Trump win less super than expected

A week is a long time in politics and there are – only – 35 weeks to go before the USA presidential election filled with whatever mayhem the fickle fates decide to throw as disruptors to best laid plans.

  Despite a thumping win Trump did less well than the pollsters expected. In New Hampshire, he beat Haley by 11%, not the expected 18%. In South Carolina, he won by 20% not the polled 28% . Same in Michigan, 42 to an expected 57.  “Secret non-Trump voters” were out in force during the 2022 midterms where the GOP was expected to rack up huge majorities in Congress and take back control of the Senate – neither happened.  

     Trump’s erratic behaviour and contempt for democratic norms have produced a notable shift in suburban voting patterns; and there is mounting evidence that Republican women have turned against Trump after the decision to overturn abortion rights. A significant minority of Republicans said they did not think Trump would be fit for president with a criminal record.

 Trump met with Elon Musk at the weekend no doubt keen to grift a few millions to refill in his campaign coffers which are sagging behind Biden’s and maybe even help pay off his legal woes. Musk has not publicly come out for Trump though he is evidently opposed to Biden (whom he voted for in 2020) seeking a second term.

Musk’s Progressed Sun is conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo so there may be a clap of thunder from that though their relationship chart looks undermined with tr Neptune square the composite Sun Saturn from May right through the election and beyond. Not that Musk looks any more enamoured of Biden with a chilly, critical, separating tr Saturn opposition their composite Sun, Mercury late this month, on and off into early 2025.

  On Trump’s astrology: He has one more major stroke of luck/success March 13 to April 5. No more Jupiter midpoints or aspects are being triggered thereafter but he does have tr Jupiter moving across his midheaven from this May through till after mid 2025 which one way and another will bring him prominence.

  He has several confidence dents/losses leading to feelings of inferiority – late March/early April, October and December with tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.  Another late April/early May, late August/early September and across the Inauguration from tr Saturn opposition his Mars/Neptune midpoint. And a tough, depressing slog at the moment through March to mid April, again June/July and across the Inauguration from tr Pluto opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Evidently his winners’ speech yesterday was downbeat rather than the usual donkey-braying glee.

  Other astro: tr Saturn will square his 10th house Uranus for high tension eruptions affecting his career direction – first half of May, second half August and late January 2025. June will see tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven (birth time being accurate) for a sharp change of direction career-wise, usually forced by outer events.

 And the one to watch for which is tr Uranus square his Mars in Leo across the GOP Convention in July which will be explosive.

  That point also sparks up in his relationship chart with the USA as tr Uranus squares the composite Jupiter. Whether that means the country breathes a sigh of relief or together they notch up a success is not clear. Though at exactly the same time tr Uranus squares the composite Mars/Neptune for a crisis and sudden disadvantages.

 Trump’s Solar Return chart taken as a stand alone does not look inspiring with Neptune conjunct the Midheaven from the 10th and Saturn conjunct from the 9th. His Solar Return Ascendant at 14 degrees Cancer is not cuspal or aspecting any of his natal planets but is almost exactly conjunct the USA Cancer Sun.  That will require a retrospective interpretation when the election is over.

  Nikki Haley will have a run of successes in April till early May but sags thereafter. She really has embarked on a Sisyphean task pushing a massive boulder uphill with tr Pluto trine her Saturn and conjunct her Sun through till after the election. Without a birth time there is no saying but she might well be playing a long game looking to kudos stored up for the future.

  Joe Biden of course has tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Sun this August for a lightning bolt of a shake-up. See post of Jill Biden Jan 19th 2024. In addition to his age and a lacklustre VP, he is facing increasing pressure from a powder keg immigration surge as an increasingly lawless South America explodes in cartel violence.

41 thoughts on “Trump win less super than expected

  1. Thank you for the astrological update, Marjorie.

    Since I’m still a novice when it comes to “political astrology,” I’ll leave the predictions to the experts. However, since we are on this topic, I would like to add a few points.

    Like you said, Trump hasn’t been sweeping the primaries by the winning margins he was hoping for. Republican strategists seem genuinely concerned that many of Nikki Haley’s supporters (many of whom are Independents, Never-Trump Republicans, and even a few conservative Democrats) will not rally behind Trump this November in the numbers needed to win a general election.

    Nikki Haley has yet to endorse Donald Trump and many of her supporters are threatening to “hold their noses” and vote for Joe Biden or vote 3rd party.

    On the Democratic side of the primaries, Joe Biden appears to be doing very well. He’s managed to win every contest (except for American Samoa) with winning margins mostly between 80% and 90%. This is a sign that Democratic voters are more unified than what the media suggests.

    Also, Biden and the Democrats are still winning the popular vote in these primaries – more Democrats have cast their votes than Republicans nationwide. I thought that was telling given that turnout in Presidential Primaries are usually higher for the party that isn’t the incumbent.

    Another thing, Biden and the Democrats are owning the fundraising. Even the Republicans are acknowledging that they’re currently struggling to raise money…and they admit they have less money on hand than the Democrats.

    Last but not least, while some thought the issue of abortion and women’s reproductive rights would get lost in the news coverage by now…it hasn’t. The Republicans in Alabama and a number of other Republican states began attacking In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and this has only infuriated women (even many pro-life woman) even further. IVF has become another reproductive issue that appears to be galvanizing voters to the polls.

    Despite all of these encouraging points, I know President Biden still has his own challenges he’s going to have to work through, as you mentioned.

    For example, the percentage of “uncommitted” voters in Michigan, Minnesota, and now Hawaiʻi are an issue Biden will need to address – much of these votes are likely a result of people who are furious over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

    Plus, there are still many Arab-American and Ukrainian American voters in critical swing states like Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania who are demanding Biden to do more with regards to Gaza and Ukraine.

    And, of course, Biden is still dealing with many voter’s skepticism regarding his age.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning all of this. I know astrology is the objective here…but I just wanted to inject a bit of optimism in response to many of the pessimistic comments I’ve noticed on this thread.

    • Thank you all contributors, I am learning new words: RHINO, Tippecanoe, Bill Harrison, also I read somewhere but cannot find it now that the progressed Mars of the USA is in retrograde for at least 50 years, can this being an indication of the need to update the, admittedly admirable, Constitution.

      • @Virginia, the acronym is RINO — Republican in Name Only, invariably used as a slur by right-wingers against people (even slightly) more moderate than they are, including any Republican opposing Trump. The Democratic equivalent, DINO, is a relative rarity, since Democrats tolerate a wide range of disagreements on policy and ideology.

    • I think the US has done well under Biden, though I realise that opinion isn’t too popular right now. I enjoyed his State of the Union speech. I simply don’t understand why Americans would just throw this away for a dangerous liability like Trump, who recently got Biden and Obama muddled up and imho looks in gar worse health than Joe, but there it is.

      • @Virginia, most rabid Trump supporters seem brainwashed.

        I don’t move in those circles, but what I’ve noticed among his supporters is the transfer effect — ascribing Trump’s worst qualities and behavior to Biden. I worked at the polls in an affluent California precinct, home to many Republicans but more Democrats, for this primary, strictly non-partisan work.

        At the entry table a man at least in his 70s approached me, sure that everyone would agree with him. He kept telling me how how “we can’t afford to have that guy back in office, that he keeps falling down,” doesn’t know what he’s saying and has dementia — everything that describes Trump but not Biden, who seems extremely sharp mentally. I couldn’t say anything but the old codger I sure didn’t read my face, but he’s a typically delusional rich white Trumper.

        • Thank you Nicole but I think you mean Virgoflake as I have not made any comments on President Biden or Mr Trump, as I find the state of the world politicians reflecting more the times we are leaving through. Quite worrying.

  2. Recent articles on financial analyses for GOP claim that Trump et. al. simply doesn’t hv the moolah to pay for his campaign AND to post bond for the half-billion dollar legal punishments.

    Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

    If Drompf asks his base to “donate” $100 each to his “fund”, well, then he’s tapped into unlimited loyalties. Somehow, he may just pull it off…scary.

  3. Why is everyone down on Kamala? Does she not have 4 years as VP? Wasn’t Biden Obama’s VP for 4yrs? It’s about growing into job you are hired for. She will surprise many. Most opinions are based on the outdated image of her running for office or few glimpses of her VP appearances. She will do better than everyone thinks.

    • @James. “Most opinions are based on the outdated image of her running for office or few glimpses of her VP appearances.”
      Outdated you say? Well she has done nothing to alleviate those perceptions which is why they still stick. She keeps proving why her campaign dried up even before the first Primary in 2020.
      You better hope that “surprise” you’re alluding to is a positive one.

  4. Seemingly Dems are gonna dodge another bullet this election courtesy of their good luck charm The Donald. My biggest concern is still Kamala. If she ever gets the presidency by Biden stepping down I fear she will drag the party down with her for 2028…..even if she stands down and allows someone one else to be the nominee that year. I can’t fathom her being an effective leader. So here’s a possible big problem scenario. Justices Alito and Thomas are still kicking by 2028 and because of a failed Harris presidency, a Republican becomes President, then those two step aside and that President appoints 2 more young and fresh GOP Justices. How do y’all like this potential sour pickle?
    If only A.I could invent a fountain of youth serum for old Uncle Joe so he can last the full second term and another ‘suitable’ Dem candidate could ride into the White Hoise on the back of his successes. I suppose a lot prayers and/or luck are the only remedies.

    • Oh please!!! We haven’t got to this election yet. What is it about Americans? This obsession with who who wins what into eternity is weird.

      • Because said “obsession” or lack thereof from the Liberal minded, is why Mitch McConnell got 3 Justices in one presidential term. So he clearly gets it! Some of us apparently still don’t. Republicans plan way ahead and are relentless while Democrats beauty sleep and awake when the s@&t hits the fan. Liberals need to learn long term strategic thinking and succession planning.

      • The obsession may stem from the fact that so many important positions are “appointed” (departments of defense, commerce, housing, agriculture, treasury, energy and more) which have control over almost every aspect of life in the states.
        The legacy of Mitch McConnell is that he strategized for years to swing the Supreme Court — and lower ones — in an ultra-conservatives way; its been a real problem and will continue to be for a long time, as they are life terms for the higher court. Legal issues are an important blend in the US — just ask Trump!

      • We’re not obsessed but we are concerned that if Republicans gain power in D.C. that they will be free to create their long-wished-for Christian theocracy and democratic republic won’t survive.

        It has been limping along since Trump came onto the scene and he’s still doing damage by casting doubt on our electoral system by claiming that he won in 2020.

        Putin must wake up with a smile on his face every morning that he’s been able to destroy the U.S. from the inside out with the help of a single man–Donald J. Trump.

    • @ Troy, why are you so down on Harris?
      No other VP has been judge so harshly especially since VP have been referred to over the years as a ‘warm bucket of spit’.

      I understand that people are concerned about Biden’s age and thought that he would stand down this election and allow Kamala to run for president but that has not come to pass unless something happens to Biden and he has no choice but to relinquish the presidency.

      I’ve read more people believe that there will be another civil war around the time of the 2028 election which means to that Democrats definitely win in 2028 because we know only one side are sore losers to the point of committing violence.

      I don’t think the Democrats lose in 2024 and win again in 2028 and that’s where the frustration from the other side come out after the 2028 election much like what happened on January 6th.

      As for Thomas or Alito holding out until 2028 to retire who knows, but I bet Thomas (Pluto is conjoining his moon) wishes he could slink away right now with all of the scrutiny on is financial dealings with Harlon Crow.

      • @Roderick. I direct you to my reply for @James.
        And remember our little bet about Trump picking good ol’ boy Tim as his running mate? Well I’d like to add an alternate pick in good ol’der boy Dr. Ben.
        The lackey horse race is on.

        • I don’t remember an outright bet.

          I do believe that Trump’s VP will be outside the box and yes that would include Scott, but that would require a quick wedding with his so-called girlfriend.

          Carson would definitely be a surprise, but Little Dictator DeSantis has declared that Trump shouldn’t pick anyone but a white heterosexual male.

          I’m trying to think of a Republican female of color besides Haley but one doesn’t come to mindimmediately.

      • Roderick, it is a time honoured tradition to make fun of the vice president. When Spiro Agnew was vice president I received a wrist watch and an alarm clock for my birthday. Both were of the wind-up variety and neither of them worked. . Really lousy present to give a kid, but my parents thought it was hilarious.

  5. I have high hopes for tr Uranus sq Trump’s Mars, which continues all the way from July to the election. Mars being in his 12th House could indicate that his creeping dementia will be made plain for all to see.

  6. Here is Nikki Haley’s rectified chart:
    Virgo rising gives her a characteristic triangular face. She has a Msystic/Righteous
    Rectangular pattern formed by Moon & Pluto both at the Aries Point, Saturn on
    the MH, for administrative ability, and Neptune for compassion. She also has
    a KITE configuration.
    Pallas elevated gives her politics and people-pleasing. Name “Nikki” is on her
    Asc while surname Haley is conj her Sun in government 5th.

  7. And Mitch McConnell endorses Trump. Third time’s the charm!
    GOP Trumpism take over officially complete. Go Trump go. 🙂

    Marjorie also said Mitch looked miserable after the election. Little reminder nuggets.

    • I’m in the camp that doesn’t believe Trump will make it to the election. In addition to what Marjorie has pointed out, his solar return set for Palm Beach has mercury, venus, sun and jupiter all in the 12th and saturn is squaring from the 10th. He, also, has mars in the 11th square pluto in the 8th. Plus, mercury in the 3rd (scattered thinking and emotional agitation, maybe alzheimers advancing).
      Transit-wise saturn is now in his 7th (advancing toward his 8th of money from others), uranus is going to square his mars while hitting his midheaven; and finally, pluto is inconjunct his leo ascendant (29 degrees).
      That the republicans are following like lemmings over the cliff gives democrats a huge advantage; however, they may need to quickly push forward an understudy given Biden’s upcoming astrology and Kamala’s unpopularity — she does positive transits over the election though.

      • Saturn won’t arrive in his 8th this year.

        But transit Neptune will in about a month’s time. Assuming the house cusp is correct.

        Ordinarily I’d have expected that to bring money into his life from others.

        But given all he’s done is take from others, I wonder if that’s why we are seeing so many judgements against him recently. He’s actually beginning to have to pay out for his karmic debts

  8. As to the polls, I believe there’s some subterfuge taking place with some of these pollsters. Particularly a few of the ones that always trend more Dem. leaning. Why? Well I find it curious that most of them are claiming Trump, with his miriad of serious troubles, is beating Biden. I think it’s a way of tricking MAGAs into believing Trump is strong and force the GOP elites to fall in line. No different than when the Democrat machinery assisted MAGA candidates during the midterms as a way to aid Dem. candidates victory. A lot of these polls are claiming either Immigration or the economy is the #1 issue and conveniently leaves off the option of ‘threats to Democracy’; which the few good polls that do include this option, show it as the top issue for most voters, and also shows either both men are evenly matched, or Biden leading. Polls can be manipulated by placing more weight on certain groups to skew the results. It’s skullduggery, but such is politics.
    Let’s see what they show in the weeks after Trump officially clinches the nomination.

    • Trump is the biggest threat to democracy and world stability that there is. I simply cannot understand why anyone with an ounce of common sense or decency would vote for that creature. Mass delusion going on.
      Thanks Marjorie for the little glimmer of hope.

    • I listened to the NYT Daily podcast today regarding polling. They shared a brief moment of a call being made–the phone ringing and being picked up. What I thought was: I do not even have a landline anymore–and I am 65. Who in the world are these pollsters reaching? What kind of sample is it–it certainly doesn’t represent someone like me who lacks a landline AND doesn’t answer unknown phone numbers. As I said before–I’m 65. Young people don’t have landlines and they don’t answer unknown numbers either. I’ve not heard a good, strong, explanation as to how polls are now being conducted to address the landline/people not ansswering unknown callers issue. It explains, to me, how they were so far off in 2022 in the midterm election.

      Also—the Republicans’ positions on reproductive rights will wipe out lots of Republicans chances to hold office. BUT… the new Trump party is actually the RINO party, which is pretty funny and sad at the same time.

  9. @Andre, this is very hopeful.

    Also, it’s been noted elsewhere that Biden is rising in the polls. Putting aside all the dodgy Republican-leaning outfits pumping out GOP-favorable polls, and only focusing on accurate professional pollsters such as Quinnipiac, we can see that Biden has risen modestly (2-6 points, depending) in just the last month, and continues to rise as the economy improves and he modulates his stance toward Israel.

    Also, as Marjorie points out, Trump and his surrogates have been performing below expectations in polls, while Biden has been performing ahead. In fact, the “Trump brand” has been doing an average of 8 points worse acrosss all elections (and up to 15 points worse in individual races, e.g., in Michigan). One reason polling is iffy is that sampling is skewed; only about a quarter of Americans–the oldest, most conservative ones, generally, so those most likely to support Trump–still have landline phones, which is where most pollsters traditionally get their responses. It’s much harder to get an accurate polling sample these days.

  10. I get a kick outa watching Trump scrounge for cash to the point of begging Musk because no financial institution will lend him a dime anymore. A feeling of glee with a twinkle in my eyes.
    Anyway, being that Haley has no interest in running on the “No Labels” ticket as this requires a Democrat running mate, things are looking really good for Dems, even if Biden becomes persona non grata by the convention. The Super Delegates will chose a suitable replacement.
    I recommend Marjorie’s reading on Adam Schiff who has an official birth time. He seems mighty chipper over the election period; which I’m guessing is not just about him becoming a Senator, as that is pretty much easy peasy for him in a State like Cali. with powerhouse Pelosi’s backing, but more about the larger picture of Democrats collective triumph.

  11. To me, the key astrological indicator in the US chart is the Chiron return at 20 Aries, indicating national healing. Since Chiron has a 50-year cycle, it last happened in 1974. That was the year Nixon resigned, ending the Watergate crisis. This was followed by his pardon, the end of the Vietnam war and the election of Jimmy Carter. The country turned the page on a nightmare. Chiron will be exactly at 20 Aries over the election in November thus ending the Trump nightmare. I wish people would stop worrying, and the media would stop over-dramatizing. Trump will likely end his life in jail and bankrupt. Biden will likely be re-elected if he can breathe. Kamala will likely be President within two years.

    • Interesting, Andre. 19 Aries is the degree of the ‘Great American Eclipse’ in a month’s time. SS 8 North, Brady says it signals “intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas, visions or vivid dreams”. The eclipse is conjunct tr Chiron. Brady also says its a time when “a person needs to be free, if only for a few weeks”. I’ve never made up my mind, but locations where an eclipse is visible are said to feel the effects the most. Seems like a meaningful astro ‘coincidence’ here?

      • Read an article today about how the eclipse on April 8 is a repetition of one that occurred in 1970 on March 8th:

        “The total solar eclipse on April 8 is part of Saros 139, which was responsible for a total solar eclipse across Africa 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours earlier, on March 29, 2006. Precisely 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours after April 8, 2024 — on April 20, 2042 — the same Saros will produce a total solar eclipse in Asia.”


        “So the same celestial mechanics that will cause the total solar eclipse on April 8 produced a total solar eclipse in North America on March 7, 1970. That path of totality occurred slightly to the east, throwing Mexico, the U.S. (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Massachusetts) and Canada (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland) under the moon’s shadow. After April 8, it will next visit North America again on May 11, 2078, when Mexico and the U.S. (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia) will experience totality.”

        • Thanks VF, such fascinating celestial mechanics! I think the Lunar eclipse this month is also very interesting – but (at a swift glance!) not so much for the USA, it appears to land on planets and points for nations that are already in the news in Europe and the Middle East. Mars in Aries will, potentially, activate both eclipse points in May. Warrior Mars opposes the Lunar eclipse at the same time as the New Moon 18 Taurus, which aligns with Uranus 22 Taurus. Be interesting to see how this works out, in terms of Mars triggering the eclipse points so soon after the event.

          • Thank you Jane. Worrying about Mars in Aries triggering those points. That lunar eclipse this month will square the 862Russia chart’s Moon in Cancer and conjunct its Midheaven, which will be interesting.

            Btw, apparently the 1970 solar eclipse is mentioned in the lyrics of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’:

            Then you flew your lear jet up to Nova Scotia
            To see the total eclipse of the sun

          • Love those lyrics VF. How little has changed eh? The lyrics still describe the super-rich, I checked them out. Well, I suppose all those ‘Gilded Age’ types were the same, just without the private jets. From a number of Marjorie’s posts about various topics, I think we’re in for a very bumpy spring and summer. But faintly hold out hope for some positive, abundant springtime beauty from that Jupiter/Uranus pairing that’s around in April. Could it mean fruitful surprises and inspirations for some? Might we see a glimpse of ruling Venus in Taurus at her loveliest?

            I’m looking at the Mars in Aries triggers to both eclipses as a kind of test. Triggers do seem to work, and Mars in Aries will be pretty straightforward and potent. For all my fascination with eclipses, I don’t feel as if I have a clue! Yet I can see they are meaningful, perhaps most of all in mundane astrology.

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