Emmanuel Macron – uneasy lies the crown

Elysee Palace

Emmanuel Macron officially embarks this weekend on his Second Presidency for what looks like a tempestuous term ending in tears and tribulations. France itself is undergoing a seismic shift and series of convulsions between 2022 and 2025 and his own chart indicates banana skins galore, misjudgments and ultimately failure.

  He had a low-key swearing in on 7 May 2022 (circa 11.02am) and the new government officially started at midnight at the end of the 13th. Both charts have unpredictable Sun Uranus conjunctions square a downbeat Saturn. Both hint at financial woes and the 13th May points to a grandstanding performance with pzazz, aimed at attracting publicity but not stable. 

  What is interesting about the 13th May chart is that it has a Moon on the focal point of a Yod as does his own birth chart – they suggest emotional disorganization, an overly defensive attitude and a tendency to react in a self-defeating way. It will be most noticeable in the effects of the Term chart with a singleton Libra Moon conjunct Midheaven inconjunct a flashy, showbiz Mars Neptune sextile a 5th house Taurus Sun. The 7th May swearing in also has a prominent Moon in moody Cancer on the Ascendant opposition Pluto – hinting at over reactions to criticism.

  France is undergoing quite a roller coaster with its central Fixed T Square of rebellious Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars Midheaven in Scorpio catching this year the discouraging tr Saturn hard aspects and the tr Uranus hard aspects which will be even more unsettling from mid 2023 into 2025, with forced jolting changes. Tr Neptune is also heading to the undermining opposition to the France Virgo Sun by 2024/25

 Macron’s own chart has tr Saturn now moving below his Capricorn Ascendant for a less successful few years ahead; with tr Pluto conjunct his Ascendant in 2022/23 putting immense pressure on his reputation and image and giving him an urge to over-control. He has a run of tricky Solar Arcs – this year a jolting SArc Sun square Uranus and Moon; 2023 has a depressingly stuck Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Pluto; and by 2024 tr Neptune is in a disappointing, indecisive square to his Sun Mercury; with a car-crash Solar Arc Mars square his Sun in 2025 along with a sharp change of direction tr Uranus opposition his Midheaven. He will have odd patches of sunshine on the way through but in general it won’t be a fun time. Most of what happens won’t be his doing but he won’t handle it well.

  His relationship chart with France is disruptive this year; edgy and upsetting in 2023/25 and beyond-aggravated by 2025.

  His relationship with the UK, never good at the best of times, will take a sharp downward spiral from this year throughout his stint at the Elysee Palace.

  Like the UK politicians, he is making the most of the Ukraine invasion to grab personal attention for himself, but from a different direction. He started by initiating peace-making initiatives with Putin and now appears to have gone overboard trying to placate the Russians, saying there’ll be no EU membership for Ukraine for decades or NATO membership either. Neither of which are in his gift or helpful in the circumstances. His chart relocated to Moscow has Jupiter in the 4th making it a comfort zone for him. Sigh.

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  1. Like so many Sag/Archers he keeps shooting arrows in all directions, a lot miss, however, his vision of a reconstructed EU may have some validity in that he suggests a 3 tier concentric with an inner circle of committed states, a second circle with a medium area of less drawn in and a third tier of lightly allied countries which leaves the countries with their independence and sovereign integrity, just enough ties to carry out commercial and cultural affairs.
    This 3rd alternative may be enough for the UK to join the EU again but in terms more acceptable to Remainers and Leavers alike except for the died in the wool extremists.

  2. Hadn’t noticed before, but the Saturn/Neptune conjunction is going to oppose France’s Sun in Virgo in 2024-25. That is sure to provoke labor strife, political unrest and economic problems. Many world charts face similar headwinds mid-decade, which really suggests a broader crisis situation of some sort.

  3. ” saying there’ll be no EU membership for Ukraine for decades or NATO membership either. Neither of which are in his gift or helpful in the circumstances.”
    Getting them admitted into the EU and NATO are not in Macron’s or France’s gift, but the reverse (refusing EU and NATO membership to Ukraine) are definitely within Macron/France’s gift. EU and NATO membership both require unanimous approval from all existing members and so France can effectively veto Ukraine’s membership in both organisations, just as it had vetoed the UK’s application to join the then EEC (twice).
    It may not be in his powers to get them in, but it is definitely in his powers to keep them out.
    As an aside, Turkey’s Erdogun has already threatened to veto Finland and Sweden’s application to join NATO. I wonder why the EU is not so wild about having Turkey join the EU.

    • Forgot to mention, tr Pluto is almost conjunct France 1792’s ascendant. Would that have any significance?

      Also, France 1792 is due it’s own Pluto return in 2040, so should start feeling its effect in the 2030s. If the US’s Pluto Return is anything to go by, presumably that means the next President of France will be from the far-right (given that it is France, it is practically a job requirement for them to be self-centred).

    • “European Council to consider Ukraine’s application for EU membership in June.

      French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed to President Volodymyr Zelensky on May 17 that Ukraine’s application to join the EU will be considered at a meeting of the European Council in June. ”

      Posted today on “https://kyivindependent.com/?cn-reloaded=1”

  4. The photo of Macron on his election night with is wife, showed she looked very unhappy. I think she can see the future for his Presidency very clearly.

    • Germany and France want a short war so that they can avoid making tough decisions and go back to Business as Usual.

      UK, Usa and some countries want Putin to be gone as a consequence of this war.

      Neither camp is genuinely interested in Ukraine.

      • Looks like Ukraine has been made a pawn in the war between US and Russia. Biden got the opportunity to get rid of his arch enemy Putin and weaken Russia in the process, without firing a single missile or even sending a single US soldier on foreign soil. Every world leader is grandstanding and looking after their own interests.

        Tragically, it’s the Ukrainian citizens who are bearing the brunt of these geopolitical gameplaying.

  5. Ages ago I read an article (unable to trace) which said that he had formed his own drama group (or similar) at school when he was either rebuffed by/or disliked the existing organisation;

    He then formed his own political party ( En Marche) with his own initials when disillusioned with traditional parties;

    He is now looking to create an additional / alternative Europe (perhaps he is disillusioned with the current set-up?).

    What is it about this man that drives him to do this? Is it a Napoleon complex or something else in his charts?

    • Interesting point, thanks.

      Moon on focal point of a Yod – emotionally fragile and overly defensive, needs to be unconditionally loved, mother issues. Can’t take rejection.

      • How interesting about Macron and the possible Napoleon complex.
        When I’ve been playing around with Draconic charts and synastery (thanks to Victor Olliver’s new book), I chose Macron and Napoleon out of curiosity. The natals have Napoleon’s Jupiter (15 Scorpio) opposite Macron’s Moon, with N’s Jupiter conjunct Macron’s Uranus. Napoleon’s Sagittarian North Node is conjunct Macron’s Venus – is that a historical bromance? Neptune (16 Sagittarius) is also involved. And still in this area of the zodiac, Napoleon’s Draconic Mars (19 Sagittarius) adds a little more magnetism, plus it is conjunct Macron’s Draconic Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius. That seems like a lot of strutting about and chest puffing to me.

        Macron has sometimes been called ‘Jupiter’, a curious coincidence. When Napoleon was exiled to St Helena, in July 1815, transiting Neptune was at 17 Sagittarius.

        There are many more links between these two, Draconic to natals, and Draconic to Draconic. I haven’t checked Louis XIV and Macron, but that could be interesting too.

          • Yes, UM, I want to do both at some point soon.
            Louis XIV does have natal Mars at 25 Sagittarius square Mercury at 23 Virgo – so resonating with Macron’s Sagittarian stellium. Louis XVI has Mars at 21 Virgo, square Chiron at 23 Sagittarius (the Macron natal Venus).
            Macron’s 0 Virgo Saturn (history? Destiny? Royal fixed star Regulus?) is conjunct Louis XIV’s MC, square his Pluto at 0 Gemini. Louis XVI has Mercury at 0 Virgo, with Sun and Jupiter at 29 Leo – quite symbolic.
            So, later on I’ll play around with the rest of it, but there are interesting natal links. The ones with Napoleon just seemed so striking, but perhaps I’m fantasising about Macron ‘meeting his Waterloo’! Which is not very nice of me.

  6. Is France another country that often inaugurates their president at the same time of year, like Russia & USA and if so how does this effect the country and does it always mean it has a flavour of Taurus?

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