Harry’s road to nowhere – no forgive and forget + Meghan ditto and ditto

Will the hole Harry is digging for himself get deeper? Regrettably the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Whatever justifiable grievances he has had are being buried under a welter of half truths, wholly untruths and confabulated narratives that don’t fit the facts. His agitated, hostile and prickly dismissal of any other version suggests a pathological need to live in his own bubble of reality.

   Saturn moving into Pisces from this March for two years is going to put a damper, not to say descend a deluge, on all of Harry’s relationships with Will, his father, Camilla, Kate and Princess Anne. His attacks and bitter dislike of Camilla will, worsen in 2024, with an eruption or two through this year.

  On his personal chart late 2024 looks like bringing a seismic upheaval in his plans for the future with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus with a sharp reality check in 2025 from Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun.

  His relationship chart with Meghan has been under severe pressure through 2022  and before with tr Pluto square the composite Saturn Pluto and now opposition the composite Moon. It is a bond that only holds while the resentment is aimed outwards at others, rather than being addressed as a dynamic of their relationship. But that can’t hold for ever. Tr Pluto is back opposing the composite Moon from the middle of this month and on and off till late 2023. With tr Pluto conjunct their composite Midheaven at 29 Capricorn from mid February on and off till late 20924 which will bring heavy discussions about future direction.  Tr Pluto conjunct Midheaven can destroy reputations. Tr Saturn will oppose their composite Sun from late March on and off through 2023 which will bring a sense of separation. 2024 sees tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars for a feeling of failure about the relationship and that rolls through into 2025/26.

 Meghan’s Sun/Moon midpoint at 8 degrees Virgo catches the tr Saturn opposition in 2024 which will cast a chill if not a separation on their togetherness. Harry’s Sun/Moon midpoint doesn’t catch a Saturn conjunction till 2027 but it isn’t unusual for marriage partners to react at different times to a split, depending on their psychological capacity for letting go.

  Meghan has her Solar Arc Sun square her Neptune now which is undermining and confused and is into her mid-life crisis in 2024 which can often lead to hasty decisions and with tr Uranus moving into her 11th she will be radically changing her outlook on future plans. 2026 looks undermining on the domestic and family front.

 She does have tr Jupiter moving across her Midheaven from this March until May 2024 which is usually successful and high profile on the career front.

  2028/29 look car-crash years for her with disruptive and explosive Solar Arcs.

 Their wedding chart always did look turbulent with Mercury Uranus square Mars and a Sun trine Pluto and trine Mars and Moon opposition Pluto. It’ll be under considerable stress with tr Pluto moving into Aquarius upending the Uranus in square from late March and worsening in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct the wedding Mars.

  There is nothing to say they absolutely have to part company but given her marital history and his family history it could be more likely and there are enormous strains coming up.

ADD ON: Wilt. Meghan may write her own memoir. Spare us. There is something sick, almost malevolent about the whole sorry, sordid and regrettably riveting spectacle.

   Meghan’s relationship chart with Kate with a controlling composite Sun Pluto conjunction has been under strain for some time but worsens dramatically from late this March as tr Pluto squares the composite Sun for two years – aggravated further in 2024 by tr Uranus rattling up the explosive Venus Uranus square Mars Moon.

  Camilla will also be wilting vis a vis the Montecito Madame through 2023 and more so in 2024.

  Meghan’s relationship chart with father-in-law Charles will be high tension this spring; and heading fast downhill in 2024 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Venus as well as tr Pluto trine the Mars for a frustrated and angry mood; with worse in 2025 as tr Neptune Saturn in Aries square the Sun Mars.

A folie a deux that feeds off envy, hatred and vengeance

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  1. H’s story fascinates as it has strong Oedipal undertones. No oracle, no sphinx but the rest is there – as though handled by a bad script writer. Here the Prince cannot marry his mother, so he marries a substitute, who mimics his mother and proceeds to metaphorically ‘kill’ the king his father by destroying his and his wife’s reputation. The tragic element here is the death of Diana, otherwise it could be an Oedipal comedy.
    The attachment to mother is clear in H’s chart.

    • Loved it. Hadley Freeman in the Sunday Times today is spot on as well.
      “Not since The Godfather’s Fredo Corleone teamed up with Johnny Ola has a frustrated brother’s bid for self-respect blown up so spectacularly in his own face.
      There is a Grand Canyon-size gap between what Harry so desperately wanted to achieve with Spare (vindication in the court of public opinion, control of the media narrative, apologies from his family) and what he has actually got (general mockery, headlines about dead Afghans and his frostbitten penis, presumably estrangement from his brother).
      Hamlet was the aspiration, the Fool is, heartbreakingly, the result.”
      But dear heavens can someone persuade him to stay schtum for the next decade to recover from his messiah complex and get himself together.

      • Hasn’t he said that there is enough material for another book?

        He is doing the equivalent of dynamiting St Peters, Rome because he does not like the current occupants. Destroying history because he does not like the present.

        May he be buried in it.

    • I read that earlier and enjoyed. I thought the comment about him being “obsessed with his wife” was something I hadn’t considered but fits with him meeting her when transit Pluto was square his Venus (as well as her Libra Pluto being conjunct).

      Also this bit highlighted how Harry can’t see beyond his nose … “Charles sounds so quietly doting: leaving encouraging notes on his pillow, tickling his face until he falls asleep (his “darling boy” was afraid of the dark). Gratitude is not something with which Harry seems to be much acquainted”

      Other things I noticed this week was that he claims William and Kate hated Meghan from the off because “she was American, biracial and had her own career”. Seems more likely to me those were Harry’s immediate hateful thoughts before he met her which were then dashed when he fell in lust with her. Now that others are less enthusiastic, he can’t imagine any other reasons why that could be.

      • It’s very weird the way he goes on about Meghan kneeling on Diana’s grave with her hands on the headstone asking for clarity and guidance. Or when Meghan sings to the seals or channels Diana. It’s all unreal, like he’s not in love with a real woman but a semi-religious fantasy. One of the strangest things is using the images of Diana as some sort of religious icon, like putting the pregnancy test next to her image. If Diana hadn’t died, he’d have grown up realising that she was a normal, fallible human being and she may well have ended up on his list of villains.

        • I’ve always wondered about MM’s Neptune (22Sag) being exactly square Harry’s Sun (22Vir) and inconjunct his Moon (21Taurus). I wonder if that isn’t part of the “semi-religious fantasy” you mention? Of course Harry’s own Neptune makes the same aspects so perhaps that’s part of his overall delusion.

          I’m also noting from the charts Marjorie has provided above that Meghan’s SA Sun is currently at 21Virgo so there’s probably a feeling of sameness between them. Her Progressed Sun would also be there.

          • Thanks GD. Interesting about the solar arc Sun. I think it also fits in with the Neptune problems you mention below, both individually and within the relationship itself. They have saved each other and now intend to save the BRF from itself, they probably have plans to save the world or even the entire universe. That 12th house Jupiter/Neptune has potential for a lifetime of grandiosity.

        • I would say those things about the seal, grave, pregnancy test are superstitious in nature. That’s a very Scorpio area which of course is part of his 9th. So those things do fit together.

          Your comments on Jupiter-Neptune in 12th accurate too. I suspect Jupiter in Capricorn – while not a great placement in itself – probably can be somewhat grandiose in believing it knows it all.

          (Incidentally almost bought a copy of the book today when I was in Tesco 😀 Fortunately I managed to talk myself out of it, mainly based on the fact I couldn’t actually see myself being bothered to read it! Maybe when it hits the charity shops for a pound I will grab a copy for when I am in the mood)

          • @GD
            Thank you for your comment, it sounds as if you are someone one could relate to, I mean you, like me, go to Tesco, hurrah for normal people maybe it is up to us, everyday people to bring some sanity all around.

    • What would worry me marginally is his messiah complex – thinks he can ‘save’ his family from themselves and ‘save’ the world by kicking the tabloid media into touch etc etc. Such delusions of grandeur are not just narcissistic they can be a symptom of bi-polar.
      It makes me think of the sad letters to agony aunt columns from a parent terrified of their mentally unstable child who won’t or can’t listen to reason.
      No reconciliation meeting is going to break through those defences.

      • Somebody forwarded me a tweet about “Bi” leading to “sexual”, “polar” or “tch”. No idea if he slid to the first, but he may be going past the second and onto the third.

      • That was the other thing that caught my attention … that he thinks he’s saving the Royals from themselves. There may be issues within the RF but it’s trundled along fairly well so far even with abdication crisis and the like.

        He does have very 9th house / Sag placements which is good for a sense of omnipotence. Not least Saturn / Pluto in 9th. Then throw in the Mars-Uranus-Neptune in Sag he probably thinks he is some kind of Messiah.

        And the Sag/9th house placements also go someway to explaining his battle with the tabloid media who are essentially 3rd house / Gemini gossipy.

        Ultimately he has that standard problem of all control freaks. He thinks power is about controlling others where true power is empowerment and learning to make your own choices and responses to the circumstances. You don’t then complain that you were forced to make those choices, you own them!

  2. Sage words from PATTI DAVIS: ‘I regret writing a book about my father Ronald Reagan – just as Harry will regret Spare
    In the ensuing years, I’ve learnt something about truth; it’s way more complicated than it seems when we’re young.
    Years ago, someone asked me what I would say to my younger self if I could. Without hesitating I answered: “That’s easy. I’d have said, ‘Be quiet.’” Not forever. But until I could stand back and look at things through a wider lens. Until I understood that words have consequences, and they last a really long time.’

    • H may already regret it round the time of the Coronation – 6 may 23. Looking at his chart and the transits for that day, both transit Uranus and the Sun are in opposition to his MC. His Mars is transiting Cancer in 7, transiting Venus in Gemini in 6 is in opposition to his natal Neptune. What a mess.

    • I’m not sure Harry will ever reach the emotional maturity to know he should regret it. You have to have a sense of guilt and take responsibility to feel regret. He’s 38 already and will always feel he’s justified in his attitude or find someone to blame. Maybe if he goes through parenting issues of his own he will get it; but I suspect he is too deterministic and will just assume they have inherited the bad royal genes or some such excuse.

      • In 16 years or less, Harry’s son may write a book about what awful parents he had, how they neglected him, how greedy they were, how many lovers they had and what the staff used to think of his parents and how they used to treat the staff. Poetic justice.

    • You made me curious. Harry has juno, part of fortune, mercury and vesta at 3, 4, 5 and 6 degrees of virgo. Whole sign 9th, poss marriage partner from overseas. Linked to the PoF could be taken as marriage partner fateful. William’s is also interesting lilith, PoF (again) and Juno conjunct in capricorn. Kate has a ton of capricorn. Meghan’s juno is 27 libra 4th whole sign
      not doing much but 4th house could point to the importance of the spouses family. I spotted that she has lilith in scorpio conjunct uranus though, no wonder she arouses such strong sentiments in people. In the fifth too so i wonder if that might indicate sudden upsets and scorpionic tussles over children, particularly during her uranus opp. Lilith does have this children theme.

        • Fascinating! A similar asteroid to look for is Hera. In the composite chart for myself and my husband, Hera is conjunct Venus. We’ve been married almost 38 years, so maybe it bodes well for Harry and Meghan. It would be interesting to do a study and see how often such aspects occur in couples’ composite charts.

          • A good thought and I had some interesting results! In Charles and Diana’s composite chart, Juno is at 29°06′ Pisces conjunct their composite Moon at 27°44′ Pisces and the 0° Aries Point in the 12th house. And Hera is at 15°10′ Pisces on the cusp of their 12th house opposite their composite Sun at 16°02 Virgo. This is using the 7:45 pm birthtime for Diana. So no connection to Venus but both placements seem significant and descriptive of their marriage.

            Charles and Camilla’s composite Juno is in their 7th house at 9°05′ Aquarius Rx. It doesn’t make any close aspects but does make a wide grand trine with the Moon at 5°14′ Gemini and Neptune at 11°10′ Libra. Their composite Hera at 27°13′ Capricorn is conjunct their descendant at 25°34′ Capricorn, if all birthtimes are correct. So although Venus is not involved, the descendant connection also seems like a good marriage indicator. Like Charles’ combined chart with Diana, the composite Sun is in Virgo at 23°06′ which I thought was interesting. And their composite Sun is conjunct Harry’s Sun, perhaps foreshadowing the impact he might have on them?

          • I should have mentioned what may or may not be obvious, which is the reason that the composite Suns for both Charles and Diana and Charles and Camilla are both in Virgo is because Diana and Camilla are both Cancer Sun signs. It does say something about the kind of woman he is attracted to and what type of marriage feels natural to him, I think.

      • I read the 8th house as the wealth/status of the spouses’s house.

        1st house = self
        4th house = family
        7th house = spouse
        10th house = work

        And the house that immediately follows each of the above is that of the wealth of the above. So,

        2nd house = own wealth
        5th house = children (wealth of the family)
        8th house = spouse’s wealth/spouse’s family’s wealth
        11th house = work colleagues (wealth of the workplace).

        That is my interpretation, not out of a book, so I can’t give any references.

  3. How about William who as the eldest would have borne the brunt of his parents’ troubles? There were distressing stories at the time about how he sat outside his mum’s door begging to know if she was alright. He was there when she fell down the stairs. It’s known too, that she leant on him throughout her problems. That happened to me as a child. It’s awful.
    Harry is clearly distressed, but William too is a victim of their situation. Just because he’s not screaming, doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it or wasn’t affected. Outside of Megan and his children for whom he feels totemic responsibility, Harry’s lack of concern for others, especially his brother, is breathtaking.
    Maybe William did get the bigger bedroom (!) but as the eldest and heir to the throne, more was expected of him and he would have had more constraints than Harry.
    There’s something not right in all this. That he can toss off talking about killing 25 chess pieces as ok because it’s healing for him, is extraordinary. It was there throughout the Tom Bradby interview. Nothing seemed to touch him or come from within. He was supersure that it was obvious that he was right and seemed to regard anything else as rediculous. It does make you wonder what on earth the people around him are like.

    • I guess I have to thank Harry because until now it didn’t dawn on me that my younger brother got the bigger bedroom. All those years I had an axe to grind and didn’t think of it! And we only got our own bedrooms after older siblings moved out, who themselves never had their own bedrooms. I’m sure billions of siblings around the globe won’t ever have their own bedrooms including British subjects whose families are currently living in poverty and cramped living quarters. Truly a problem of privilege. I also had to laugh at Harry complaining that William wanted nothing to do with him at Eton. That is such a common family dynamic that the older sibling wants to look cool at school and doesn’t want the younger child hanging around. Most people get over childhood stuff like this as they mature.

      I also know people who lost parents early, including a dear friend who lost her beloved father when she was eleven. She has grown up to be a well-adjusted, caring person, and although that pain is always there she has moved forward with her life. You can’t excuse Harry’s behaviour by saying he lost his mom when he was young.

      I find myself thinking again that you can often get to the heart of a person’s character by looking at the ruler of their ascendant. Here’s what Sakoian and Acker have to say about some of the more negative aspects of Saturn in Scorpio: “These people are capable of harboring deep resentment when they feel they have been dealt with unjustly.” And, “A desire for revenge and an inability to forget past emotional injuries may also be present.” At some point, Harry has to own his negativity and not project it out on others. Why wouldn’t Camilla hire a PR person to rehabilitate her image after the vicious attacks she suffered in the press? Isn’t that what he and Meghan are doing?

      Incidentally, I was looking at asteroids and planets that are conjunct Harry’s Saturn and Sun and he has Koronis conjunct Saturn–which I have seen used to indicate a crown as the latin word for crown is corona. Perhaps describing where his resentment is focused. He has the asteroids Atropos (sudden endings), Child (!), Minerva (strategy), and Mony (!) conjunct his Sun as well as the dwarf planet Haumea which astrologer Sue Kientz links to life and death issues and transformations, much like Pluto.

      I’ve had to ask myself why I’ve gotten so caught up in this drama but I do think that archetypal stories play out amongst the collective through the Royal Family and other celebrities. If you get rid of the monarchy, this won’t go away. Those energies will simply be projected somewhere else. And we’ll have to find someone else to cut the ribbons, hand out the awards, greet the visiting dignitaries, etc. And the secular occasions that bring us together will be just as expensive, they just won’t involve the monarchy. Get rid of them if you like but you’ll just re-create them somewhere else. MHO.

      • PS Speaking of the zeitgeist, I wonder if the long Mars in Gemini retrograde has something to do with why we are seeing this squabble between brothers played out so publicly. Mars is about to station exactly on my MC, and here I am!

        • Great posts. Thank you. I am having trouble out of my own siblings – two brothers. I have Moon and Mercury in Gemini inconjunct my Neptune in the 4th. I think you are right. It is like watching a side show. I think Mars has had a hand in this brotherly conflict.

        • Yes absolutely. Although it doesn’t have to go this way; during this Mars Rx in Gemini I did a huge favour for a sibling and after that, on 2 seperate occasions, 2 of my neighbours happened to help me. If you’re selfish and exhibit only the worst of Mars, the worst of it is what you’ll get back – sooner or later.

      • I second this. Saturn in scorpio have to work hard on their festering resentment. So do people with a lot of scorpio in their chart. Resentment is often shown with extreme secrecy over the most banal things, which can be infuriating to others. This of course has to be interpreted with the rest of the chart.

        This anti-scorpio work takes a lot of introspection and self awareness.

        But once past this festering resentment, it can be an interesting journey for ‘scorpionics’.

        • Have recently noticed this Saturn in Scorpio trait – these people are totally faithful to their own beliefs, and will not consider they may have got it wrong. Have also noticed ‘overkill’, it’s beyond belief – they continue to punish according to their own judgement.

          • Disagree, Jac. I hv Sun-Sat in Scorp. My cats and close friends would also disagree with your assessment. But, your mileage will vary…

          • As A Saturn in Scorpio (sq Venus and Jupiter in Leo) individual myself I find these sweeping judgements to be rather harsh and indeed not helpful to understanding a person’s motives. Saturn is the teacher, Lucifer who brings light to the things we fear most. I think what I fear most is rejection and my resentment comes from people projecting their Sh1t of unresolved (mother) issues onto me and then still expecting me to be their ‘friend’. So I guess there are two sides at work here and more acceptance and even forgiveness of one another’s flaws and hurts would not go amiss both in public life and in private. What we are seeing in real time here is what a society without established boundaries of ethical behaviour looks like. Morals have gone. What we need now are personal ethics. Is this acceptable or is it not? Will I allow this, or will I not? Am I guilty of doing the same as the people I despise?

  4. I agree with Anita’s comments how the British press and the crown functions .it’s only right Harry is sticking up for himself as his own family has dismissed him and Meghan.
    Regarding assuming Harry might be on meds , how come no one is questioning if Camilla or William is on meds. Camilla always appears very neurotic .

  5. Harry got out of the gilded cage. One can say the Monarch fights for its position so that the public will keep providing them with clothes, homes, and jewelry. What would happen if the UK abolished the monarchy? King Charles would have to give up Buckingham Palace and Kate and William would have to get jobs…lol.

  6. Whats most shocking about all of this is not Harry but the media’s obsession with him and the royal family. Major tv networks are dedicating their time slots to discuss the revelations in his book instead of sharing real news and information with the public. Harry and their family drama is not news. Its garbage for our minds.

    Why are we so obsessed with how others are living their life that we spend our time analyzing and writing about it?

    • Financing the RF is a huge drain on the country and it is only normal that there is some sort of accountability. As Royalty they are a spectacle and must take the rough with the smooth. They have no other real function. However, Harry is now a ‘cross over’ – a Royal become a celeb. My guess is he will feed his celeb status as long as it is lucrative. But it’s a vicious circle. The more he earns, the more security he will need for himself and family. He’s got his head in a luxury vice, but am not sorry for him or family. If he is going to spend his time pointing fingers and writing smut, or rather order his ghost writer to, for he is quite incapable of writing, he is of no interest and all his stories have to be taken with pinch of salt, especially the story about killing. He will say anything to be in the limelight. Losing his mother does not excuse his behaviour.

      • I think Harry is simply the product and system the RF has created over the decades and acts accordingly to how the system has brought him up.

        • We try to understand Harry’s motives but it is not a normal family and are totally dysfunctional. they’re all damaged. An emotional wasteland. They have been taught never to show any emotion and none of them do.

          • I’m not sure I agree but then I am Scottish and of a generation whose parents and grandparents were toughened by two world wars. Not all families are huggers, touchy feely or good with expressing emotions.

          • Most of us cannot show all our emotions all the time, why should the RF let it all hang out? Most of us have to be composed at work and at home and not go round causing ill feeling and rifts.
            Their role is to look dignified, even if behind the facade, they are anything but. A journalist in the Guardian describes the tone in H’s book as ‘tragic camp’, a new genre. Have they become a laughing stock? An expensive one in my view.

          • I get so fed up of people describing the Royal Family as ‘dysfunctional.’ It’s such a lazy and uninformed description. Most of the Royals seem to be close-knit, quite kindly, well-mannered and sensitive to me. Nobody could call the King unemotional and most of them earnestly want to do the best for their country.

          • @Marjorie I am too of a generation whose parents were toughened up by WW II and grandparents who were toughened up by WW II occupation and WW I and although the Netherlands was neutral in WW I there was a great deal of suffering. My point was, right or wrong, as children, and the rest of the royals, Harry and William were taught not to show emotion. Stiff upper lip and all and keep the mystique. In contrast, I remember seeing a clip of Queen Beatrix being kissed on the cheek by a stranger at a Queen’s Day. market. After seeing more clips of the Oranjes taking part in mind-numbingly insipid Queen’s Day activities, my English friends insisted this had to be a parody: how could royal mystique survive such proximity to the public? By demonstrating they are like the rest of us, the Oranjes gain, rather than lose, respect.
            Whereas the Windsors are expected to keep their distance, the Oranjes have considerably more latitude. During the 33 years of her reign, ending with her abdication, the Netherlands witnessed several horrific accidents and disasters
            In those instances, Beatrix literally offered her shoulder in comfort to crying relatives. You would have to be a very staunch republican not to be moved by the sight of the nation’s mother figure consoling her people. Furthermore when you meet the queen you are asked to treat your conversation with reasonable discretion, but there are no other instructions on how to address or approach the Queen. Willem-Alexander seems unperturbed when crowds respond more positively to his wife Maxima than to him. As her biographer Marcia Luyten says: “the King is genuinely proud that such a popular, glamorous woman would choose him for a husband.” Compare that to Charles’s notorious comment “it would have been far easier to have had two wives to cover both sides of
            the street.” Maxima, has quickly learned to speak better Dutch than even the Francophone King of Belgium, and her involvement in financial affairs is serious. It is difficult to see Prince William’s wife Kate showing similar interests or seriousness or maybe she is not even allowed. None of this is meant as criticism but the BRF are generally perceived as unemotional, aloof within an archaic system. It was all on display with Diana’s death and the reaction of the British public, especially among younger generations, regardless of the fact that Diana may have been emotionally unbalanced.

          • You make two important points. One is about hugging, kissing, shaking hands, etc.. the sort of things that most Brits do not do, or very rarely. Why should we expect their RF to do it? There is a cultural aspect. The Brits do not greet like Americans or the French do.

            Is it appropriate for royals to kiss everyone? It could take a long time.

            This reminds of the occasion when the Queen was greeted by someone in India with ‘Hello Darling’. Quite funny. She did not bat an eyelid, of course.

            The second point is about jealousy. H is attributing jealousy to others. I fail to see why his father, brother or sister in law should feel jealous of him. He does not make sense. I therefore deduct that H is the one who is jealous… No longer now perhaps, with his marvellous career in show business – let us see.

            There is a danger of being manipulated by H’s therapy-redemption discourse, when the RF cannot defend themselves.

          • Queen Beatrix has an Aquarius Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Moon in the 11th so a different temperament to the late Queen Elizabeth – who in contrast had a monumentally strong Saturn in Scorpio on her Midheaven. That rigid sense of duty ruled her life and very grateful the country was for it as she ploughed stalwartly on.
            Her ghastly mother, despite her marshmallow hats and sugary smile, was an old bat, described by some as a fascist (with a small f). She was Scottish aristo and largely the reason for the Queen’s emotional reticence. And Philip had a beyond horrible childhood. But their sense of responsibility to the monarchy especially the Queen’s never wavered.
            The ‘emotional’ outpouring at Diana’s death never felt like genuine feeling to me – it was too manic, quite hysterical. Mob fever took over.
            Other thought was Harry saying that Kate recoiled when she met Meghan who is self-reportedly a hugger. I frankly find it insensitive and invasive when people I have never met want to wrap themselves round me. I’m with Kate on this one.

          • @marjorie, fair enough on cultural differences and sun sign temperament tendencies. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to simply put all the blame with H&M. I think there maybe blame on all sides.
            The devotion and steadiness to the UK by Elizabeth isn’t questioned. It’s the archaic system they are functioning in that seems so very out of touch in modern society. An
            example… to Dutch eyes, it is inconceivable that Elizabeth did not abdicate at an advanced age. Even popes need no longer serve until their deaths. By timing her 2013 retirement at age of 75, Beatrix was able to create stability in Willem-Alexander’s life, who also knew that he would not be assuming the throne when devastated by the death of his mother.
            Another advantage for the Oranjes is that King Willem-Alexander is not the head of a church that disapproves of gay marriage or has issues with trans and related issues. Add to this the damage done to the Windsors’ standing among ethnic minorities and the young after Meghan’s allegations of racism, the undeniable unequal treatment vs Kate by the British press, plus the loss of support—especially among women—after Prince Andrew was accused of sexually assault.
            That said there are certainly issues the Windsors have resolved ie paying income tax, Prince Charles has spoken out about climate change, and his Trust targets social inequality, etc. Apart from “water management,” Willem-Alexander has not embraced any issue of similar import. But regardless of those facts adapting to the demands of the 21st century and responding to younger diverse UK seems difficult for the House of Windsor. Maybe Charles will have a try but it remains to be seen if successful.

          • Charles is keen to broaden out the religious thing and embrace other faiths – not that they are exactly tripping over themselves to embrace same-sex marriage etc. There is an argument that if you take the Royals out of their historical context and modernise them too much they become irrelevant. Not much point to them.
            Unequal treatment of Kate? You clearly weren’t around in the early days of their togetherness. The tabloids were pretty rancid – waity Katey, air hostess mother, black sheep Uncle Gary etc etc. Same when Princess Anne married Mark Phillips – terrible jokes about his father working for Walls sausages. The lower end of the media has always been brutal and best ignored. And in many ways worse in the US where they have more lax libel laws.

          • ‘There is a danger of being manipulated by H’s therapy-redemption discourse, when the RF cannot defend themselves.’

            @ Petunia, especially when the RF choose not to defend themselves in the media and let H carry on with his agenda to annihilate his family publicly. I hope H works it out at some point but I think for sure as his family roots and tree show (hundreds of years etc), they have been been through worse so will flex accordingly as dictated by the times and he will not bring them down by any means. H is a catalyst to update the establishment, I think given his astrology ties in so strongly with the RF. I think he knows this.

          • @sarah, i’m sure most of them earnestly want to do the best for their country and on the surface are well mannered because they have to perform that way but you can hardly call them a well functioning family… three of out the four divorced, one accused of sexual assault who settled, extra marital affairs all over the place and Margaret’s life had a soap-opera quality and so on. Something is not right or not working in that family system and/or family dynamics.

          • @marjorie yes I was around when the British press printed nasty stories about Kate and so on, which was bad enough, but in my personal opinion the recent racial overtones used by the press hit an all time low. So that bring us back to the Rota system and the competition among Royals and their press offices when it comes tabloid coverage. Whether one agrees with Harry’s tactics or not, or how unbalanced he is, this is one of the main complaints as well as the lack of protection from the invasive press as well as competition among royals pushing their personal PR narrative.

            PS hope to visit Scotland this year… never been.

          • In an American TV tribute about Queen Elizabeth after her passing, it showed the Queen coming home from a long trip years ago and denying the 4-year-old Prince Charles a hug he wanted so badly. I think King Charles has grown a lot in emotional competence from what he was when younger.
            The American hugging thing has grown in elite circles and among the moneyed classes. It might reflect a time when people are no longer close to families. It is pretty much an act which says “we’re in the same social circles.” One who gets hugs at home doesn’t crave it from strangers.

      • At £1.28 per taxpayer, I’d hardly describe it as a “massive strain” especially in comparison to the BILLIONS they generate in tourism and their own tax contributions. They more than pay for themselves.

    • Agree Harry is a very ordinary bloke, but so many of us have a ‘Harry’ in the family, and we get to see, if not comprehend, the ‘entitled’ attitude. Many of us have had dealings with a ‘Meghan’ in our lives and want to see the endgame. These people are exposing their own behaviour, wittingly or no, and it is quite a study in ‘behavioural science’

  7. I think that Camilla, cast as the innocent victim in this whole thing, isn’t nearly as innocent as they would like us to believe The mere fact is, despite both of them being married with children, she conducted a secret love affair with Charles for years. (“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”)
    Besides the obvious mismatch of Charles and Diana, the tumultuous marriage, and both of them having affairs, their messy divorce was in large part spurred on by Charles’s long-term affair.

      • Camilla was disliked by many. No doubts. But Spare is making many feel empathy for her, and are defending her.
        She didnt have to life a finger to increase her standing in the public eye.

        I read a parody article somewhere claiming – Harry is out there on a secret mission to increase the popularity of the royals. 🙂

        • @sounh It’s all an interesting dynamic and certainly entertaining. In the end non of them are doing themselves any favors. But it’s of no consequence in the world, they have no power, and their scrabbles are not going to end world Democracy or start WW III.

  8. GD’s yod post got me thinking about the quincunx between tr Mars in Gemini and tr Mercury in Capricorn. Both turn direct at 8 degrees of their respective signs this month. Between about 15th – 22nd January they remain in aspect with one another. Awkward. For Harry, his natal Uranus is 9 Sagittarius, Solar Arc Pluto 8 Sagittarius, SA Nodes 7 Cancer/Capricorn, Chiron 8 Gemini. William’s natal Mercury is 8 Gemini. The H&M Wedding chart has Nodes 8 Leo/Aquarius, Saturn 8 Capricorn, Mercury 9 Taurus. Meghan’s Sun/Moon midpoint is 8 Virgo.

    So the transiting quincunx will be highlighting these planetary positions, and many adjustments must, ideally, be made in the practical realms of Capricorn (and Dad?), and the communicative Gemini (siblings) arena.
    Plus, potentially worth watching, we have three first quarter Moons at 8 Taurus (January), 8 Gemini (February), and 8 Cancer (March). Possibly subtle, but with much activity around 8 degrees I think these Moons may add something significant to the situation. They represent a crisis and turning point moment.

    Here’s something Bill Tierney observed about the first quarter Moon:

    “Our typical manner of confronting stress patterns here is through the building of protective blockages, barriers, shells, and shields (all involving introspective focus) which in themselves, only further jeopardize our attempts to establish lasting inner security.”

      • GD, and VF (your comments re Diana’s Algol Venus). Just to be totally nerdy, I looked at Diana’s chart. She is the ghost at the feast it seems to me. Or one of them anyway…..She has a major role to play in Harry’s psychology, as well as in his marriage. As many of us know, our dear departed relatives often play a role in our present lives one way or another. They are there in our DNA.

        Re the 8 degree pattern of interest, Diana has natal Neptune at 8 Scorpio. Her progressed/SA Sun is now 8 Virgo, with SA Pluto 7 Virgo. They are right on Meghan’s Sun/Moon midpoint. I think this could be significant.
        Solar Arc Juno is 25 Taurus, Pallas 24 Taurus, conjunct Diana’s natal Venus. As far as Juno is concerned, I’ve noticed it can be very accurate by transit or progression in partnership or marriage matters. Solar Arc Ceres is 9 Cancer, the grain goddess/earth mother in the sign of the Moon and mother?
        Currently, transiting Pluto is conjunct Diana’s 27 Capricorn natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her natal Moon at 25 Aquarius. I am using the evening chart btw, not the 2pm one. If Saturn is ‘karma’ and history, and Pluto likes to reveal secrets, eventually, perhaps something simmers beneath at this point? Be interested to hear what others may think about this.

        • Nerd on Jane, love your insights.

          Diana had Aqua moon opposite Uranus Leo which was part of t-square with the Taurus Venus – so transiting Saturn is hitting that whole configuration. Maybe that is part of Harry’s moon problem, his idea of love is distant and comes in fits and starts. If I recall Meghan has her Uranus in the missing leg at 26 Scorpio, so no doubt that plays in there somehow.

          Very interesting that transiting Pluto has been exactly on her Saturn as this whole thing erupts. While people obviously remember her, I feel her memory faded over the past two decades considering how iconic she was before her death. The Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius celebrity culture making anyone famous for 15mins. It would seem she’s re-emerging from the underworld. The memory of her seems to be changing while many still remember her as she was, her flaws are now written about alongside the virtues. The conspiracy theories around her death have dropped away and there is much clearer insight that the driver doing 115mph, drunk and on drugs while Diana wasn’t wearing a seatbelt was the cause of the death rather than the British Royal Family ordering a hit or the paps causing it.

          • GD and VF – thanks so much for your comments. And for making me smile at ‘nerd on’, and go ‘wow’ at the Ceres 25 Taurus from VF!
            As I’ve remarked before, it is so useful to have so many family charts to study with the RF, and so much further back than most families can offer. We also have accurate dates for important events and turning points for many of the individuals, and can see how these tend to link up through the family’s history. These are such interesting ways to test astrology, see its validity and meaning, and prompt yet more questions.
            And many thanks, of course, to Marjorie for this unique place to discuss such things.

          • One more thing: when Diana died in August 1997, tr Neptune was at 27 Capricorn, conjunct her natal Saturn. Pluto is there now. There had been a full Moon at 27 Capricorn that July. A full Moon at 25 Aquarius, conjunct her own natal Moon (and aspecting her t-square) rose on 18th July that summer.
            A Solar eclipse at 9 Virgo, conjunct Mercury Rx, happened on 1st September 1997, just after her death in Paris. The 1066 chart for England has Jupiter 8 Virgo, Mars 8 Aquarius. See earlier post for some of the other 8-9 mutables involved in this saga, including Meghan’s Sun/Moon Virgo midpoint! I’d say the Universe has a purpose, but no idea what that might be.

  9. The Prince Harry`s autobiography Spare is on the way to become a best seller.

    Why do I perceive so much Schadenfreude in the many comments and feedbacks on Marjorie’s blog?

    Who is afraid of the shutting down of the Firm?

    Why not simply accept the return of karma to the Windsors, with all its consequences?

    Why do I observe so few compassion for his torments?

    Forget the press and go back to Shakespeare, as we go back in France to Molière.

  10. In all the posts and comments, I don’t recall any mention of the Yod in Harry’s chart. I’m sure Marjorie has addressed it but I gave it a little contemplation and it really is a doozy.

    This really seems like it’s a descriptor of what we see with Harry.
    * Mars at 16Sag – you can’t put boundaries on a Sag so with Mars there’s no chance. Dating back to his resentment at being forced to walk behind Diana’s coffin, his life just seems to be a constant railing against what the Palace told him to do.
    * Venus at 17Libra – people say Harry is entitled. While it’s not something I’d immediately say about Libra, they do have a liking for the nice things and an expectation of fairness etc, etc.
    * Moon at 21Taurus. Ordinarily a discontented moon in Taurus is a grumbler. They never say too much but they go on and on about the same old things.

    Put those together and you get Mr Simmering Anger (Moon) publicly (Sag) but nicely worded (Libra) throwing his unhappiness about. And, of course the moon also takes the opposition from saturn which is at 12 Scorpio to give three difficult aspects to its development.

    This past year the Mars and Venus have been under stress by the transiting quincunx from Uranus in Taurus. While that ends in the next few months, it moves onto the outletting Taurus moon.

    • Very interesting GD! I also look at the Moon and Venus in their Venus-ruled signs, and see all the conflicting tensions around images and memories of Princess Diana. Both as his own mother, and how she was photographed endlessly as both a stylish, beautiful woman and as a devoted mother. However, nobody is a saint or Madonna in real life (thank goodness!) – and there’s that tension between Moon and Venus, plus Mars, which Harry cannot process or digest effectively, partly because he was so young when she died.

      I also wonder whether this yod might connect with Diana’s own multiple love affairs, and their possible subconscious effect on the children – for good or ill? There would have been all the well documented tensions in the Charles/Diana marriage floating around in the atmosphere. But how might Diana’s affairs have affected her own emotional well-being, which would then have been felt by her sons? Her first extra-marital relationship is believed to have been with her close protection officer, in 1985. Harry was a baby then. A longer relationship, with James Hewitt, followed from 1986-1991. And so on.

      All of this does appear to connect with a family pattern if you consider all the rumours about Prince Philip and his many flirtations with attractive women. These may, or may not, have been actual love affairs. However, that is a well-known aristocratic modus operandi. We can judge it if we want to, but it isn’t at all unusual.

      • Thanks Jane. Certainly interesting to think about the Moon/Venus in Taurus/Libra.

        I started writing and then it occurred to me that Harry’s Taurus moon opposite Scorpio Saturn is classic symbolism of the mother/father. Charles’s sun is on Harry’s saturn; Diana’s venus on his moon. As I’m sure you know people with an opposition usually retreat into one end and find someone to project the other end on to.

        Harry has a big saturn problem – he won’t take responsibility for anything; he’s retreating into his Taurus moon. Every time he interacts with Charles, the latter is picking up the Saturn end trying to teach him to be more responsible and accountable.

        Diana with her venus, on the other hand, would have naturally picked up the Taurus end which left Harry picking up his Saturn and therefore feeling responsible around her (and almost certainly for her).

        I’ve gone offtrack re: those quincunx Venus in Libra aspect but it’s all there, isn’t it? It all fits together through that Taurus moon. Roll on Uranus – hopefully not just moving house!!

        • It’s worth noting that both Diana and William have Venus conjunct Algol. Uranus is due to join the conjunction in the next year or so.

          Incidentally, when Harry first met Meghan in July of 2016, transit Pluto was squaring his natal Venus in Libra – it also squared William’s Saturn. That chilly Venus/Saturn synastry was always going to be triggered one way or another.

          • Indeed VF. It has always been noteworthy that he fell for MM under the Pluto square Venus. I hadn’t considered William’s Saturn though.

            Have you seen Dr Grande’s “Hot air spare”? I seem to recall you’re a bit of a fan.

        • Oh, and regarding Saturn in Scorpio – badly aspected is can be very paranoid, especially about authority/the powers that be, ‘they’re out to get me’, etc.

        • I had a little further thing on my Harry’s Saturn-Moon projection and about how it plays out in his relationship with Meghan.

          It seems likely to me that she picks up the Saturn end. She has Saturn conjunct moon and Pluto in 4th, so she sets all boundary, direction and creates the order.

          And that seems to fit with two things we’ve seen in Harry’s life. Firstly he was happy in the military where it is very orderly and he doesn’t have to take any decisions, just do as ordered. And secondly people have commented that he’s “under the thumb”. I don’t like the phrase and it’s often used sneeringly by men whose own marriages are hardly exemplary but I do think Meghan sets the tone and he follows. That’s also kind of typical with her being a Leo Sun and him a Virgo sun; her having five cardinal planets and him only two.

          It seems that 2027 will be a critical year as that’s when transiting Neptune will oppose her 4-6Libra moon-saturn-jupiter stellium. With Saturn having opposed them the year before. Not many people get through a Neptune transit by opposition without some kind of loss of sense of energy and it will sure affect the dynamic of the relationship if she starts becoming the listless one.

      • Don’t forget that Harry’s Ceres is at 25 Taurus, also conjunct the North Node, Algol as well as his Moon, conjunct Diana’s Venus with his Moon ruling the 7th house. His chart is like a graphic representation of all his issues coming back to mother in the form of his relationship. Like he’s channeling Diana through Meghan and at the same time avenging his mother’s death by going to war against the media, if that doesn’t sound too far fetched!

    • Bil Tierney is interesting on a Yod with an apex planet Moon.
      This person can still be caught up with disorganized, distorted impressions of the past that need to be objectively observed and clarified before his feelings can be free to grow further.
      His instinctual responses to impressions from the environment can be out of tune with what would normally be expected, since this highly reactive individual does not easily decode the emotional messages he receives from others. He may even attempt to screen them out in an obliquely self-protective manner.
      This individual is too defensive, unadaptable and vulnerable to effectively deal with the security needs of the here and now.
      Apex Moon suggests faulty assimilation of impressions that nevertheless trigger the person to react in a habitually self-defeating way.
      Needs intimacy and closeness but tends to retreat into a psychological shell.
      Maternal instincts need regeneration before he can set foot on a new path.
      Others with Moon Yods – Alexander Graham Bell, Crowley, Thomas Jefferson, George Gershwin, Grant Lews

      His Yod about to catch the tr Uranus conjunction to his Moon from mid this June which may well jolt him onto a better path.

      • Marjorie – some synchronicity here! I was fiddling around with my 8 degrees Mars-Mercury quincunx post, quoting Bill Tierney, and did not notice this post of yours at that moment!

      • Bloomin’ eck ,.. that’s spot on !!

        I hope for Harry he can make the leap. He’s trying to do the right thing by talking to therapists and so on. At the moment, it’s all just words – parroting the right words and phrases but the actions not matching up with them.

          • Leo – if you said it previously on a thread, I will have nodded in agreement. There’s something hollow about what he says.

            I believe he genuinely wants it all to resolve but he doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to understand what will facilitate that and what hinders it.

      • Just reading Marina Hyde who mentions that all residents of Montecito, the town where Harry and Meghan reside are under an evacuation order.

        A sea-flooded home would be a very good metaphor for uranus hitting the 4th house moon. (Transit not due until summer though)

      • Additional thought on lunar Yod – he has idealised his mother to the extent of blotting out any more realistic appraisal of her. But he also seems to be doing the same to his grandmother, suggesting it was her aides (men in grey suits) who made the decisions that he disliked. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Queen avoided confrontations on a one to one basis with the family but there was never any doubt that she made the decisions.

        • Idealisation / demonisation is something you see with immature personalities. Black and white thinking, no room for nuance.

          Now you mention, it’s clear he sees Meghan the same way. And given her history, she also does.

          Astrologically I’ve seen it with neptunian types (the bubble bursts). Also Libra where they finally make a decision and have to go all-in on it. And Aries/Taurus where they can’t be bothered to do too much thinking.

  11. Some have already mentioned H may be on medication, which dis-inhibit him and provokes logorrhoea. It would be interesting to have a good look at his Mercury. It is compulsive. Even Meghan may find it too much in the end, specially if it overshadows her. It’s a bit like being with someone who wants to take their clothes off all the time, a sort of exhibitionism.

    It is a shame, as others have pointed out that he is not so bright and therefore does not realised the impact of this ‘revelations’.

    • It has been printed in one website that Harry writes in his book that he was smoking dope in the grounds of their first home they lived in California, in the early hours of the morning, as it is legal there. He was then 36. He had a toddler in that home. Lets trust the toddler never inhaled any of the smoke, as this is hardly responsible behaviour. It is really quite shocking for this to be included in his book. At some stage this may be regretted. I still think a huge amount of his problem is to do with a possible continuation of dope/drug addiction. Meghan’s mother was a dope addict when Meghan was young, causing her father to take custody of her. This has also been written about and in print, without being contested. Meghan’s brother farmed it, her mother smoked it for years and it was given to guests at her first wedding. There is a pattern here of drug usage or being affected by drugs. His book is too open and is looking like a classic example of someone who may be high quite a lot of the time. Even the Late Show tonight will show Harry drinking alcohol, this will also make him look out of control with substances. He has two young children now and appear to be creating a narrative of recklessness.

      • @helen. Not sure where you are reading your information. There are thousands of stories circulating out there and many of them untrue. It was actually Meghan’s father who used dope occasionally, he admitted as such. Unfortunately the ugly press got ahold of him and he was caught spreading stories and selling pictures and to the tabloids etc. After the divorce her parents shared custody of Meghan. Both parents contributed to raising Meghan until the age of 9, when Thomas Markle was left in charge of caring for their daughter as Ragland pursued a career. Apparently a mutual agreement between them.

  12. Anita, the vile British press didn’t just suddenly turn against H&M. They brought this on themselves. I have seen plenty of American newspapers that were even worse. Besides, given that their income only seems to come from being professional victims, they rather need the odious British Press to make that possible.

    • Well with all due respect… the headline “(Almost) Straight Outta Compton” from the Daily Mail and others playing up the usual stereotypes pretty much sums it up. It’s been an on-going relentless campaign by the British press. You can hardly blame them for no longer wanting to deal with the “royal rota.” There’s no denying that some of these publications have been accused of double standards and the British press is having a ball with it. The fact that Charles continued his affair with Camilla almost throughout his entire marriage to Diana, while the kids where little, seems to be forgotten for the most part thanks to Mark Bolland’s clever PR campaign rehabilitating the relationship of Charles and Camilla. One step included breaking down reverence of the people’s princess, Diana. “The first hurdle, they agreed on was to demythologise Diana by portraying her as a manipulative hysteric”.
      Right or wrong is it any wonder Harry decided to spills the beans and relocate.

      • When it comes to my own Royal family, the Oranjes have not found the magic formula for royal survival either, but they do seem better placed than the Windsors. To begin with, Dutch media respect the royals’ privacy. There is no market for the almost psychopathically cruel attacks the British tabloids indulge in. the Dutch court has been winnowed to a handful of people. More importantly, the Dutch court is centralised, meaning no separate households with competing power centres. At the same time, public relations have been brought under democratic control. The royal family has no PR department, relying instead on the “Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst” the prime minister’s communications department. All media requests go through the RVD, dramatically reducing the scope for mishaps, gaffes or competition between royals.
        There are 10 members of the Oranje royal house, only three of whom receive a yearly stipend. In 2022 there were approximately 13 working members of the UK royal family. The other Dutch royals have proper jobs: they don’t live in palaces and their children go to the same schools as everyone else. Many experts in the Netherlands observe an emotional wasteland at the heart of the Windsors. “The British monarchy can hardly be called progressive, let alone gender neutral,” according to Monica Soeting, former editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Life Writing, as a consequence, Elizabeth faced demands that are virtually impossible to reconcile. As Queen she had to embody traits that have traditionally been ascribed only to men: authority, stoicism and independence. But as a wife, mother and grandmother Elizabeth is expected to be passive, homely and caring. How can you possibly embody both these things at the same time?” Elizabeth seemed to have been better at playing monarch than being a nurturing parent. As a result Charles sadly appears to have grown into an emotionally stunted and deeply damaged man, unable to connect with his children and beset by jealousy.

      • Camilla’s cosy links with right wing media (Dailymail, Express) must be brought to light. There seems a lot of truth in Harry’s allegations of a long PR campaign by these outlets to rehabilitate her, even at the cruel cost of dis-reputing Diana and her children.

        As I commented on an earlier post, there is a dangerous nexus between Royals-Media-Ruling party which has worked in favour of Camilla, despite William & Harry’s and the Late Queen’s initial reluctance in bringing her to royal fold.

        Harry allegedly said “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” but it could be easily befitting say “what Camilla wants, Camilla gets”.

        Yes, Harry appears damaged but I think putting the entire blame on him and Meghan is not right.

        • Are you saying that H & M are not playing the same media game ? It is pot calling the kettle black.

          Like it or not, media is part of the celebrities and you can be successful only if you learn to live with them. It is not much different to what we are normal people do at work – we may dislike our bosses and colleagues, but we learn to live with the situation and focus on progressing in our career. There is mud-slinging and we work towards improving our image with the higher ups.

          I am sure there are many celebrities who are nowhere remembered because they couldnt use the press and media right. So, media, celebrities, the PR that goes on (M&H have a PR firm that helps them) and the collusion between celebrity and press/media (Not many of Oprah’s guests will be able to get away with so few cross examinations like H&M did) are part and parcel of the game.

          • Of course Harry and Meghan are using the media, but it’s in open and everyone can see what they are doing.

            I think Camilla has been far more sophisticated in using the media to her advantage without getting a single finger pointed at her.

            In this regard H & M came out foolish while Camilla much smarter but also more ‘ dangerous’ as Harry alleged.

            End result – Diana and her children lost and Camilla is on course to be on throne with Charles.

      • Anita, the Royal Rota is a long-agreed mechanism that ensures a fair spread across the major newspapers, with each paper covering a story in turn and each paper bound to observing certain manners and boundaries of covering the RF. Meghan wanted out of that mechanism because she couldn’t monetise it and couldn’t chose where to put her PR/affiliate deals for promoting fashion and jewellery houses. The Palace put their foot down about her promoting for affiliate money, so H&M stepped out of the mechanism. More fool them, as the Royal Rota actually protects the RF and ensures no one newspaper owns them in any way. Coming out of the protective rota has opened the floodgates of the endless Daily Mail stories for example. H&M wanted to monetise their position and work only with papers that said what they wanted them to say. It has backfired on them spectacularly, they are now fair game for any publication. The RF stays in the Royal Rota because it’s the only mechanism that keeps things professional between the press and the palace.

    • Why are we still not talking about Willy banging Rose while Kate was pregnant?!?! The future King of England having an affair, everyone knew it, Marjorie said nothing yet obsessively drags on about Harry and Meghan? This is *exactly* the issue.

  13. So what happens to the children should H&M divorce? As they are royal heirs, the Monarch is considered their guardian and makes the decision as to who holds custody. Not that I can see Meghan giving up one inch of anything. But these children are American as well as British. The only leverage that the King has is whether to make them Prince and Princess or not.

    Harry has shown in one interview that he has no intention of giving up his titles. He says he loves the monarchy but hates the institution not realising that both are dependent on each other.

    Eventually, this is going to end in tears. But I wish that someone would tell him, that when you find yourself in a hole: you stop digging!

    • No one wants to give up titles. For now, the titles are helping them make money, and able to reach people who they wont be able to reach (When Meg called Senators reg a bill, she introduced herself as Duchess of Sussex, and not Archewell foundation founder or Suits star).
      Their hope is in the long run these will all be forgotten and they can get back into the fold and continue their lifestyles and celebrity status.
      Only thing Meg still understand is that the royal celebrity status is a bit different than the Hollywood celebrity status. You need to put different sort of efforts for each of these. The royals have to display a “sense of duty” whereas the Hollywood can use some charity foundations to increase their status. Both are show pieces.
      In case of separation, there is no way Meg will give up the children, not because of her love for them, but rather because of what they will mean for her celebrity status. (Not saying that she does not love her children) and consequently money. She will use Harry’s mental health issues to ensure he does not get custody.

  14. Well,he is playing the Victim role very well.
    He doesn’t seems to see the consequences ahead.Mercury retrograde…
    He will be sorry that he even spoke but it will be too,too late.
    Wonder at what time Charles will put his foot down? “No Comments”is outdated.
    They have to modernize even that.

    • No comments is still valid. Why start a match, when the opponent is ensuring you win.
      The empathy and “respect” people had for Harry is evaporating because of all his “truth” telling.
      So, why speak out and spoil the party.
      Any comments will be done in the form of leaks.

  15. British press is cruel and brutal , no where closer to US press. I lived in England for 13 years and know how racist they can be . No body is questioning William and Kate’s motives . Charles was frustrated at Diana’s popularity and William and Kate ( the crown) were threaten by Meghan’s and Harry’s popularity. Overnight through the leaks , the press chased Meghan,s reputation down to a black witch ( that’s British press) . No doubt Harry and Meghan are power couple and other notable astrologers are predicting otherwise. More laundry will airs from the Royal institute.

    • Hollywood where Meghan is supposedly from – has hierarchy. The lead actors have all the publicity and PR is around them. Anyone in the lower cadre do not try to overshadow the leads. If they do, they will be thrown out of the project.

      Any surprise the senior royals try to keep their popularity up the scale ? It is all part of the show.

      Fair if you dont want to play second fiddle. You can step back, and do alternate things – but if the only things you know is “trying to be a celebrity and in limelight” then you are play the same game.

      It is not helping the popularity of the Royals. but mud slinging at them is not necessarily helpful either for H&M pair.

      • Actually wanted to add that if they wanted the celebrity lifestyle, they could have still taken a break from the Royals, moved to California and did they own stuff without slagging the Royals and did their own celebrity thing using their titles still. But they thought speaking about their gripes will give them more popularity, ooops … sorry money.

  16. I agree with some of the other posters, that Harry appeared disassociated – which can be a side-effect of taking a beta-blocker.

    Now, it’s possible he sought out ‘media coaching’ for that interview; or, maybe a combination of both approaches were used to keep him on an even keel?

    Though, his major gripes – that Charles married Diana under false pretenses; and that Diana should still be alive, and serving as Queen – are legitimate concerns; but, Harry’s ‘retaliation tour’ may well work against him, if he doesn’t lighten-up on his public displays of animosity.

  17. How interesting, I got a completely different impression of the interview … I took away the opposite impression on the interview from yours… same for my husband

    • He seemed sincere to me, but clueless that he’s hurting people by revealing all of his sometimes mean-spirited “truths.” It bothered me greatly that he felt he could tell his father he shouldn’t marry the love of his life because of Diana. Harry seems to have no understanding that his parents were BOTH miserable in that terribly mismatched marriage. I don’t think he ever gave Camilla a chance. And how he feels he’s advancing his eventual reconciliation with his family by sharing the revelations in his book and interviews is beyond me.

      I wonder why he didn’t stay in the army, where he seems to have found a sense of purpose and accomplishment in his life. And yes, he seems stuck in a sad time-warp frozen by his mother’s death. So sad for everyone involved and affected.

      • I think Harry really enjoyed being in the thick of things with the troops and camaraderie on the front line fighting in the Army but I recall that he was pulled out after a US journalist printed details and location of his posting (the info would have been blocked by agreement of the Media here and the MoD) and so opened up a huge security headache for the Prince and his colleagues. I suspect that he did not want to “drive a desk” in the Army back here in the UK and possibly wasn’t actually bright enough to do so.

  18. Thank you Marjorie. The midpoint between Harry’s and Meghan Composite Chart Chiron and Uranus is circa 1.30 degrees Aquarius, bringing into play their Chiron on the Ascendent, Uranus on their Descendant and transiting Pluto entering their tenth house. This combination of planetary interplay may well trigger the loss (wound) of regal titles, which in turn may weaken their couple power. I can’t see either of them coping with the loss of status and power. As Capricorn on their Midheaven is all about status, control, and a strong desire to be seen as an extremely powerful couple, ruling their domain. Therefore, Pluto’s journey through their tenth house, will only serve to undermine them. Venus is also 00.25 degrees of Libra, sextile Uranus and trine Chiron will compound their loss, pushing them to evaluate their image of communicating a perfect love. Their moon (crowds) is under strain of an opposition at the moment, leading Pluto to compound this as it crosses over their composite Midheaven. There is most definitely a lot of high tension in the composite chart. Pluto in both Harry’s Chart and their Composite, with Uranus on the descendant, (which is the crossover from being hidden to coming out into the open), is about to trigger the chain a disruption of pain and loss of their much needed reputation.

    • Apologies everyone. It is not the midpoint between Chiron and Uranus. A hazard of Posting late at night. Transiting Pluto entering Aquarius will sextile Uranus and trine Chiron, which will set up the energy of pulling into power pain and disruption.

    • I think if Charles attempted to remove Harry’s title (which I understand he can’t without action of Parliament) the public complaining and claims of victimization would only grow worse. Charles is astute enough to understand that. But he doesn’t have to grant Harry’s kids titles of their own, which makes a statement without being vindictive.

      What a mess! I actually feel sorry for most of them, especially their inability to recognize and respond to their own limitations. I’d hate to be born into that situation, but any of them really could restructure their lives and walk away, tough as it is to abandon privilege and position.

      • “… any of them really could restructure their lives and walk away, tough as it is to abandon privilege and position.”

        Which I believe is exactly what the Norwegian Princess and the daughter of the Emperor of Japan have done in the last year or two.

        • Such actions need integrity and skills.
          Harry does not seem to be too bright generally, but I believe there is something everyone will be good in, and he could have tried to identify and grow that side. Megan was not a successful actress .. Or to be fair, mildly successful actress, and she know that it will be a hard if not impossible trying to be popular on that side especially given her age. Marrying into the Royal family has given her the fame she always yearned for.

          She could have used the fame and popularity for progressing without the current drama. and as a loving wife, she could have helped Harry to find his strength and helped him focus the energy there. But, they have taken the easy route of talking against the Royal family and making money.

  19. I wonder if he’s on beta blockers during these interviews. Helps one stay calm and focused. Politicians and musicians are known to use them when ‘performing’.

    • Perhaps that’s why he seemed so oddly dispassionate and even dissociated from the whole performance. It made me feel like there was something really wrong, like he is missing some emotional range, or ironically given the subject matter, the capacity to feel empathy for those he is attacking.

      • @laurien … How interesting, I got a completely different impression of the interview … I took away the opposite impression on the interview from yours… same for my husband

        • I thought the expression on his face and the tone of his voice barely changed throughout. Perhaps it’s his royal upbringing, and/or that Capricorn ascendant sextile Saturn on the MC. Anyway I came away feeling that it was all very over-rehearsed and well-coached. My opinion.

          • Harry did manage a downcast smirk while Anderson Cooper was reading a passage.

            The passage was describing his brother’s hair loss and fading likeness to Diana.

            It seemed rather gleeful in comparison to the relatively unchanging expression. Perhaps because he knew that jab would be particularly effective. Brothers do tend to know each others strengths and weaknesses. Whether or not one is described as an “arch nemesis.”

          • You are right, PC. I’d forgotten that. So childish and petty. I do feel for the Royal Family right now and what they must be going through. Not one of us is perfect and it’s never nice to fling the imperfections of others in their faces. Even though Harry feels hard done by, he could have taken a higher road and still been true to himself.

          • Laurien:

            The remark was described as cutting by Cooper and H disagreed.

            Vancouver used to have a breakfast joint – the Elbow Room – If you didn’t manage to eat what was on your plate, the servers would bring out a donation box for the gay men’s health centre or the like. A mix of shame and virtue with a full belly. After a contribution was made, the server would offer up a loud remark that very often would cut to the quick to the patron or table mate. More often than not the remark would be a devastating blow and in front of a full diner. Seldom a chance for a rejoinder.

            Cooper recognized the remark for what it was. H was oblivious.

          • Wow, I’ve never heard of that eating establishment or their practices. A colourful place, Vancouver, then and now. I did appreciate that Cooper tried to prick Harry’s conscience but agree, it didn’t work.

    • It’s 2pm EST on the East Coast of the USA. I have just scrolled through the New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post and Reuters.

      The headlines are changing so fast; California is drowning, Peru is experiencing very large demonstrations, Brazil, well Brazil, US Congress is collapsing in on itself, the Wagner group is making inroads into Ukraine, no one can find eggs – anywhere -on the shelf, and so on.

      Harry may be big news today but dollars to donuts he’ll be old news in two weeks.

      Ta, Harry

  20. Apparently among the people Prince Harry has been writing unkind comments about in his book are his school matron, his prep school history teacher, his commanding officer and his close protection officer in the Afghanistan. It seems another 120 pages of the tome had to be redacted due to legal reasons presumably because he would have libelled a lot of other people as well. Quite why these ordinary individuals simply doing their jobs have done to deserve this treatment is beyond me. I am afraid he comes across as incredibly self centred and ungrateful person who is far too ready to blame everyone around him for his problems.

    If Prince Harry wants to find the person most responsible for making his life miserable then perhaps he needs to start by looking in the mirror.

  21. Unfortunately, I feel the possibility of Reconciliation edges further and further away the more Harry continues the slurs and accusations against his family. If any kind of dialogue does take place, how can they trust that he won’t twist what they say and then go to the media? The Independent today said that the Royal family fear that the ‘cult-like’ form of psychotherapy Harry has undergone has been detrimental to any reconciliation. I notice in that respect Harry’s Pluto sextile Jupiter/Neptune with Jupiter/Neptune in the house of self undoing. A Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto combination lend themselves to this kind of susceptibility, I would have thought.

    • I found myself thinking a lot about Harry’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the 12th house of undoing as I watched his interview on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper last night. It seemed strange that he could unflinchingly claim with a straight face that he never meant to hurt anyone in the Royal Family by his actions. He seems to be in complete denial and to have no sensitivity at all regarding the obvious effects of his actions on others. I found his delivery of the interview surprisingly robotic and devoid of expressions of genuine feeling despite the subject matter. The 12th house doesn’t always mean psychological problems and subconscious motives but it often does and I think his true motives are hidden even to himself by that fanciful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction with Jupiter in detriment, Jupiter trine a blabbermouth Mercury, and Neptune square his malleable Virgo Sun.

      While I’m here, I just wanted to comment that I noticed the derived ascendant for the composite charts of Meghan and Harry and Harry and Camilla are almost identical at 2 Gemini. They also square the H&M wedding ascendant at 2 Virgo. I also noticed the Sun of the House of Windsor at 24 Cancer is on Meghan’s ascendant so perhaps she feels she is in competition with it.

      I really enjoy your insightful comments, Virgoflake, keep ’em coming!

      • Thank you, Laurien! It’s good to read the variety of astrological takes on here to get a fully rounded view. By the way, it’s striking just how common it is to see Neptune in either the 12th or the 8th house in the Royal family, which I think it’s all about inherited mystique that comes with being a prominent royal.

        A bit off topic, but apparently a lot of viewers were struck by how alike the voices of Harry and Gordon Ramsay are when passages of the audiobook were read out during the interview which really struck me, since not only has Gordon Ramsay got that same, stressed Virgoan nervous energy that Harry has, (Ramsay has Moon/Mars/Uranus/Pluyo in Virgo) but he also has Mercury square Uranus like Harry, only Ramsay’s Mercury is in Sagittarius square Uranus in Virgo, whereas Harry has Uranus in Sagittarius square Mercury in Virgo. So you get that similar kind of energy from both men when it comes to their speech patterns. And it occurred to me that Ramsay’s brother was a drug addict and that GR himself gave up alcohol because it was becoming a problem in his life.

        Plus, I think the generational Sun/Mars problems in the male Windsor line lend themselves to hot-headedness and lack of impulse control.

  22. Here is Meghan’s Vedic chart……[Megan-Markle-Vedic.jpg](https://postimg.cc/TyHM2d1T)
    Five planets can do her no harm, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Mars. Where she will have
    problems is with her malefics, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn.
    Malefic Jupiter rules her 6th, disputes, court, health. Jupiter is in her 3rd, communication,
    writings, projects, and conjuncts her Moon, family. Jupiter also rules the 9th, father.
    Her most malefic planet is Saturn, also in the 3rd, also conjunct her Moon, the family.
    Currently she is in the dasa period, JUPITER/Ketu, both malefics….so her Moon, ruler
    of her Vedic Asc is being affected.

  23. I can attest to the impact of Saturn opp. Sun/Moon midpoint. My second marriage failed, and decades before, my first girlfriend and I split when Saturn was opp. my natal Sun/Moon midpoint.

  24. Harry and Meghan appear united by shared grievances, the desire for public confirmation of their victimhood, and the financial reward attached to it. The intensity seems exhausting, but I wonder if it creates a very addictive high for them. I agree that the ongoing drama that binds them isn’t sustainable. Eventually, the public will grow weary of the negativity, the hypocrisy, and the same story being retold repeatedly. When this happens, the mega-bucks will dry up.
    One thing is certain, if their marriage does break up, they will both blame the Royal family as the cause.

    • No I think Meghan will go for scorched earth and blame Harry; he has indicated issues with drink, drugs and mental health, chuck a few other unsavoury details and hope to have your next billionaire lined up?

  25. “Every blade has two edges; he who wounds with one wounds himself with the other.”
    ― Victor Hugo

    This torrid saga can only reflect badly on Harry in the end. There will be no winners.

  26. I’m trying to avoid all this (yes, I’m failing) but I winced when I read Meg’s Sun/Moon midpoint is going to be opposed by Saturn in 2024, and that Saturn will oppose their composite Sun on and off this year.

    I don’t see Meg letting go easliy, but both of those transits stand out to me. They’ll be hard to weather.

  27. Hi Marjorie, your posts on all this have been very interesting. You are right about how depressingly malevolent it all feels. It’s Catherine’s birthday today. How are things looking for her? Regards, Sarah.

    • Im reading the posts and seems to me the British press has done a very good job in demonizing Harry and Meghan. I’m sure the tabloids are having a ball with it and that’s exactly the point.
      For some perspective … the Netflix series is labeled by the US press as “a one-sided story and one of many truths”. British Royal watchers that where interviewed on US cable news shows are suggesting “Charles is ill equipped to deal with the fall out “ … both Harry and the British Monarchy’s popularity have fallen. and suggested that a lot will depend on the coronation. If an “another archaic pomp and pageantry event, resentment will grow given current economics.”

  28. Oh dear, oh dear. Oh dear. And to have this all play out in the public eye…praying for all involved, especially the children.

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