Belarus – trust between friends a casualty of war

In the fog of war paranoia runs rampant but the sudden, inexplicable death of a high level Belarus minister, allegedly talking to the west, has raised legitimate suspicions of Russian dirty tricks. Vladimir Makei was occasionally critical of Moscow but supported President Lukashenko’s decision to allow Russia to attack Ukraine with missiles, aircraft and ground troops from Belarusian territory.

  Reports have Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko on edge, replacing his cooks and close servants, lest he be targeted.

Modern Belarus has the same chart as the Ukraine, only a day later on 25 August 1991 6pm Minsk. It has the same Pluto Midheaven which is catching the disruptive tr Uranus opposition one final time next April and the undermining, panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars from March 2023 till early 2024.

  Lukashenko, who describes himself as Europe’s last dictator was ‘elected’ for a 6th Term chart on 23 September 2020 and that chart is under extreme pressure with tr Pluto square the Mars till early this December; facing forced changes in 2023/24 and a dead-halt by 2024/25.  His original Presidency chart from 20 July 1994 has been undergoing a rocky patch over the past three years with challenges intensifying throughout 2023, becoming seriously unstable in 2024/25 – so the fallout from this period will be considerable.

 Lukashenko, 30 August 1954 has similarly turbulent influences on his personal chart through 2024 into 2025.  

  For what it is worth, assuming Putin’s birth date of 7 October 1952 is sound which is feasible, then his relationship with Lukashenko is turning on its head through 2023 and on a downhill slide through till 2025.

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  1. I can imagine that Lukashenko is quivering in his boots after this. I think Makei served as his ‘buffer’ against the Kremlin, for it was probably he that advised against getting more involved in Putin’s SMO in neighbouring Ukraine. The fact that nothing has been said about the cause of death indeed raises suspicions. Perhaps a heart attack, but perhaps Putin’s favourite: poison slipped into one’s black Russian tea. With him removed Lukashenko is exposed and likely being forced to accept an offer he cannot refuse. I think he will find a way to do so, however. Believing that Putin is behind the untimely death of his friend and long-time foreign affairs minister I can well imagine relations souring. Interesting to compare the charts of Belarus and Ukraine.

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