George Takei – shining a light on past wrongs

George Takei of Star Trek renown is bringing his musical Allegiance to London, inspired by his childhood as a Japanese intern after Pearl Harbour in 1941 which he says remains the defining experience of his life. He has kept his profile high  as a LGBTQ+/anti-racist campaigner with a huge social media following and a best-selling 2019 graphic novel They Called Us Enemy.

  He was born 20 April 1937 2.10am Los Angeles, one of three children with Japanese American mother and a successful Japanese businessman father who ran a high-end dry-cleaning store in LA. In 1942 they were dragged away from home and after release from internment camp three years later had nothing left. The family ended up living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

   He made it to college, studied acting, and just before he was 30 was cast as Sulu in Star Trek which secured his future through a run of sequels and movies.

  His charming, upfront Aries Sun and Venus squares onto a super-confident Pluto opposition Jupiter in Capricorn so there would be no doubt about his resourcefulness, ambition and luck.  He also has a competitive Mars in Sagittarius on his Midheaven and an intelligent and outspoken Mercury and Uranus in his 3rd house. His Mercury in Taurus is in an Earth Grand Trine to Jupiter and Neptune in Virgo in his 7th which will make him practical and a do-er, more than capable of putting together a solid life for himself. His Grand Trine is formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Pluto making Pluto the driving planet. All in all an impressively strong and capable chart.

  When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941 tr Pluto at 5 Leo was trine his Mars for a trapped, scary situation. Tr Neptune was just into his 8th for the following confusing years; as well as tr Uranus Saturn moving across his IC into his 4th house, pitching him into a disruptive and uncertain home life for several years ahead.  When Star Trek launched in September 1966 tr Jupiter in Cancer was conjunct his Pluto and tr Neptune in Scorpio was nudging his Earth Grand Trine.

  Like other Star Trek actors he has talked about William Shatner (Captain Kirk) being a prima donna, which description appears to have come as an unwelcome surprise to its recipient. Leonard Nimoy, (Dr Spock), 26 March 1931 8.30pm Boston, MA, though initially a friend did not speak to him for several years before his death; and James Doohan (Scotty), 3 March 1920, Vancouver,  refused to cooperate in later years.  

  Shatner, 22 March 1931 4am Montreal, Canada, has continued a successful post-Star Trek career with several TV series, kept his celebrity profile high and even managed a space trip aged 90.

  He has his Sun, Mercury and Uranus, North Node in Aries with his Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn so not exactly a lightweight personality. Restless,ambitious, confident, pushy, unyielding.

  Leonard Nimoy, was born only four days after Shatner and has the same hard-driving, high-octane chart, so no surprises there were gritty moments between them.

  James Doohan was a Sun Pisces with a Water Grand Trine of Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Uranus with Uranus opposition Saturn in Virgo with his Mars further accentuated being square a Venus opposition Neptune Jupiter. He would be no slouch when it came to making his presence felt.

   All of them were strong-willed individuals and it’s more surprising they co-operated for so many years through the long run than that there were tensions in later years.

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  1. A lot of me first energy. I love the old Star Trek. According to his biography William Shatner is a bit of a risk taker and he loves a challenge.

  2. I see that the April 20, 2023 solar eclipse at 29 50 Aries will be conjunct Takei’s Sun. Hopefully that serves to elevate him and his work. And of course Pluto has been conjunct his Jupiter and opposite its own natal position off and on over the past year and it will square his Sun on and off over the next couple of years. Hopefully that is also experienced positively and not as a strain on his health given his age.

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