Leviev & Hendy-Freegard – spinning a web of lies ++ Dexter

Serial conmen appear to have overtaken serial killers as the bad guys of choice for true-crime biopics and documentaries. The Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev, has a Netflix expose running at the same time as UK ‘Puppet Master’ Robert Hendy-Freegard. Leviev persuaded gullible women he was the son of a billionaire diamond merchant, picking up an estimated £7.4 million in fraudulent loans from them. Hendy-Freegard spun a weird and wondrous tale about being an undercover spy and persuaded his victims they were IRA targets because they knew him. He made off it is reckoned with £1 million from his marks to live out his James Bond fantasy. Both men have served prison sentences for their crimes and Leviev is still wanted for fraud in several countries.

 Leviev was born 27 September 1990 in Israel; and Hendy-Freegard 1 March 1971 in England.

 Leviev is a Sun Libra square Uranus Neptune (Moon) in Capricorn, sextile Jupiter, trine Mars. Venus in Virgo trine Saturn, widely sextile Pluto.

  Hendy-Freegard is a Sun Mercury in Pisces square Jupiter Neptune with a seductive Venus in Capricorn trine Pluto.

  The common elements are Sun square Neptune = imaginative and slippery. Sun in aspect to Jupiter = confident (and lucky). Venus in earth sign plus Saturn and/or Pluto – emotionally cool and controlled and persuasive. Both have North Node in Aquarius – presumably in both cases unevolved and sliding back into primitive Leonine excesses. Not that Leo even in lesser mode is given to deceit but it does lust after a gold-plated lifestyle.

  Both have notable 9th Harmonic charts which is often the case for financial frauds. 9th = search for pleasure.

Magician Derren Brown  is born only two days before Hendy-Freegard so has virtually the same chart –  turning his sleight-of-hands talents to better use.

  There are no birth times which is a shame since I’d reckon the Pluto in each chart would be strongly placed. There is a strong element of coercive control in such men.

Add On:

Another ‘charming’ Tinder fraudster who scammed £141,000 from a date, spinning tales being worth £6.8m with Hollywood connections and private jets, has been jailed for four years for fraud. Richard Dexter, 14 February 1983, (Companies House) persuaded his mark, an Indian national living in Dubai, to invest money into a multi-million pound biopharmaceutical technology deal, with the promise of big returns of around £1.8 million.

  He is a Sun trine Pluto sextile Neptune which makes for a stratospherically ambitious temperament. His plausible Venus Mars in Pisces (shades of Jeffrey Epstein) was widely square Neptune; and he had an adventurous and risk-taking Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  Like the two above he had a notable pleasure-seeking 9th Harmonic.

2 thoughts on “Leviev & Hendy-Freegard – spinning a web of lies ++ Dexter

  1. Thank you Marjorie. I notice Leviev has a possible Yod on his Uranus/Moon/Neptune in Capricorn with his risk-taking Mars sextile Jupiter making up the two legs.

    Interesting that con artist and ‘Brides in the bath’ murderer, George Joseph Smith (11/1/1872, London) also had a T-Square on Neptune in Aries with his Capricorn Sun in opposition to Jupiter in Cancer.

  2. Sepharial, a 100 yrs ago on Saturn at 18 Capricorn….”a blustering, chicken-hearted liar, wasting time & money
    on gambling and racing. A second example, male with Mars at 17.5 Capricorn…”.one of the most pathological
    liars and womanizers ever met.”
    Closest fixed star is Sheliak at 18Cap19….gives sexual adventures, trouble with authority. Ptolemy says it is
    inclined to theft.
    Nikola Stojanovic researched Degrees of the Zodiac says….18 degrees is diabolical. The 18th degree of each
    respective sign is the one with the most adverse influences. The following had this degree prominent…..
    Oppenheimer, the atomic bomb; Kilashnikov, machine gun; Dr. Mengele, doctor death; Charles Manson.

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