Aileen Cannon & Fani Willis – US justice creaks

  Trump’s legal woes just lightened with the Florida judge Aileen Cannon, whom he appointed, kicking his classified documents case down the road, possibly past the election. And the Georgia appeals court has halted the election subversion conspiracy case to inquire into the relationship between the DA Fani Willis and the special prosecutor.

  ‘The appeals court’s decision underscores Trump’s series of successes in his long-running strategy to put prosecutors on the defensive, attack them in the public sphere and challenge them in court.’

 Aileen Cannon, 1 February 1981, Cali, Colombia (net source says from public record), is a Sun Aquarius with an ultra-determined and can-be-ruthless Mars in Aquarius trine Pluto, sextile Neptune; and Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Libra.

 What is of note is that tr Uranus will square her Mars 16th of this month to early July and again late October, across the November election and for a final time in spring 2025.  Tr Uranus hitting Mars can be a shock of sorts, bringing insecurity and the likelihood of over reactions. She also has her Solar Arc Mars opposition her Saturn now which is usually a stumbling block. October to early February 2025 tr Neptune squares her Mercury/Pluto midpoint (= cunning, falsehood). (NB, assuming birth date is accurate).

  Her relationship chart with Trump has a fated yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mercury (same as with Jared Kushner, born three weeks earlier). Tr Saturn is blocking Pluto on one leg of the yod in the second half of this August and again late January 2025.

  Fani Willis, the Georgia DA, 27 October 1971, a Scorpio with Mercury Venus also in Scorpio; plus Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune Jupiter in Sagittarius, also has her Mars at the same degree in late Aquarius as Judge Cannon. Or indeed depending on her birth time it could be a degree earlier so is catching the tr Uranus square exactly now as her Trump case is delayed. That shock influence repeats in late October through to December and again in spring 2025.  She is looking defeated till early September.

  Her relationship chart with Trump has a competitive composite Sun square Mars which is being seriously rattled by tr Uranus in hard aspect in late this month and through July, again October/November this year. And undermined with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn from May till early September and again in spring 2025.

  There is something seriously wrong with sections of the US judiciary from several different directions. Shades of hanging chads in 2000 and banana republic decisions.

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    This is a case where once again it is “There is the law for me, and the law for thee, and the law for thee, is not the law for me”. Once again. The url gives the consequences for what he did for the rest of us – which is why those of us who know are horrified. The rest of us are quite stringently held to this.

    From the URL:

    Retention refers to keeping or holding onto classified documents or material beyond the authorized period or without proper clearance.

    Other things to know about this law if you are accused of violating it:

    The law does not require the government to prove that the removal or retention of such classified documents caused any harm. Instead, it is only necessary for it to show that you acted knowingly, willfully, and without authorization.

    Prosecutors don’t have to prove that you retained classified information to procure a conviction. They only have to prove that you intended to retain it, whether or not there is evidence that you did so.

    Violating 18 U.S. Code 1924 can result in severe penalties. If convicted, you could receive the following:

    Up to 5 years in federal prison;
    Fines up to $250,000; or
    Both fines and imprisonment.

  2. Hello ! Can you look at the chart for the republican convention that will take place Milwaukee , Wisconsin from July 15-18?

  3. Marjorie, I know you have a lot of worried Americans on your site. We are going through something over here. Thank you for your posts and trying to help us. My own astrology? Uranus transiting is conjunct my Sun and Pluto transiting is conjunct my Saturn. Foundations don’t feel so secure – a shake up.

    • Uranus transiting is conjunct my Sun as well. Transit Mercury is also conjunct my natal Mercury. I feel like something is about to happen but I get the sense of how much it will affect me is how much I want it to. Trying to enter into this moment by feeling empowered and less that the rug is going to be pulled out from under me (which it might anyway).

  4. Why isn’t Aileen Cannon taken off the case given her ‘conflict of interest’ ? I would have thought that would be obvious because he was involved in getting her appointed.

    • *All* federal judges are appointed by a President. They are still expected to be impartial in all cases.

      Even if you change the judge to one appointed by another judge, the argument would be that such judges may be prejudiced against Trump instead of in his favour.

      Trump is about as Marmite as one can get in the US.

    • She needs to commit at least one more egregious legal error. I’ve read on another site that the very conservative Appeals Court circuit she’s in — I think the 5th– has a practice of “three strikes and you’re out.” They’ve overruled her twice already. The Special Counsel is waiting for a major error/clearly partisan ruling to request they overrule and remove her. She’s vastly incompetent and inexperienced for a case this critical and somewhat complicated. But Smith has one shot only at getting her removed from the case, legal experts say.

  5. Thank you Marjorie.

    So we have Cannon, Alito and Thomas – disgraceful judges with questionable loyalties (not loyal to liberal democracy–Alito & Thomas seem to be on a religious crusade with their wives). There was a judge that let off Kyle Rittenhouse who murdered a protester during the Black Lives Matter protests who was blatantly promoting the authoritarian agenda. People who hold positions that should be left to honorable folk, judges. And then we have members of congress and the senate who are aligned with, it looks like Putin.

    I know you tire of our American shenanigans (oh if they were just silly jokes!), but…it’s important that the Cannon case involves national security and so, this Cannon stunt is a bit traitorous. What is up with this movement among politicians–and it’s not just here in the U.S.? The movement towards authoritarianism, the disloyalty to one’s country and the abandonment of possibility of real democracy.

    Mike Johnson (the speaker of the house) has appointed a gentleman named Scott Perry and also Ronnie Jackson to the Intelligence Committee. (Jackson is a demoted former military doctor who is now a congressman in Texas.) Johnson and Perry were both involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

    Also…lots of news on Rick Grenell rubbing shoulders with right-wing forces in Europe/Eastern Europe along with Jerred Kushne’s business in Serbia which involves building a monument for those who “suffered at the hands of NATO”

    This and American senators and congresspeople speaking the script of Putin without shame or censure.

    And then there’s the text group with Erick Prince

    So many who hold power are aligned with dark forces and speak of their disloyalty to their own country blatantly, with no remorse or shame.

    And yet, of course, life goes on…but this stuff cannot be good for anyone.

    • And Trump wants to indict and imprison the members of Congress who served honorably on the January 6th Committee as well of course the judges, prosecutors and jurors who have investigated and/or convicted him of his many crimes and civil offenses. If he’s allowed to do that the American judicial system is dead along with American democracy, which is already on life support.

      Banana republic, anyone?

      • It’s so awful to observe
        The press has such a hard time getting it right

        The movement to dismantle democracy by successfully portraying everyone as crooked is working—not everyone is crooked. And certainly most people in public service up until recently actually work to make life better for the people they serve.

        Also, I was listening to a podcast called Behind the Lines -it’s made by Arthur Snell ( He interviewed a historian who commented that the US is now choosing incompetent elected officials because we now do not respect the idea that some people have actual expertise-that’s how you end up with a bozo like Trump as president & the many, many idiots in congress & Tommy Tuberville in the senate (special mention as he is a Russian puppet with an empty head) the average person thinks they’d make a good president without any knowledge about anything. (Just as many think they understand public health from what they find on the internet.)

        Sorry for going on & on—the Russians are winning the mind-f*$!ing war. I hope my country learns from Poland & Estonia how to combat this.

  6. Thank you Marjorie. Yes, as a US citizen, I feel our country is in trouble and has been for a while. It seems wrong to use the judiciary system to punish and interfere with elections & politicians. I am not a Trump by the way.

  7. Thanks for these analyses, Marjorie.

    Is there any hope in these charts that Cannon will eventually be removed from the case and that the Georgia case will move forward?

    Good points, Troy.

    Thanks again.

  8. Meh, this isn’t nearly as significant as you’re making it out to be. The supposed “banana republic” maneuvers are in state jurisdictions like Georgia where unscrupulous Republicans have outsize influence on the system (e.g., the Fani Willis prosecution), and among federal (national) judges who are where they are as a result of Leonard Leo’s decades-long project to install right-wing (and Republican, it goes without saying) judges at the federal level, as LizM points out. (Despite the Federalist Society’s efforts, right-wing Republican appointees only make up about a third of the federal bench—too many, but hardly total capture of the system.)

    Judge Cannon’s ridiculous foot-dragging isn’t particularly a “win” for Trump at this point; it’s a slow-moving train of obvious incompetence and partisanship that brings her ever-closer to being removed from the case by her superiors on the 11th Circuit appeals court. Right now, Jack Smith is building a strong case for her removal, an exercise which will bear fruit in the coming months.

    Despite the pollution of Trump and partisan Republicans’ influence, the whole system is working more or less as designed—that is, slowly, in a multi-layered fashion, and with an extreme presumption of the defendant’s innocence (even a defendant as clearly monstrous as Trump) baked into the cake. It’s that way by design.

    Troy is right; things aren’t going well for Trump legally (no matter what they’re braying over at Fox News), and Trump’s legal troubles have only begun. It will just take time—and this would have been the case even if Trump had never ridden down that faux-golden escalator and into the presidency. The system is working. Patience.

    • I sure hope you are right. I was the one who asked for this post – analysis – as I am concerned by what I see. I am a middle of the roader by the way – neither too far right nor too far left. I have been called a pragmatist by good friends on both sides of the aisle – but what I see in this court case has gotten me very concerned.

      What has me upset about Fani Willis – is there was support for this prosecution and Kemp the Republican Governor would not bow down before the former President in the election. Cannon has me concerned as those of us who have worked in DC know that this kid glove treatment is not usually done in these types of cases with these documents.

      I very much appreciate you weighing in. I hope you are right about Jack Smith and that there are things going on in the background at the moment that we do not see.

    • If it was just Trump that would be different. In my life I’ve not seen the strange antics like those of Republicans —from the recent booing in Pilidelphia (?) towards the police officers who were protecting the capitol on Jan 6 to the clowns in their Trump costumes showing up at Trump’s recent NY trail to…the power given to Jim Jordan, the show impeachment hearings & at the same time, accusations of show trials —that’s mind-f***ing propaganda stuff that the Republicans (aka Russian stooges) are participating in—I’ve followed politics most of my life. Never saw anything like it here in the US before but I do know people from Russia & other countries who know what this is—it is NOT business as usual

      Neptune anyone? Last grasps of Capricorn in Pluto?

      Whatever it is—creating “memes” (in the tradition use—ideas) to distort the ability to discern truth is evil as far as I’m concerned.

  9. It comes across as frustrating but I view this through a different lense, so not overly concerned. Typical Trumpers may see this as a win, and bed wetting Democrats…the usual! But this is myopic, and here’s why. All the money Trump is now raising will jointly be spent on legal fees and campaigning. And the SCOTUS will soon rule that he does NOT have immunity because if the they were rule in his favor, then Biden would have the same immunity. Now when he loses the election, a lot of that money will have been waisted on the campaign; hence, less money to pay those hefty legal fees as his supporters will be demoralized and tapped out for the most part(even his rich friends will have to pivot). And there’s most likely going to be more lawsuits and indictments after he loses. His atonement is at hand, but it still has a process to play out.
    As I’ve said before, his fate is to drag the GOP down with him; which should become more evident at their convention that is expected to be an ‘excrement’ show!. So to all the good folks, just exercise a little more patience. He’ll hit rock bottom soon enough.

    • @ Troy, the SCOTUS isn’t going to directly rule on the immunity case.
      What it will do is send the case to the lower court and force that court to have a mini-trial so as to make sure that any ruling is delayed until after the election.

      I hope everything that you stated comes to pass, but I am not holding my breath because it seems as if Trump always escapes unscathed.

    • Troy—the Trumpers are heavily armed.
      Pandora’s box was opened & it isn’t just Trump—social media, the pandemic, the loss of traditional community..etc etc the love of violence in the US, the love of mindless entertainment has added to the chaos of the moment-it might have been used to create the chaos—the demons that left Pandora’s box are having their way with the disaffected (see Bannon, Flynn, etc etc etc)

  10. Thanks Marjorie for doing this. This is Leonard Leo’s doing as well as Trumps. Jack Smith is a good prosecutor. Cannon is out of her depth.

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