Hungary’s Orban – demanding money with no strings

Hungary and Poland have stuck a spanner into the EU works and threatened to stop Covid recovery funds getting to member states desperately in need. They have blocked approval of the budget over a clause that ties funding with adherence to the rule of EU law. The two countries have been criticised for violating democratic standards and undermining the independence of courts, media and non-governmental organisations. If passed it could cost them billions of euros in EU funding unless they agree to toe the line. Final approval needs unanimity so the entire process hangs in the balance.

  Viktor Orban, the Hungarian semi-dictatorial PM, is yet another Gemini. Born 31 May 1963 2pm, his Sun is square a controlling Pluto and rebellious/maverick Uranus. He has a hard-edged and obstinate Mars in Leo opposition Saturn and Mercury Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune – so slippery Gemini plus a stubborn-to-the-nth-degree batch of Fixed planets. There’s nothing to suggest an imminent collapse. Indeed 2022 may see him pushing harder with yet more luck coming his way as his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Sun and square his Pluto. Though that can sometimes backfire as arrogance brings a downfall. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  His 3rd Term chart is alarming, 10 May 2018, with a ruthless Mars Pluto in Capricorn in a dram-filled and crises-creating square to Mercury Uranus; and a lucky Sun opposition Jupiter. There will be minor setbacks and irritations now and next month but it’ll be 2023/4 when instability strikes.  

   Hungary joined the EU on 1 May 2004 along with Poland, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia. This chart is stressed to start out with having a frustrated and trapped Mars Venus opposition Pluto square Moon. And there’s nothing reassuring ahead. Tr Neptune is undermining the Virgo Moon till late January 2021, then picks up the square to Pluto and Venus two months later. The economically challenging tr Uranus square tr Saturn will shake up the Taurus Sun all year into 2022 when the panicky-failure tr Neptune square Mars takes over running into 2024 – an extended period of soul-searching, aggravation and disappointments.

   The EU/Hungary 1872 relationship chart is under severe pressure exactly now with tr Uranus square the Uranus with the mood becoming increasingly hostile and explosive from March onwards. This timeline coincides with the extreme pressure and shake-up on the EU chart itself as tr Uranus square tr Saturn hits the 8th house Moon and 11th house Uranus.

Trying to turn disparate countries into disciplined soldiers who’d all march to the same drumbeat always was going to be impossible dream for the EU – much though I applaud its ideal.

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  1. “His 3rd Term chart is alarming, 10 May 2018, with a ruthless Mars Pluto in Capricorn in a dram-filled and crises-creating square to Mercury Uranus; and a lucky Sun opposition Jupiter. There will be minor setbacks and irritations now and next month but it’ll be 2023/4 when instability strikes.”

    Since Communism fell, Parliamentary Elections in Hungary have been held every 4 years, so I think we’d be looking at Orbàn’s 4th term by 2023/4. But incidently, he does have some scary Saturn stuff going on in April 2022, when the next Election would be scheduled. That’s when he’ll have his 2nd Saturn Return, opposing his Mars and squaring first Venus and then Mercury. His Venus/Neptune opposition will also be hit by Uranus – finally moving in Taurus – in May-June. Normally, I would say this could go any way possible moneywise, but with Venus in 8th house of debt this does not look good.

    So, if he manages to “hang in there” until 2022 – and I have no reason to believe he won’t given astrology and what I know about his power in Hungarian society -, 2022 Elections won’t be easy for him. He might think of postponing them on some excuse, infuriating people. Or he might compromise with EU now, thinking he can spin this as a victory home (and he well could, free Hungarian speaking media won’t be up and running immediately), but have that fire back in 2022.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I heard this news, and wondered how the EU can resolve matters. Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki is yet another Gemini. 20th June, 1968, with an incredibly tight group of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars conjunct in Gemini. Poland seems to be in turmoil, too. And what’s going on with so many Geminis in leading roles around our world? Or is that an illusion on my part?

    Interesting what you say about the EU chart under pressure too. It has soldiered on, but I wonder how long it can continue in its present form. It is, as you say, a great ideal to have. But with this veto news, plus the difficulties and challenges in E European nations regarding migrants, the dream has been stretched almost to breaking point already.

    • Orban likes to put on a show for the national press, but in the end he will cave in, as he always does. (this reminds me of someone else…)

      You write “the dream has been stretched almost to breaking point already”: it is obvious that you are writing from outside the EU, because the sentiment you describe is rather that of Brexit UK and absolutely not that of the EU27 countries.

      • @Marjorie, I will say this, Margriet is right about Orbàn’s “double play” home and abroad. Because he has a kind of control over messaging at home Anglophones whose second and/or third languages are very widely spoken can’t comprehend. Older people – his core supporters – in villages never spoke any language but Hungarian. Even my generation, the first with access to international media and travelling, who studied three or four foreign languages, routinely have complained to me on how shallow their teaching was, and they learnt most through MTV or video games (latest I’ve heard this from is a coworker, whose English is perfect). Then, Orbàn came to power, and the first cuts he made to education were actually on language instruction. We have family whose University programs were nixed on this I think around 2015-2016. This is definitely a strategy to stop brain drain (very heavy for Hungary), but it also works in solidifying Authoritarianism especially since Google Translator still struggles with postpositions and closed compounds. So, Orbàn has an enormous edge compared to just about any English speaking authoritarian in this.

        Abroad, he does get more leverage he should by simply being smart. Merkel and Macron may be two very different people, but one thing they obviously have in common is that they know they are smart, and don’t suffer fools. Orbàn may irritate them, but they probably acknowledge an intellectual equal.

        The one Achilles Heel I think Orbàn has is that he probably isn’t that refined modern economic thinker. Mercury/Venus in Taurus, especially in 8th house, would probably be a good marker for a real estate agent or an art dealer. But not good for understanding modern, abstract finance. Combine that to 2nd house Neptune in Scorpio, and there truly are some seeds of chaos here.

        I also think that this will, ultimately, keep Orbàn in line with EU and ultimately be his fall: He needs financing to keep in power. He may not live a life of apparent luxury – Communist Hungary was second only to Poland in tolerance of religion, and he was raised Calvinist. But he needs to feed the people, especially hoards of civil servants on pension – Communist Hungary was also often compared to Italy in love of wine, food, music and overblown public sector, even by Communist standards. This financing isn’t very forthcoming. I recently read an interview with an old student friend of Orbàn whose life has taken a different trajectory, he is now a Calvinist Pastor running a soup kitchen in Budapest. And the pastor was very frank about how lines at his kitchen were growing, even before covid-19. Now, with tourism halted, pensioners can’t double as taxidrivers or be helped by their children’s second jobs as waiters etc.

        Essentially, this will be, more likeöy than not, what will push Hungarians over the edge.

      • @Margriet – thanks for your comment, but you seem to have misinterpreted my words. If you look at the chart for the Treaty of Rome, 25th March, 1957, you can see it’s Venus in the musical, spiritual, and sometimes slippery, dreamy sign of Pisces. Venus opposes Jupiter, suggesting a huge measure of optimism, and many ambitious “dreams”. Jupiter is the only planet in a ‘practical’ earth sign. There’s a fixed t-square with the Moon (the people) in humanitarian Aquarius, opposite innovative Uranus and square idealistic Neptune. The Sun is trine Uranus for a message of modernisation, even experimentation. Further positivity is pumped in via a sextile to Mars in Gemini – fire and air, lots of ideals and energy there.

        The ToR fixed t square is activated in December by the significant Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius at the Winter Solstice. It’s interesting to see that this also connects with the Neptune in Aquarius (1 degree) in the chart for the Business Euro, 1/1/99, Frankfurt. Pluto will eventually conjunct that chart’s Venus (money) in Capricorn, which has a challenging square to Saturn in Aries – perhaps indicating changes to the financial rules, regulations or even value of the Euro. By February 2021 Pluto will be there, plus Neptune conjunct the Business Euro’s Jupiter in Pisces, square it’s optimistic Mercury in Sagittarius. That looks very confusing. Uranus will square itself in the Business Euro chart, which looks like another pointer towards reform or changes.

        From conversations with European friends from several nations, I’m aware that not everyone is optimistic about what’s happening. That doesn’t mean they want the EU to fail. Alliances and co-operative ventures are usually better than the alternative, and in many ways represent the ideal for human society.

    • EU will manage a fudge as usual. Especially, with Germany (ie, Merkel, an expert in fudge making) being in charge. Orban’s party being part of EPP means, there will be words but no action.

      This “crisis” is the usual European one, nothing new.

      Some vague declaration will be made, allowing both sides to declare victory. Same as what happened in the July summit

      • “Orban’s party being part of EPP means, there will be words but no action.”

        EPP suspended Fidezs’ membership in February. Baltic and Nordic member parties have been lobbying for permanent dismission.

        This is also different from July in that this isn’t just *some meeting*. These are budget negociations, where EU has real leverage, since Hungary is extremely reliant on EU funds (more so than Poland, with a larger and more diversified economy). Also, Hungary is still a NATO country, and Orbàn can’t rely on the next US Administration having the same indifferent or even hostile attitude towards allies Trump Admin has. The very least that’s going to happen soon after Biden takes office is key Nat Sec personel actually caring about Russian Intelligence carrying many of their operations through an allied country – Budapest has long been identified as a logistic and financial base for FSB and GRU within EU. Also, Trump appointed US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein, who was a prominant Orbàn apologist has already resigned. The Embassy will be likely headed by a career diplomat until Biden nomination will arrive, likely by March-April 2020.

        So, overall, I’d say that Orbàn too has to adjust to a new situation.

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