mahmoud Abbas, and the majority party, Fatah. Add to that the fact that the “surprise” invasion of a state known for it’s high tech national security, and well trained, ever vigilant military by an insurgent group transported by hang gliders, motorcycles, and pick up trucks seems implausible to many Israelis, who are drawing the inevitable conclusions.

        Considering all of the above, the symbiotic nature of the relationship between Netanyahu, and Sinwar seen in the relationship chart definitely makes sense.

      • Of course a cease fire is the priority. That’s a given, surely? I was putting this forward as another reason why there is the continual conflict. The implications of where the reserves are, who controls them, who is exploiting them, who benefits the most are pretty clear and gives us a clear indication as to why certain leaders are not calling for a ceasefire. And can there ever be a permanent ceasefire while Israel controls the gas and oil?

    • Thanks Bridget, That is very relevant and typically Israeli – they want water, they want oil and they want land and have no intention of sharing. Co-existence not a concept that appeals to an 8th house Taurus Sun.

      The Unctad report – link from Wias below – is startling. I had not realised. Another piece in the jigsaw.

      • “Israel announced on Sunday that 12 licenses have been awarded to six companies, including British multinational oil and gas firm BP plc and Italian energy giant Eni, to explore and discover additional offshore natural gas fields.”

        “Major offshore discoveries, including the Leviathan field, which contains an estimated 22 trillion cubic feet of gas, have attracted large oil and gas explorers, such as US energy giant Chevron to partner with local companies.” Times of Israel, 29th October, 2023

        It’s possible that the Solar Eclipse at 10 Libra in October, 2024, is relevant to this. It is exactly aligned with Israel’s natal Neptune, 10 Libra, in the hidden 12th house of that chart. Neptune would symbolise the gas reserves under the sea I think. Also hidden enemies and self-undoing…..

        • So they have now made their position clear. It now also makes clear as to why the annihilation of Gaza and removal of all the people to take over totally.

          History replays always. It may seem to look different in each time lived in, but dig deep and it’s the same – Overpower, disperse/ take control and exploit for gain regardless, human or otherwise.

          • It’s very complicated though. Palestine itself is split, Hamas are regarded as terrorists by many nations, and there hasn’t been a democratic vote in Gaza for many years either. So we cannot really know what the poor beleaguered citizens there think, or want from their administration.

            There’s this to consider:

            Back in 2020, Israel started pumping natural gas to Egypt from the Leviathan gas field. In June of last year, Israel, Egypt and the European Union signed a memorandum of understanding that could see Israel export its natural gas to the bloc for the first time.
            Times of Israel article, 29 October, 2023

            And also this:

            “Palestinians living in large cities in the West Bank went to the polls on March 26 in a peaceful and well-administered exercise to elect municipal councils. Virtually all of the major cities in the West Bank experienced competitive electoral contests, notwithstanding a formal boycott by Hamas and a highly challenging political and electoral environment marked by frequent human rights violations, including intimidation and harassment of political actors. The municipal elections were scheduled following the last-minute cancellation of national elections in May 2021 and provided West Bank Palestinians an opportunity to elect local councils. However, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, prevented the occurrence of municipal elections there and national elections have not been rescheduled.” Carter Center, 26th March 2022

            I have no conclusions, but can see what a maze this all is – and how complex the actions and reactions are from the rest of the Middle East.

  5. Love this write up Marjorie,
    So, Cameron’s new gig as Foreign Secretary may be divine timing if he cares to step up to the plate. Just noticed Cameron’s NN/SN conjuncts Israel’s natal NN/SN, and Sinwar’s MC.

    You couldn’t make this up so perfectly – He could be the one who could drag them kicking and screaming to the table?

    • However, on quick reflection, I always felt Cameron was a little beige. Someone just needs to step up with something to pause this.

      • @Jennifer, what do you mean by “beige”? Bland, ineffectual? I haven’t heard that term before in this kind of context. Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Marjorie, for looking into these relationships!

    I was floored by the Netanyahu/Sinwar Sun-Moon-Neptune conjunction semi-sextile Venus in Sag on one side and squaring Uranus in Leo on the other in their composite chart.

    Even though their Pluto square Saturn is worrisome and north node in Gemini can manifest as lying, they still have the potential to work out a transformative peace deal together, though given the juvenile ways they’ve manifested their chart and the rapidly growing Palestinian death toll, I would much rather ship them off to a desert island somewhere, far far away from the global population, to work out their chemistry in isolation.

    In terms of the David Steel piece, while I agree with his recommendation for Jerusalem (and Netanyahu), which is in keeping with the original plans in Israel’s establishment, I think a look at the map of Israel and the way Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza intersect and surround its landscape can help people understand the Israelis sense of insecurity, especially in relations to opening a corridor between West Bank and Gaza.

    I think a lasting peaceful solution would need to address the security concerns the current geographical layout creates in both Israelis and Palestinians. While it would mean large-scale relocations, I think a viable long-term solution would need to consolidate land masses for both peoples.

    Now, let’s hope people with good ACG outlooks can calm the current volatile situation enough for realistic discussions of the two-state discussion to get under way. Fingers crossed that the two-state solution, if it can ever come to pass, will also help the two countries ease out of their respectively terrible birth charts.

      • The split goes back to 1947-1948 fighting when Egypt occupied Gaza and the Arab Legion under British officers took control of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Israel seized both areas in 1967 but by then the Palestinian population had consolidated in those areas. The current situation with quasi self government for these areas dates back to the Oslo Accords of the 1990s.

        • @Hugh Fowler

          Thank you for providing the details for my very obscure comment. (I’ve become too exhausted from doomscrolling to look them up again.)

    • Just noticed that they have a kite driven by Jupiter in Aquarius (religious ideals?) into an apex of Mars in a Leo 8th house, which they’re manifesting in the absolutely worst way.
      In a parallel universe, they might have made great sports rivals.
      In this world, they can still tap into all that intellectual energy and work hard together toward a celebrated lasting peace that none of their predecessors could achieve.
      I imagine both would prefer that legacy than being remembered by the world as war criminals.

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