Hunter Biden – a scandal muted for now

Hunter Biden’s Asian and Eastern European business dealings during the 2020 election continue to rumble as a background issue with questions being asked about why the media has not flagged it up as a ticking timebomb. One reason may be that Trump raised the bar for what qualifies as a newsworthy Presidential family scandal and there is a reluctance to go after the Biden family given the tragedies that have endured. Plus certain of the those on the attack have right-wing connections and/or are themselves questionable.

  Fox Nation is currently streaming a four-part series called Who Is Hunter Biden, and author Peter Schweizer’s Red-Handed, just out alleges that the Biden family “received some $31 million from Chinese individuals who are linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.” Schweizer alleges that “Hunter Biden was paying his father’s bills with the foreign money…” Not sure that would pass UK libel laws and Schweitzer in the past has been guilty of errors and his motives are suspicious. But he has also evidently revealed overlooked information in previous investigations. If his allegations were proved true it would be nuclear.

  Joe Biden does have a 5th house Taurus Moon pointing to the important emotional role children have played in his life. A one-year old daughter died along with his wife in a care crash in 1972 which left his two sons injured but alive.  His eldest son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. So no surprises that he would defend Hunter to the hilt. A 5th house Moon suggests that children are a key source of nurture. However Biden’s Moon will catch the transiting Pluto square from February 2024 on and off for two years so there could be major issues in the run up to the 2024 election focused on family and emotional relationships.

  Hunter Biden, 4 February 1970, no birth time, is a Sun Venus in Aquarius which doesn’t sit too easily with Biden senior’s four Scorpio planets; and he has an impulsive, not well-controlled Mars in Aries opposition Uranus and a see-saw Saturn in Taurus opposition Jupiter.  

He has a shock or collision of sorts in his life from his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars soon and probably into next year opposition his Uranus – very turbulent. Plus his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Neptune soon will bring a panicky sense of failure; with a couple of Neptunian sinkers to midpoints from mid April onwards into 2023, plus other negative odds and ends. In 2024 he has a tough, stuck Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto.

  His relationship chart with his father is affectionate and locked-together with a composite Sun Venus trine Pluto. This year their connection will be strewn with calamities from mid March onwards with April looking ominous. 2023/24 will increase the pressures they are under as a twosome with worse in 2024/2025. So it could certainly be a red flag to Biden senior’s re-election hopes.

  On the synastry – Hunter’s Pluto and Uranus fall in Joe’s 10th so junior will try to gain influence through his father’s status and career, causing havoc along the way. Oddly enough Hunter’s Saturn is conjunct Joe’s Moon so he will to a degree put up barriers to his father’s need for affectionate support.

  One to watch. Politicians in the past have survived errant relatives but this one may strike too close to the bone.  

21 thoughts on “Hunter Biden – a scandal muted for now

  1. Marjorie,

    Would you consider journalists purposefully avoiding investigating stories about candidates they support to be a “move to ensure a free fair election”? That’s what happened. And that was just one arm of the liberal elite’s cabal.
    In polls after the fact, 1 in 6 people who voted for Joe Biden said they wouldn’t have if they had found out about the laptop and and Bidens’ influence pedaling in Ukraine, Russia, and China.

  2. Reading more of his biography — Hunter doesn’t gloss over his flaws, but it’s clear that he’s always expected lots of money and the best things in life. He’s definitely not someone who could live on a budget. He and Beau were practically joined at the hip, being only one year apart. One can understand how losing his brother unraveled him. Sounds as if they worshiped their father.

  3. Greg – Hilary Clinton’s emails became public fodder for the Republicans although it was proven her emails did not contain state secrets.

    And Bill Mahr a liberal – are you joking. He may have once been back in the day but sold his soul for fame and fortune and his ego has become so big that metaphorically they probably had to widen the doorway to get his head through….

    You also seem to ignore the fact that almost 1 million people died of Covid and poisoning from Trumps “suggested remedies” while he was in office which is ironic considering he was vaccinated and had the booster too and only admitted it at the end of last year when he was campaigning and claiming that the 2020 election stolen from him and a fraud.

  4. Churchill once said – “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.” And that goes for fools who hold opposing political views to your own.
    Read the post above, it is littered with caveats. But that doesn’t mean to say there isn’t a nugget of truth in there and the NY Times is starting belatedly to poke around.
    The fact that the Trump tribe used the Presidency to feather their own nests isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for everyone else. Unless you want to lurch from one kleptocracy to the next.

    • Well said Marjorie, I totally agree with you.

      Another trait which has become all too common is the attitude of “If those I am against acts in a certain way, that’s absolutely terrible, but if those I support does the same thing, then any criticism is wrong.”

      Twinned with this is a grudging admission, if any such admission is made at all, that those I support politically have acted in an unlawful way, but defending it by countering it with “Look at what the the other political party has done.” As if two wrongs make it right.

    • I appreciate your balance here Marjorie. Another possible reason for lack of “questions being asked about why the media has not flagged it up as a ticking timebomb” is that the press and social media companies deliberately squashed the laptop story until the election was over…they were complicent and are now don’t want to touch the story as it will bring up an ugly truth. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey admitted that taking down the Washington Post’s story–the only US media outlet to report the laptop story pre-election–was a “mistake”

      The more disturbing fact is that he Hunter Biden’s laptop was being held by the FBI whole time! No convenient leaks then lol.

      Let’s face it. The media and the deep state had it with Trump and were going to do anything they could to make sure he did not get elected. Have you read Molly Ball’s “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”, in the Times Magazine? They brag about it 🙂 You have to create a free account to read it but it’s worth it if you want to see just how much of a concerted effort was made. It’s frightening. If they can do it against one party they can do it ANY party. We are all at risk. I can’t understand how corrupt and shortsighted the Democrats have become.

      And let me repeat, I am not a Republican.

      • Greg, I am sorry but I sped read through the Time piece – which was pestilentially long as is the way of American journalism and what I took from it was these groups were trying to protect democracy and vote counting and prevent a Trump fraud which is hardly the same thing. Try re-reading it.

        • Sure she’s saying the ends justified the means. An unholy alliance of business, THE DNC, the social media, tech companies to effect ANY political outcome is very worrisome. What happened to the neutrality of the press and media? It’s very shortsighted. If a “cabal” can be mobilized for you, it can be mobilized against you. Seriously just watch and see if the press covers the latest John Durham report of evidence Hillary Clinton’s campaign (including Biden advisor Jake Sullivan) paid a tech. company to hack the server of a sitting president! Just keep an open mind. And again I appreciate your balance.

          • We’re talking at cross purposes here. Any moves to ensure a free and fair election with steps taken to prevent it being slanted are OK by me. You would have been happy to allow Trump to fineagle his way to an illicit victory?

  5. Hunter Biden is a non issue for most Americans. Fox News, which is actually not news but “entertainment” likes to use him as a bogey man, much like other topics such as the border. No one else cares. Contrast his behavior to Trumps Run Amok with all of the spawn and daddio stealing anything they can.

  6. Fox News is a right wing lie machine. Hunter has been a target of the right to deflect the real serious crimes committed by the Trump adult-children. If you’re going to write about American politics, learn which sources are reliable please.

  7. I am currently reading Hunter Biden’s book. My major interest was getting a view into his addiction and recovery, but so far nothing about that. (Cameron Douglas’ book is a much better read.) A lot of seems to be excusing himself over how badly he felt for the loss of Beau. The tragedies in that family are terrible, but it seems to be used it as an excuse. Hunter knows that he got so many privileges in his life just because his dad was a senator. He got away with them more and grabbed the privileges much more readily than most senators’ sons and daughters. The terrible crash when he was two may have something to do with the President has excused Hunter of so much.
    That said, every president I can think of going back in the years had family members who behaved badly and did embarrassing things.
    One reason I discount both US political parties is that condemn behaviors on the other side while behaving just as badly themselves.

  8. Please don’t spread the vicious propaganda spouted by Fox News, which is not news but biased opinion. Almost none of this information has been reported by the mainstream media because it is unproven.

    • the canadians(truckers)took their protest tactics DIRECTLY from the French truckers. Nobody remembers that: the good old days.(3 years ago).

  9. Hunter Biden has been having “cardinal” troubles since as early as 2010-2014. Pluto T-squared his Mars in Aries/Uranus in Libra back then. Those years were pretty much “the agony and the ecstasy” for me with my sun at 8 Libra. Pluto has been playing more recently, 2014-2018-ish with H. Biden’s Moon and Mercury in mid-Capricorn too… me also more lately with my Mars at 24 Cancer. As for the Uranus in Taurus factor: I don’t have any planets in Taurus–but I do have North Node at fixed Fire (6 Leo), Saturn conjunct South Node (fixed Air) at 5-6 Aquarius, and Moon/Venus (Fixed Water) at 19-20 Scorpio. Biden and I are both Gemini rising (the chart as Marjorie presents it, note), though he is early Gem. and I am mid-sign. Thus I can empathize and not presume that he’s sketchy. My chart is somewhat similar to his and literally no one in my life would call me “sketchy.” These transits have been pretty awful. Pluto has brought up things for me that I’ve experienced as deeply ancestral or “karmic.” Shadowy things where I’ve felt they were completely out of my control, so I called them “fate” (a la Carl Jung). So I can empathize. Maybe it has been that way for him too. Don’t be too quick to kick the guy when he’s down. We are all facing things that threaten to drown us on some level.

    • Very well written, Triskit. It might be a testament to Joe Biden that Beau and Hunter were so close as brothers. I read that Joe came home to DE every night to be with the boys. IIRC, Jackie Kennedy said that she was most proud of the fact that her children were close friends. I didn’t have that with my brother. My parents never helped to facilitate a close relationship between us, in part because my mother is a narcissist.
      So, we led completely separate lives within the family, even as children. We never were even privy to what was happening to us (school, sports, health). Bizarre. It’s still difficult.

      Sounds like Hunter is still dealing with the grief for his beloved brother.

      I also liked your comments about the transits. I would not have thought that Neptune opposite my moon would be that significant but it’s been incredibly difficult.
      Huge losses.

      We are just passing through and all trying to do what’s best. I hope Hunter works through his issues.

  10. I rectified Hunter’s birth time to 2:34:48 pm, Ascendant 12Cancer 11. Asteroid Kiev (Ukraine)
    conjuncts natal Sun in 8th, other people’s money. His skill as an artist/painter is shown by
    Neptune in his creative 5th, ruling his 10th House of career. Sun-Venus adds to this artistic bent.

  11. Is there any politician that does not have skeletons in their closet- especially those who are related or connected to them? When my oldest son was young he told me he wanted to become a politician when he grew up. I cried and told him he would eventually have to sell his soul to be successful.

    Don’t get me wrong – I like Joe Biden and voted for him but his son always seemed kind of sketchy and his chart does show that….

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