Harry Dunn – the tug of war for closure

The long running battle to force American Anne Sacoolas to face UK justice over the road accident resulting in the death of 19-year-old motorcyclist Harry Dunn seemed to have reached a turning point. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced she would be giving evidence by video link only to be contradicted by her lawyer who said nothing had been agreed.

  She was allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road and was given diplomatic immunity after the event due, presumably owing to her or her husband’s CIA work. The CPS charged her two years ago with causing death by dangerous driving. US officials rejected an extradition request submitted from the Home Office in January last year and they have described their refusal to extradite her as “final” on a number of occasions. The extradition process with the US is very one-sided, skewed badly in favour of the US.

  Harry Dunn was killed around 8.25pm on 27 August 2019 near Brackley, England, which puts the Cancer North Node exactly opposition Saturn and Pluto, on the midpoint – a pointer to the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to getting justice. There was also an elusive, evasive Neptune on the Ascendant.

  The CPS give Anne Sacoolas birth date as 28 August 1977 – and I imagine they have seen her passport.  This makes her a Sun Virgo, and it was one day after her birthday when it happened. Her Solar Arc Mars was square her Uranus exactly at the time which makes sense of a collision and a shock, with tr Uranus moving to oppose her Uranus and square her Solar Arc Mars in the aftermath.

  At the moment, assuming the date is sound, she has tr Saturn square her Ascendant and moving to square her Solar Arc Mars. This month looks panic-stricken and calamitous with significant disruptions through 2022/23.   

2 thoughts on “Harry Dunn – the tug of war for closure

  1. Well maybe the CIA and other pertinent organisations should make sure that their people, spouses and dependants have passed a British driving test before letting them loose on our roads!

  2. I think it’s pertinent that not only is there a question mark over if diplomatic immunity applied as a spouse ( and the UK state dangerous driving is not covered anyway) but also at the time it appears she worked for the CIA as an intelligence officer. There were clear agreements in place for where she was based (RAF Croughton) and that immunity was pre-waived. That she was in service was witheld by the US who pushed the whole ‘spouse immunity’ at the time, but only her solicitors have alluded to it and i could not find if she was ‘active’ at the time so still a Neptunian mess.

    Looking for ‘spy’ signs no birth time so cannot see if there is 8/12th house activity, but she does have N node conjunct Pluto, and this is conjunct the USA charts Saturn. A wide square of Neptune to Mercury but nothing else jumping out for me

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