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  1. Given the recent copycat of the Jan. 6 style lawlessness that took place in Brazil, there seem to be discussions of the growing threat toward totalitarianism around the world. Bannon has been traveling the world in promoting trumpism. It all seems bleak. Im curious if there is a possibility of measuring this trend by astrological forecast or is it only possible through charts of individual countries?
    Appreciate you insight, thanks in advance

  2. Hi Marjorie
    Can you have a look at Emma Raducanu? She’s been plagued with injuries and has had to retire from her latest match ahead of the Australian Open.
    Thank you for all you do.

  3. I was wondering if you see anything in Princess Charlotte’s chart that indicates that she might become queen? Specifically in May or June 2031. Jessica Adams seems to think that her chart is entwined with Prince Harry and his children’s charts.

  4. I think we are going to see and hear a lot about the Royal Family in the next few months. Would you consider juxtaposing and analysing charts for J. R. Moehringer, Tom Bower, Lady Colin Campbell and Omid Scobie. Please feel free to add anyone else you consider relevant (eg Penguin, Netflix) etc 🙂

  5. You mentioned mathematics and neptune elsewhere.

    Was talking recently about Fermat’s Last Theorem – a mathematical problem that lasted for 200+ years. The first proof of that was presented by Andrew Wiles (11Apr1953) in the mid90s. His Aries sun is opposite Libra Neptune/Saturn and he has a Pisces moon/mercury.

  6. Kevin McCarthy has failed election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives three times yesterday.

    Normally, the leader of the largest party is elected on the first ballot itself. But in this case, three ballots later, neither he nor anybody else has been elected Speaker.

    That has not happened for decades. The last time multiple ballots occurred for the Speakership was in 1923, with the longest such series of ballots being 133 rounds of voting in 1855 (just before the US Civil War so quite a febrile time politically).

    Can you cast charts for both Kevin McCarthy and the US House of Representatives (there currently isn’t one as the House can only come into existence after a Speaker is elected)?


  7. The Ontario College of Psychologists has demanded that Jordan Peterson submit to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of the right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist.

  8. Since 1672 the title of the Earl Marshal has been held by the Dukes of Norfolk.
    But one of the earlier holders or this prestigious position was William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, a noted soldier and statesman and ruled England in place of the very young Henry iii.

    While today the Earl Marshal is mainly concerned with state funerals, coronations and matter of heraldry it is still in the remit, to act as protector to a boy king and act in his place, should that be necessary.

    For all those that think that the Nostradamus quattrain points definitely to Prince Harry as the man who least expects to be regent. He would definitely expect it. That is why they still keep and maintain their home in Windsor. It is a requirement.

    So if you are looking for a surprised man to act in that capacity it would be the Duke of Norfolk. Surprised because it has has been nigh on 800 years since William Marshal’s time. But it could easily be The Lord Chancellor, a senior ranking judge or clergyman. It doesn’t have to be a royal.

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