Bolsonaro to Prince Harry – Neptune heads for the rocks

Jair Bolsonaro, the defeated far-right Brazilian president, lurking in Florida is facing calls for his extradition after his supporters stormed the Supreme Federal Court and Congress buildings.

  A pro-Trumper and mutual backslapper, he’s described as a populist with fascist tendencies and he’s another of the Jupiter in hard aspect to Neptune types and was sworn in on a Jupiter square Neptune in 2019.

  There is something swirling at the back of my mind about Brexit, Trump and that whole Jupiter Neptune energy around in square in 2016, extending on to the Boris Johnson, Kevin McCarthy Jupiter Neptune opposition – and the rise of populist hi-jackers of democracy.    The siren call of Neptune leading to shipwrecks.

  Before leaving Bolsonara – his personal chart looks very stormy ahead with tr Uranus heading to make an explosive conjunction to his Mars in Taurus from the middle of this March rattling up his beyond-stubborn Fixed Grand Cross. Uranus then proceeds to hit his Venus and Saturn before mid 2023 and his Pluto in 2024 – which will substantially upend his life.  Plus his Solar Arc Mars will conjunct his Uranus in late 2023/early 2024. Tr Pluto is also in a confused/devastated square to his Neptune throughout 2023.

  Astrologers tend to waft off into oceanic flights of fancy when it comes to Jupiter Neptune but it’s beginning to haunt me.  Even Prince Harry – may his name never be mentioned again this century!! –  has a Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the 12th. And he must represent something in the zeitgeist to have attracted this amount of attention.   

  In the money world Jupiter Neptune is associated with financial bubbles bursting as the dream comes apart at the seams and hopes/speculative investments hit the deck with a thud.

Andre Barbault thought conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune brought “a swing to the left” with “democratic, socialist, or even more or less revolutionary” tendencies.

  Kind of maybe with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces in early 2022. But it has hardly brought an ‘inspiring vision — to — provide a counterbalance to the difficult despair brought by by the pandemic.’ The Ukraine invasion, a Jupiter Neptune in Pisces event – an overly optimistic dream from Putin’s malevolent playbook – certainly proved that hope is no match for harsh reality. The Ukrainians were better fighters.

  There is something odd swirling out there in the ether. Maybe it is my Saturnine soul yearning for a reality check – and preferably not after the event. Getting carried away on other people’s flights of fantasy is not good.  

An astrological website has helpfully outlined events of previous Jupiter Neptune conjunctions which turn up every 13 years:

1856 (Pisces): Crimean War ends, Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law abolishes privateering (privately owned warships for hire)

1869 (Aries): Japanese Civil War ends, first woman testifies before US Congress, National Women’s Suffrage Association founded in New York

1881 (Taurus): Boer War ends, American Red Cross founded, Andrew Watson, world’s first black international football player, makes debut

1894 (Gemini): International Olympic Committee founded, world’s first minimum wage law enacted in New Zealand

1907 (Cancer): Hague Conventions on laws of war, Anglo-Russian Entente ends Great Game, Anarchist International founded, first elections with universal suffrage and female candidates held in Finland

1919-20 (Leo): Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, International Labour Organisation, Communist International, Save The Children founded, 19th Amendment gives voting rights to women in the US

1932 (Virgo): World Disarmament Conference takes place in Geneva, first woman elected to the US Senate

1945 (Libra): Second World War ends, United Nations founded

1958 (Scorpio): US-Soviet detente leads to suspension of nuclear tests, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) founded, European Economic Community formed, Egypt and Syria unite as United Arab Republic, Iraq and Jordan unite as Arab Federation

1971 (Sagittarius): Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Greenpeace founded, Seabed Treaty outlaws nuclear weapons on ocean floor, South Pacific Forum formed

1984 (Capricorn): US-Soviet detente reduces nuclear tensions, UK agrees to return Hong Kong to China, GNU free software project begins

1997 (Capricorn): Kyoto Protocol on climate change, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Madeleine Albright becomes first female Secretary of State in the United States, UK hands Hong Kong back to China

2009 (Aquarius): Treaty of Lisbon, Barack Obama becomes first black President of the United States.

This is all thinking in progress – any thoughts and clarity welcomed.

37 thoughts on “Bolsonaro to Prince Harry – Neptune heads for the rocks

  1. Interestingly, the anti-semitism crisis/ scandal which has sullied the UK political left has coincided with the transit of Neptune in Pisces. The Jewish Chronicle, which has had a significant role in the reporting, has been criticised for a “collapse of journalism standards”; apparently breaching IPSO’s code of practice 28 times. Just to add to the nebulosity, the JC is owned by Robbie Gibb (ex-director of communications for Theresa May).

  2. Marjorie, in the Barbault book I have here (Defense et illustration de l’astrologie of 1955, I do not know whether it was translated) he mentions the Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions as favourable (for democracy). Jupiter having a ‘conciliatory’ tone and et Neptune allowing for ‘flexible implementation’.
    He mentions
    – 1830 revolution in Europe
    -1843 movement for the unity of Italy
    -1856 Treaty of Paris
    – 1869 Birth of socialist party in Germany
    – 1881 development of social legislation in France and Germany
    – 1894 Creation of socialist party in Russia
    – 1907 birth of Labour Party
    -1919 Victory
    -1932 Roosevelt
    – 1945 Victory, creation of UN
    – 1958 – (there he has a ? as the book was published in 1955 but it is close to the creation of the EEC)

    It is always a bit difficult with Barbault and politics. His writing is full of contradictions. He appears to be right wing, as some of his books include rants about immigrants, but it is difficult to be clear about his personal orientation, which partly informs the classifications he offers.

    By contrast he says the 35 year Saturn/ Neptune cycles mark a concentration of powers/revolts. Here are the examples he gives

    – 1773 American independence
    – 1809 Europe against Napoleon, nationalities
    – 1847 European revolution (1848)
    – 1881 Birth of European socialist parties
    – 1917 Communist revolution in Russia
    – 1952/53 Death of Stalin
    -1989? (he does not give a prognostic, but this is close to Perestroika, of course)

    It is not easy to classify events correctly, methinks.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Mars being square in Gemini for so long is just another big misinformation headache.
    Pisces 23 degrees Jupiter Neptune is not a good degree and Neptune has not finished with it yet either.
    Sextile to that 22 Capricorn conjunction of January 2022. And sextile to Uranus Taurus 2023/2024.
    Pisces Neptune at 29 degrees will be the worst. Just like Marjorie said late last year.
    Meanwhile, one day at a time everyone. And count any blessings that you have, no matter how meagre.

  4. I dont know the exact transits but I always identify the brexit project with Neptune (misinformation, social media manipulation, lack of facts, something you have to “believe in” to be patriotic, blindness to consequences etc) and Jupiter (being great again, half on a nation under a spell, conquering the seas again, freedom and expansion all over the world, arrogance etc). As a country we are still too scared to talk about the real consequences let alone reverse this disastrous decision. I am sure that as the planets move so will the wool over our eyes, and we will be able to see with clarity what monumental mistake we made.

    • BMC, it’s also gaslighting ( a Neptunian word), deception, propaganda, manipulation, gullibility, and downright deception and fraud. Also poor judgment: that howling numpty David Cameron putting it to a vote on 50/50 in the first place to save his Party’s political skin. A near total inability of the politicians, newspapers and right sight pundits and others to even discuss Britain’s imposition of sanctions upon itself is itself I suspect a part of the ongoing Neptune manipulation and lies.

        • BMC I think the wrecking ball of Pluto to absolutely purge, perhaps painfully given the UK’s ultra fixed chart, to then rise phoenix like from the ashes. A slow and painful journey to the underworld domain of Pluto. The levels of corruption, greed and preferment-for-ones-own in our country now can’t be sustained so a cathartic and probably painful emetic I fear…theres a brain drain looming too where lots of bright and educated young folk in key industries look ahead and decide to hitch their stars overseas, taking their talents and energies with them. We are in a real jam IMO…we can bounce back eventually I think.. sorry for the gloom….

      • @BMC and Gamal, the same sentiments can apply to the US with the rise of Trumpism and the benighted far right. And probably to Brazil and elsewhere, too, where demagogues have pulled the wool over credulousness voters’ eyes.

        When WILL this insanity end?

  5. Many have noticed that the ‘Florida Man’ meme applies to more than just Trump; Florida is the ultimate Neptune state (March 3 1845), with its coastline of beaches, Disney fantasyland and other escapes, and where millions retire; as well as hurricanes, building collapses, swamps & swindlers; and now the home for a number of far-right personalities, including its governor (aiming for a 2024 run) DeSantis and Bolsonaro.

    • @Terri … interesting … I’ve lived there for the past 30+ years and never really liked it. I’m a Pisces sun and moon but pretty earthy with Capricorn rising conjunct Mars and my Venus in Taurus.

      • @Anita, we used to visit a lot but no more. We’re avoiding Florida in any way possible, though I have fond memories of past visits. What part of Florida do you live in?

        • @Nicole South East Florida … at least still blue for now. Hope to leave the excessive heat, hurricanes, traffic and the rest of the insanity behind in the near future.

  6. Xhane, the West leaders say they’re not buying oil and gas from Russia anymore but remember what politicians
    excel at best . LYING

  7. I agree with Zhane. I felt the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction turned out to be mostly about the politics of oil and gas. In Canada, an offshore drilling project called Bay du Nord was approved on April 6, 2022, six days before the April 12th Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. And of course there was inflation, mostly due to rising (Jupiter) oil and gas prices (Neptune). I had hoped for a bit more love and understanding, but we did get a new release of John Lennon’s song Imagine by his son Julian Lennon the day before the April 12th conjunction, with the original released in 1971, a year that saw three exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions.

    I also think that we saw greater awareness, international agreements, and legislation regarding other Neptune-ruled substances like plastics, including possible replacements using other Neptune-ruled things like seaweed and mushrooms; psychedelics; ocean pollution especially with plastic; and some marine protection via the recent UN biodiversity agreement which was signed at the 11th hour on December 19th just before Jupiter left Pisces. One writer recently called 2022 The Year of the Mushroom with Neptune ruling fungi.

    Like Harry’s Mom Diana who was born 3 days before me, I have a natal Jupiter-Neptune square but I have learned to keep my feet on the ground while still not giving up hope of a better world. Like most ‘bad’ aspects, with awareness you can work with it, and astrology is great for that.

    • A thought provoking overview, Laurien!
      “One writer recently called 2022 The Year of the Mushroom with Neptune ruling fungi.”
      In 1958, Psilocybin was finally isolated from hallucinogenic mushrooms. It is said to be the ‘cousin’ of LSD. And the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio that year looks to be right on time.

      • Ooh, thanks for that, Jane! We can always count on you to come up with some interesting and useful historical facts! You must be a walking encyclopedia! Since I wrote this there have been news stories about research here in Canada on using bacteria to combat COVID-19, some of which came from sea sponges off our coast! I think that also fits in with the Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces theme!

        • Haha Laurien, love the walking encyclopedia comment! Truly, that was my dear Dad. For me, no, not at all, although I am, amongst other things, a historian. I read/watch all manner of historical odds and ends for fun, and enjoy the way things chime with the planets. Bit of a fan of Jungian synchronicity as well, spotting symbolic echoes amuses me no end. A couple of times, for instance, during relevant transits to my natal chart, I’ve had vans bearing the company names Saturn and Pluto draw up just as I was crossing the road.

          I like the sea sponge information. Also, I like the fact that our entire living world depends on fungi. They share a lot of our DNA. How does this work with thoughts about Neptune? Fungi, not plants, not animals, but vital for life. Neptune’s kingdom is a weird one, and I don’t feel we’ve understood this planet’s astrological meaning – there’s a way to go.

          • Jane, that’s wonderful that your Dad was so inquisitive and knowledgeable and that you have inherited those traits. Wonderful that you study history which complements astrology so perfectly. I also watch for synchronicities and sometimes think that’s what astrology is all about. I also think our ideas about the planets will change as we continue to observe them…and change ourselves! Observation and reporting is key to our understanding and that is what I love about this website, Marjorie’s work, and the comments of thoughtful people like yourself on this site. So many ‘aha’ moments! Thanks Jane!

  8. I don’t have a Jupiter square Neptune , yet I have a 12th house Jupiter with a wide conjunction to my late Gemini Ascendant trine Neptune/Saturn conjunction in Libra . A lot of thinking about spirituality and the meaning of life/balance in the past few weeks. As I am certainly feeling the Neptune/Pisces aspect at the moment, urging my Gemini Jupiter to think about the meaning of spirituality. Yet it is tempered by Saturn, which is quintile to my Capricorn Moon along with Moon/ Neptune quintile. As Saturn is the teacher, Jupiter religion, Neptune aspects of spirituality. Neptune in Pisces is forcing me to question the fundamentals of existence and is this earth a good place, as a lot of bad things happen on this planet.

  9. I have the Neptune Jupiter exact square in mutable Sagittarius Pisces with Venus conjunct Neptune square Jupiter and sun in a wide conjunction to Neptune. Living up in misty Neptune clouds is no fun, one finds it nearly impossible to get a grip on life.

  10. I have the Neptune Jupiter exact square in mutable Sagittarius Pisces with Venus conjunct Neptune square Jupiter and sun in a wide conjunction to Neptune. Living up in misty Neptune clouds is no fun, one finds very hard to get a grip on life.

  11. Neptune is related to oil and gas, and I believe the events of 2022 will very much act as a catalyst for speeding up the development of alternative energy supplies. The gas pipeline to Europe from Russia was cut off, and the West aren’t buying their oil any more. The annexation of Crimea was almost certainly partly (or mainly) related to the oil and gas discovered in the Black Sea, and could be one of the reasons Russia are so keen to retain the south of Ukraine.

  12. I agree there’s ‘something odd swirling out there in the ether’. Partly, I wonder if Neptune in Pisces is/has been simply Too Much? Then Jupiter simply expands that feeling with the conjunction. Does Jupiter’s traditional rulership of Pisces have anything to do with this?
    I’ve always found Neptune transits to my natal chart very slippery, in that I often don’t notice one is arriving, or fail to take it into account until quite late in the day. I have mislaid my Liz Greene book on Neptune many times, and once lost a new copy I bought for a friend, only to find it in an unlikely place some weeks later!

    I’ve mentioned the chemist Humphry Davy (17 December 1778) elsewhere. But worth noting his Jupiter conjunct Neptune natally. They square his Sagittarian Sun. His work on ‘laughing gas’ was of great value for medical purposes, but also unleashed a widespread fashion for taking the gas for fun, and to get high. Prince Harry has apparently mentioned inhaling laughing gas recently too. Davy began his experiments with the gas in 1799. That year begins with Jupiter in Taurus opposing Neptune in Scorpio. By 1800, Jupiter in Cancer is trining Neptune in Scorpio. No boundaries? Jupiter may be ‘fortunate’ but it expands whatever it finds I think, and that’s not always so beneficial.

    Here’s what Humphry Davy said about the effects of this Jupiter/Neptune gas on himself:

    “The moment after, I began to respire 20 quarts of unmingled nitrous oxide. A thrilling, extending from the chest to the extremities, was almost immediately produced. I felt a sense of tangible extension highly pleasurable in every limb; my visible impressions were dazzling, and apparently magnified, I heard distinctly every sound in the room and was perfectly aware of my situation. By degrees, as the pleasurable sensations increased, I lost all connection with external things; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and were connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel.”

    Another thought – Neptune’s discovery in September 1846 had Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Saturn. A few weeks later, ether was used for the first time as a dental anesthetic. In June that year, Jupiter in Taurus was square Neptune in Aquarius.

    All most tricky.

    • Fascinating Jane. I think it’s interesting you mention the year 1799 when Davy first conducted his experiments with the gas, because the same period coincided with Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt where, for the first time his troops came into contact with hashish and brought it back to France where the substance soon gained popularity.

      In the 1840s, Dr Jacques-Joseph Moreau (1804-84) began experimenting with cannabis and shared his interest with philosopher and journalist, Theophile Gautier and with such luminaries as Alexandre Dumas, Gérard de Nerval, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Baudelaire, Eugène Delacroix and many others founded a group, calling themselves the Club des Hachichins (Hashish Club). Meeting between the years 1844 to 1849, they would dress in Arab style, drink coffee heavily laced with cannabis and write about their experiences.

      In his essay “Le Club des Hachichins”, published in the Revue des Deux Mondes in 1846, the same year that Neptune was discovered, Gautier wrote that the faces of his companions looked “somewhat strange. Their pupils became big as a screech owl’s; their noses stretched into elongated probosces; their mouths expanded like bell bottoms. Faces were shaded in supernatural light….a deadening warmth pervaded my limbs, and dementia, like a wave which breaks foaming on to a rock, then withdraws to break again, invaded and left my brain, finally enveloping it altogether. That strange visitor, hallucination, had come to dwell within me.”

      You can’t get much more Neptunian than that! Incidentally, Baudelaire who wrote extensively about hashish has Jupiter square Neptune, Delacroix has Jupiter opposition Neptune. And in 1846, concurrent with Neptune’s discovery Dr Moreau, published his major work on cannabis, ‘De Hachish et de l’Alienation Mentale’.

      • Baudelaire also necked absinthe to chase the hashish, then stagger home to write….his chart is phenomenal, with I think a seven planet stellium at the end of Pisces into Aries, square an elevated moon in Cancer….

      • Thanks VF – fascinating information. And so much of this is a kind of hidden history isn’t it?

        I found something curious. On 18 December 1689 the eminent scientist Robert Hooke gave a talk to the Royal Society about cannabis, which he called ‘their most admirable herbe” – referring to the East, where trade with Europe was beginning to flourish. At the time of his lecture, Neptune was 10 Pisces, trine Saturn 15 Scorpio. Pluto in Cancer opposed its current position. Uranus at 23 Taurus was square Jupiter at 28 Aquarius. Hooke himself, 18 July 1635 JC had Neptune 11 Scorpio square Jupiter 12 Leo.
        I was interested to see the Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces in particular, at the time of the lecture – plus Hooke’s natal Jupiter/Neptune square. Connects with all the French notables you mention.

  13. Robert Hand describes the Jupiter Neptune opposition transit among other things as “like living in the dream world of an opium smoker with no basis in reality. You may feel that everything is all right even when it’s not or you can feel you can do anything you want and get away with it”.
    And the square transit as “religious or spiritual delusions” as one of of the dangers, and “an attempt to run after false messiahs or teachers whose ability to dazzle with spiritual phrases exceeds their ability to teach how to cope with your life”.
    Sounds applicable to individuals and groups of people at large.

  14. My first thought is something Jupiter-Neptune is coming into your life Marjorie! When I’m drawn to something like you are currently seeing, it usually has personal relevance.

    • I hope not. My stepmother had a prominent Jupiter Neptune conjunction which first alerted me to the other side of its head-in-the-clouds, compassionate side – she was neither.

  15. I would suggest the the ‘ swirling ‘ in the back of your mind is …Neptunes ‘veil ‘ of secrecy / shadow ..something isn’t right but what ….what are we not seeing ?

    • Marjorie writes about Brexit and the Neptune square. In GB I think Jupiter’s wealth and Neptune 12th house secrecy, may well be unveiled as a huge financial shock in this country. I have had a feeling for some time that the U.K. may lose its financial status as being one of the top financial markets in the world. I think we will find out that we have dropped out of the G7 – which will be a huge blow for this country’s reputation.

  16. Maybe H&M represent peak woke and Trump etc peak false news?
    Previously criticised for being an airy fairy idealist, recent years of bashing by Saturn have left me longing for people to get real.

  17. I was born under the 1971 conjunction, and with Venus reasonably close by, let its manic optimism loose within creative projects. It has tried to micromanage other areas of my life, but my late Capricorn Sun has done its best in fencing it off where it belongs!

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