EU – right tilt running into stormy seas

The upcoming EU elections according to the polls point to a populist victory, with the Greens are set to be the biggest losers. Nearly half of the parliament’s 720 seats could be held by populist right-wing parties, with the parties led by  Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and France’s Marine Le Pen doing well.

NB. Polls to be treated with a bucket of salt.

   What is clear looking at the EU chart of 31 December 1957 11pm Brussels, is that the years between 2021 to 2026 are the most critical in its history. It might not be too much to say it is when the bloc is fighting for its soul.  

 There are two key configurations in the EU chart – one is an 8th house Taurus Moon opposition Neptune square Uranus opposition Venus – fixed, not flexible, secretive, overly optimistic on the cash front. The other is a 12th house Pluto square Mars in argumentative Sagittarius in the 3rd – which could suggest corruption or dirty dealings between the scenes. Both of the above point to a distinct dislike of change and transparency.

  Not only has tr Uranus been rattling the Fixed Moon, Uranus and then Venus since 2020/21. The Solar Arc Mars square Solar Arc Pluto has been colliding with the EU Fixed planets since 2020/21as well – with the SA Pluto aiming to oppose the 8th house Moon through 2025 which will bring exceptional economic pressures to bear, exacerbated when SA Mars is conjunct the speculative 5th house Venus in 2026.

 And to cap it all tr Uranus into Gemini will start to rattle up the 12th house Pluto square Mars through 2026/27 for a time of aggravation, high-tension, risk and perhaps secrets being dragged out into the open. Tr Pluto is also square the 2nd house Neptune in 2026/27 for financial panics.

 On a cursory glance Le Pen will be one foot forward one foot back this year and into turbulent possibly cataclysmic times in 2026/27.

 Meloni looks less troubled.

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    • Of interest re Ursula von der Leyen – Marjorie wrote on 30 January 2021 – “2022/23 look more of an uphill struggle with 2024 running both her personal and her EU Admin chart into the buffers.”

  1. The EU Natal Chart has Sun/Moon in earth signs, with its Sun in Capricorn – which indeed, does mean Saturn rulership wishing to be “the boss”. It is also in the fourth house which is ruled by the Moon/Cancer. The Moon in the Solar Arc is in the tenth house and in Cancer. However, its Natal Chart has the Moon – the voters – in Taurus in the eighth house (Politics). Taurus rules the throat, perhaps the people will speak up and vote for their politics? Its Sun/Moon midpoint is in Pisces, EU’s sixth house – daily work/health/lives – with its Pluto in Virgo in the twelfth house – hidden secrets. Virgo rules the sixth house, with its ruler planet Mercury – communication. Marjorie writes about secrets coming to the fore. Maybe a huge political scandal will come out? The Solar Arc Pluto is in the second house – in individual’s money, yet in Scorpio (politics and others people’s money). This theme may show more disapproval about their daily lives and where their money is going. What is it being spent on and what they are getting from EU?

  2. The EU Maastricht Treaty Chart 1 November 1993 has its Sun at 8 Scorpio, Pluto/Mars at 24 Scorpio, Saturn at 23 Aquarius and Moon at 24 Taurus. It is a very fixed chart with no mutable planets. This chart is currently being activated by Uranus at 24 Taurus. The Maastricht Sun on the EU 1957 North Node seems to indicate this Treaty encompasses the EU’s destiny. The fact it also opposes EU 1957 Moon suggests that there was also the potential for future conflict between the leaders and the people. The problem is that while the EU started out as a flexible organisation it has become increasingly fixed and unable to cope with change. This weakness may eventually destroy it. The biggest test may come in 2028 when the Pluto/Saturn Square is going to hit both the 1957 and 1993 charts.

    • On the day of the Brexit referendum (23 June 2016), tr Mars was at 23 Scorpio 24, and tr Uranus was at 23 Aries 58.

      It suggests the Maastricht chart is a better indicator of what happens to the EU than the 1957 chart.

  3. The Greens are part of ‘Woke’ which people are increasingly wary of. Also Michael Moore’s film ‘Planet Of The Humans’ demonstrates that the ‘renewables’ are filled with corporate criminality and actually doesn’t work and is wasteful.

  4. Interesting and confusing times. If Labour wins a comfortable majority in the UK General Election (as opinion polls predict), all the indications are that a Starmer administration is likely to cosy up to Brussels on a range of issues, including on illegal immigration and ‘sharing the load’. However, Meloni and Le Pen (along with some other EU leaders)have much more in common with Farage than with Starmer.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. I’ve been uneasy about all of this for some time. One thing I noticed is that the EU chart here has 29 Pisces on the descendant. The slightly earlier Treaty of Rome chart (March 1957) has Venus at 29 Pisces in the 6th house. Venus rules the Asc, and financial 8th in that chart. Anyway, the Neptune/Scheat influence is right there for both these charts. So definitely stormy seas, as you say. Also the rider’s fall from the skies, while the winged horse Pegasus soars above. Scheat can indicate overcoming difficulties, but always carries the message of falls – whether symbolic or tangible.
    Much lively mutable energy in the planets over these elections too. And Black Moon Lilith in Virgo approaches her exact opposition to Neptune later in June – which may say something about female politicians? BML will be conjunct the EU chart’s ascendant…..

  6. Marjorie said ‘a 12th house Pluto square Mars in argumentative Sagittarius in the 3rd – which could suggest corruption or dirty dealings between the scenes. Both of the above point to a distinct dislike of change and transparency.’

    To me this speaks directly of interference from outside, the Bear and the Dragon, who even now are trying very hard to disrupt, weaken and break, the west. Not enough cohesive action regarding this threat, even with Pluto in Aquarius.

        • Might be worth keeping an eye on the fixed star constellations of Draco, the Dragon, and both Ursa Minor and Ursa Major – the Little Bear and the Great Bear. Draco almost surrounds Ursa Minor, stretching from 17 Aries to 27 Sagittarius. There is a 25 Pisces Lunar Eclipse opposite Alkaid, in Ursa Major,26 Virgo, in September. This star is known as the “destroyer of nations”, and can portend weather-related upheavals and disasters, amongst other things.

          “With vast convolutions Draco holds

          The ecliptic axis in his scaly folds.

          O’er half the skies his neck enormous rears,

          And with immense meanders parts the Bears.”

          — Erasmus Darwin’s Economy of Vegetation

          • Thanks for the details, Jane, quite alarming in light of the present situation worldwide. I think more people are using the fixed stars now than they used to, also asteroids are coming into prominence, though I tend not to use too many of them, can get confusing with the large amount of astro information.

          • The fixed stars do seem to send messages when they aspect a planet, mostly in mundane astrology. Also, with a lunation or eclipse I think they could be significant too. Maybe they just amplify things? I’ve studied them for some years, but can’t say I really understand them! Agree re the asteroids, too much! However, now and then they appear very apt – I sometimes look at the asteroid ephemeris and an appropriate named one will be prominently aligned with a planet in quite a spooky way. I think of that as some sort of cosmic joke in the spirit of Jung.

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