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  1. Hi Marjorie,
    Prince Edward, Duke of Edinbugh, turns 60 today. His wife Sophie made a loving tribue to him during a speech in Leeds earlier this week and spoke of the work he does behind the scenes and his role as a loving husband and father. .
    I admire their low key approach to charity work.

  2. Akira Toriyama has died. He created Dragonball Z the super popular manga series and influenced many other artists, game and film makers.

  3. Marjorie not sure whether you watched the absolutely wonderful Boris Johnson docco on Channel 4. Just wondering why they keep hauling his carcass out (besides to specifically annoy me). Is this slow motion car wreck going to be foisted on us yet again…anything in the stars??

  4. What is going on with Russia? Why is Russia the target now? Finland and Sweden joining NATO and a war in Ukraine. What about the borders? Why are Russia’s borders under such attack?

  5. Carlo Ancelotti is being accused by Spanish prosecutors about unpaid taxes and a complex web used to do this. What are his fortunes looking like?

    • Yes by all means read on Jacob. But let us not forget about his son Nathaniel whose associates might raise a few eyebrows.

  6. With Super Tuesday all but guaranteeing a Biden vs Trump rematch in November’s election… it is peak Pluto in Capricorn symbolism to have two old men going head-to-head in the leadership contest.

    Pluto will be at 28Cap48 on the day and out of there two weeks later.

    • Agree, GD. Yet so many astro upheavals await this spring and summer don’t they?

      I haven’t delved into it, but the chart for the Washington Presidency, 30 April, 1789, has MC 22 Taurus, square Pluto 19 Aquarius – tr Uranus visible there? Also its Neptune is 21 Libra, so it has already had an eclipse there, with 19 Aries coming up in April, right on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses in the chart I’m looking at in the Book of World Horoscopes. More legal/constitutional matters swirling around? Moon’s Nodes are 28 Scorpio/Taurus. That chart also has Saturn in Pisces, with the return exact in February 2025. Uranus is 1 Leo…..

      Obviously, this chart would need checking against other events, but it looks unsettled this year, to say the least.

      • Wow, yes that looks like “interesting times”.

        Am trying to avoid saying anything about either candidate but … it’s not hard to infer upheaval with either of them.

        • Quite so, GD. Much online speculation about the legendary Curse of Tippecanoe, which seemed to be broken by Ronald Reagan. But really, eerie though it is, I don’t think it will return to haunt the US. There’s more than enough going on already.

    • Trump has his midheaven at 24 Taurus, so he’s picking up Uranian energy from the transit.

      I wonder if Nikki Haley will run as an independent? I’m probably clutching at straws, but her astrology is interesting.

      She has a grand trine of Sun at 29 Cap, trine Saturn at 29 Taurus trine Pluto at 1 Libra.

      She also has a T-square of Moon 24 Pisces opposite Pluto at 1 Libra, both square Jupiter at 24 Sag.

      On election day, Pluto will be at 29 Cap and Uranus at 25 Taurus, triggering her grand trine. Jupiter will be at 20 Gemini, opposite her natal position.

      It would be a transformational shock if she won as a third party candidate, wouldn’t it?

  7. oh Dear.
    My husband just got home from a meeting with our local Democrats Abroad – watching the MSNBC coverage of Super Tuesday. He said that near the end the panel began discussing Trump and Elon Musk…. and money. That Elon Musk could bail out Trump now, back his run for Presidency and then be in a pretty powerful position after a Trump victory. Yikes.

    Husband said that as this discussion progressed, one by one… people quietly left the meeting.

    Marjorie… I’m not sure if you have posted anything on the relationship between these two, and maybe any planetary line-ups that both share over these next months? If so inclined, it might be interesting.

    an awful thought, for sure.
    all the best

    • Pretty awful indeed! However, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near a done deal.

      “Trump and Musk hope to have a one-on-one meeting, according to the Times, which noted it isn’t clear whether Musk, the second-richest person in the world, will commit any of his funds to Trump’s campaign.

      The discussion comes as Trump trails Biden in campaign funds, with the former president’s campaign reporting $30 million in its coffers as of the end of January, significantly less than Biden’s $56 million in campaign funds.”
      Forbes.com 5th March, 2024

    • I believe Musk’s progressed chart has some interesting aspects to Trump’s natal Leo Asc/Mars over the next year or so. I’m not sure what it means astrologically – maybe they feel like kindred spirits in a love-hate relationship

  8. Hi Marjorie, have you ever looked at the usa’s constitution chart? Either the signing or ratification? Pluto is marching toward it’s pluto return over the next several years. It is often overlooked because of the conflicting dates. These are the dates I have found – Signing, 17 sept 1789 11.29 philadelphia; ratification, 21 june 13.00 Concord NH; effective, 4 march 1789 0000 philadelphia.

  9. I have seen on the news recently that the French parliament has passed a law allowing women to have abortions. Which was surprising, as I thought they already had that right. Anyway I would be interested in having you read on this.

    • It has been constitutionally enshrined in France. Perhaps to prevent the sort of behaviour seen in GOP legislatures across the US after Roe was overturned.

  10. Speaking of TV couples… I wonder if it would be of any interest to cover Trinny and Susannah and the Two Fat Ladies. Susannah was in the Mirror yesterday saying that the two of them are so different, that there will be no going back to the show (it’s time for new generations), but that they have a special kind of bond.

    Susannah Constantine really had an interesting life, and I wonder how that is reflected in the planets. One online website, and I can’t find the birth time on it, gives her a Virgo ascendant with Pluto conjunct it.

    That same website gives Trinny a Gemini ascendant.

    Maybe it’s just noon charts; I haven’t checked.

    • Hope not as Sunak would benefit from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction being close to his Sun. Think the conjunction occurs on April 21st and the date for election I saw being bandied around is May 2nd.

      That said, I read the only decent reason he has for a GE at this time is to avoid the Conservative Party deposing him after potential disaster in local elections. I haven’t got his chart to hand but I think he has his Uranus opp Uranus in late May, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that coincides with the end of his tenure.

      My gut feel is, being Taurus, he will hang on to power as long as possible. So an autumn (or maybe even winter) election. He is a reasoned guy and knows the polls are currently against him, that he hasn’t fulfilled his 5 Pledges so will being hoping for something to turn in his favour by holding on. That said, his Aries moon might suddenly urge him to do something rash!

      • I’m still waiting for him to decamp for the US, specifically probably California, and wonder when might that happen…

      • Sunak has a lot in common with John Major.

        Major had a Capricorn ascendant (6 Cap) conjuct Moon at 8 Cap. Both square his Sun at 7 Aries. So Aries energy behind the sensible grey Capricorn appearance.

        When he became Prime Minister on 28th Nov 1990, transiting Uranus was at 8 Cap, conjunct his Moon and Ascendant and square his Sun. Transiting Mars was at 5 Gemini, sextile his Sun. Transiting Jupiter was at 13 Leo, trine his Sun.

        On election day 9th April 1992, transiting Jupiter was at 5 Virgo, trine his ascendant and moon.

      • I wonder if that Jupiter boost to Sunak’s sun could be him parachuting out of politics at the election. The Jovian lucky break from the frying pan.

  11. On 25 October 2022 Marjorie posted this about deeply troubled Haiti: ” Tensions will run high through 2023/24 with tr Pluto conjunct the Venus and tr Uranus opposition the Neptune. The one glimmer of hope is tr Pluto square the Jupiter in 2024/25 which could suggest an upsurge in national confidence and a push to regenerate.

    Whatever happens everyone agrees the answer must come from within Haiti and not imposed from the outside.”

    I noticed that the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 25 March, and the Solar Eclipse on 8th April might be relevant, perhaps bringing things to a head or marking a turning point of some kind? Although wild optimism is not justified I fear.

    Lunar Eclipse, 5 Libra:
    Haiti 1804 chart – Mars 3 Capricorn; Sun 9 Capricorn; Saturn 3 Libra
    Haiti Slave Revolt, 14 August 1791: Venus 6 Libra, Jupiter 1 Libra
    Haiti Earthquake 2010: Mercury 6 Capricorn; Pluto 3 Capricorn; Saturn 4 Libra; IC 8 Libra

    Solar Eclipse 19 Aries (conjunct Chiron):

    Haiti 1804 -Mercury 17 Capricorn, Asc 19 Capricorn, Uranus 16 Libra
    Haiti Slave Revolt, 1791 – Saturn 18 Aries, Nodes 14 Libra/Aries, Chiron 14 Cancer
    Haiti Earthquake 2010 – Sun 22 Capricorn, Venus 22 Capricorn, Nodes 21 Capricorn/Cancer

    I also noticed that Haiti’s sinister and controlling Papa Doc Duvalier (14 April 1907) had Mars 5 Capricorn opposing Jupiter 4 Cancer, and Sun 23 Aries sextile Pluto 22 Gemini. The Saturn/Mars conjunction 14/13 Pisces for the April eclipse is conjunct Papa Doc’s Venus.

  12. What do you see for Kouri Richins, April 20, 1993. She is charged with aggravated murder and three counts of drug possession after she allegedly killed Eric, her husband of nine years with whom she shares three children, with illicit fentanyl in their Kamas, Utah, home on March 3, 2022.
    She wrote a children’s book to help her children with grief.

    Her husband was born May 13, 1982.

    Her preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 15.

  13. Hello Marjorie,
    I’m wondering if you have the time to look at the new government in New Zealand Aotearoa and it’s impact on the country. This may be complicated astrologically as we now have a coalition government of three parties – the Conservatives gained 38.06% of the vote in the election, Act 8.64% and NZ First 6.08%. Act is a an extreme right wing party affiliated to the international group Atlas, while NZ First is populist and supports liberalising gun ownership and reducing controls on the sale and smoking of cigarettes. The Conservative leader is Christopher Luxon, Act is lead by David Seymour and NZ First by Winston Peters. The two minor parties in the coalition seem to have the determining voice in policy as it is shaping up at the present time, notwithstanding their smaller support bases. Living in a country which has such major swings in policy and direction is disconcerting.
    Should an analysis be possible I would be very grateful. Thanks, J.

  14. SCOTUS unanimously rules to keep Trump on ballot.

    Now, he’ll be insufferable. Eventually – dictator for a day & forever.

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