Buffalo shooting – guns and extremist conspiracy theories

The double sickness at the heart of the USA – guns and racism – re-emerges with a mass shooting by a deranged teenager with an AR-15 at a supermarket in a predominately Black neighbourhood. 10 were killed with three injured. Despite having a mental health evaluation last year for making threats of shooting he was free to buy heavy weapons, with a rifle and a shotgun also found in his car. The suspect, Payton Gendron, 18, drove more than 320km (200 miles) to carry out the attack.

A 180-page document authored by him has emerged, in which he describes himself as a fascist and a white supremacist, parroting the conspiracy fears favoured by extremist websites of immigrants taking over.

  His mother proudly showed family pics on social media with weaponry boxes on display for Christmas and children clearly inculcated with a love for guns. https://twitter.com/yourgirlavie/status/1525623786330112003

I hope like Ethan Crumbley, the parents get arrested as well – see post December 10 2021.

 Payton Gendron, born 20 June 2003, is a late degree Sun Gemini conjunct Saturn in Cancer trine Uranus Mars in Pisces – so a high-wire, hair-trigger and overly excitable as well as depressed temperament. His Mars Uranus is further jacked up being square the South Node/North Node opposition.  His Pluto is in a confident, pushy trine to Jupiter in flamboyant Leo and in an emotionally ramped-up opposition to Venus Mercury. His Jupiter is also opposition an unstable/head-in-the-clouds Neptune. An explosion waiting to happen, aided and abetted by deficient parenting and outrageously lax gun checks.

  There’s not much to be gleaned from his chart and he’s unlike Ethan Crumbley, a Sun Taurus square Saturn and opposition Jupiter. Though I suppose the unstable mix of low self-esteem from Saturn and over-confidence from Jupiter might be deemed a problem. Both have Jupiter in hard aspect to Neptune and Venus in hard aspect to Pluto.

  Searching around for other shooters I came across Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the New Zealand alt-right, white-supremacist, promoter of ‘white genocide’ conspiracy theories, who shot up two mosques in Christchurch in 2019 killing 51. He was older, 27 October 1990, and had a chart custom-built for extremism and out-of-control rage. He has an intense Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury square Jupiter in flashy Leo opposition North Node in crusading Aquarius (and Moon). His Mars in Gemini is on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Saturn Neptune in Capricorn – and that is nasty. Plus a rules-don’t-apply Pluto square Jupiter.

  Police recovered six guns: two AR-15 style rifles, two 12-gauge shotguns (a semiautomatic Mossberg 930 and a pump-action Ranger 870), and two other rifles (a .357 Magnum Uberti lever-action rifle, and a .223-caliber Mossberg Predator bolt-action rifle, along with more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition. And this didn’t raise any red flags?

  No great conclusions except the neanderthal mentality appears alive and kicking.

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  1. You put a few hundred million people within the same borders, and there will be a few crazies.
    Unfortunately, in this country, the crazies can get armed, and kill random people. Who had nothing to do with whatever conspiracy the evil crazies rant about. US is now less than 15% Black. Most of the non-White immigration has also not been Black for many, many years. And even if evil elites were trying to reshape the country’s ethnic makeup. it is still insane to kill a random collection of Pawns as a hallucinated way to take down the Kings.
    I wonder if it would help to at least need to be old enough to drink before one’s old enough to own firearms that have no possible connection with hunting. I don’t want to see the 2nd Amendment overturned, but it would be nice to see some more sane and balanced laws in this area in my lifetime.
    I am hoping that the passage of the Pluto return and then the outer planet shifts in the next few years, will help reset some of the excesses in the US.

  2. Reading a TIME article today on the topic of ‘replacement theory’, the idea that the White population is being replaced by immigrants intentionally by ‘elites’ and which reportedly was adopted by the Buffalo killer in his manifesto as part of the basis for his actions. A recent national poll (AP – NORC centre Public Affairs) has estimated that a staggering 1 in 3 Americans believe in this theory.

    It turns out that there is nothing new about ‘Replacement Theory’ since the father of French Nationalism and raging Anti-Semite, Maurice Barres set out a similar set of ideas in the early 1900s when he said that Jewish people would take over and “ruin our homeland.” Later, the ideas were to be used by Nazi Germany and again in the 21st Century this time at the hands of far right US White supremacists, evidenced at the Charlottesville protests in 2017.

    Looking at Maurice Barres’ astrology (19/8/1862, Charmes-sur-Moselle) it’s interesting to see an unaspected Pluto in Taurus and also a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at the top of the chart at the end of Virgo in the 10th, with Jupiter opposite an ‘idealistic fatherland’ Neptune in the 4th. Just as with the Buffalo killer, Jupiter opposite Neptune can produce a guru or what Marjorie calls a guru-chaser, a fanatical bent searching for a Utopian solution and entirely unable (I’ve noticed this with Jupiter opposite Neptune) to either take responsibility for their own flaws or see their how their own shadow informs their world view. With this aspect it’s everyone else who’s to blame and as soon as they’re cornered and challenged, they play the victim.

  3. You may actually want to refer to this as something else instead of the “Neanderthal mentality.” Scientists and historians are now coming to the conclusion that the Neanderthals were not the low IQ simpletons many of us erroneously believed them to be for many years.

    In fact, recent studies suggest that modern homo sapiens-sapiens containing higher percentages of Neanderthal DNA tend to have higher spatial intelligence, etc.

    Anyway, I digress. Unfortunately, I don’t see the situation of spree killings, mass murders, racially motivated, and conspiracy motivated attacks subsiding anytime soon. In fact, I think these culture and ideological wars will only exacerbate the problem.

    Given that the far-right faction
    of the Republican Party (actually, virtually the entire Republican Party is far-right these days) is likely to do very well this November in the midterm elections (the Republicans are expected to retake both the US House and US Senate), I highly doubt anything will be done to improve the lack of common sense gun laws in our society.

    For example, here in Florida, Governor DeSantis (who is likely going to win reelection this year) wants to make access to guns even easier for average citizens (including nutjobs) by basically doing away with concealed gun permits – which I think is ridiculous and extremely dangerous.

    Anyway, there was just another mass shooting- right after the one in Buffalo, New York. In Laguna Woods, California, a Taiwanese-American Presbyterian church was attacked by a Mainland-Chinese born American man named David Chou. He killed one person and injured 5. His motive was over the political tensions between China and Taiwan.

    It seems like mass murders and spree killings always generate copycat attacks. It’s just awful.

    • ‘……. wants to make access to guns even easier for average citizens (including nutjobs) by basically doing away with concealed gun permits – which I think is ridiculous and extremely dangerous.’

      Yet they want to criminalize abortion, under ANY circumstance, as well as aiding/abetting!!! Make it make sense.

      It just feels pointless to even comment on this, yet another, incident

      • @ Jennifer E,

        Florida hasn’t always been this politically crazy – we actually used to have some very sensible U.S. Senators, Governors, and Congresspeople (both Democrats [my political party] and Republicans).

        People like former Democratic Governor / Senator Bob Graham (considered one of our greatest governors and senators in history) was instrumental implementing more environmental protections for the manatees and other endangered species in this state. Former and Late Democratic Governor Lawton Chiles and former Democratic General Attorney General Bob Butterworth took on the tobacco industry here in Florida, sued them for causing many health problems for Floridians, and actually won. Chiles and Butterworth helped Florida receive a $13 billion dollar settlement and even created an endowment called the Lawton Chiles Endowment Fund (LCEF) which distributed the monies into needed health services for people personally affected by tobacco use (DeSantis liquidated and terminated the endowment last year).

        Former Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson was a strong champion for the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicaid, NASA, science programs, addressing the opioid crisis, and cleaning up the red tide algae bloom mess. Nelson was even known for his bipartisanship where he was able to broker a deal with Republican lawmakers that kept offshore drilling off the Gulf Coast of Florida for years.

        And then there were a few sensible moderate Republicans like former and late Congresswoman Tillie Fowler who represented my Congressional District from the early 1990s until the early 2000s. Fowler was known for bipartisanship with Democrats. She strongly supported the US Military, worked closely with former President Bill Clinton, and she refused to run negative campaigns against her political opponents. Fowler was also one of the rare “pro-choice” Republicans in Congress and she absolutely refused to accept any money from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

        Other moderate Republicans here in Florida were former Governor Bon Martinez (who was a Democrat until 1983), Cuban-born former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (who I believe is pro-choice and one of the only Republicans here in Florida that voted against overturning the Affordable Care Act), and former Governor Charlie Crist (who was a Republican, then an Independent, and now a Democrat).

        Anyway, it’s definitely not like that anymore. We still have plenty of sensible, moderate Democrats in this state – but they no longer have any power. Florida has taken a hard turn towards the far-right in recent years and now Trumpian Republicans are ruling the state. This is why we’re seeing so many rollbacks to women’s reproductive rights, environmental protections, education, employment protections, and healthcare.

        For whatever reason, many Floridian voters (like so many voters in other parts of the nation) appear more concerned about cultural issues than practical issues (which will affect their lives personally).

  4. America’s descent into utter entropy continues at an alarming pace. A country that has more guns than people, plus
    its’ truly dismal racist history is awaiting a catastrophe of epic proportions.

    The recent Roe vs Wade debacle is further evidence that the USA is at the tipping point.

    • Robert, I tend to agree with you, with a heavy heart. I’ve spent much time in the USA for work, in the past. I have friends and relatives there too, and I worry about them. Part of this “entropy” you describe is possibly the unravelling of the “image” and myth-making about the US that everyone subscribed to for so long. Hollywood, in particular, did a great job. Is the current horribly visible situation down to the US Pluto return and other astrological indicators?

      Meanwhile, CNN report that there have been 201 mass shootings in the USA this year. It’s only May. As they state on their website, “It took CNN anchors over 3 minutes to list all the US cities that have had mass shootings this year.” Those events include wounded people as well as those who died. The list includes bar fights, fights at parties, murder/suicide situations, and so on.

      “Open carrying of firearms in public, in some form, is currently allowed in 45 states. In only seven states are people required to provide a credible justification or demonstrated need to carry a concealed firearm. All 50 states and Washington, D.C. allow for some form of concealed carrying of firearms in public.”
      Amnesty International website.

  5. I read, due to comments he made at school, regarding shooting people, he was under psych. care, but he still accessed three guns.

  6. Hello Marjorie, The killer, mosque terrorist Tarrant, an Australian, is now in a NZ-Aotearoa prison for mass murder in Christchurch, New Zealand. Not that New Zealanders aren’t capable of acts of terror, but given the push-pull relationship twixt skinny NZ and very large Oz, we Kiwis are quick to point the finger when given the chance.
    Thank you for your tireless astrological analysis of our crazy world. Much appreciated. Joan.

  7. Another incident that’ll contribute to a shock treatment for the GOP this November.
    A 180 page racist manifesto; from an 18 year old? Whew. The irony is that Afro american people are ‘not’ the racial demographic that is growing exponentially in the U.S, but they are having more and more influence. And that’s the real fear.
    Talk about a last gasp of desperation. The walls are closing in.

    • Hi Troy ~ yeah 180 pages and 200 miles. I look at his Merc trining Neptune and wonder what house position a real birth time would reveal, and what playlist carried him all the way upstate to actually carry out his obliterating vision. ( I guess the chaos of his mind was the loudest soundtrack of all.)

      Somehow that it is Buffalo…just feels extra sad. Being put on the global map for this is quite the blow. “Hot” cities typically take the hit, as well as rando obscure spots. But this middle-of-the-road location – just makes it seem Everywhere/Anywhere.

      Thanks to Marjorie for the post.

  8. Thank you Marjorie for having a look at this individual.
    I really appreciate your help in trying to understand what’s happening. I find it amazing that in some ways Gendron’s chart isn’t that remarkable. How scary is that? Indeed I read that he said he was really very bored.
    The US, if it cares to survive, needs to deal with the dark web (and some mainstream media) promoting fascist and racist ideas. These platforms are grooming people just like him. Sad, depressed, bored, hungry for any kind of purpose and ripe for right wing radicalization. The problem is too many in power thrive on just this kind of hate and terror.

  9. Lived close to the Pennsylvania border, probably the most racist area in the state. While the gun laws difference is big for New York vs Pennsylvania residents, he bought the gun legally and according to NY state restrictions but modified it with an on-line kit. Appeared to be a social outcast according to fellow students. He was evaluated for mental health issues without follow-up. Thus illustrating the weakness of any gun laws and red flag laws passed by states in the US.

    • Anita, I’m from the Burgh. Can you share what is probably the most racist area in the state? I might have concluded Philly was pretty extreme. Thanks.

      Looking back during grade school and high school (60’s & early 70’s), there were plenty of on-the-edge kids running amok. Child beatings were fairly well-accepted, kids wearing more bruises than clothes. More blue-collar parents than white-collar. Many of us hung out together but still there were a few who took to guns as the only solution.

      • De Burgh… near Pittsburgh?
        So the Southern Tier, like Allegany County etc everything way south of Rochester, NY so the NY Finger Lakes area, Binghamton, NY, into PA towards counties around Scranton, PA and Harrisburg. There us some blue pockets like around Ithaca because of the colleges but Racial disparities & racial bias are huge. Sadly my in-laws & their family are from there and boy oh boy! Adirondacks is pretty bad too.

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