Claudia Sheinbaum – Mexico into a new era

Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected as Mexico’s first female president as a continuity candidate from the previous president Obrador, a charismatic left-wing populist, who has been accused by the opposition of moving away from democratic norms, concentrating power and giving the military a growing role in the economy and public security.

 She was born 24 June 1962 in Mexico City, in a secular Jewish family (Bulgaria and Lithuania), studied at Berkeley, California, and was a scientist with a share of a Nobel prize, teaching and researching climate change and energy challenges; and is a mother of two (and grandmother of one).

 The election was marred by violence with two reported dead, after a campaign which saw two dozen aspiring local politicians murdered. The question is whether she can have an impact on the crime-plagued nation and lead it away from machismo and gang violence. In Mexico around 10 women or girls are murdered every day.

  She is a Sun Cancer widely trine Jupiter in Pisces trine Neptune – a Water Grand trine formed into a kite by a super-confident Jupiuter opposition Pluto.  She is certainly capable and has the drive to succeed. She also has Mars in Taurus square Uranus, so thrives on excitement and danger. Plus her Saturn in Aquarius opposes Venus North Node in Leo square Neptune in a Fixed T square – she has endurance and perseverance.

 Her Jupiter falls in the Mexico 10th close to the Midheaven with her Sun in the Mexico 1st house so she brings confidence, luck and a positive slant to Mexico’s tattered image. Her Uranus is conjunct the Mexico volatile and argumentative 3rd house Mars in Leo so she will face up to the traditional machismo. Her Pluto is on the Mexico IC for a hope of transforming the claustrophobic family culture.

  She will have her work cut out and tr Neptune Saturn in Aries square her Cancer Sun in 2026/27 won’t help as it undermines her best efforts and spreads confusion.

  Her relationship chart with Mexico, 15 September 1810 11pm Dolores Hidalgo, has a reforming composite Uranus trine Pluto which is a hopeful sign – but again runs into trouble from 2026 onwards for several years.

 The Mexico chart does have its Solar Arc Moon (start time and chart being accurate) conjunct its Neptune this year; tr Pluto in a confident trine to Jupiter; and a startling tr Uranus square to Mars – so sounds about right – with tr Pluto also exactly square its Taurus Moon.

Brave woman.

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  1. I do wonder how she was elected, first female & first Jewish person–ever. Very improbable in a country where men are dominant and Jews are less than 0.05% of the population. Every home, restaurant, place of business has a Virgin Mary on the wall. It is also a very conservative country and I doubt her photo with the rainbow flag would have gone over well.

    Mexico is also very corrupt, the cartels run the country and I imagine they made her win happen. I saw that El Chapo’s wife wore a Star of David in court so he might still have a lot of power despite his imprisonment.
    Just conjecture and all allegedly.

    • Indeed.

      She has the classic biography of someone who has been earmarked for the role.
      An far-leftist steeped in globalist politics and connections via the IPCC and the UN SDGs. Her entire platform is climate which is a hallmark of WEF affiliation and the COP push for a centralising, authoritarian system of global control.
      They seem to favour female cancerians for “firsts” – Sturgeon, Merkel and now this woman.

  2. A more obvious World Economic Forum plant would be hard to imagine, except maybe Justin Trudeau.
    Nothing brave about her – she’s the appointed representative of big big money.

  3. A couple of months older than Keir Starmer albeit many significant differences between their charts. But, like him, she has the Jupiter opposition Pluto and the Saturn conjunct South Node in Aquarius.

    Is it just coincidence or is there any reason for this age group to suddenly be coming to the fore?

    • At a guess as I’m sure it’s more complex, but perhaps the transit Neptune/Pluto sextile? Many of the early 1960s group have their Uranus at the end of Leo./beginning of Virgo. At their birth, fixed star Regulus was at 29 degrees Leo and Uranus hovering around those degrees. That point is now the focal point of a Yod with the transit Neptune/Pluto sextile. Regulus can mean a sudden rise to power or conversely a fall from the heights of power.

      • Good spot, could be – it’s an interesting thought.

        I’m intrigued by her chart having the combination of:
        – Uranus in Leo which is in its detriment
        – nodes across Leo/Aqua
        – Venus on Leo NN
        – Saturn on Aqua SN which has co-ownership of the sign

        Where Leo is the king-queen / Aqua the common person. Seems like someone who would want to be in control but then wants to be democratic – I’m really not sure!

        (Starmer has Uranus just into Virgo so doesn’t have the same)

  4. Mexico beat both the US and Canada for the first North American country with an elected female head of government. (Canada briefly had an unelected female prime minister in 1993.) Who would have thought? Crime has now reached a level in Mexico where I would no longer feel safe vacationing there. I wish her every success.

    • @Andre, my husband and I live about 20 miles from Tijuana and Baja California. We go to TJ regularly, both to go to the dentist and dine at their wonderful restaurants, and have vacationed a number of time recently in Ensenada (in Baja about 60 miles from the US border) and the adjacent wine country. As long as you use common sense, don’t flash cash or jewelry and stay sober and avoid drugs, it’s as safe as any major city. Oh, yes — don’t drive at night in isolated areas. The worst part, if you’re driving or walking across the border, is crossing back to the US. Unless you have Global Entry or SENTRI passes, the wait at the grossly understaffed border crossings can be as long as three hours or more, or as short as 30 minutes.

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