Idaho knife murders – Scorpio stellium suspect

Another mass killing, another perverse and destructive whackjob running amok. Killers charts tend to follow similar astro-patterns but some stand out as particularly notable. Bryan Kohberger just arrested for the knife murders of four students in Idaho in mid November has a chart that certainly makes a statement.

  Born 21 November 1994 in Pennsylvania, he is a graduate student at Washington State University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. According to relatives he was an obsessive vegan as a teenager and a Libertarian politically = believes in the rights of the individual to be free from coercive powers of the state.

  He is a Sun Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Jupiter – so super-charged confidence and a belief that rules don’t apply to him. All ramped up by his Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio all being in a volatile, argumentative square to a flamboyant Mars in Leo and sextile a highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. He would have problems with authority figures and was sitting on a boiling reservoir of anger.

His Cancer Moon may have been in a Water Grand Trine to Saturn in Pisces trine Venus in Scorpio – Water Grand Trines can be detached from reality, living in their own bubble.

  When the murders took place on 13 November, a week before his birthday, tr Uranus was exactly opposition his Mercury; and the transiting Jupiter Neptune in Pisces square Mars was in hard aspect to the Solar Arc positions of his Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, so pumping up his sense of entitlement to do as he pleased. Plus tr Saturn was conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune which would not do much for his grip on his sanity.  

  His DNA was evidently found at the scene and there may also have been an accomplice but that is not yet clear.

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  1. It’s challenging NOT to want to convict Kohberger based solely on his astrological chart. If I were to design the chart of a killer, I could probably do no better than the chart with which Kohberger was born. Yet, at the same time, it’s important to remember that astrology, much like palmistry, may well point to personality, but it cannot depict character.

    Socrates at a young age, for example, was told by a palmist that he would die a famous murderer. Yet, to the day, he is known to be the father of Western philosophy. As it turned out, at the end of his life, Socrates was arrested for the corruption of youth and spent one day, his last day, in prison. It was there that he “drank the (poison) hemlock” in accordance with his sentence and killed (murdered, if you will) himself.

  2. He disapproved of the LGBTQ which made him disliked by some in his class. He also was a teaching assistant who taught and marked papers… Oh boy.

  3. His parents are aged 62 (mother) Dad 67. He is their youngest child. He has two older sisters, both are therapists. His father is a school maintenance man, his mother, a special needs teaching assistant. Both have worked in the same school district for years.

  4. His Scorpio Venus is retrograde, adding potential for (hidden) issues or extremes related to social acceptance, intimacy, sexuality.

    Also, note eclipsed timing personally activating his chart immediately prior to the November 13 murders:

    October 25 – 2 Scorpio SE conjunct his retrograde Venus (partile), stimulating focus on Venus matters/issues mentioned above.

    November 8 – 16 Taurus LE contacting his 15 Taurus SN-17 Scorpio Mercury opposition, surfacing/releasing/handling (Taurus) intense feelings, rejection, resentment involving others.

  5. Looking at that stellium in Scorpio, plus NN in ninth – could he believe performing murder a kind of ‘merging’ with death would bring him higher knowledge of the subject?

  6. KG Jun 9 2001 MM May 26 2001
    (KG Moon Cap 21 MM Moon Cancer 12)

    Venus Taurus 02° MM Venus Aries 19

    Mars Sagittarius 24° MM Mars 27

    Saturn Gemini ….6. MM Saturn…4
    Sun Gemini………18. MM Sun

    Venus Taurus 02° MM Venus Aries 19

    Mars Sagittarius 24° MM Mars 27

    Saturn Gemini ….6 MM Saturn ….4
    Sun Gemini………18 MM Sun …..4
    Jupiter Gemini 22 MM Jupiter 19
    Mercury. Gemini 29 MM.Mercury 26

    Pluto. Sagitarius 13 MM Pluto ….14

    Uranus Aquarius 24. MM Same
    Neptune Aquarius 08 MM Same

  7. Its being reported that Kohberger was “connected” to Kaylee Goncalves. I glanced at their synastry & his Mars is in an opposition to her Uranus. I understand this is one of the top 5 red flag synastry aspects. Mars/Uranus in hard aspect, Chris Brown & Rihanna had it both ways. Kohberger’s Mars is in bad shape to begin with.

    • Maddie and Kaylee share that Uranus opposition to suspects Mars.

      Suspect’s BML at 6 degrees Gemini also conjuncts both blonde victims Saturn – KG exactly at 6 degrees and Maddie Mogen’s Saturn plus Sun at 4 degrees.

      KG Venus exactly opposes BK Venus.

      Very sad to learn Kaylee was sleeping over by chance that night, as she had already moved out and was simply visiting her friends. ( which explains why she and Maddie were sharing a bed)

      • Steve Goncalves, Kaylee’s dad, said it best: “They went to high school together, then they started looking at colleges, they came here together. They eventually got into the same apartment together, and in the end, they died together, in the same room, in the same bed.”

        Such is the hallmark of soulmates. May they rest in joy and peace.

  8. Undiagnosed schizophrenia? It is reported that his behaviour changed in his late teens which is when it often first manifests. Also that his speech was very controlled; perhaps trying to impose order on chaotic thoughts and hard to control impulses. I am no expert and there are no excuses but like another mass murderer Anders Brevik, I find myself wondering if his parents knew something was wrong but failed to act on his behalf.

  9. Update: It appears as though he was personally connected to one of the blondes. It also appears that he was posting anonymously about details of the murders on a 4chan site.

  10. The news say that he was interested in how prisoners thought and felt in the process of committing their crime. A way of projecting what he actually fantasized doing ? but vicarious thrills would not have been sufficient for people with strong Plutonic tendencies, and pushing limits are part of the thrill.
    Hope there are no accommplices – he seemed very much a loner (more as a result of rejection than by choice) from reports from his university classmates.

  11. The mars square Pluto looks scary and does his Saturn square the sun? I really don’t understand the motive the media posted but I guess I wouldn’t since I haven’t murdered anyone.

  12. One glance at the chart and all the Scorpio planets, I saw all that anger and self-righteous determination. “I am the alpha and omega.” This is a horrible rap that Scorp males (and many Scorp females) have to face in relationships. One reason I stopped dating some 25 yrs ago. “Oh, so you’re one of those killer Scorpios, too, huh?”

    His facial features radiate hate and anger. Not a happy person. Not a nice person.

    His DNA was found at the crime scene…he raped one or more of the women?

  13. The fact that this guy was getting a doctorate in criminology makes me think he is a sociopath who didn’t know his victims and like the infamous Leopold and Loeb murders wanted to try to commit a random crime and show how smart he was by getting away with it. Thankfully he was caught because clearly he would remain dangerous and would probably act again. It is always good to be cautious with gauging the negative potential in a chart that might be there but can be expressed in better ways. I note the Patrick Stewart chart that has been highlighted here which is a “very difficult/challenging” chart and what a great life he has led.

    • My first thought was regarding Leopold & Loeb upon hearing of his criminology studies. Then seeing his age, I checked his Saturn Return, but while tr Saturn is opposing his N Mars, the Return isn’t until Jan 2024.

      • Kohberger’s Natal Saturn is at 5 Pisces 48. Transiting Saturn was at that exact position on 6 May 2023. Then, it went retrograde on 17 June 2023 and is poised to backtrack over his Natal placement on 30 July 2023, pivoting again to go direct on 29 November 2023 to make one final pass over his Natal Saturn on 26 January 2024.

        It’s often the second pass (when Saturn is in retrograde) that is the most poignant. For Kohberger, that’s going to be on 30 July 2023 — just 10 days from the date on which I am posting this comment. Buckle your seatbelt because he is about to face a life-altering detail or about to make a like-changing decision of some kind, and we all have a front row seat on it.

      • Given a 3-degree orb, Kohberger is in the midst of transiting Saturn’s second pass over his natal Saturn as we speak, and it looks (before the fact) as if the genetic DNA evidence, which has been the potential “smoking gun” for the State, may get tossed out. Ha! This is a Saturn Return at it’s finest. That second pass (when Saturn is in retrograde) is often the game changer. Fasten your seatbelts; the plot thickens.

    • These murders hit me hard because I’m familiar with Pullman and have friends (I live in WA. state) who graduated from WSU. Similar to the other commenter, I took one look at his chart. Yikes. That Mars/Pluto square. My brother has that aspect and I really don’t speak to him. He’s never been able to control his temper.

      I haven’t grabbed his motive for the murders but I suspect one or more of the victims may have simply belittled him in class or argued with him or maybe as a group just decided they didn’t like him. Those girls were beautiful & to a guy with a chart like his, flaunting beauty that he couldn’t access, in his face, I believe would be enough to make him snap. I’m NOT victim blaming but I do have that Scorpio stellium and I understand how dangerous power can be.

      I also have a stellium in Scorpio but no hard aspects to Pluto, involved.
      Well, I do have a very wide Midhaven conjunction with Uncle Pluto. My Sun is square Jupiter though but I’m a performer. I think it expresses much healthier with age. Less borderline dangerous, crowd entertaining stunts and more crowd entertaining art performances.

    • Thank you, Marjorie. It will be interesting to know more about his background and family dynamic. The Bradford killer, known as ‘The Crossbow Killer’, Stephen Griffiths had a bachelors degree in Psychology and was enrolled at the University of Bradford for a PhD when he began his killing spree, was enraptured by notorious serial killers such as Peter Sutcliffe aa well as the fictional character of serial killer Francis Dolarhyde from the novel, ‘Red Dragon’. He also accessed violent pornography online. Griffiths also has a Cancer moon. His mother was a con artist who divorced his father when the boy was 13. Be interested to see the parental relationship in Kohberger’s case.

      One marker I’ve noticed in the charts of people who display extreme, dissolute or destructive behaviour is the 29th degree of Scorpio. Griffiths had Neptune here and Kohberger has Sun/Pluto. I’m not good on fixed stars, but I believe that at 28 degrees of Scorpio is ‘Acumen’, stinger of the Scorpion, where the darkness of the sign reaches crisis point and peak transformative power before entering the uplift and release of Sagittarius. Griffiths has a Capricorn Sun as well as Venus square Pluto, whereas Kohberger has Sun/Pluto and Venus in Scorpio. I suspect there was a sexual motivation for the crimes which were primarily focussed on the female victims. Btw, a Cancer Moon or Venus, (as mentioned by Louisa below) in men can sometimes manifest as a traditional view of women, when afflicted to an extreme degree.

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