Michael Mosley – a holiday mishap ++ inspired but not realistic

The mysterious disappearance of popular tv doctor Michael Mosley on Wednesday on a Greek island bears similarities to a previous incident five years ago when a holidaymaker was never found, possibly lost at sea after a coastal walk. 

  Michael Mosley, 22 March 1957, Kolkata, India, is a Sun Mercury in Aries trine Uranus and sextile Mars in Gemini so go-ahead, likes excitement, communicative.  His Sun Mercury sextile Mars are on the legs of a yod inconjunct his Neptune which in turn is square Uranus – idealistic, escapist, a dreamer, fervent in his beliefs. He has another yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct his Sun Mercury giving him a liking for an audience.

  His Sagittarius Moon is close to his Saturn and maybe trine his Pluto and square Jupiter – he went to boarding school at 7, then Oxford, started in banking, took a medical degree, studied psychiatry then left to become a BBC trainee producer.

  His North Node is in Scorpio.

   What is noteworthy is that his Progressed Mars is sextile his Progressed Mercury and both are inconjunct his natal Saturn – which sounds obscure but sometimes these progressed or transiting yods can be influential. Mars inconjunct Saturn certainly suggests an accident of sorts.

Add On: Not all details are clear but it looks likely that he climbed a steep slope to the top of a hill on rough terrain in searing heat before stumbling around as he came down; and then died either from a fall or heat exhaustion/dehydration close to a beach resort.

  He was a risk-taker in his career, turning himself into a guinea pig for self-experiments on TV and radio – he ingested tapeworms for a documentary and then swallowed a camera to examine them wriggling around in his gut. Similarly he tried vaping, magic mushrooms, leeches and snake venom, all in the name of TV science.

 All of which is reflected in his Sun Mercury in Aries trine Uranus, sextile Mars in Gemini. It strikes me looking at his chart that the only earth planet is Jupiter in Virgo so he probably was not overly practical or grounded, despite being a doctor. His Aries Sun would thrive on action, more so allied with the adventurous Uranus Mars. Uranus square Neptune is inspired and inventive but not renowned for common sense or listening to advice. Plus he had a yod onto Neptune inconjunct his Sun Mercury sextile Mars which is idealistic and healing but also escapist, craving seclusion and peace, which may be why he thought the view from the hilltop was worth the slog without taking into consideration the physical toll.

  Looking at his midpoints: his Saturn which seems central to the tragedy sits opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint which is being triggered by his Progressed Mars – and that certainly is an accident/disaster signature.  His Sun is also exactly opposition his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which backs up a dreamy, not always realistic temperament.

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  1. RIP to Dr. Mosley – and may his family, friends, and fans find comfort in cherished memories.

    A poignant tie-in: The birth date I found for Dr. Clare Mosley, his wife, is November 11, 1959. This gives her a natal Moon in the range of 28 Pisces 53 to 11 Aries 14, which conjuncts her husband’s Sun-Mercury and opposes her Libra Venus-Node, marking their close relationship. With an early birth time T Neptune would be conjunct her Moon, directly referencing very sensitive individual timing and the possibility of an emotional transition (disappointment, dissolution, or loss) in their relationship.

  2. Thank you Marjorie for the add-on. Such a sad and shocking event, with so many weird resonances too.

    One thing I noticed is that Michael Mosley’s birthday is very close to the chart for Greek Independence Day, 25th March 1821. This chart also has an Aries Sun conjunct Mercury, plus Jupiter, squaring Uranus and Neptune conjunct at 3 Capricorn. As you say:
    “Plus he had a yod onto Neptune inconjunct his Sun Mercury sextile Mars which is idealistic and healing but also escapist, craving seclusion”
    That yod connects with the Greece 1821’s Sun/Mercury/Jupiter square Uranus/Neptune. Michael Mosley’s natal Leo Uranus sextile Gemini Mars makes a yod with the Greek Uranus/Neptune, in Capricorn perhaps symbolising the rocky mountainous path he took by mistake.
    His natal Venus in Pisces opposing Jupiter in Virgo (the popular doctor?) aligns with the Greek Pluto, 28 Pisces.
    Both charts have their Moon in Sagittarius. And the Greek Nodes, 13 Pisces/Virgo make a t-square with his natal Saturn 14 Sagittarius. Tr Sun and Venus were around 14 Gemini when he set out on his fateful walk.

    This isn’t astrocartography, but somehow these links (and I think there are more) seem eerily meaningful in this whole tragic story. A lovely man who helped and encouraged so many people to take small steps towards feeling better, and made taking care of yourself seem less daunting. RIP.

  3. The coroner has announced his death was natural causes (not specified) at around 2pm Weds. His health drive was somewhat a consequence of his father dying of diabetic complications at what he called the ‘early age of 74’. Michael was diagnosed with the same Type 2 condition which led to his campaigning for better dietary advice.
    Such a terrible shame, people that knew him say he was a genuinely nice man and from comments posted everywhere those of us who didn’t know him thought he came across as warm and friendly as well as a great educator ‘in layman’s terms’, an easy going communicator. Such a loss, this has upset me quite a bit.

  4. Desperately sad outcome. He’d only just arrived on the island – perhaps he tried to stick to the same level of activity as he would at home but fatefully, underestimated the searing heat.
    No surprise his chart is a mix of Aries (adventure), Gemini (curiousity) and Uranus (spontanety). As his wife lovingly said in her tribute ‘you so very nearly made it’ after the astonishingly steep climb. RIP to a lovely man whose kindness and warmth was written all over his face.

  5. What a horrid end for an utterly decent, lovely man, when so much of his work was about longevity and healthy ageing. I watched most of his documentaries, and follow quite a bit of the advice on his radio 4 series which is/was still on-going -“Just One Thing”. His work really was impactful – a life well lived. Oh what a dreadful shame, RIP, dear man. Condolences to all his loved pnes.

  6. Such a tragic loss, all the more at the age he was at and thr way it all happened. I’m shocked. I was a fan and will miss him.

  7. Breaking news – ‘The body was reportedly found with an umbrella in a rocky area near Agia Marina, close to a network of caves locally known as “The Abyss.”

    How sad for his family and those who knew him – but how spooky re the caves known as ‘The Abyss’ – Pluto ruling the underworld too

    • A man’s body has been found by searcher’s….awful news, such a nice, personable man. Thoughts with his family x

    • He went missing on the 5th not the 6th….but foul play crossed my mind. It was reported that he had gone out without a phone or water which first of all, how would they know and secondly, it just seems not credible – he’s a highly intelligent man – a doctor – he’d gone to the trouble of taking an umbrella but not water or his phone? There’s definitely something not adding up. Its awful.

      • I thought that too although his wife said he had left his phone; whether he’d genuinely forgotten to take it is another question, but how they knew he didn’t have water when he went missing, I don’t know. You’re right, it doesn’t make sense. I question why would an intelligent man go out in that kind of heat without being prepared but for an umbrella. It’s Weird. Nonetheless, his loss is absolutely tragic and my thoughts are with his family.

  8. Before slow moving planets change sign, we always see the theme of that planet writ large by an event or well known
    figure representing that theme. In this case Neptune moving into Aires, emphasising the issues of impulsiveness headstrongness, risk taking, not heeding commonsense or paying attention. Stockton Rush was a darker version of this theme.
    For a more immediate take I pulled some tarot cards – the question, what happened – reversed High priestess, reversed Fool, reversed Knight of cups is all self explanatory both literally and symbollically. Not listening to instinct or advise, confusing choice, being foolish and impulsive and knight of cups remphasises this but also suggests literally, dehydration. The Fool as the beginning of the Tarot is associated with Aires.

    • I didnt mention that I pulled 4 tarot cards because I didnt want it to be true or to ‘hex’ his chances, but the 4th was Death. I now look at the tarot with more respect.
      R.I.P. Dr Mosely and my deepest condolences to his family, and all the people on Symi who must be so affected by this.

  9. Virgo flake. Very interesting re difficult birth. My mother developed a.thrombosis that nearly killed her. I always got the feeling she blamed me but never said so. I’ve learned something new today. Thank you!

  10. “His Sun Mercury sextile Mars are on the legs of a yod inconjunct his Neptune which in turn is square Uranus – idealistic, escapist, a dreamer, fervent in his beliefs”

    May’s full Moon in Sagittarius opposed his natal Mars. Tr Jupiter is now conjunct natal Mars, currently just passed the trine with Pluto in Aquarius, which was exact on 3rd June. Neptune’s confusion seems prominent in this awful, sad story, as it is in his yod. Symi is one of the Dodecanese islands, where the Greek god Poseidon (Neptune) is prominent in the old myths.

    Michael Mosley appears to have gone missing on a rocky mountain path outside the village. I very much hope they find him, but it is hard to imagine he is safe and well.

      • Ceres can be a kind of catalyst I’ve noticed. Symi has a long history, and a strong atmosphere or energy I noticed when I went there. It once had a legendary King Nereus, who sent ships to the Trojan War – Nereus being a sea god, earlier than Poseidon. It also has a monastery of St Michael, with a beautiful little chapel and icons. I had a couple of very vivid and strange experiences on Symi, there is more than a touch of The Tempest’s haunted island about it somehow.

        • After looking at lots of local footage I can imagine you did. The Tempest seems incredibly apt. One of the first things I noticed was the Islands association with Archangel Michael, the wikipedia page for Archangel Michael of Panormitis is fascinating and in the circumstances, spooky.
          I confess to wanting to go there now, but feel awful the desire is sparked by this news.

          • I can’t find that page. I did find one on Orthodox Wiki. Can you tell me which page specifically do you refer to? Thank you!

        • A lot of Greek islands look very spooky – giant masses of soil, usually without any kind of vegetation except grass, immediately rising out of the sea: there are only cliffs around some island, no gentle beaches, gradually turning into higher terrain. Take a look at Makronisos, near Athens, for example.

          • I seem to recall that ancient Greece was open land, no Mediterranean sea in pre-history. When the Mediterranean flooded in from the Atlantic, the peaks of a chain of mountains were the only parts left above water, and known to us as the Greek Islands.. Hence Symi is a mountain top, bare of vegetation. Not a place for holidays, but Venetians did leave Symi with a very pretty little town.

  11. How awful for his wife and family. I hope he can be found.

    Looking at the chart for Dr.Mosely’s last sighting (5/6/24 1.30pm Symi) captured on cctv; a 21 degree Virgo ascendant with BLack Moon Lilith 27 Virgo rising and in the 1st, conjunct MM’s Jupiter and a Gemini Midheaven at 20 degrees with a cluster of planets in the 9th, including Sun and Venus, 15 Gemini and a tight stellium of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury at 1, 2 and 4 Gemini respectively all in tight trine to Pluto in Aquarius in the 5th. A Mars/Chiron conjunction in the 8th at 27/22 Aries. Sun is square Saturn in Pisces, Mars is square Pluto. Pars Fortuna in the 12th. An unaspected Uranus is the only Earth planet.

  12. And T Neptune is conjunct his natal Sun; potential timing for mysterious, vulnerable, or adverse conditions to affect the good doctor’s health and well-being.

  13. Mars in Aries – accidents, impulsiveness, a bit head in the clouds as Mars goes autopilot and propels you forward.

    Head being ruled by Aries.

    He went for a walk without water or his phone.

    The Sun transiting his Mars (Gem) and Mars transiting his Sun (Aries)…

    I get a heart sinking feeling looking at the astro

  14. And T Neptune is conjunct his Sun, potential timing for mysterious, vulnerable, or adverse conditions to affect the good doctor’s health and well-being.

  15. Newly released CCTV footage appears to show Dr Mosley, having arrived safely in Pedi, heading out on a path into the hills. It seems unlikely he’s gone into the sea, more likely that he’s suffered an accident in rocky terrain. I hope he’s found safe, but after 4 days missing in 40˚ heat, it seems unlikely. He seems such a lovely man. It’s just dreadful. I can’t imagine what his family are going through.

  16. Unfortunately I think transiting Pluto opposite natal Uranus (on numerous occasions I have found Uranus aspects can operate before becoming exact) aligned with transiting Pluto square his natal Neptune say it all really, Uranus/Pluto a fall, Pluto/Neptune accident with water.

    • The more I see and read about Pluto, the more I feel like its THE primary or controlling influence over our astro.

        • I can testify to that when Pluto hit my Capricorn sun January 2020 along with Saturn. Three years of being ripped apart and rebuilt from the inside out. I have Pluto on my Leo ascendant so many many transformations over the years.

          • Same here, only Pluto in Virgo conjunct Ascendant but rising in the 12th. I was a difficult home birth, born with umbilical cord round my neck. You can’t escape Hades or ever get that far away from his looming presence or indeed his ability to break you down to your bare bones with these sort of aspects.

          • I think its that Saturn in your case that really put the boot in. I’ve also got Pluto on my asc. We are born chameleons which many people seem to find off-putting. Pluto’s been conjunct my Mars for a while now – a fairly positive effect.

      • I disagree, far more influential of the darf planets on human afairs is Ceres, but note how we never talk about her, giving more creedence to the apparent ”mascuine”. In short we focus on it, giving it the emphasis.

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