Prince Andrew – family support cracking badly

The Royals won’t put on as united a public front for Prince Andrew as the Maxwell siblings have done for Ghislaine. Even the Queen may be belatedly facing up to the fact that she’s reached, if not a point of no return, certainly a fork in the road where her allegedly favourite son is concerned.

  Her relationship chart with him is heavily Neptunian with the composite Sun opposition a Moon Neptune conjunction, so swirled in illusory hopes and unrealistic expectations. It took a hit when he was forced to exit his trade envoy job in 2011 after his dodgy Middle and Far Eastern political and financial connections were exposed as well as his friendship with Epstein. At that point tr Pluto was squaring the composite Moon and tugging on the composite Sun and Neptune.

   The tr Uranus square tr Saturn has recently been chipping away at their composite Midheaven Mars opposition Pluto  – with tr Saturn exactly conjunct the Midheaven at the moment. A serious reality check.

  Her own Moon at 12 degrees Leo is also being pounded by tr Saturn in opposition in early January and tr Uranus square in March, so she will feel under-supported and distressed.

  Prince Charles and Andrew were never bosom buddies with a competitive composite Sun Mars in their relationship chart; and a chilly composite Moon square Saturn. That latter is being walloped around by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus exactly now through till March as well.

  Prince William who harbours a strong dislike of his uncle Andrew will be involved in intense and perhaps bitter discussions from March onwards as he makes his view clear, presumably on the damage that having Andrew visible at Windsor is doing to the monarchy. The years between 2023 and 2026 will see William at his most determinedly hostile.

  Sarah Ferguson, the divorced but still financially supported/housed and 150% cheer-leading former wife, will find the sands shifting under her feet. Her relationship with Andrew is sagging badly from May this year onwards, with upsets mid year and on in similar fashion into 2023. A Royal watcher remarked recently that they are each other’s only support. And what lies ahead for her through 2023 to 2025 looks fairly dire with a poleaxing series of blocked, discouraging and aggravated Solar Arcs.

It’s sad to think of the Queen having to cope with this mess at her age, though perhaps if she’d sent him into exile years back, or been stricter about his dodgy connections, it would never have reached this point. And heaven knows she lived through Princess Margaret’s eye-curling loves and dissolute habits, never mind a couple of her uncles whose behaviour would have felled the monarchy decades back if there had been a more invasive media then.

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  1. I compared photos of PE with Porchester. PE also resembles his grandfather George vi. Didn’t see it with Plunkett though. PA looks like something out of Spitting Image!

  2. I will phrase this delicately though it has been openly spoken about and was certainly ‘common knowledge’ in racing and county/aristo circles years before it surfaced elsewhere that Andrew was the son of Lord Porchester, the Queen’s racing manager.
    Intriguingly Porchester, 19 January 1924, had his Sun in late Capricorn exactly conjunct Andrew’s Venus Mars and Porchester’s Venus in late Aquarius conjunct South Node in early Pisces were both conjunct Andrew’s Sun.
    Although such matters are not unknown in aristo circles it must be extremely odd to grow up knowing all is not quite how it looks. It might be one explanation as to why Andrew is the Queen’s favorite, if it is true or has a hold over her. Wouldn’t do for it to come out into the open.
    Porchester died on 9/11 so it did rather slide under the radar.

    • Yes I’d heard this rumour too, from some horsey types, years back. Looking at photos of “Porchy” as he was known, it is really hard to tell. The Windsor genes are very apparent, but there’s little sign of Prince Philip’s fine boned face and, er, slim figure there either. Those Windsor genes are also very visible in Andrew’s daughters. However, I see this in families – with several children looking much more like one side of the family rather than the other.

  3. Royal hack from the Times today politely pointing out that this going to trial in the Queens 70th jubilee year is a major source of shame and disgrace for the royal family. It’s completely baffling as to why the Palace have handled this so disastrously and have allowed him to do major damage to HMQ’s legacy. Pluto’s last hurrah as it completes its journey through the sign of structure and hierarchy is proving to be devastating for the House of Windsor.

  4. There are certainly some interesting patterns in the astrology of this saga. I noticed that when the infamous interview was broadcast, 16th November 2019, Black Moon Lilith was at 21 Pisces, square Andrew’s natal BML at 21 Gemini. Transiting BML returns to 21 Gemini by the end of this month, along with Neptune at 21 Pisces square Andrew’s BML and conjunct BML for the broadcast. His “fateful” South Node is 26 Pisces, so I’d suspect a connection there too – yes, it seems subtle perhaps but curious. Jupiter was squaring his Nodes then too – massive publicity, at the very least!
    Mars in Libra on that day was squaring his natal Venus/Mars conjunction in Capricorn, and he’d just had a Jupiter and a Saturn return. It’s also intriguing that the interview was recorded on 14th November 2019 – Prince Charles’ birthday……

    The legal document that’s currently being considered in New York was signed by Virginia Roberts on 17th November, 2009, almost exactly ten years to the day the TV interview with Prince Andrew was broadcast. Epstein signed it on 25th November, 2009. At the time, Uranus was at 22 Pisces – conjunct the BML of the 2019 broadcast, and square Andrew’s own BML. And now we have Neptune and Black Moon Lilith there, surely symbolising to some extent an ‘outcast’ or ‘hidden’ woman and a massive scandal?

    • The astrology is so interesting isn’t it? 2009 turns out to be a significant year in terms of how it would impact Andrew’s fate. I was recently reading an article in Vanity Fair about the events leading up to the snapping of the notorious photograph of Andrew and Epstein in Central Park, NY taken on December 5th 2009.

      Naturally I had to look at the chart of this particular moment. Andrew’s’fateful South Node’ was being conjucted by transit Uranus and Jupiter in the 12th house of the photo chart and squared by Mars in Sagittarius. There was an exact conjunction of Mercury/Pluto/North Node conjunct the Midheaven, but also conjunct Andrew’s natal Pallas. Andrew was also undergoing his Chiron return that year but also had transit Neptune on his natal Chiron in Aquarius in the 11th house (associates and networks) of the Photo chart.

      • Thank you VF! Makes me wonder where Andrew’s natal Pallas is hiding herself? Little sign of the goddess and asteroid of strategy and politics…..! I hadn’t realised that Central Park photo dated from December 2009. So it was taken soon after Epstein had signed the now-contentious document. We can’t know if that was discussed of course, or leap to conclusions. The nodes and BML do seem to be acting as timers or chapter headings in this long drawn-out tale. I am always wanting to learn more about the Nodes and BML and what they may have to show us.

        Epstein’s BML is 3 Virgo, conjunct Andrew’s Pluto and opposing his Sun. Epstein’s Libran Saturn – which could indicate both fate/karma and timing here, is square Andrew’s Venus and Mars in Capricorn. All of those in line for the Pluto transit now, and that will perhaps unearth more history – Saturn’s realm.

        • And an added thought: Ghislaine Maxwell’s BML is 6 Virgo, aligning with Andrew’s 5 Virgo Pluto. Her Saturn is 28 Capricorn, right on Andrew’s Venus/Mars conjunction. Her Chiron, at 2 Pisces, is conjunct his Pisces Sun, with her Uranus in Virgo opposing it. These individuals seem connected in some uncomfortable ways, at the very least.

        • Sorry, Jane – my error – the photo was taken on December 5th in 2010 not 09. The article in Vanity Fair is intriguing btw and it’s titled ‘ “Epstein Had a Precise Plan”: How the Only Known Photo of Prince Andrew and the Pedophile Happened’ I do recommend it.

          Andrew’s natal Pallas may be limited by its conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn. It opposes his BML in Cancer and transit Saturn was squaring both in December 2010. Speaking of asteroids, I notice his natal Ceres is on the same degree as that Venus/Mars conjunction in Pisces. That speaks to me of an indulgent mothering, pandering to his every whim and reinforcing his sense of entitlement.

  5. I understand that the Queen is bankrolling PA’s defence. Does that mean that we the taxpayer are actually bankrolling this, which probably includes an out of court settlement. It is obvious that the former Ms Roberts is looking fir a massive pay day. Should we actually be paying for it? Maybe it should be conditional on PA relinquishing all titles and stepping away completely from public life and the cushy civil list.

    • He’s not even on the civil list I gather since he was forced away from ‘public duties so the Queen is paying for all of his lavish lifestyle. Indeed there are questions about how he can afford it. It really would damage the monarchy if it came out that she was footing the damages bill which even if it came out of her private funds would be seen as using public taxpayers money. Even her paying for his no doubt enormous lawyer’s bills hasn’t quite caused the kerfuffle it might do down the road.

  6. It appears that according to reports, Andrew was allowed to ride roughshod over any kind of protocol and took full advantage of his favoured position. An ill-mannered, entitled boor whose rudeness and limited intelligence appalled all who met him, sheltered by a dated institution which views any kind of public scrutiny as an impertinence. I wonder how history will judge the very odd relationship between HMQ and her favourite son? Badly I think. Healthy families don’t have ‘favourites’, it’s a pattern more likely to be seen in dysfunctional or narcissistic parenting though the Queen herself must have been adversely affected in her childhood from her own ghastly mother.

  7. I suppose one of the questions about Prince Andrew is where were his minders over the years. One always assumes there is a bevy of people protecting the Royals from getting into scrapes particularly when younger yet they don’t seem to have exercised much in the way of control over Andrew. Of course, that may in part be down to his arrogance, stupidity and pig headedness all of which he has displayed in abundant quantities down the years. Once his Mum has passed on there will be no one to protect him as I think most of the rest of the royals see him as a massive liability. In times past he would have been quietly put out of the way in some remote colonial outpost. I think there is still a chance he might end up being effectively imprisoned as the Governor of St Helena or some other small island.

    • The Mail (who else?) has a story quoting a former Buckingham Palace staff member saying how it was an ‘impossible job’ to persuade the prince or his advisers to take any instruction. ‘The duke made clear that the only person he answered to was the Queen,’ they said. ‘He wouldn’t take advice from anyone. [He] acted with total impunity and staff were just too scared to stand up to him as a member of the Royal Family. Her Majesty almost always backed him and he fully exploited that. Andrew would tell his family that it was all untrue and it would all go away.’
      This account is backed up by other former royal staff, all of whom claim the prince acted as if he ‘didn’t have to answer to anyone’ and was allowed to ‘go rogue’.

      He appears to be not only arrogant and entitled but remarkably thick with zero insight or self-awareness which is a bad combination.

      • Prince Andrew is definitely not the sharpest pencil in the royal box and has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth when speaking in public. I suppose the only thing in his favour at the moment is that he is such a loose cannon that most of the establishment both in the U.K. and the USA would not want him testifying in court for fear of what he might say and whom he might implicate as having been involved with Epstein. The latter was clearly not just procuring girls just for our errant Prince so there are others out there who are probably happy that Andrew is attracting most of the media attention but at the same time also worried that the process does not go so far as to see him being cross examined in a trial.

        • Yes, I imagine Prince Andrew is an impossible employer. Princess Diana used to slip away from her protection officers sometimes apparently. So perhaps Andrew has done the same? Otherwise there really should be records of where he was, and when. And what about MI5 and MI6? Surely they had some concerns about his associates – not just Maxwell and Epstein, but an array of deeply dogdy characters…..

          This is interesting too:

          “On 30 December 2014, a Florida court filing by lawyers Bradley J. Edwards and Paul G. Cassell alleged that Prince Andrew was one of several prominent figures to have participated in sexual activities with a minor later identified as Virginia Giuffre, who was allegedly trafficked for sex by Epstein.”

          On that date there was a square between Saturn at 0 Sagittarius, and Neptune at 5 Pisces. If you add Black Moon Lilith (which seems appropriate) at 3 Virgo there’s a t-square. Today, the Moon’s Nodes are at 1 Gemini, making a mutable Grand Cross. All rather slippery, and also being activated by Jupiter, just into Pisces now. So where are the “several prominent figures” mentioned as far back as 2014? Setting Prince Andrew’s innocence, guilt, or idiocy aside, will the Nodes in talkative Gemini be keen to reveal more?

          Finally (!), here’s Michael Mukasey’s take on Jupiter/Node “in politics or business”:

          “An excessive amount of interference from religious groups through a legal process; the system of legal justice bound and hampered by erroneous decisions about the status of groups or parties; closed legal societies.”

  8. Past relatives had issues, but this is allegations of underage sex, there is no getting away from it. It is seriously bad. He needs to totally remove himself from the public eye, he is ruining the goodwill towards the Royal Family.

  9. It is obvious that for HMTQ, her family is her major weakness. Otherwise Andrew would have been sent to Coventry years ago. But family is a weakness that most of us have; even while we abhor their actions.

    If Andrew had an ounce of decency, he would have seen the need to metaphorically fall on his sword, if only to protect his mother!

  10. “Sometimes it’s difficult to accept, to recognise one’s own mistakes, but one must do it. I was guilty of overconfidence
    and arrogance, and I was punished for that.”

    Mikhail Gorbachev

    Prince Andrew should take note of those words. The years ahead looks very bleak for him and Sarah.

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