Australia – coping well tho’ natural mishaps loom

The Australian economic contraction caused by Covid has been less severe than feared. The signs are that the economy is primed for a rebound with expansion through 2022 and full employment by late in the year. The financial hit from the decoupling with China over political differences and criticism of the Wuhan origins of Covid, has also been lower than feared with alternative markets found for exports.

  There will be a federal election in 2022, before late May, with PM Scott Morrison’s popularity rating way down over vaccine bungles, taxpayer funded grants, parliament’s #MeToo reckoning and the government response to devastating bushfires. But the opposition leader remains an unknown quantity.

  The first seven months look fraught with the Australia country chart’s Mars/Uranus and Mars/Pluto midpoints being triggered which are catastrophe-prone so there may be natural as well as other disasters to contend with and the same goes for New Year into January 2023. Tr Neptune is also square the AU Jupiter from mid May onwards, on and off into 2023, which usually means high-hopes don’t produce the expected results and it can accompany financial bubbles deflating.  The Taurus Sun and maybe Taurus Solar Arc Midheaven will also catch the eclipses so there will be challenges prompting a rethink of past attitudes and actions.

  But really it is 2023 where red flags go up when there will be a slipping and sliding series of Neptune transits to key midpoints undermining confidence.

  The Bank of Australia chart, 14 January 1960, will stay bullishly confident from March 2022 till late 2023, which isn’t to say there won’t be sizeable hiccups along the way in April and May; and deflated hopes in May to early August 2022; with a degree of panic in six months.  But like the other central banks, where the real trouble shows up in 2024/25 with considerable angst as major blockages crop up financially with a pervasive sense of failure.

  Scott Morrison’s Term chart, 24 August 2018 6.15pm, will run into severe head winds slowing progress to a halt, and causing aggravation from March onwards as tr Pluto is conjunct the Mars and that runs right through the election.

  His own personal chart, 13 May 1968, with a Taurus Sun opposition Neptune, square Jupiter and trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo will be buffeted by the Eclipses. His Venus in Taurus catches the 30 April Solar Eclipse which can bring an emotional upset; and the Lunar Eclipse a fortnight later in Scorpio will catch his Neptune and Sun so it will be a time of rolling challenges and crises, with the likelihood that he’ll be evasive and try to smokescreen his way out of tight corners.

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  1. Morrison’ s PM chart, Neptune rising trine Jupiter, yup; evasion, deceit, betrayal, and lies is the whole endeavour. Plus wholly owned by big carbon (sextiles to Pluto). The Jupiter trine not only describes the scale of his bs, but also that it works, until of course, it doesn’t. Which may well be this year.

    His natal chart too: Sun opp Neptune conjunct Moon, both Mars and Merc in trickster Gemini. Scotty from Marketing; professional liar. I would say the world’s dissembler in chief, if it weren’t for those other two political Geminis who, shall we say, trump him, if only because they are messing up bigger countries. Perhaps the only blessing there may be from this strange Gemini affliction the anglophone world has been suffering, is that they tend not to stick at anything for long. My pick is Johnson won’t see out 22 in his current role either…

    Here’s hoping in both cases.

  2. Apologies for the poor editing in my post. I wrote a version of that post for another astrology forum and missed a few sentences for Marjorie’s site where I needed to make it current for 2022.

  3. Anthony Albanese is the opposition leader for the Australian Labor party, born 2 March, 1963, Camperdown, NSW, time unknown. 2022 is a BIG year for him.
    In February 2022 he will undergo his second Saturn (17Aq) return, a major milestone in anyone’s life. His natal Mercury is around 19/20Aq so tr Saturn will be conjunct that point in March 2022, some serious thinking will take place.
    Also in February 2022 tr Jupiter will conjunct his Sun 10Pis (optimism, feeling good), then move on in April for its Jupiter return (a new cycle of growth and progress). Also next year tr Pluto will conjunct his natal Venus 27Cap, not a light transit, but survivable. Bernadette Brady in her book The Eagle and the Lark describes the transit as ‘intense, fated connections’.
    The November 2021 Lunar Eclipse 27Tau will trined his natal Venus.

  4. Morrison’s Sun and Midheaven are conj. Australia’s moon in Taurus – which will be squared by tr. Saturn around the time of the election. I cling to anything that might suggest we could get rid of that ultra-conservative, grinning, loudmouth.

  5. Great read thank you for looking at Australia. Scomo ( as we aussies call him) is all about smokscreens and evading direct questions. His famous response ” I don’t hold a hose mate” when east coast bush fires where raging will never be forgotten. It would be good to see the back of him but as you mentioned the oppsition leader is an unknown quantity and I’m not sure will get over the line.
    Could i ask you don’t make mention of our ridicoulos housing prices ( up 20% in 2021) will house prices ever come down to something more realistic? Thank you

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