Canada – its axis being rocked in 2022

Canada heads into 2022 with an economy roared back to pre-pandemic levels and a full recovery with 5.4% growth in the  third quarter. Hopes are that this will continue though there is uncertainty about the impact of the Omnicron variant.

  The key factor astrologically is what will happen when transiting Uranus crosses the Canada Pluto in Taurus and opposes the Saturn which picks up from May 2022 onwards for a year thereafter.  The only previous time this has occurred was in 1938 to 1940 over the outbreak of World War 11 which is not helpful as a comparison, since it is unlikely to repeat in the same way.

   Saturn opposition Pluto is a stubborn streak in the national temperament, the ability to withstand tough conditions and an extreme resistance to change.  Uranus will arrive with a thunderbolt, intent on unsettling the status quo. Tensions will rise and there will be a disruptive and unsettled mood at the very least.

 The Bank of Canada chart, 11 March 1935 is showing signs of a change of direction at the moment with the the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct its Pluto now and even more so in 2023/24 with tr Pluto square the Uranus so there will be an economic shift but with Uranus involved, the trickster planet, it can go up or down.  The significant problems show up for the central bank by 2026.

  The recent surprise unpopular election for which Trudeau was roundly criticized and as a result lost his majority, emerged with no political party happy. A commentator said: “There wasn’t really a winner. There was just a whole bunch of losers.”

  His latest term chart from 26 October 2021 has a deadlocked and scary Mars square Pluto and Sun square Saturn so is not too uplifting. Though Mars trine Jupiter sextile Venus will help in rolling out a morale-boosting charm offensive.

  Where Canada starts to really want space from Trudeau will be 2023/2024.

  His personal chart indicates 2024 as the change-of-direction year with tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven and a panicky-failure tr Neptune conjunct his Mars into 2025. Even before then he will be under considerable pressure from 2023 with tr Pluto starting to trine his Saturn.

  The crucial factor for Canada in the near future will be what tr Uranus square its incredibly Fixed Pluto in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio brings a few months’ hence. And indeed the effect the Eclipses will have on it.

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  1. Hello! This is an old thread but I found it as I do research on this Nov 8 eclipse hitting Canadas Pluto/Saturn opposition (with t. Saturn making tsquare)

    So close to the mars rx (so close to moon rule rod our 4th and 5th) and I’m unsure how to interpret this huge energy
    Being 1/7 axis I don’t totally understand it. There is definitely a lot of upheavals happening

    The charter trial begins soon, as well as a drive for Canada to be the pilot project for cbdcs and digital id, but not sure how that fits with what I’m seeing here
    Any other ideas from you smart folks? Lol I have a basic understanding of mundane but feeling like something big is looming for us here

    • I am also very interested to see exactly what happens in Canada at the lunar eclipse! I have written about this on my blog and with so many nations sharing planets in the mid fixed degree area, my best guess is that there will be an international crisis and Canada will get caught up in it. I think we are already seeing that with the situation in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war. I see Canada’s Pluto-Saturn opposition from the 1st to the 7th as its power axis and I feel the transiting Saturn-Uranus square has been shaking it up–starting out with the Freedom Convoy and now a new right-wing populist Conservative Party leader who has a good shot at becoming our next PM. Not sure how to address your other concerns as I haven’t followed them closely enough but that is what I have come up with–time will tell!

      Here is the link to what I wrote regarding the upcoming eclipses and Canada and Marjorie, if this is too self-promotional, please delete this paragraph. I regularly recommend your site and articles to my readers!

  2. Thanks for all these tips, Sandra. Now I’m getting acquainted with the whole of BC, travelling from France with the astrological charts, discovering each town’s specificity and history, then comparing with my daughter’s chart… Penticton comes first so far, followed by Powell River, Vancouver and Saanich. She has luxurious tastes, but it doesn’t match with the money she has !

    The dates of incorporation help a lot. And you are right, Laurien, finding such info on a UK astrologer’s website is a testament to Marjorie’s international fan base and to the enriching exchanges occuring on her website, on top of the amazing analyses she does daily.
    I cannot thank you enough.

    • Hi Neige! I can give you the Excel document I got from a BC government website that has the incorporation dates for all districts and municipalities in BC. I am blocked from attaching it here but if you send me your email at I will send it to you. Housing prices have risen dramatically everywhere in BC during the pandemic. Hopefully they will go back down again at some point and your daughter can find something she likes in her price range in a nice BC community. 🙂

  3. The first sentence in the fifth paragraph is false: Justin Trudeau had already lost his majority government in the General Election of October 21, 2019. The unwarranted and cynically called General Election of September 20, 2021 just reconfirmed the results of 2019. The estimated CDN $600,000,000.00 spent on the unwarranted 2021 election could have been better spent on bringing potable water to Indigenous communities who have lived with advisories to boil drinking water for decades.

  4. Thank you very much for your feedback, Sandra.
    I’m actually trying to do some astrocartography to help her.
    Williams Lake is very Taurus and she is very Scorpio…. so I’m not sure she would fit in the ranching culture !
    The Chilcotin looks awesome, especially for backcountry adventures.

    • try 100 Mile House… the town and the surrounding little mini towns. the 108 Mile Ranch is lovely. Bridge Lake, Canim Lake, Horse Lake.. etc. etc. Lots of lakes around this town!! enjoy

  5. Laurien, thanks for taking the time to explain. I spent a few minutes on your site: and you do yourself an injustice. You do quite well charting Canada. You must have studied for a long time.

    Cathy, thanks for pointing out the Canadian political elite and how the press serve them. It happens here too.

    • Thanks for visiting my site and your kind words! I do my best! I am also enjoying hearing everyone’s thoughts and comments about their experience of life in Canada, whether good or bad.

    • You are welcome! Who’d have thought you’d find the info you needed on a small city of 12,000 people in BC, Canada, on a UK astrologer’s website! It is a testament to Marjorie’s international fan base! All the best for 2022!

    • hello Neige,
      I lived in the town one hour south of Williams Lake in the 100 Mile House area. That region is called The Cariboo. And WL is the entrance to the gorgeous eastern area called The Chilcotin. Personally, I would look at both of these as they are quite different.

      Unfortunately, there have also been wildfires in this region. I was on evacuation alert for the entire summer of 2003.

      The Cariboo is my “heart home” for sure. If one can have a land area as a Lover, then this is true for me.
      The Chilcotin is an astonishingly, hauntingly beautiful region…. few people, real characters.

      Maybe your daughter can do some astrocartography to help!!
      all the best,

  6. It is not important, but why is Laurien always highlighted in yellow when the rest are not? I am not judging you Laurien as I think your posts are well worth reading. I was just curious.

    • PS I hope it didn’t sound like I was laughing at you. Somehow it just struck me as funny that it might look like I’m trying to stick out! My own offerings are quite humble compared to Marjorie’s but she does inspire me. Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you so much for this post, Marjorie.
    My daughter lives in BC and expected to buy a house in the Okanagan, but the fires all summer and then the floodings deterred her -not to mention prices.
    She is now thinking of moving to William’s Lake, which is much cheaper and not so affected by summer fires (according to her). Does anyone know what life is like there ?
    I couldn’t find the date when it was first incorporated to have a look at the natal chart.

    • The incorporation data I have for Williams Lake, BC is March 15, 1929. This from a list of incorporation dates provided by the province. My husband was born there but as we have no recent experience I can’t comment on what it is like to live there now. But at one time there was a strong ranching culture and it is probably much like other small towns in rural BC. Living in one such town myself, I highly recommend it unless your are a shopaholic or need the adrenaline rush of a big city.

    • I live in Lac La Hache which is 45 miles south of Williams Lake. I retired here after living in Kits in Vancouver for 30+ years. This years is great, no fires but yes there are fires but that is common no matter where in BC you live, Okanagan, Fraser Valley, Kamloops area, doesn’t matter. It is quiet here, I could no longer stand the insane traffic of Vancouver and Vancouver really changed the last 15 years and not better. Wealthy Asians were allowed to buy up real estate and leave homes empty, causing a housing crisis that is just getting worse. Mosquitoes suck here but they suck everywhere. And winters get cold compared to the coast.

  8. Highest debt ratio in the developed world. An economy dependent on petro and minerals. 5.4% growth is aenemic vs US and UK bounce-backs of 7%. Taxes keep rising, housing is insane and public sector wages are mental. What could possibly go wrong? I presently live in BC. Beam me up!

  9. Thank you so much for this, Marjorie! The next election in Ontario, Canada’s largest province, is June 2nd, 2022. This would be perfect timing for the delivering of a much-needed “thunderbolt” via Uranus to Canada’s status quo! You give me hope that Ontarians who are fed up with the greed-driven mismanagement of BOTH the federal and provincial Liberals and Conservatives will go Green Party of Ontario and push the currently leaderless and ruined Green Party of Canada in the same direction.

    • P.S. – The status quo to be shaken is not just the ever-ruling Liberal/Conservatives (whose policies once in power are virtually identical) but other members of Canada’s smug, protected, callous and even deluded so-called “elite”. It will impact conservative media like the “Globe and Mail” and “National Post” which serve the greedy, plutocratic business elite (which likes to suppress wages and benefit developers). The status quo will be even more shaken for the so-called “progressive” but in fact hypocritical, unjust, censoring and even information-suppressing media like the “Toronto Star” and CBC.

      Justin Trudeau is a puppet of business and other special interest groups. So is Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. But the people who rule Canada most of all are developers and the corrupt politicians who serve them, especially in Toronto and Ontario. The losers in the middle are the MAJORITY of Canadians of all colours, by birth or by choice.

      I am hoping that international media catch on to what’s been happening in Canada, with the result being part of the predicted “thunderbolt” to hit the “elite” being new political options for Canadians.

  10. Having in the past read about the Canada/USA fta I was surprised that Trudeau held on considering his betrayal of the dairy industry. He seems to lead a charmed life!

  11. I think our Moon in Gemini in the 3rd (no less), (did not know it was VOC), is key to the Canadian identity.
    We are a country of “this” and “that”. We have “countries” within a country. Most Canadians identify as a hyphen! Indo-Canadian, French Canadian, German-Canadian. Canada stepped in to resolve the Suez Crisis. Lots of really cool inventions!! We’ve had this sort of background presence that matters … underneath the veneer of Neptunian “niceness”.

    In a book I read, ex Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lloyd Axworthy, felt that in years to come, Canada would be a touchstone of knowledge for other countries on navigating polarizing differences, since we do it all the time domestically… and internationally. Like any relationship work, it’s not perfect and can reach a crisis…. God I remember my nail biting in the Quebec 1995 referendum!! But we squeaked through…. as many relationships also do!!

    I hold a particularly high dream for Canada right now. I think there is huge support in the general population for more government action and responsibility regarding the history of our Indigenous peoples. There is a growing strength in the Indigenous nations, too.

    I am not so hopeful about Canada and it’s response to climate change.. and the Earth has certainly whacked us upside the head this past while with catastrophic “natural” disasters, rapid rises in northern temperatures, etc. I am sure it is difficult to manage such a huge land mass with so few people and a resource based economy… it doesn’t look like this is of top concern.. yet. I noticed that Britain has just offered military assistance to Canada to “protect” it’s Arctic region (as it melts away and doors open to other countries). Interesting.

    GREAT insight that Uranus conj. the Sun is about Quebec!! Tucked into the 4th, I think this also shows a deep “surprise factor” Canadian uniqueness that is not overtly apparent!

    Maybe our natal Sun/Uranus conj. will assist us in how we handle this upcoming Uranus hit. If the recent weather crises in BC are any indication, we have a LOT of domestic infrastructures (not just physical!) nation wide…to address. Our natal Neptune conj Asc. in Aries…. our delusions of Self!!!… needs an honest reappraisal!! These upcoming transits are difficult but hopefully our natal “stubbornness” digs deep for some remarkable change. I’m from Saskatchewan.. the home of Tommy Douglas and Socialized health care… so it’s in my bones!

    So there we are… growing pains! A Reckoning. A chance to mature. Although there may be more tension with Quebec, I do not think there will be a separation. But then again… much of the UK did not think there would be a Brexit, eh?

    what a lovely surprise to see this posted today…
    although Canada is not in the upheaval of the USA or Britain, there is certainly a feeling of change rumbling about!

    • I got interested in mundane astrology by following Bill Meridian’s column which appeared in Dell Horoscope for many years. He has written that mundane Uranus-Sun aspects create disunity and Neptunian contacts like ours on the ascendant are weakening and tend to dissolution. (I hope I paraphrased that fairly.) I’ve since come to appreciate that on a positive level, Neptune can indicate diversity and inclusivity, i.e. the multiculturalism Canada is known for. Marjorie is right about that stubborn, determined Pluto-Saturn opposition so hopefully we can hold it together. I think what makes our nation so special is its vastness and not just cultural but geographical diversity and if we break Canada up, that will be gone. Glad to see that so many Canadians follow this blog! Thanks, Marjorie!

  12. Thank you. Canadian housing market is INSANE! Families will have to save 30 years for a down payment. Average house price is a million. Will the housing market ever calm down? Or will homes only be for the rich?

    • I am guessing the housing market won’t calm down until interest rates rise. I wonder if that might happen next year when Saturn makes three passes over the Bank of Canada’s Mercury at 23° Aquarius starting in April, but I’ll defer to any thoughts Marjorie has on the matter. I think the average Canadian home price is $716,000 right now, which is up 18% since 2020, but it matters where you buy. In the 80s it was also hard for young people to buy a home, and we moved to a rural area where we could actually afford one! We’ve never looked back!

    • I don’t understand it.

      It’s not exactly like Canada has a shortage of space for development – like England has, for example.

      • 50% of Canada’s population lives within an area circumscribed by the great lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Another 10% live in Vancouver. Outwith this, public transport is almost non-existent and development happens out of raw tundra – which is becoming increasingly expensive.

  13. I forgot to mention Canadian troops fought the Japanese alongside the British and the Australians at the fall of Hong Kong and Singapore. Denise Ho, a huge Chinese pop star born in Montreal and with dual Chinese-Canadian citizenship, was arrested in Hong Kong yesterday. The parallels grow each day. And Laurien is right about indigenous unmarked graves in residential schools.

    Also, the relationship between Quebec and the Rest of Canada (the ROC) has once again become inflamed in the past two years. I have always considered Quebec to be the Uranus factor in Canada’s natal Sun-Uranus conjunction July 1, 1867. Quebec will not secede while Uranus is in Taurus because that transit is sextile that conjunction. Similarly, the Quebec factor did not become significant in WWII until it was the the only province in 1942 to vote against the draft in a Canada-wide referendum when Uranus entered Gemini.

    I expect Quebec will secede when transiting Pluto in Aquarius squares Canada’s Pluto-Saturn opposition. It came within a hair’s-breadth of doing so when transiting Pluto was in Scorpio conjunct Saturn in the 1990s. Right now, it is biding its time.

    • Like Andre, I have been wondering what will happen when the three Saturn-Pluto oppositions between 2035-2036 form a grand cross with Canada’s natal Saturn-Pluto opposition. I was thinking some sort of constitutional change/change in power dynamics between the federal government and the provinces but like Andre have wondered if Quebec or even some of the Western provinces might separate then. But Marjorie’s post on the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction reminded me that 2032 should be significant too with the conjunction occurring on Canada’s void-of-course Gemini Moon, which in Canada’s 3rd house in the sign of the Twins aptly describes a nation divided along language lines. We’ll also have a Neptune return in 2031-2032 and a Uranus return in 2034-2035. The 2030s promise to be a really crucial time in Canada’s history.

  14. Wow, Marjorie, thanks so much for your take on what’s happening in Canada! I am also watching the Uranus transit to Canada’s Saturn-Pluto opposition closely. Uranus was within a few degrees of Pluto at 15° Taurus when the first discoveries of unmarked graves at a former residential school were announced one day after the May 26, 2021 eclipse. So I expect more discoveries and fallout in 2022 when there are three exact hits from Uranus to Pluto. I’m also anticipating strain with our allies as the transiting Saturn-Uranus square impacts our 7th house Saturn. As for Trudeau, I admit I thought he might be out sooner following the disastrous election, but he seems to have dug in his heels so you may be right that it will be 2023/2024 before he moves on. I appreciated fellow Canadian Andre’s comments also! Thanks for this!

  15. Many thanks once again, Marjorie. I consider the Uranus conjunction to Canada’s Pluto opposite Saturn to be an early indicator of the significance of the closely following US Uranus return, as was the case in WWII. Canada entered the war with the UK in September 1939, and relied on covert US help until Pearl Harbor two years later. Uranus entered Gemini when the US Navy, with some Canadian support in the Aleutians off Alaska, began to turn the tide in the middle of the Pacific mid-1942. This year, Canada went through a hostage crisis with China that ended when the US got involved. The likely next Prime Minister, Conservative Erin O’Toole, a former military officer, is openly hostile to China. Justin Trudeau’s government will almost certainly soon decide to reject Huawei’s application for a 5G license and will be the last major Western country to do so; this decision will have major national security implications. China’s practice is to hit on what it perceives as the weak links in the Western alliance; it has already threatened Australia with a nuclear attack and I expect Canada to be next. It would be interesting to compare the charts for Australia and Canada, as they are the only two federations in the Commonwealth that remain constitutional monarchies for some undetermined but limited period.

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