Harry & Meghan – trivia writ large ++ mother Doria

A manic urge to take power in the area of relationship was the thrust of the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Applying it to something as inconsequential as the sentimental gushing and whingeing from the Montecito pair might seem over the top were it not for the resonance it has in the zeitgeist – albeit as a  momentary distraction from the horrors of Ukraine, the plight of the underfed and frost-bitten poor and general nerve-wracked uncertainty about the state of the world in general.

  Meghan clearly sees the Netflix docuseries as a way of empowering herself by ‘telling her story’ her own way.

  Everything has been pretty much covered in previous posts. But odd thoughts.

 Meghan clearly craved Princess Diana’s global superstar status but would they have got on? Hmm, doubt it. Meghan’s 12th house Mars is conjunct Diana’s Cancer Sun and that is a competitive interface. Meghan’s wayward 5th house Uranus in Scorpio collides with Diana’s Aquarius Moon opposition Uranus square Venus in Taurus which would have led to more fireworks. And Meghan’s 4th house Pluto falls conjunct Diana’s Midheaven  so there is something about that over-controlled, powerless childhood of Meghan’s that leads her to want to grab hold of and take over Diana’s reputation and mantle.

   Prince Harry, despite his stalwart efforts to look upbeat is not in a good place emotionally or mentally with tr Saturn at the nadir of his First Quadrant.  See previous posts, 28 October, 12 September, 21 April 2022 – and in search.

  Is Meghan feeling the love from reams of public attention? Hmm. Her Solar Arc Uranus is square her Saturn exactly now which suggests a high level of tension, tugging on her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter square Mars  – there’s a great deal of her childhood unhappiness seeping out – or exploding out. Three of her Mars midpoints look blocked and bad tempered with setbacks in January 2023 and more so after mid 2023 onwards.

  Harry is not looking altogether content in his relationship with Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, across this New Year and through January and on till late 2023. Ditto Meghan – so the post mortem on the series or the general state of Netflix finances may not be to the young couple’s liking.

  Prince Charles has a downbeat tr Saturn square his 4th house Scorpio Sun across the New Year; and before that is irritated with Harry, though from the looks of the astrology he may be more upset by the memoir Spare due out on January 10th. And of course he does have tr Pluto square his Taurus Moon from the end of March which – in part – may be more family tensions.

  William is seething with Harry over the next three months and generally depressed about their fractured relationship with no light at the end of the tunnel over the next two years.

Add On: What has always puzzled me given mother Doria’s dignified and steadying presence at the Royal Wedding and after, are Meghan’s Moon aspects – a harsh, unkind conjunction of her Moon with Saturn square Mars even with a gloss of Jupiter to smooth a few edges does not describe your ideal mother or early supportive nurturing.

  Doria, 2 September 1956, is a Sun Jupiter in Virgo which is conjunct Meghan’s Venus for an affectionate connection. Though Doria’s Water Grand Trine of Mars in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio collides with Meghan’s maverick 5th house Uranus. Water Grand Trines can be healing but they tend to live inside their own bubble of reality and are difficult to pin down. Added to that Doria’s Neptune falls in Meghan’s 4th so there would be an evasiveness or inability to offer solid domestic support for whatever reason. In their relationship chart there is a composite Sun square Neptune which repeats the theme.

  Father Thomas would be a more dominant presence in her childhood with his Pluto conjunct Meghan’s Sun as opposed to Doria’s erratic Uranus in Leo.

  What intrigues me is the repetition of Jupiter Pluto amongst the three charts. Doria’s Pluto is conjunct Thomas’s Jupiter and both of those fall in Meghan’s 2nd house of finances. And there is a composite Jupiter Pluto in Meghan’s charts with each respective parent.

  Jupiter Pluto fuels ambitious plans to succeed at the highest levels and can be ruthless. Both of them inculcated in young Meghan a driving urge to make it big in the world.

  Meghan’s Jupiter/Pluto midpoint was being triggered when she met Harry in 2016.  It has the potential to bring great success as long as individuals act ‘morally and ethically and not let your power and success go to your head. This aspect has the potential to make you very powerful very quickly before you have the wisdom and humility to use it safely. Wide knowledge and spiritual development are needed before you amass power and wealth.’  Just so. Use it badly and it backfires.

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  1. Diana’s chart with Libra rising shows Kate’s mars squaring Diana’s Sun while Meghans mars conjunct Diana’s sun, what that says about their relations? Makes sense Diana being the Sun in synastry, they problably will be jealous of Diana’s world wide fame and appeal… Kate and Meghan Libra Pluto conjunct Diana’s Libra Rising too!!

  2. Can people stop using this beautiful website and platform to vent their own personal issues and opinions about other people that nobody cares about?

    For Marjorie’s sake, the reason we are all here, lets discuss astrological insights on her posts. Thank you children!!

  3. I guess my next thought on the couple is as long as you relive the bad memories, you will never heal. I thought H was in counseling. Isn’t it time to let go? You have a beautiful family now.

    My mom always said ‘the past is the past, you cannot change it, learn from it and build your future. He was not in charge of his upbringing and the things that happened (losing his mom) but he can certainly change the narrative (his future) and make it positive for his children. They should be tired of telling this same tale. Work it out in private not with the world. I’m not watching the series.

  4. I found Doria’s anecdote (which I think was meant to be cute/funny), about asking Meghan as a child if she felt like her mother and Meghan saying ‘No, you’re like a controlling older sister’, extremely strange. What an odd question to ask your daughter in the first place.

    • Which is an interesting reply from the perspective of Meghan’s saturn (controlling/older) moon (mother) being in the 3rd house (siblings)

  5. what is the synastry and composite of meghan with diana (with libra rising chart)? and what’s the synastry and composite of kate and carole with diana (with libra rising chart)?

  6. At least one backbench (non-ministerial) MP is fed up enough of this malarkey to propose a Bill to deprive the Prince (and by extension his wife) of their titles, something that can’t be done by the King alone, but which requires an Act of Parliament.
    Unusually, Bob Seely, MP for the Isle of Wight in the south of England, proposes reviving and amending a 100 year old law, the Titles Deprivation Act 1917, which was used in WWI to strip British noble titles from some German princes who also held British titles by descent.


    I seriously did not have any of this on my 2022 Bingo card 🙂

    • UM I don’t think this will fly as Sunak is against it but stranger things have happened.
      It would give the duo another grievance though.
      I doubt Charles will want to inflame the situation further by proposing it himself.

  7. Pluto entering Aquarius will also sextile Doria’s North Node in Sagittarius, along with a trine to her south node in Gemini. Whilst transiting Meghan’s south node. Doria’s life may take centre stage in Meghan’s Drama – unintentionally. As there will be many articles and even a book about this at some point.

    • Pluto is power and a positive aspect to the NN is a good sign. This could mean her appearance in the public eye could catapult her into a new life direction she possibly didn’t see coming.

      • Pluto strips you down and rebuilds you. In fact this is only the beginning. The negative feed back from these programmes are highlighting the bubbling inferno underneath them. The story of Hades and Persephone is very Plutonian.

  8. It’s good to see Doria here – how she recedes from public view is notable …seemingly deliberate and intriguingly opposite determined daughter, wily ex, and biologically famous son-in-law.

    Haven’t seen the doc so I don’t know how she is represented there, but since she showed up, with delicate nose ring in place, declining to walk Meghan down the isle, I have wondered about her.

    • I agree, she’s doing what she’s told! What is hideous is that their children grow up in the shadow of these two – have they never once thought “let’s try to be reasonable and open”, as this way they are getting exactly what they want – separation from being boringly (and they are) normal people…the Queen would have shown the kids what cards, and a gin and tonic is, Chuck and Anne could teach them about horses, Anne would show them that work ethics and shutting your mouth is what counts…Phil and Bess managed with grace and unity, whatever their personal lives brought….the two discontented could have had happy, real lives, instead they have to be seen and heard by millions….who don’t give a shit……. what a emptily, wasted opportunity.

  9. The Telegraph attempting to balance the slating that the Empire got.
    Historian Ronald Hyam of Cambridge – described the British empire as “a global mosaic of almost ungraspable complexity and staggering contrasts”. It was an improvised response to a world in chaotic flux, controversial in its time, opposed or regretted by leading British politicians, and of small interest to most people in Britain. It brought little profit, much expense of treasure and blood, and deadly dangers. It was run on a shoestring, and it did not and could not last long. Crimes were committed under its aegis, as were acts of courage, devotion and benevolence.
    When Britain got involved in the slave trade, probably three-quarters of the world population lived in some sort of bondage. Slavery was practised throughout history on every continent. Even former slaves owned and traded slaves.
    The epoch-making change was that the British Empire renounced slavery. British taxpayers hastened emancipation by buying the freedom of the slaves – something that is now made a reproach. The empire fought slave trading wherever it could, against the opposition of other powers. Royal Navy ships forcibly ended the world’s biggest slave trades, to Brazil and the Middle East. They intercept cargoes of slaves in the Indian Ocean today.

    • Thank you Majorie. 11 million slaves were sold to Brazil. Hugh Thomas’s The Slave Trade is a book of 863 pages. It was never intended to be seen as slavery in the 21st century. It was book written of the factual evidence, available to him on the slavery, at the time of writing I own a copy of this book. He focussed on the North Atlantic Slave Trade, yet he ponders why the an African chief was so willing. A post on another paper the other day, posed the point of African’s also dealing in Arab slaves at one point. It has been 40 years since Britain had the Race Riots on its soil in the 1980’s. Over compensation and too much media and educational one-sidedness, has made this country look as if it was the only mighty contributor to world slavery. In truth, it was the Portuguese Empire that introduced Europe to Slavery. The first slaves,the Portuguese dealt with were of many races – white people included. The Portuguese were in South Africa before the British as well. At that time in history, Europe was many small countries – suspicious of each other. Therefore the race began for European supremacy amongst themselves. The telegraph is right to point out that all countries had a form of slavery. Russian peasants were particularly treated a nothing. Whipped and owned totally. Too many activists are undermining this country. It is time to teach world history in our schools; to ensure that all students learn what the world was like, instead on a very one sided account.

      • It annoys me that all the negatives beginning with the age of discovery are laid solely at the feet of the royals. In reality, most of the negatives can be laid squarely at the feet of the profit seeking big businessmen of the day – minimizing their ethics to maximize their profits. In reality, not much has changed.

    • So true Marjorie, racism is everywhere and I’m an African American. It’s ironic that the series ‘Grant’ was on yesterday a great documentary about the great general who fought for the North in the Civil War. It was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. I would love if you could do his horoscope. A complex man, poor most of his life and was the 18th president of the USA but a brilliant military strategist and fought against slavery. His father in law was a slave owner, he gave him a slave to help him. He granted the man his freedom before the civil war.

      I found it hard to believe any country is more racist than American and Ms. Markle didn’t experience any with a mother that is African American. Just my opinion.

      • I would like to see a chart on General Ulysses S Grant too. His birthdate can be found at the National Park of his Tomb in New York. I looked at his chart. His north node was on the midpoint of Eris and Ceres, and they were in a conjunction as well. I think it describes what happened. Without him and Lincoln, who knows what would have happened.
        SIGNIFICANCE: Civil War General (Union) and 18th President of the United States
        PLACE OF BIRTH: Point Pleasant, Ohio
        DATE OF BIRTH: April 27, 1822
        PLACE OF DEATH: Wilton, New York
        DATE OF DEATH: July 23, 1885

        • Thanks for the info on Grant. I hope you get a chance to watch the documentary it’s on the History channel in American. Several installments but worth watching.

          • Thanks Km. I do plan to watch it. I had seen snippets on youtube. I purchased his autobiography and plan to read it as well. Thanks for the information.

    • Wow, why does this feel like a get out of jail card for this subject matter? The justification for the large-scale trading of slaves is always amazing to me, bearing in mind ‘Britain was one of the most successful slave-trading countries. Together with Portugal, the two countries accounted for about 70% of all Africans transported to the Americas. Britain was the most dominant between 1640 and 1807 and it is estimated that Britain transported 3.1 million Africans (of whom 2.7 million arrived) to the British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America and to other countries.’ (Nationalarchives.gov.uk)

      I don’t think most intelligent people think slavery wasn’t practice in every culture and continent in one form or another, etc. It was the scale and the horrors that was unprecedented (practically like battery hens for want of a better term). So that was okay because everyone was doing it? Wow again

      • It’s not a get out of jail free card Jennifer. All superpowers have in their time acted abominably and brutally and no one disputes that. England/Britain was the dominant power at that time but it was hardly alone in the trading and enslaving of people. That was the point being made.

      • In 1774, the House of Lords ruled that slavery was incompatible with English Common law, and that any slave who set foot on British soil was automatically free (William I had abolished slavery in 1067 – at the time of the Norman Conquest, 10% of England were slaves, mostly Celts).

        The above ruling prompted Thomas Jefferson, slave-owner, to write the declaration of independence in 1776. Most slaves fought on the side of the Crown, because they knew this was the first war over slavery. After the war, the Crown resettled those who fought for them as free people in Canada and Sierra Leone. Upper Canada (English Canada, modern Ontario), abolished slavery in 1793. Lower Canada (modern Quebec), abolished slavery in 1797.

        Unfortunately the evil side won and went on to describe a black person in their constitution as three-quarters of a white person – and to this day Americans celebrate this freedom from abolition on 4th July.

        Which is why the whole world thinks Americans criticising Britain over slavery is hypocritical. You had the chance to be good people, like the Canadians, but you chose evil.

    • Agreed with Marjorie about slave trading was practicing in every continent, including in my country Thailand. If we didn’t have such pressure from British empire back then, the Thai king wouldn’t modernise the country and decided to free all the slaves in land. History is part of our fabric. If it didn’t happened then I couldn’t imagine what Thailand could be now.

  10. The European media has been critical of the docuseries.
    ‘The respectable Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany accused the pair of making the same mistakes as Harry’s late mother Princess Diana. “In auctioning off their dirty laundry to the highest bidders while commiserating that their private life is being cannibalised, they are also reaffirming the unwritten celebrity contract that killed Lady Diana. They are nothing but a vague actress and a fallen prince, both united behind the idea of selling to the highest bidder the story of their undying vacuousness.”
    “These penguins are the last straw!” raged Slate’s Laurent Sagalovitsch in France. “Not only are we likely to freeze to death this winter without any water or electricity, with strikes all over the place and forced to get our face masks out of the cupboard again, but on top of all this we’re going to have to put up with the endless tale of these lovebirds whose intellectual horizons if they exist, are limited to what font to use on Instagram.”
    Even the USA outlets have been less than impressed. Variety: – “The Sussexes surprise us yet again, with just how narrow their vision of their fame is, how pinched and unimaginative their presence on the world stage has become.”
    IndieWire said the series was a “dull diary entry, not a documentary” while the Wall Street Journal said those viewers who were not keen followers of royal drama would be “bored out of one’s mind”.
    On Good Morning America, Robert Jobson, a correspondent, said he “found it quite difficult to watch in places because I think Harry didn’t know what day of the week it was. Meghan looked really at a loss and I’m not sure that they are going to look back at this and think it was one of their finest hours,” he said.
    The New York Post described the episodes as a “hypocritical attention grab” that turned out to be a “big snooze”.
    The series so far holds a 40 per cent rating on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. The audience ratings on the site were more negative. Out of 673 reviews, the average score was 1.4 out of 5, or 16 per cent positive.

    • Thanks, Marjorie, for this and all you do.
      After all the negative press, was mildly curious to hear H&M’s side.
      Turned on the series. Promptly fell asleep.

  11. Hilary Rose of The Times should be winning awards for her commentaries on the Meg podcasts and now plus Haz series. It’s behind a paywall but appears for free next day on the URL below along with all back articles.
    “On Thursday Netflix released three hours of beautifully lit navel-gazing motivated by spite, revenge and greed, although I am British, and therefore horrid, so maybe I misjudged it.”
    “Either way, this “global event” that Netflix promised us? Honestly? Damp squib. I’ve watched more interesting in-flight maps. We’ve heard it all before, every last innuendo and brickbat directed at anyone they ever met who signed an NDA and can’t fight back.”
    “And so our three hours draw to an end, and they’ve managed to defame their families, the monarchy, the world’s press and most of the UK population. Can we sue?”

  12. Hi Marjorie, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning that I think you meant to say transiting Saturn will square King Charles’ 4th house Scorpio Sun (not Moon) across the New Year. I only noticed that because I have been wondering if the transit might bring physical and mental strain and even illness, but perhaps it’s all about the Meghan and Harry ongoing saga. Thanks for keeping tabs on the Royals, Marjorie!

  13. The Netflix trailers and the release of “Spare”(the book) makes me think that Harry is daring his father to try to do anything against him, because then he will immediately claim racism on behalf of his wife.
    This is an out there thought, but could the Lady SH story have been a deliberate setup (not with the intent of destroying Lady SH’s life, but to proactively paint the Royal Family as racist) to tie the Palace’s hands when it came to Harry? After all, the accuser and the only other witness to the exchange are both vocal Sussex supporters.

  14. The spirit of Diana looms large doesn’t it? What a terrible event, and of course Harry will never entirely ‘get over’ that experience – but must learn to work with it and heal what he can. Sometimes, or often, this is best done in private.

    I noticed one or two curious things. Diana’s fatal car crash happened on 31st August, 1997.
    The following day, when the shocking news broke around the world, there was an eclipse at 9 Virgo. This squared Harry’s Uranus in Sagittarius, itself aligned with the obsessive and intense fixed star Antares. It also squared his 8 Gemini Chiron. Pluto, at 2 Sagittarius, squared his natal Mercury (also his sign’s ruler) at 5 Virgo. This eclipse was in the 18 North Saros Series “A high stress level….events will occur that require the expenditure of effort; …can manifest as illness or accident.” (B.Brady.) The Moon’s N Nodes had just crossed his Virgo Sun in July. They would cross the Sun again in early 2016.

    In the summer of 2016, when Harry and Meghan first met, there was another eclipse at 9 Virgo, on 1st September again. This one was in Saros Series 19 North. Bernadette Brady writes: “…about realism, a coming down to earth. The individual will become aware of an old situation, and see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought it was. This can be a constructive time for tackling the truth.” Perhaps that what he set out to find, with the relationship (and the eclipse/Nodes) acting as a catalyst.

    Saturn in Pisces will oppose Harry’s Virgo Mercury next year, and move on to aspect Uranus, Part of Fortune, and Chiron by 2024. It may bring some kind of Pisces emotional experience, combined with Saturn’s history – and perhaps highlight his relationship with his father too?

    • Great find Jane. How have we missed the eclipse cycle relating to Harry, his mother and MM before?!

      The next few years will be interesting for them with midlife crisis transits hitting them both. The peak time will be in 2026-27 when Saturn and Neptune move into Aries and oppose MM’s Jupiter-Saturn-Moon and then onto her IC and Pluto.

      It’s also, if the 7-year itch of a marriage (tr-Saturn square Saturn). I hadn’t realise the marriage chart Saturn is at 8 Capricorn; and therefore square her planets and on his Ascendant. She got married to #1 when Saturn was in that place in Libra in 2011.

      If the marriage is ever going to blow apart it’ll be then given he’s also having Pluto square Pluto, Neptune square Neptune and she has Uranus opposition in the years preceding it. So much stress, one thing after another.

  15. I give this union another 2-3 years, max. The excitement of the wedding and birth of the children will wear down and Harry’s rose colored glasses will fall off. Meghan is absolutely a narcissist/sociopath and life with her is death by a thousand cuts. I don’t believe she was truly loved or nourished by either parent during her upbringing and her constant attention seeking is an attempt to compensate for that damage. She’s been acting since day one, trying to fill her emptiness and the public does not buy it.

    • I have to add this to my comment below… Meghan has Pluto in a square to her Ascendant. Apologies if I offend anyone with this statement, but in my experience, I am very leery of anyone with Pluto in a hard aspect to the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars. These people seem to get themselves into deep doo-doo. Meghan is not who she attempts to project and the more I’m exposed to her, the more I’m unnerved. I’m sure Marjorie has covered her extensively but I’m late to the Harry & Meghan show by a few years. Lol
      Meghan is very unconscious and her Pluto/Ascendant antics are embarrassing to watch.

      • I’ve got Pluto opposite Sun, Mars and Venus! Haha. I (hopefully) have then under some sort of control most of the time, but I’m sure they come out sideways at times too. Maybe this is why she’s so transparent to me. It’s all such a shame. I could only get through one and a bit episodes and had to turn it off, due to second-hand embarrassment. The divorce should be interesting…

        • I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Uranus in Scorpio. I’m no Angel myself but I have observed that Pluto in hard aspect to personal planets or the Ascendant can be a real monster to handle. My family of origin is very Plutonic in general and we have been through Hell and lived to tell about it.

      • And I have Pluto conjunct sun, moon and mars. Pluto overshadows and dampens down just about everything that you would expect from a stellium in Leo. I am extremely shy, avoid being the centre of attention and love to work ‘behind the scenes’. I love being involved in theatre as long as it’s not on stage, I coach people in public speaking but don’t ever ask it of me. I had an extremely difficult home situation which taught me to rely on no one but myself. This awkward and clumsy stellium (I also have Venus conj Jupiter inLeo square Saturn in Scorpio) is also spread across my 2nd/3rd houses and I have learned to live well on little. It seems to me that the 2nd is more about safety and security than finances per se, albeit that money has become the medium by which the insecure and unsafe try to insulate themselves from the real world. ‘Deep do-do’ I assume means a long and difficult struggle to put the past behind and become your authentic self. That the strong presence of Pluto acts as a magnet for others to project their ‘deep do-do’ onto you does not make it any easier. I think we should be careful of judging others by our own standards. I, personally, have zero interest in the royals but I feel for them that every aspect of their lives is viewed as public property. They are no better or worse than any of us. Megan’s main problem is that she was unable to discern the difference between acting the role of a princess and being one. She wanted the kudos without the baggage (and apparently still does). She undoubtedly has a lot to learn in life, as we all do, but the great disadvantage for her is that this is taking place in public and she doesn’t listen to advice. Her mom and pop issues may be driving her need for whatever, but the more we facilitate her airing of dirty laundry the longer it will go on. I pertinently refuse to watch or read anything about the modern day royals, although at times it is almost unavoidable.

        • As a Pluto conjunct Ascendant and (shudder) Nessus conjunct MC, I can’t help feeling that I ought to be a serial killer. But in real life, I’m interested in crime and the psychology of criminals as well as personality disorders as well as familial dysfunction and how it gets passed down. I totally get the projected onto thing. Is it because others cannot cope with or own their own darkness/shadow?

          • I’ve done a lot of projecting onto others and also, got a lot projected onto me, especially once I got past 40. Pluto is definitely not boring! I have 5 planets in Scorpio. My life has been an intense & wild ride so far but I wouldn’t dream of not having this heavy hitting type life.

          • My brother has Nessus conjunct his ascendent. When I read the description of Nessus, I was floored by how much it was accurate about my brother. Without Dad controlling him, he would have ended up in Prison.

        • SuHu – for what it’s worth I have Saturn in 2nd. It’s a placement that can go one of two ways – either you’re obsessed with money and material wealth, or like me you almost reject it. I have enough to live on but I’m more interested in building my self up through my own resources – my mind and body. Keeping myself healthy rather than relying on the NHS and learning skills to be able to do jobs for my self and be a better person. I sometimes wonder how I would change if I were to win the lottery (rarely play but hear the ads) and the truth is not much would change. It’s notable that the time I earned the most money in my life was when transiting Saturn was going through my 2nd. Most people find that is a time when finances become tight.

        • I get what you are saying. I am Leo sun conjunct pluto (and uranus), venus conjunct pluto, mars square pluto. And saturn trine pluto. You would never know I was a Leo. People avoid me; they find me dark and mysterious, and seem deeply wary of me, almost scared. I would love my Leo sun to radiate sunhine and optimism but it’s sucked into the black brooding hole of pluto, and made weird and erratic by uranus. And people do project their crap onto you, unfortunately, including my mother.

          I have come to think of planets in the 2nd as representing aspects of yourself that you need to learn to value. Like Gnarly Dude said of his saturn in 2nd, he has learnt to value his saturnian qualities of self-reliance, persistence and responsibility. I have 2nd house cusp Leo, with uranus, sun, pluto and venus there. So I have major work in the that house. And it is also about finances, indeed. That’s another major topic of distress.

        • Everyone in my immediate family has at least one hard aspect to Pluto. I don’t and I was just born “knowing” not to touch certain hot stoves to avoid disaster. My immediate family members have all, at one point or another buried themselves in very serious, self-created disasters. Some have woken up, some are still entrenched in unconsciousness. I think Pluto is placed where it is to transform and transcend but yikes, it can be scary. I agree, Meghan is on the world stage and it’s awful to watch but she wanted this. Hopefully she won’t always be a “victim of something”.

  16. Meghan Markle has a Pluto transit on South Node and opposing her North Node next Spring. The past catches up with her. This Netflix series will make the Sussex’s held at arms length by many top American’s and some Stars . She has demonstrated that she is not to be trusted. I have Pluto conjunct my IC, it is a powerful energy and can be utterly destructive, if used to destroy. As each planet as a positive and negative. This was her aim, via Netflix, to destroy the Queens work, as she knows she could never be Queen. She teemed up with those who have a vested interest in destroying Colonialism. What she has not learned is that Pluto, used inappropriately, can backfire. This is her moment of learning. As she has not only attempted to destroy the Queen, she has destroyed herself. Those in the limelight don’t like “a tell all”. The Sussex’s are now marked as indiscreet – this will damage them. Tom Bower’s booked writes about Meghan’s mother being a drug addict when she was young, stoned and carrying on with other women. There may be some stories that come out, that Meghan will not be able to hide. Harry thinks she is like his Mother – more like Medusa. Harry’s life outside her control is over in my view. They also will not trust him again. Netflix, may have the series. Yet all involved with find there will be a payback time. Perhaps she started this plan back in the Spring of 2020, when Pluto started to transit her Cancer Ascendent – destroy the family – after they were told “no deal”. It has been a long time planning. It has been lethal. Yet even Meghan cannot escape her destiny. A Cancer Ascendent cannot let go let go with Pluto on the IC she wanted to destroy the power. Put a bomb under the Crown. She can’t be that clever, as she will go down with it, if it goes.

    • Transit Pluto conjunct south node could mean a stripping of her title. Pluto (power) conjunct the SN (past life) is very karmic and could be a way she chose to break free from the institution in this lifetime. Will and Kate will probably be the last Kings and Queens. We are evolving as a collective and these titles are a bit silly and fantastical in nature. Pluto into Aquarius will see people in power so I think a lot of these outdated institutions will dissolve and social hierarchy won’t be from the top down, but more horizontal where everyones voices will be heard.

      The timing is interesting next Spring, as Nostradamus, psychics and astrologers have been predicting Charles will abdicate and give the crown to Will. He is old and may not want to deal with the pressures of the role, and Will and Kate are perfect to take over. Either way, the slimming down could very well mean a stripping of H&M especially after Harry’s book comes out.

      • “social hierarchy won’t be from the top down, but more horizontal where everyones voices will be heard.”
        Possibly. The French Revolution occurred in the last Pluto in Aquarius.

        Then again, after they went all horizontal (and laying others’s bodies all horizontal in the process), they had an even more pronounced hierarchy with an Emperor within a decade (Napoleon I was crowned Emperor within a decade of Thermidorian Reaction and 15 years of the start of the French Revolution).

        The US Constitution also dates from that time. You could argue that it was wonderfully equal for its time or that the inequalities of the unamended Constitution are the source of many of the US’s current woes.

  17. Harry is caught up in reliving a childhood loss, and using the “mistreatment” of his wife to justify his longstanding resentment of a press and family that saw him as the spare. Meghan seems thin skinned and desperate to be “perfect”, perhaps a legacy from growing up biracial. I wonder how much their perceived victimization keeps them united.

  18. It is so clear after watching these first three episodes that the media fabricated everything, and turned it on Meghan. From her father’s lies to her half-sister and her being a “bully.” Anyone who has something bad to say about them, should watch before they speak again and become more informed.

  19. IMO Meghan did not have an overly-controlled, powerless childhood. Thomas Markle Sr. raised her through her formative years, while Doria was mysteriously absent. There’s a family video of Meghan, age 10, sneering “What?” while rolling her eyes, and snapping her head. She was running the show at home from a young age. Mr. Markle was an extremely indulgent father who gave Meghan everything she wanted. She lacked for nothing. Children in charge at home became narcissistic, dangerous adults.

    • What were you listening to, Judiee? The documentary said Meghan was with Doria on the weekdays and with her father on the weekends. Her mother was not absent. It’s unbelievable how people hear what they want to hear. Meghan did not come across narcissistic at all, perhaps you’re projecting on her. The “what” comment sounded more teenage-like than a narcissist. These comments are awful.

    • Tom Bower’s book states Meghan’s mum was stoned a lot of the time. Thomas Markle left her, as she was going off with other men. When she married her first husband, dope was handed out at the Reception. She destroyed the Wedding Video as soon as she received it. Perhaps that is why? He half brother had a dope farm as well. I am not sure whether she smokes it, or whether Harry does, yet there appears to be a drug background surrounding her. Also Harry smoked dope from 16, if not before. It can damage young brains. I know someone who suffered psychosis episodes from smoking dope during his teenage development. There has to be something very odd for a son to want to destroy his father and brother in this way. There appears to be some unresolved development in both of them. They have now put themselves into a situation where extreme scrutiny will surround this viiscious series. It is toxic.

    • one wonders what imprinting happened on the child Meghan from the set of the fictional but dysfunctional ‘married with children’ storyline. Not exactly the ideal role model scenario for her.

  20. This is an extremely important documentary for the British consciousness, as it brings to awareness the unconscious racism of the institutions and citizens. It’s rather sad people were hoping for drama. There was nothing dramatic about the first 3 episodes and I think they came off very authentic and genuine, and I was weary of Meghan prior.

    British tabloids and newspapers that work with the family, like The Times are seeking drama in effort to further bring down M&H. All it points to is the misery people feel within themselves and project it onto others, as they write negative headlines and stories about other peoples lives.

  21. I decided not to watch; I wait for The Crown. In the composit W&H is a sextile between Sun and Moon. H’s ascendant 11 Capricorn makes it a yod.

  22. I thought they had already launched some series in 2020 and 2021 in which the departure story was recounted in their own point of view, Meghan and Harry – Escaping the Palace, nobody even heard of these dramatized semi-documentaries, what more could they add to what was already on display there? So far, just same old

  23. Am I right that if I do a BiWheel of Harry and Charles. Harry’s South Node is conjunct Charles Kiron and Harry’s Pluto is conjunct Harry’s South Node. Past Life stuff being played out?

  24. Although I am trying to avoid all the circus around these two, I did hear something to the effect that the Sussexes were complaining that Palace had tame Royal Correspondents to whom stories were leaked. Funnily enough what sprang to mind was Omid Scobie and how H & M use him the same way. I don’t have a birthdate – just a vague July 81 – but it would be interesting to see what his chart holds and whether, like many of the Sussexes assistants – he will be jettisoned at some time.

    • Interesting re Omid Scobie, Debbie. I’d forgotten all about him! But July 1981 date of birth ( listed at Companies House apparently) means his Nodes and outer planets are the same as Meghan’s. Several sources say 4th July, making them just a month apart. If that’s right, he has Mars in Gemini opposite Neptune in Sagittarius – fitting in with this autumn’s Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces theme which also affects Harry and Meghan. His Mercury would be 26 Gemini, adding a writing layer to this foggy pattern…..

  25. Harry’s Chiron is exactly conjunct Meghan’s MC. His great vulnerability and psychological wound, his mother’s traumatic death and subsequent family issues are controlled, monetised and turned into a “career” move by her.

    • Depends how you see it. He could also bring immense healing to her career and reputation. She does have a strong 22nd global fame harmonic chart which suggests her destiny is in the public eye. I think she’ll use her platform to bring about positive change over the coming decades.

    • Meghan’s Kiron is opposite Charles Sun/Kiron combination. Her North Node is widely conjunct Charles’s Ascendant. Her Pluto widely conjunct Charles Venus. Charles Pluto wide conjuncion to her Sun.

    • Gamal – think you are mixing up the symbols. Harry’s Chiron is at 8Gemini; I think it’s Lilith on MM’s MC. I think that may be even more notable

      • “I think it’s Lilith on MM’s MC. I think that may be even more notable”

        For sure. His unconscious need for vengeance, his low lying need to dominate after years of being the “spare”, his resentments, his refusal to be controlled, bend or be silenced by the powers that be would find a suitable release or a platform via MM’s career aims and life direction.

        A “power couple” in the truest sense.

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