Gary Goldsmith – a loose cannon with Royal ties

The Princess of Wales’ embarrassing uncle Gary has sashayed into the Celebrity Big Brother house threatening to blow holes in the Royals code of silence over Princess Catherine’s health and other matters. It could not have come at a worse time with conspiracy theories raging and heightened interest.

 Known as the black sheep of the family he is 10 years younger than sister Carole, has been married four time and is “an absolute nightmare to live with” in his own words, having no control over his words. Having grown up in a council house, he made his fortune with an IT recruitment company, floated on the stock market giving him a windfall worth many millions. His tastes run to the brash and expensive in clothes, holidays, houses, a yacht. His Ibiza villa he named La Maison de Bang Bang. In 2017, he was arrested and charged with assaulting his latest wife during a drunken argument for which he was fined £5,000 and ordered to rehab.

 He was born 29 April 1965 and has a charming and indulgent Sun Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune alongside a Piers-Morgan explosive collection of Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn. Plus a ‘bull in a china shop’ Gemini North Node giving him an extra a streak of wildness. Carole, born 31 January 1955, is much more battened down with a Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto. She’s be fond of him with her Moon in Taurus but also doesn’t trust him with his Neptune conjunct her Saturn. Her Mars in Aries is conjunct his Mercury so there will be arguments.

  On their relationship chart tr Neptune is square the Jupiter (conjunct Mars) throughout the BB stint hinting at disappointment if not outright panic. Though there’s also a sense of a oneupmanship tussle. By his own admission he is a mischief-maker and hates being controlled or told what to do.

  He looks to be in luck from March 13th onwards into April which might mean a win, or picking up goodies as he exits from other deals – or being relieved he is out of the hothouse.

 Catherine looks distanced from him with tr Saturn conjunct the Mercury and Sun in their relationship chart exactly now till early April.

 Prince William, if anything, looks more unsettled by him in 2025. Which is the worry once the media have got hold of him that he may continue on his merry way blurting out confidences.

 His other niece Pippa looks more furious with him after the event, in April and more so in July and onwards.

  Camilla oddly looks frosty but that may be because it upsets King Charles. Her Saturn Pluto in Leo clashes with Gary’s Sun Venus so not a good combo. Again her irritation with him lingers through April/May and across the summer and on.

  Like Piers Morgan Gary’s Mars Uranus Pluto sits in Harry’s 8th and is conjunct Meghan’s Venus in Virgo – so both will be flash points.

  All a confected media kerfuffle about nothing much.  But the Royals public relations advice is doing them no favours at the moment. King Charles’ health they have been admirably open about but they should know by this time that saying virtually nothing about Catherine is guaranteed to attract speculation – indeed may have helped prompt to TV invite to uncle Gary. Ditto William withdrawing at the last moment from a memorial for ‘personal reasons’. 

  Privacy is one thing but when you get handed vast amounts of wealth in William’s case a £1 billion estate with an income of £25m a year plus plus – it comes with strings attached. I’m no Republican but the reason they get the status, privilege, money is because they fulfil a singular public role.  It is a difficult life and I would not volunteer for it, but there are compensations.  

20 thoughts on “Gary Goldsmith – a loose cannon with Royal ties

  1. Marjorie regarding Catherine wanting privacy do you think it’s possible that she may be having mental health issues eg. anxiety at the moment making it vital she is not harassed?
    It wouldn’t be surprising that the events of the last few years and the constant brickbats hurled from California have taken their toll.
    I see to remember at the time of her hospitalisation you didn’t see surgery in her astrology?
    Personally I would like her privacy to be respected as she recovers. I think William is being protective?
    It’s possible that William was missing the memorial service, as with royals being so thin on the ground, they were sharing the duties around? Camilla needed to take the following week off as she had been covering for both Charles and William and is 76 after all.
    With Charles having cancer it may have been necessary to ramp up the arrangements for the succession, meaning Will needed to spend time with his father face to face?
    Who knows..

    • Who knows indeed but stress and anxiety can trigger symptoms in the gut and impact physical health. It all happened around the time of the “bully” name-drop nonsense.

    • I tend to agree her privacy should be respected.

      That said, if it were mental health issues, why would the palace not issue a nice photo of Princess Catherine sat reading cards from well-wishers? I struggle to think of a good explanation.

      As she hasn’t been since late December, it’s hard not to think there is something occurring involving her head/hair/face which precludes such a photo. Obviously such a photo would be pored over and examined in minuscule detail, so you couldn’t just give her a wig or do a bit of photoshopping.

      That said, a grainy photo of her being driven by her mother appeared earlier this week in which she is the passenger of a car wearing sunglasses. It appears only to have been reported by the foreign press.

      • It could be William insisting on complete privacy for Catherine especially if she is stressed by recent events on top of surgery?
        Unfortunately the media is insatiable and any photos put out will be pored over and commented on just as much as the lack of them.
        She’s not the monarch after all. Charles needs to show he’s still king by being filmed continuing limited royal duties. It seems fairly sure, I think, that he’s having chemo and has to limit contact with the public because of heightened risk of infection.
        If it’s the bladder, which seems most likely, if picked up during prostate treatment, chemo can be given directly via catheter but is not very pleasant. It’s 6 x weekly treatments I think if it’s that. Poor man.

  2. Gordon Ramsey has this stellium opposition Saturn in Pisces too along with his Moon. It seems to give a ton of mutable nervous energy and drive.

    • I know a few people with the opposition – my sister and brother-in-law among them. My generalisation is that where the strength of mutables signs is normally in their flexibility and adaptability; the presence of saturn and pluto seem to block it. They just seem to be stuck in their thinking, play the blame game and see the world as an unkind, scary place. They have no ability to take control of their own initiative and turn their own lives around. Of course none of that is a surprise when you’re looking at Saturn-Pluto on the Pisces/Virgo axis. I don’t think it improves much on the assertiveness front when Saturn moves into Aries in 1967/68 but there is less playing the victim.

      • Thanks, GD. Yes, Saturn tends to be pretty unhappy in Pisces and Virgo stelliums can be hard to live with. My sister has this too, but with her Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon and Jupiter in Leo, is more grounded, never plays the victim but does suffer from anxiety. I think Gordon Ramsey used his explosive energy to great effect as a TV personality. The combination of Mars with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction can be intense.

        I did know a Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo with Saturn at 0 degrees of Pisces who was entirely incapable of taking responsibility, an unreliable narrator so to speak who would stir the pot and then feign victimhood when there were repercussions. Impossible to pin down and perpetually late for everything – never their fault though and sometimes your’s for arranging the meet up in the first place! ‘They wet the bed and blame the blanket’ is a phrase that comes to mind.

        • Your sister must be born soon after my late Libra Sun sister!

          Just to rethink my comment slightly, it’s not necessarily “playing the victim”, more a sense of ‘fatalism’ that they are stuck with the hand life has dealt them.

          Never heard that phrase about wet the bed, blame the blanket. That made me laugh!!

          • I understand. Their T square on Neptune didn’t help! A fatalism…hmmm…October 1966 saw the Aberfan disaster in which 116 children and 28 adults died. I always find it interesting to look to events around a person’s dob.

  3. In their book “Planets in Containment”, Sandbach & Ballard interpret the stellium
    Mars-Uranus-Pluto….”negatively, destructive anti-socialsim is projected obsessively.”

  4. Here is Goldsmith’s speculative chart:
    Here is Sepharial’s interpretation of his 8Scorpio Ascendent…
    “….frequently engaging in strife on small occasion. In social life he will be disposed to
    be dissolute & disrespectful of convention, and will become involved in more love
    affairs than he will be able to manage successful. Intensity, enthusiasm & nonchalance
    are the chief features of his character”.

  5. Classic Aries/Taurus lack of self-awareness. Narcissistic in the true sense that he is picking up the reflected glory of Catherine rather than being invited onto the show for anything he has done or achieved.

    Virgo stellium is problematic because its trine his Taurus Sun-Venus and he’s a bit of a rebel because it always keeps him in control. But by being in opposition to Saturn in Pisces he’s always reacting disruptively to anyone trying to put limits or boundaries on him.

    Interesting that he will be undergoing his 2nd Saturn Return in a little over a month.

    • Aries Moon/Mercury is definitely an elephant at a china shop type of an energy. And I’m talking as some one married to this with Jupiter added to the mix (hubby is an astro twin to David Harbour now mostly known for “Stranger Things”). Definitely needs a proper outlet!

  6. There is no compensation for privacy especially when you didn’t choose to be a public figure

    Now that the British tabloids have picked over the carcasses of Meghan and Harry now they are on to doing the same with Charles, William and Kate.

  7. Would you mind sharing your source for Gary goldsmith as the only one I found so far is through his Company House registration which gives May 1965. Thank you for your great work with this website, I do appreciate it.

    • It was from company check for a Recruitment Club which gave it as 29 April 1965. Assume that is him. It needs to be an appointment before 2016 otherwise they omit the date giving only month and year. Also it is dependent on whoever is filling in the form that they get it correct.

      • Thanks Marjorie, will keep on watching CBB with the hopes that we might get more some astrological information for them all!

        • He is out now. The first housemate to be evicted.
          No doubt Kates immediate family are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

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