EU – in the same leaky boat as everyone else

The economic doomsayers are murmuring warnings about the EU returning to quantitative tightening as German hawks regain control of policy. Financial arrangements will no longer be tilted in favour of southern Europe’s high-debt states just as they are struggling to cover their energy bail-outs. A one-size-fits-all monetary policy could, as in 2008, significantly worsen the coming global recession/crunch as well as widen fracture lines within the EU.

  The EU chart, 31 December 1957 11pm Brussels, has taken a fair battering since Uranus moved into Taurus and started in 2020 to shake up the 8th house EU Taurus Moon and 11th house Uranus. What may have been a saving grace is the EU’s 2nd house Jupiter Neptune conjunction which produces luck initially but is guaranteed to trip up because of scandal or unrealistic optimism – or both. Tr Pluto will continue to square the Jupiter throughout 2023 which may stave off implosion though there will be tremors from tr Uranus square the speculative 5th house Venus now till early 2023.

   When the real aggro or overwhelming panic kicks in will be 2024 as tr Pluto squares the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint and is conjunct the Neptune on the ECB 1 January 1999 chart.  

  During 2023 tr Saturn will oppose the EU 12th house Pluto which will put the blocks on behind-the-scenes dirty-dealings. And tr Saturn will also square the 3rd house Mars for neighbours/siblings at war with heated arguments.

  In 2024 tr Neptune will square the EU Midheaven for an undermining and indecisive phase of dither and muddle with little propping up morale. Worse follows in 2025/26 as Solar Arc Pluto will oppose the financial Moon and square Uranus; with tr Pluto square the 2nd house Neptune – which could be terminal or lead to an almighty upheaval and forced change of financial direction.

  Ursula von der Leyen, now deemed the world’s most powerful woman, President of the European Commission, took up her role on 1 December 2019 so will be labouring under the Solar Arc Saturn closing the conjunction to Pluto to exact within four months, which is exceptionally heavy going. Tr Pluto will trine the Midheaven so she may retain a firm grip through 2023/24 but will experience a considerable shock as the Solar Arc Uranus opposes the Mars in early 2024.

  The old Franco-German alliance has been creaking badly through 2022 and more so in 2023 with high frustration and impatience surfacing at several points and ructions from May onwards for the following two years.

    The Germany/EU relationship chart which is tightly connected will be feeling the financial strain when tr Pluto moves into Aquarius from late March since it will conjunct the composite Venus; with depression and uncertainty running from March as well into early 2024. Open warfare (metaphorically speaking) is likely to break out in 2025 to 2025 with the composite Uranus, Mars, Moon Grand Cross being pounded.

   France and the EU will also be at a fractious standoff from this spring, right through till 2025 when there is likely to be a significant reset in relations with a major upheaval.   Italy ditto.

  France in particular is heading into troubled times with tr Uranus upending its Uranus opposition Pluto and square Mars Midheaven from mid 2023 till 2025; with an undermining tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun in 2024.

  And Germany in a lesser way is coping with tr Uranus in a disruptive conjunction to the 8th house Pluto till this coming spring; and a trapped, frustrating tr Pluto trine Mars from late March 2023, on and off till late 2024; with the Bundesbank flashing red lights of alarm throughout 2023 to 2026.

All too exhausting to contemplate – most countries/entities appear to be following the same trajectory with a nadir around 2025/26.

15 thoughts on “EU – in the same leaky boat as everyone else

  1. My son is an Aquarian, and is a very caring person. I owe him my life as just before Christmas I was suffering from breathlessness and feeling tremendously cold and couldn’t stop shivering.

    It turned out I was anaemic with an infection that sent my temperature sky
    high. I was basically told that I would have suffered a seizure if he hadn’t insisted on phoning for an ambulance.

    The trouble with making generalisations about birthsigns, is that you lose sight of the individual. We are all unique, which our DNA shows time and time again. In my mind, Astrology is all about the individual and not trying to find a one size fits all template.

  2. I have a friend who whenever things go pear-shaped says, “oh goody, something gets to change!” Which sometimes raises a laugh and helps to put things in perspective.
    As has been noted before, the EU has a very fixed chart and as somone who also has a very fixed chart the one good thing that gives you is perseverence. You don’t give up easily, or walk away, you keep at it until you find a way foward. To some extent with the envisaged turmoil in the EU I think it depends on how long the war in Ukraine drags on for (especially after Putin has gone). When the hostilities end then old divisions (and maybe some new ones) will return. And if it doesn’t end in the next year or so some EU members may start to lose their appetite for supporting Ukraine which would also undermine unity.
    Change is inevitable, it has always been so. The question is: how will we meet it?

  3. Pluto in Aquarius will be a time for thinkers if last time round is anything to go by. Philosopher Emmanuel Kant and Thomas Paine (Rights of Man) and French/USA revolutionary activists were in full swing. Inventive, keen on exploration. Airy – detached and enduring. Can be dogmatic/fanatical about beliefs. But maybe the mushy Piscean delusionary beliefs and feelings will come under forensic scrutiny and be demolished.

  4. I can’t think greed will ever dissolve whatever age we’re in . There’s good and bad in every sign and at worse Aquarius can be cold and heartless,the opposite sign to Sun ruled Leo

  5. Not certain that Aquarius is all good and enlightening. Aquarius can be dispassionate; not always compassionate… The good of the many as averse the individual. Computer orientated and robotic. Interlectual , scientific but not creative…

    • I do have to agree, Cassandra. So far I’ve lived through Pluto transiting Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sag and now Capricorn. While each Pluto “era” opens up new doors, it also blasts open the unconscious more difficult characteristics of these signs. I’m not saying anything we don’t know!

      My family is full of Aquarians. They are very adept at disowning family members and friends. I have had a few friends with Moon in Aquarius. I certainly admire their humanitarian gifts, however, I have also been at the receiving end of THE most cold and distant energy from them. Their eyes change and my little Cancerian sees a kind of soul loss in them. Of course it is not permanent… (well.. my Aquarian father DID disown me and that was that for our relationship)…. the Aquarian ability to detach is something to note.

      Put Pluto there?…. yikes. I guess my one symbolic image of this that stays with me is using drones in a war. I once had a client who had flown in the Luftwaffe in WW2. He was very aware that he did not suffer as much from the war because he was up in a plane dropping bombs and not on the ground seeing all the horror.

      So, as expected… there will be much to see and experience… the Yin and Yang of it all.

      • I have a Cancer moon and my father was Aquarian and a sister in law who hasn’t spoken to me for 20 odd years – and won’t tell me what I have done, so that I could apologise if appropriate. Something else occurs to me….I have spent some time studying the charts of autistic people and the common denominator is always Aquarius.

    • Stop trying to hard-sell Aquarius to me. After two millennia of of passion and fervour (often religious) under the Age of Pisces, perhaps two millennia of clinical, dispassionate, intellectual behaviour may not be bad.
      To be honest, current public discourse in almost every country is too dominated by passion and not enough thought. I would highly welcome a return to at least a little more intellectual and dispassionate conversation.
      And different people, different strokes, but “dispassionate” is an adjective I would be deeply flattered to be called personally.

      • Totally with you on that Unmystic Mum.
        Dispassionate means rational, unbiased. It isn’t the opposite of compassionate which is cruel or callous.
        I’m longing for a time when people, politicians especially, stop saying I believe, I feel.
        Belief can be mindless, and feelings are just that, your feelings rather than an objective assessment.
        And if we ever get back to discussing things rationally, we might be prepared to listen to one another, to argue without an opposing point of view being regarded as a personal affront.
        Hooray the day when thinking comes back in favour.

    • That nadir in 2025-6 neatly aligning with the Saturn-Neptune reset at 0 Aries then. I hope Barbault’s optimism from the outer planet harmony at the time plays out.

      • And don’t we all? Wish Barbault’s upbeat prediction holds good, I mean. Though the individual country astrology isn’t exactly cheerful.

        Andre Barbault writes of the 2026 Saturn Neptune conjunction: “It is the most benefic configuration of the century and the interplanetary partnership will work for the best in a splendid relaunch of civilization. It contains a harmonious relationships between primordial polar opposites, the coming together of the external and internal, rational and spiritual, mind and soul …. human beings surpassing themselves while experiencing life on a higher level. “

  6. This is really fascinating and hard to breathe in given so much inevitable change is coming in for most countries around the world. A lot of planets are shifting into new signs and many are signalning the Age of Aquarius where people will come back into power and old paradigms of patriarchy and greed will dissolve. What do you think of the upcoming celestial gears changing Marjorie? What kinds of changes do you think this will produce in the collective consciousness?

    What do other commentors feel?

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