Ghislaine Maxwell – abuse charges stick

Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty on five of the six counts of recruiting and trafficking young girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein, including the most serious charge of sex trafficking a minor. It means she could spend the rest of her life in prison. A date for sentencing has not yet been set. There is speculation she may name names of Epstein friends who visited his establishments to shorten her sentence and she is also appealing.

  What is most noticeable about her chart is tr Pluto conjunct her 9th house Saturn from March 9th onwards, on and off till late 2023 which is discouraging and tough-going. Her delusional and arrogant Jupiter Midheaven in Aquarius opposition a 4th house Leo Moon square Neptune is being rattled by tr Saturn square her Neptune and then opposition her Moon in January, followed by tr Uranus hard aspects which will bring high anxiety and some glimmerings of hope.

  Her Solar Returns look less challenging ahead but that may be because the lower security prison she will be sent to will be ‘Disneyland’ compared to the tough New York facility she has been incarcerated in for 500 days.

  The verdict does not bode well for Prince Andrew though his name did not crop up, nor that of his civil case accuser Virginia Guiffre. He visibly flaunted Maxwell as a friend, inviting her into the inner Royal circle so can hardly escape contamination. His own court case is becoming increasingly desperate with his lawyers’ attempts to get it thrown out on technicalities.  

  He has his Mars Venus in Capricorn at 27 and 28 degrees so it will pick up the tr Pluto conjunction from the 3rd February, running off and on till late 2023 – trapped, scary, enraging, emotionally ramped-up – which could bring on health issues since they are in the 6th. Plus his Solar Arc Moon is conjunct his Mars within a few months which will be testing. His Progressed Moon is moving through his 8th house, from three months back, and staying there for another 18 months which can feel like purgatory (where the spirits of the dead go to suffer for their sins). Or at the very least it feels torn by inner conflict – made worse in his case because his secretive 8th house Mercury in Pisces will catch the Progressed Moon conjunction just after it has collided with his Progressed Mars – all around the middle of this coming year; followed by a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mercury.  It won’t be a fun year for him.

  Mind you Virginia Giuffre is not looking overly pleased either with tr Pluto opposition her Mars and square her Pluto Saturn in 2022/23. That court case may come to a stalemate.

   Of those who have been named as high-profile Epstein friends, the relationship charts with Maxwell indicate:-

 Donald Trump – there is a discouraging tr Pluto square the composite Saturn from January 2nd on their relationship chart at the same time as it squares the panicky Mars/Neptune midpoint; followed by a trapped, high-risk, enraging tr Pluto square Mars from March onwards for two years. And by 2024 tr Neptune will conjunct their composite Sun – so all in all bad feelings are running high.

Alan Dershowitz –also has tr Pluto square the Maxwell composite Mars from this March till late 2023.

 Bill Clinton will be rattled from July this year on and off into 2023 with tr Uranus opposition their composite Venus Mars conjunction; with worse in 2023/24.

Andrew’s relationship chart with Maxwell will be edgy now till April, but won’t get seriously pressured until 2024/25 when tr Pluto is conjunct the composite Sun.

  The ripples spread out.

20 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell – abuse charges stick

  1. Exactly! But I think the intelligence agencies have more than just access. I think he was sponsered to create a “honey pot” operation and perhaps they didn’t count on his pedophelic tendencies. His first conviction and subsequent slap on the wrist shows that. Prosecuter Acosta was told “he belongs to intelligence”.

    As far as Maxwell co-operating for a lesser sentence. That usually happens before trial so I think she will go away quietly or her guards might “forget” to check in on her lol.

  2. Greg, if any of the intelligence agencies have access to Epstein’s recordings, then all politicians and industrial magnates could be compromised, if they took part in these parties.

    Of course there were rumours of Epstein fleecing millions of dollars from his boss, who when he found out about it chose to do nothing. Obviously Epstein knew where all the bodies were buried.

    He was the sort of man who probably would sell to intelligence agencies, while blackmailing the idiots that thought he was their friend. He might have even been recruited by one of the agencies in the first place.

    As Epstein died in prison, some say suicide , others think he was murdered; Ghislaine Maxwell must be thinking very hard, what her best chance is of surviving and whether she will ever leave prison. I imagine by now, she will have called in all the favours she can muster. The question is will anyone bother? I think some might, because she too knows where all the bodies are buried. And that is a very dangerous position to be in!

  3. She has to take responsibility for what she did, but to me she is a lost person who seems to have no clue how to live in the real world. Both her and Epstein were/are immoral. I read the FBI have evidence these two were going to blackmail the men. If that is true, they are just outright criminals. I doubt any men will ever be charged including Prince Andrew.

  4. What a tangled web. And as others have pointed out, there’s so much more. I’ve wondered about all the photos and videos that were reported as seized too. As for the London connections, Channel 4 News did an investigation that was aired in the summer. A number of women have accused Epstein and Maxwell in the UK, but so far the Met have either not investigated, or dragged their collective feet. Ch 4’s evidence included court papers and interviews.

    It’s interesting that Ghislaine’s Saturn is conjunct Prince Andrew’s Venus and Mars in Capricorn. All hosting a Pluto transit. In early March 2022 Venus returns to 28 Capricorn, and will be conjunct transiting Mars in Capricorn, plus Pluto. There’s a trine with the Moon’s NN in Taurus, not quite exact. It seems like a significant moment, particularly for Prince Andrew, with Venus, Mars and Pluto being pretty intense – secrets, sex, and money. Plus, I imagine, Venus and Mars with Pluto might symbolise Maxwell and Epstein, a couple with dark Plutonic secrets and huge amounts of money.

  5. I would reckon a good deal of her motivation came down to money – she has an 8th house Sun Mars in Capricorn – and a grandiose Leo Moon opposition an entitled 10th house Jupiter square a delusional Neptune. There is a strata of society women and old style aristocrats who would sell their soul for a moneyed marriage. She didn’t marry Epstein but she happily accepted the millions.
    She had also grown up with a mother who stood by to watch their father bully the children – and act abominably badly sexually as well as in other ways. Her relationship with her mother may be even more of a key than her bond with her adored father who treated her as a favourite. The whole family was a mess.

  6. Am astounded at her gall, ie denying charges with the probable expectation that she would not be charged. Feel there is something missing in this woman- lacking the usual feminine qualities to nurture and protect, or perhaps those were for Jeffry’s only. What strikes me is her antipathy and bewilderment re the harm that has been done to the victims, possibly an arrogant attitude that these girls were fortunate to have had the experience, and the attentions of the rich and powerful. I hope there is a way to ‘encourage’ her to expose all those involved.

  7. Astrologically is there a chance that she was abused herself as a child? Because it does seem odd that that she would procure and take part without having been groomed in the first place to think that it is okay.

  8. Ghislaine Maxwell is an enigma. She basically spent her life servicing the needs of two men who were monsters. The first was her father, Robert Maxwell, and the second was Epstein. Ironic also that in a case which was really about how vulnerable girls were being served up to be sexually exploited by powerful men that is the woman who was involved as the procurer and organiser that is the only one so far who has been convicted and sentenced. She should really have taken them all down with her at her trial but has basically given nothing away. I don’t think she is going to break that vow of omertà now she has been convicted.

    Interesting that Cressida Dick the head of the Metropolitan police was at Balliol College Oxford at the same time as Ghislaine Maxwell. The college only started admitting women in 1979 and both Maxwell and Dick were amongst the first to enter its portals. They must have known each other.

    • Forgot to add that another contemporary of Ghislaine Maxwell at Balliol would have been Boris Johnson who went there in 1981. Rachel Johnson, Boris’ sister, mentions them being contemporaries. The upper echelons of British society really are dominated by a small Oxbridge coterie. The one person Ghislaine won’t have met there would have been the educationally challenged Prince Andrew who despite his royal birth was not really academic enough for the rigours of an elite University,

    • Noting both Maxwell and Epstein committed suicide rather than face trial for their crimes – but conspiracy theorists believe they were murdered. The neptune outlet of her t-square made her the “fall guy” for the crime – not that she is undeserving of today’s verdict – but she really did set herself up for all this.

      Her father died at her first Saturn return and she moved to New York soon after that beginning afresh. But old habits (the moon in 4th and Saturn in Capricorn) remained and rather than do the difficult work of confronting a terrible childhood, she took the line of least resistance with Epstein. Come second Saturn return and she paid the price.

      Her chart reads like a book of who she is and how she has turned out. It would be astrologically interesting to be able to look at what happened on all the occasions when her t-square got hit off (Pluto in Scorpio, Uranus and Neptune in Aqua plus Saturn in the fixed signs). All those opportunities to course correct that were ignored.

      My final thought is she’s had Pluto going through the 7th then 8th for the past twenty years or so – that’s an intense time and very much coinciding with the Epstein years. It hit her 9th around the time she was arrested and imprisoned. It will be very hard for her to do any thing in jail but introspect and try to figure out whether there’s a god and what the meaning of life is. I’m just finishing up on the 9th and it’s a tougher than expected transit in its own way.

      • Saturn is the father and the sins of the fathers being visited down the generations. Being in the ninth gives it special potency. Robert Maxwell was a physical, emotional and intellectual bully who constantly instilled in his children a sense of their own inadequacy though the reality he was essentially a man of straw whose business empire was built on sand. That would have particularly applied to Ghislaine as a negative characteristic of Saturn is to make people doubt their self worth. I would imagine she has spent a lot of her life trying to win approval from father figures and indeed may even have found some self validation from such activities. Trying to break out of that pattern if behaviour is never easy. Ghislaine Maxwell is undergoing a Pluto Saturn conjunction which is bleak but does offer opportunities for a person to remake themselves if they realise that they have to let go of the past. Anyway given Pluto is forced change she does not really have any choice in the matter nowbas the result of this trial has revealed.

        • Thanks for the reply and additional thoughts, Hugh.

          It occurs to me that her South Node / Jupiter in 10th are also very much a pull towards needing approval from others.

          And yet, she has the capacity to do the introspective work with Pluto / Moon / Uranus in the 4th. But I suspect Neptune in the 6th (house of self integration) squaring it, simply can’t face the reality of looking at any of it – constant denial. At her age, it’s a big ask to come out of the bubble of denial and face up to everything terrible that has happened over her sixty years. Some of which was done to her during childhood and some which she has since enabled. Eventually the ego collapses under the weight of baggage and can never recover.

  9. I have a bad feeling that Epstein’s intelligence operation, filming and compromising the powerful, was run by US agencies and they will seal the records and hope that serving up a Maxwell conviction will satisfy. I think she can try to name names but if she does it’s likely she will have “accident” while incarcerated. We have never seen the tapes from Epstein’s prison, nor the evidence confiscated from his many houses. I don’t believe we ever will.

  10. Maxwell can get time taken off if she gives testimony and evidence against the perpetrators. All of the victims can give victim impact statements, not just the 4 who testified at the trial. I know she had a large collection of photographs and videos, I am not sure what happened with them. I was a counselor for former federal inmates. The minimum security prison are not as dangerous, but are much worse than Western European prison.

  11. Hi Marjorie, if Ghislaine has pleaded innocent why would she name names ? Would she not have to change her plea to gain any benefit from doing this ? Just wondering.

    • The trial, and sentencing hearing are two completely separate proceedings here in the US, and the basis for an appeal must be procedural error, or an error in how the judge interpreted the law. Further, pursuant to the US Sentencing Guidelines / Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure / US Code it is possible for a defendant to obtain a reduced sentence for providing “substantial assistance in the investigation, or prosecution of another person. There are are more details for her attorney to consider, e.g., what exactly does the prosecutor consider “substantial assistance” in this case, whether there will be a joint recommendation for a reduced sentence, immunity from future prosecution, etc. That said, to answer your question, yes, it is possible for a defendant to assist the prosecutor in a separate, but related matter, while still appealing their conviction in federal court.

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