India – divide and dominate not a viable policy ahead

An ‘Indian spring’ in the shape of a democratic revival is being mooted after the backlash over prime minister Narendra Modi’s involvement with billionaire Guatam Adani, accused recently of “the largest con in corporate history”. Their friendship is inextricably linked to the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat when Modi was chief minister of the state with open slaughter and mass rape of Muslims staged by vigilante Hindu mobs.

  A two part BBC documentary last month on the Gujarat Massacre, when uploaded onto You tube in India, pulled out police in riot gear to stop college students watching, with electricity being switched off on campuses. The government then raided the India BBC offices on the pretext of a tax investigation.

  Arundhati Roy, the Indian writer, in a descriptive and critical piece – ‘Modi’s model is at last revealed for what it is: violent Hindu nationalism underwritten by big business’ (URL below and worth a read) – points to ‘the dangerous divisiveness and deep fault lines Modi has cultivated during his tenure as prime minister.’

  In the nine years of Modi’s tenure, Adani’s wealth grew from $8bn to $137bn. In 2022 alone, he made $72bn. The Adani Group now controls a dozen shipping ports that account for the movement of 30% of India’s freight, seven airports that handle 23% of India’s airline passengers, and warehouses that collectively hold 30% of India’s grain. It owns and operates power plants that are the biggest generators of the country’s private electricity.

  See previous post on Adani and Jo Johnson – 3 February 2023.

  Narendra Modi, 17 September 1950, has undermining and uncertain Neptune oppositions to his Virgo Sun, Mercury and Sun/Saturn midpoint all through 2023. With a high-risk and disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto in late April/early Mars moving on in 2024 to oppose his Mars in Scorpio for an ego-denting collision of sorts. His Mars square Pluto natally would point to a ruthless streak and with Mars in vengeful Scorpio involved, he would make a dangerous enemy. But that power base will be seriously shaken in 2023/24.

  There is nothing on his 2019 Term chart, 30 May 2019 7.04pm, to suggest a speedy exit though that odd 18 degree Fixed turns up again with tr Uranus conjunct the Venus in late April/early May which does suggest a considerable financial, maybe also emotional, upset.

  The India country chart, 15 August 1947, also has 18 degree Fixed flagged up with its Jupiter in Scorpio line for the tr Uranus opposition. On its own that might suggest a lucky break; but with the India Jupiter square the Leo Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto it will pull out a range of possibilities – from clashes with authority figures due to overstepping the mark to over-confidence leading to problems.

Modi’s relationship with India is certainly tied into wealth and expansion with his Pluto square Mars in Scorpio hitting on the India Jupiter, and his Jupiter falling in the India 10th house.  But his Pluto falling in the India 4th also hints at an iron fist approach when it comes to domestic affairs. Pluto in its bully, dominating gear.  

  His relationship chart with India is due for a serious of shocks from early March (next month) onwards throughout this year and 2024 with tr Uranus opposes the composite Sun, then Mars and Mercury. 2024/25 could see it upended altogether. It’s a relationship built on an illusory, over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune square Venus – putting him on a pedestal and idealized, leading to enraged responses from his supporters when his faults are highlighted.  

There are cracks appearing all over the place as the celestial tectonic plates start to shift.

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  1. “Narendra Modi, 17 September 1950, has undermining and uncertain Neptune oppositions to his Virgo Sun, Mercury and Sun/Saturn midpoint all through 2023”
    Thanks Marjorie – yet another tangled web it seems! Modi is said to be very secretive too, so maybe Neptune exacerbates this by transit in a smoke and mirrors kind of way?
    His natal Nodes are interesting, in 28 Pisces/Virgo, aspecting his composite Virgo Moon with India, and India’s national Moon at 27 Cancer. India’s nodes are 28 Taurus/Scorpio. All of this suggests both his alliances and seeking out of what he sees as ‘influential’ people, and the citizens of India themselves – with tr Pluto opposing the Indian national Moon, and tr Neptune trine.

    I noticed that when the Moon’s Nodes move into Aries in July, they approach a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Further activation of 27-8 degrees can be seen in a yod in late July, early August between Neptune, Pluto, and Venus in Leo. Possibly power, secrets, and finances might be involved again?

    Also, considering the delicate and confusing (to me, anyway) links between Modi, China, and Russia, it is probably worth noting that China 1912 will have a Nodal Return then, square its 28 Capricorn Uranus. China’s Pluto is 27 Gemini. I’m not sure what chart to use for Russia. But it all looks very challenging.

  2. Link works fine without the full stop at the end maybe editing the link would be best.
    Astrologically, Saturn has just gone over Lilith at 26deg Aquarius 3rd house in the 2019 term Chart. The sudden focus on the financial aspect could be attributed to this transit.

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