Israel and Palestine – endless strife

The never-ending saga of Israel versus the Palestinians has exploded into violence again, pushed down the news agenda  by Ukraine, but as destructive and insoluble as ever. Last year it was over Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. This time it is has been triggered by tensions over the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. Jordan and Egypt, recently drawing closer to Israel, have both condemned Israel’s “unilateral” and “provocative” acts against Muslim worshippers which left 152 Palestinians wounded inside the mosque compound. And led to the death of 25 Palestinians and 14 Israelis in the violence that followed. Hamas then fired rockets from Gaza and Israel retaliated by targeting a Hamas weapons manufacturing site in the Gaza strip.

  The Israel chart, 14 May 1948 4pm Tel Aviv is moving through a turbulent, nervy, aggravated and potentially violent phase, worsening over the next three years. Tr Uranus this year squares the war-like Saturn/Pluto midpoint, then jolts the 10th house Saturn from late May, on and off into 2023, at which point tr Uranus will conjunct the Israel 8th house Sun which will be a tremendous upheaval – perhaps partly financial but also existential. Tr Saturn is also this year hitting on the Mars midpoints, opposing the Israel Mars in early 2023 for setbacks and perhaps military associations as well.  Tr Neptune squaring the Israel Uranus and then the Jupiter this year and next will be highly-strung, can-be-fanatical, and will bring disappointments, financial and other. This year also the Israel Scorpio North Node is on a Half Return so should be a moment to pause and take stock.

  The three key Palestinian chart are all heavily Scorpio so in the line of fire of this year’s Eclipses.

  Gaza, 9 November 1917 9am is one day away from the Russia 1917 chart so will be rattled not just by the Eclipses but also tr Uranus in the jolting square to their Saturn now and opposition the Sun from late May onwards; with 2023 stressed and disruptive as well with the Gaza Uranus being jolted.

  Palestine Declaration 14 November 1988 chart has Pluto, Mercury, Sun in Scorpio – all being triggered by this year’s Eclipses as well as tr Saturn squares and next year tr Uranus opposition Sun; with 2024 even more disruptive.

 Hamas 14 December 1987 has Mars Pluto in Scorpio which will be spiked into combative mode by this year’s Eclipses; though an uncertain tr Neptune square the Saturn this year and then Uranus following that don’t indicate great success. Worse in 2025 and beyond.

  It’s like an Dante’s Inferno – eternal suffering that never ends. Tr Pluto moving into Aquarius will only increase the pressure on Israel in future years opposing the 10th house Moon in 2026 and then a long and exceedingly fraught decade in the 2030s as tr Pluto opposes the Israel Pluto, Saturn, squares the Sun and then opposes the Mars right through to the early 2040s.   It won’t be pretty.

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  1. There was a study a couple of years ago which showed that the Israelis and Palestinians shared a significant number of genes. In fact they were from the same genetic lineage. This didn’t just apply to the Israeli Jews but even applied to those after the diaspora who were scattered throughout the world.

    It seems to me that the most intense conflicts between countries and/or individuals are between those with strong genetic links (eg Germany and England whose citizens had common genes from the Anglo Saxons, Russia and the Ukraine whose citizens have Slavic roots, and of course Charles, William and Harry).

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