Amanda Knox – the never ending saga -++ charts point to unholy entanglement

Amanda Knox is still fighting legal battles in Italy 17 years after she was wrongly accused of murdering Merdeith Kercher. She was initially convicted and jailed for four years, then faced five trials before she was acquitted in 2015. She has lost an attempt to overturn her slander conviction for blaming the wrong man immediately after the murder. Her three-year sentence has been upheld for which she has served time and she has been ordered to pay costs to wrongly accused man.

Her plea was that she had been “tricked” and “slapped” by Italian police after the murder and that they had forced her to accuse an innocent man of the killing during a lengthy night-time interrogation without a lawyer and a translator. She said “I was forced to submit, I was too confused and exhausted to resist,” she said, adding: “I’m very sorry I was not strong enough to have resisted the police pressure. I was scared, tricked and mistreated. I gave the testimony in a moment of existential crisis.” She wrote the following day: “In regards to this ‘confession’ that I made last night, I want to make it clear that I’m very doubtful of the verity of my statements because they were made under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion.”

 She was born 9 July 1987 2.47am Seattle, Washington, and has a Cancer Sun trine Pluto; with Pluto square Mars in Leo and an 8th house Neptune opposition Venus Mercury in Cancer in her 2nd square North Node in Aries. Her Mars square Pluto would tend to attract her into high-drama and high-risk situations which her 8th house Neptune opposition Mercury would not handle well, tending to split off into confusion. Plus she has no Earth planets so will not be practical or grounded.

  Her relocation chart to Perugia is not startlingly bad though it does put Uranus on her IC opposition Chiron on her MC. Melanie Rhinehart remarks of Chiron opposition Uranus is that it heightens the need for freedom and can bring problems with authority figures.

 Given her 7th house Uranus and her Sun/Moon midpoint being conjunct her Libra South Node one might argue that relationships would be where she met her greatest challenge, one way or another.

 It always was an odd case and she reacted very bizarrely at the time – but for all that ifs and buts the Italian police acted appallingly badly and nothing should be allowed to stand from any interrogation done under these circumstances.  

 Not that she looks like prevailing with tr Pluto opposition her Mars this year and next which is frustratingly trapped. With tr Pluto having a few more years before it exits her legal 9th.

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From an old post during the original trials:

‘What is intriguing is the North Node cross over between Knox and Sollecito whom she’d only known for two weeks before the murder. His Aries Sun is exactly conjunct her Aries Moon’s North Node – a fated connexion indeed.

  Even more so is Knox with Rudy Guede, the Ivory Coast drifter (26 Dec 1986) who is now serving time for the murder after a fast track trial though he now claims his innocence and is appealing. His Sun Neptune in Capricorn is closely square Knox’s NNode and her Cancer Sun is exactly square his Aries NNode. And his Sun Neptune is closely square Sollecito’s Sun. Destinies that criss crossed.

  Knox’s relationship chart with Sollecito has a Venus conjunct NNode opposition Pluto which is passionate and her relationship chart with Guede has a Yod of Venus sextile Pluto quincunx NNode. Both would certainly fit with the idea of ‘sex games. On the night of the murder (2 Nov 2007) the Scorpio Sun was conjunct the composite Venus on the Knox/Sollecito relationship chart; and conjunct the composite Pluto on the Knox/Guede relationship chart. Whatever happened that night and who did it – there are certainly astrological pointers to a very fated connection between all three of them.’

And the synastry between Meredith Kercher and Knox is also startling with Meredith’s Sun Neptune in Capricorn falling in Knox’s 8th house and her Mars in Scorpio conjunct Knox’s Pluto.

  What an unholy entanglement of fated connections.

Extra thought – Knox’s Mars square Pluto is one of those never-let-go-grievances traits. Think Angelina Jolie. No matter how justified, there comes a point where moving on and accepting that life is sometimes unfair is sensible.

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  1. She was arrested for slander. Which I believe has more to do with the bar owner who was found to have nothing to do with any of it. I do know that in some countries that slander is a criminal offence. So returning to Italy was not the wisest of moves on her part. But as the bar owner now lives in Poland, I am amazed that the police even bothered.

    So what it truly says about justice, is don’t answer any questions that the police may put and don’t implicate anyone else and make sure you have a good lawyer.

    A great many European countries’ legal system is of the Napoleonic Code, which doesn’t follow the ‘innocent until proven guilty’. So while some practically lock you up and throw away the key: others at least attempt some form of due process.

    It should be pointed out that Amanda and her husband earn their living making videos and podcasts and doing the lecture tour circuit about her experience of the justice she received in Italy. And she was plying her trade in Italy when she was arrested.

    So make of that what you will. While Amanda has every right to try and get justice for herself, I would gave more respect if she actually attempted to help others who had been unfairly incarcerated. And in this respect, I find the whole thing grotesque especially with regard to Meredith Kercher and her family.

    While Amanda has been given a second chance via the ECHR, for murder victims there is no second chance. For the Kercher family the hell goes on via Amanda Knox abd the Italian justice system.

    • Thank you. You’ve said what needed to be said about her having created a career and business out of this harrowing set of events in ways that continue to cause distress and malign others.

    • ‘A great many European countries’ legal system is of the Napoleonic Code, which doesn’t follow the ‘innocent until proven guilty’.”

      Just to clarify: Continental European countries follow Civil Law (codified), but not necessarily Napoleonic Code. For instance, Nordic countries mostly base their judicial system to Swedish Civil Code of 1734, where presumption of innocence was already well established, if not in concise wording, by then. There are also countries where judicial system is largely based on Napoleonic Code which have the same presumption of innocence as Common and Nordic Law countries, including Spain. I almost feel that Italy and France may be exceptions after, for instance, Eastern Bloc countries revisited their judicial systems.

  2. The word that hardly gets mentioned in connection with this heartbreaking case is: drugs. They were all out of their minds that night and on realising the horror Amanda’s psyche buried it. She truly believes she is innocent although she was already known to be a user before she went to Italy. The rest got caught up in the Plutonian power games that spiralled out of control. The police indeed botched the case and evidence was compromised so the truth will never be known but I don’t believe that Amanda is wholly innocent.

  3. We took a family vacation where Uranus relocated was on my IC. It was horrible, and I hope we never go there again. Parents were acting erratic, and I was in fear. Not a good placement.

  4. Knox’s Venus/Mercury in Cancer opposition Neptune in Capricorn squares onto her nodal axis and her South Node was conjunct the March 25th lunar eclipse this year. Her Mercury is retrograde and in opposition to Neptune which makes me wonder if she could be neurodivergent, perhaps accounting for her eccentric/odd behaviour in the aftermath of Meredith Kercher’s murder. Mercury also rules her Gemini ascendant of course. Pluto squares her Midheaven natally so it’s interesting to note that it was a death/murder which brought her into the public spotlight and also that lawyer, Carlo Pacelli labelled her a ‘witch’ and a ‘she-devil’.

    Sure I’ve read somewhere that personal planets squaring the nodes in the natal chart can indicate ‘skipped lessons’, not learned in previous incarnations (if you believe in reincarnation).

    • Unbelievable, all these years later. The 16 Gemini New Moon squares Saturn tomorrow, 18 Pisces, so opposes/squares Amanda K’s natal Saturn in Sagittarius, and her natal Moon, 21 Sagittarius. Meredith Kercher, 28 December, 1985, had Mercury 17 Sagittarius conjunct Uranus 19 Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius seems quite ‘legal history’ in a way, with the tr square from victim/healer Pisces being quite a tough one to negotiate. August’s Jupiter square Saturn, 17 degrees, also has a legal flavour and may also be relevant.

      And re the Nodes – Meredith Kercher had Mars in Scorpio, conjunct Pluto and the S Node, deep, dark and challenging. These align with Amanda K’s natal Pluto. Her Sun, 6 Capricorn, is conjunct Neptune,3 Capricorn, and Venus, 1 Capricorn. These meet Amanda’s natal Neptune 6 Capricorn, opposing her Mercury in Cancer and Venus. And square A’s Nodes. Some very strange karma there of some kind I feel.

      Thanks to the hysteria, serious police errors and failings, and so on we may never really know for certain what happened. There are other cases in various locations where the police become obsessed with one perpetrator, and refuse to see the holes in their case. One can only hope justice prevails eventually, but that doesn’t always happen.

      • Thank you, Jane – I didn’t know of Meredith’s chart. Her Mars/Pluto/Soth Node in Scorpio is mind blowing, uncanny, coinciding as it does with Amanda’s natal Pluto.

        I had a look at planetary positions for November 1st 2007, All Soul’s Day, the day of Meredith’s death. Halloween celebrations were taking place the previous day. Some startling discoveries – there was a Sun/Saturn/Black Moon Lilith that day, Sun was at 8 degrees Scorpio, Saturn 6, BML 10, so all conjunct Amanda’s natal Pluto and therefore conjunct Meredith’s Mars/Pluto/South Node.

        As you say, from a karmic perspective it’s quite a chilling synastry.

        • Correction – Saturn 6 degrees Virgo – I always muddle up the symbols for Virgo and Scorpio. But nonetheless, that Sun/BML conjunction at the time of Meredith’s death is rather apt. Also, transit Mars was in Cancer conjunct Amanda’s Mercury, opposing her Neptune.

        • Thanks for those rather unsettling details VF. I just looked at Italy 1861 chart on here…..only to see that its Pluto is 8 Taurus. The Moon in that chart is 25 Taurus, which aligns with Meredith’s natal BML, 26 Taurus. AK’s Cancer Sun, 16, is just four degrees from the Italian S Node, her BML at 25 Cancer sits on the other side.

          There’s no birth time for Meredith, however her Moon is in Cancer, and will have been 20 degrees at some time on the day of her birth. They were both drawn to study in Italy, but it really wasn’t the best place for them to be as young students. One of those situations where we can ponder fate and free will for ever.

          • Also Rudy Guede – 26/12/1986, Abidjan, Ivory Coast – Pluto 9 Scorpio conjunct a possible Scorpio Moon (1 degree at midday) plus Venus 19 Scorpio and Sun 4 Capricorn conjunct Neptune 5 degrees. Links right into Amanda and Meredith’s astrology. Another BML connection with his in Cancer 3 degrees opposite his Capricorn Sun/Neptune. His Chiron, 17 Gemini opposition a Uranus/Saturn/Mercury stellium in Sagittarius is part of a T Square on Jupiter/Mars in Pisces at 16 and 20 degrees. Recently had his nodal return. Scorpio, with its arachnid associations is perhaps the sign most associated with fate. It’s strange how those degrees of the sign repeat in the charts of those associated with the crime as well as the event itself. At the time, the police/prosecution was lurid in its imagination, alleging that the crime was connected to an occult sex game gone awry, all very Scorpionic themes

          • Raffaelo Sollecito, 26 March 1984 with AA rating on Mars 27 Scorpio, sextile a Capricorn Moon, and opposing Chiron, 29 Taurus. Again, the mutable theme emerges with Venus 14 Pisces conjunct BML 11 Pisces, trine Saturn 15 Scorpio and square Uranus 13 Sagittarius. Tricky mix there. The Nodes are 10 Gemini/Sagittarius, and believe it or not the ascendant is 18 Sagittarius. Tr Saturn exactly squares that now, while tr Mars is inconjunct his natal Scorpio Mars now too. Although not involved in this particular court case, everything must be stirring in his psyche and memory.
            His natal Aries Sun 5 degrees squares Neptune, 1 Capricorn – also linking him to Amanda and Meredith.
            I can’t find a date of birth for Patrick Lumumba, but chances are we might see some more of these patterns there. He is older, so won’t share the generational links.
            The web here is so intense, but possibly this applies to other cases. I imagine it does.

      • Not wanting to take the discussion too far in the wrong direction but it’s interesting that we have two 22nd degree Sag moons in the news recently – one seeking justice, one seeking to avoid it!

  5. Here are some other notables who share the Chiron opp Uranus aspect:
    Anwar al-Awlak, killed by drone strike; Abu al-Zarqawi, terrorist; Dwayne
    Chapman, TV’s bounty hunter; Hugo Chavez; Oscar Pistorius; James
    Holmes, theater shooter; Prince Harry; Mark Furmsn, O.J. investigator;
    Amy Fisher. Also consider other aspects to their Chiron.

  6. It is interesting that a statistically significant number of athletes possess the Chiron
    opp Uranus aspect…e.g. Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert Lloyd, Kathy McMillan(USA
    track & field champ), and Ed Moses hurdler who won gold in Montreal,1976, and in
    Los Angeles, 1984. Perhaps they are literally trying to run away from their wounds
    and issues.
    Consider that our own activities mirror our inner state, and one ot the means we
    use to avoid having to sit down and think deeply about our issues is to stay busy and
    physically active all the time.

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