Elon Musk – Twitter times are achanging ahead

Elon Musk has agreed to buy Twitter for roughly $44bn, putting him in control of the influential social media platform that millions rely on for news. He describes himself as a “free speech absolutist” and in the past has attacked regulators and critics, though he’s not above blocking those he dislikes personally. The deal is expected to close this year, but could still fall apart if blocked by regulators or if he fails to deliver on financing.

   Musk has made donations to both of the major US political parties in the past but there are concerns over his desire to loosen content moderation on the platform.

   Republicans are hopeful that the deal could pave the way for Donald Trump to return to the platform, although he insists he’ll stick to his own Truth network. “Everyone should be worried about this,” said Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic strategist. “We saw the impact Trump managed to have with his Twitter account before, whether questioning Barack Obama’s  birthplace or rejecting the results of the last election. Imagine what he will do to regain power in 2022 or 2024 when there is no one to stop him?”

  Musk, 28 June 1971 Pretoria, South Africa, no time, is on a confident  and lucky roll with tr Pluto sextile his money-magnet Jupiter in Scorpio in 2022/23. Though his 2023 will prove a bumpy, insecure and disempowering ride; with a tough slog through 2024/25. The great planetary shift starting in 2023 won’t suit him with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and sextile his Neptune; and the tr Saturn Neptune shift into Aries will gradually encroach on his Cancer Sun square Uranus in Libra. Tr Uranus moving into Gemini in 2026 will initially prove to be destabilising.

 Twitter, 21 March 2006 will also regard the celestial changeover with a jaundiced eye especially in 2025/26 with tr Neptune Saturn conjunct the Aries Sun and tr Pluto opposition the Saturn.  This year will be roller coaster with lucky breaks from tr Uranus opposition the Jupiter and highly unsettled with the financial Venus and Neptune being rattled as well. Not all plans will bring the desired result.

  The Twitter IPO, 7 November 2013, will be under stress this year with tr Uranus opposition the Saturn Sun in Scorpio, exact now and repeating into early 2023, with the Eclipses throwing down challenges as well. 2024 looks a disaster year, followed by several more as tr Neptune Saturn gets into gear in Aries to square the Venus and then Pluto and Uranus.

  Elon Musk isn’t the greatest fit for Twitter with his contrary and inordinately stubborn Mars in Aquarius crossing swords with both Twitter charts.

 Intriguing thought that one of the key manifestations of the Pluto in Capricorn years may falter and either keel over or shrivel when the new era arrives. Facebook/Zuckerburg may be less affected at the start since he and the FB IPO are late Taurus and the FB launch chart is mid Aquarius.

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  1. Speaking of which, how would Delaware resonate with him? Inaugurated to the Union on 7 December 1787. And thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  2. He may yet still back out. “The markets are giving the deal, as it’s currently constructed, ever-worsening odds. … As another investor told Fortune, ‘Nothing is drama-free in the world of Elon Musk’ ” (29-04-2022).

  3. “Intriguing thought that one of the key manifestations of the Pluto in Capricorn years may falter and either keel over or shrivel when the new era arrives. Facebook/Zuckerburg may be less affected at the start since he and the FB IPO are late Taurus and the FB launch chart is mid Aquarius.”

    Very interesting perspective. Pluto in Capricorn has ushered in new multinational oligopolies that might very well come under increased regulatory scrutiny once the big outer planet ingresses set in mid-decade. We could also see a more activist and militant labor movement when Neptune moves into Aries.

  4. Sure hope that Pluto in Aquarius will help … Musk claims that his aim is to promote free speech, but one of his proposals – purportedly to reduce fake accounts & bots – is to charge $2/month to users. Which sounds less like ‘free’ speech and more like monetizing Twitter, which is one of the things he has consistently complained about as a major stockholder.
    If he goes through with such a fee, it will also cause millions of users to drop out – including myself. If not the fee, it would be because of the rise of disinformation if he restores access to Trump & his supporters, and allows violent expression (under the guise of ‘free speech’).
    I’ve increased my use of Twitter the past 2 months because it is a valuable real-time outlet for Ukrainian media and officials (and a means to support them), as well as war-related independent observers. That would be the only reason I will miss it.
    Whereas Facebook primarily allow us to interact with people we know personally, Twitter is impersonal and one-way, so it is much less ‘essential’.
    We’ve lived without Twitter or Facebook before, we most certainly can again

  5. Twitter is useful for the sharing of ideas. The censorship of Twitter goes far beyond banning Trump. I was locked out of Twitter for criticizing pharma on something other than COVID and vaccines. Look it up, Pfizer was funding Facebook’s fact-checker partner. YouTube also bans people who are not Trumpian but may have narratives different from what most of their followers want to hear.

  6. We all would be very grateful if he paid back all the billions he received in government funding to get his company going. Also if he moved back to South Africa and stayed there.

    • Agree, we still don’t know what he wants. Musk single handedly challenged Russia by providing skylink to Ukraine, which indeed is brilliant and sends a powerful message. Take over of Twitter will definitely give him more power and control of politics and govts.
      Plus the money he offered is all shareholder’s . He didn’t have to spend a penny! It’s a situation for him. Let’s see how it all pans out.

        • Dictatorship much?????? Is it new world dictatorship over the Information Highway????

          So Pluto in Capricorn ( structure) is going into Pluto in Aquarius (internet) but how long does Pluto in Capricorn hold on for before letting go? Musk wants to straddle across both and maintain? Does he have the legs for it?? Equally, Do the populace have the legs to fight back?? Hmm ……!

          • To add, i guess I get nervous when one person has so much power. Twitter is a big deal whether you or I use it. It has become so key to so many people across the world so much that it needs something bigger than one man who thinks so called ‘free speech’ is free. It free for some and detrimental for others!

          • Money along with control of social media platform that has say and influence in politics, in one person’s hand? I feel uncomfortable too.

  7. What’s interesting is that public image wise, both Twitter and Musk seem to have bit of a moment going because of War in Ukraine.

    My Twitter use has averaged 4-5 hours a day since February 24th, because not only are Twitter accounts first to report events, there’s great commentary from people passionate and knowledgeable about most incredible subject and good articles by specialists linked I would not have found otherwise. I honestly think TV or even traditional News Sites have become a bit slow in War reporting.

    Also, even the most ardent Elon Musk haters who would usually drag him for publicity stunts, such as the rescue effort of Thai soccer team, have had to admit his Skylink has worked. Having some prior industry knowledge, I can say that much of the footage we get from Mariupol or even Kharkiv must be thanks to Skylink, because the regular mobile network just can’t be functioning much.

    • Success with skylink and now the Twitter move, it looks like Musk wants to play the power player. Some govts will be nervous.

    • @Solaia:”…news sites have become a bit slow in war reporting.” That’s because they try to verify the information (ideally, from multiple sources) before reporting it, which takes time. Hence in order to try to keep up they all now include a disclaimer: we have been unable to verify this information.
      And that is the concern really, that ‘free speech’ simply degenerates into gossip, smears, personal attack and biased opinion passed off as fact. There is no freedom without responsibility and Musk and his Twitter toy may end up learning that the hard way. I have the impression that it’s no more effective than shouting in the wind but, forgive me, I am a boomer! But I am nevertheless glad to hear that you get real value from it.

      • @Susan, I should add I’m actually referring to journalists, who are very clear in pointing out their sources and confidence level to information they bring out here. In case of Ukraina, Illia Ponomarenko and whole “Kyiv Independent” team in particular have been stellar, because Twitter is their main platform. But there are a number of incredible, independent journalists in Ukraine right now being much more “nimble” than “traditional” salaried journalists. For instance, I remember that in the early days of the War, once glorious BBC brought screen after screen of people Zooming in from their studies in Britain, because apparently, traditional correspondent network isn’t there anymore. Not to mention US news outlets with their “parachute journalists” with truly varying level of expertise on Ukraine.

        I would also like to say that traditional media often fails “verification” gloriously. I’ve seen very reputable news outlets reporting everything from Ria Novosti or TASS without all important “claim” to back what ever is said. Reuters was affiliated with TASS for weeks after the war started, and BTW, probably dropped their affiliation because people became mad on Twitter.

    • I guess that makes sense with everything that’s been going on and is understandable as you live in Finland. Does it make you more or less anxious, do you think? Especially compared to other sources?

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about pandering to certain age groups .They don’t remain the younger generation for ever
    and these are mostly fads anyway . Am glad for the moment my children are all under 7 . Hopefully Musk will allow many points of view

  9. @“A” fan
    This move has nothing to do with free speech but everything to do with spoiled billionaire Musk who doesn’t like the fact that he has been under the radar of the SEC (the Securities and Exchange Commission) ever since his tweet in August of 2018 saying “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured” and there by clearly manipulating the stock market. The SEC then sued Musk, alleging he made “false and misleading” statements to investors, in the tweet. The deal never came to light, and Musk had to step down as Tesla’s chairman for at least three years as part of an agreement with the SEC. Musk and Tesla both had to pay $20 million fines, and Tesla had to implement a system to monitor Musk’s public comments regarding the company.

    • Oh Anita —- h o w did I forget that! Jumbo scandal at the time. Looking like a great example of “F U” money. sigh.

  10. I have daily gratitude and relief that Trump Twitter blasts have been quashed. Do I think it’s 100 percent right? Nope. Musk’s sky-is-the-limit money dreams may mirror Trump on some level, but I am hoping he can transcend political agendas as much as DT tries to harness them.

    • I remember him tweeting about ‘free speech’ when Trump got banned hence why I think he may invite him back.

      I think it is worrying because apparently he has already ‘pledged to reduce censorship’ and human rights groups are concerned (BBC News). I find some comfort in the fact that both him and Twitter gonna have a really rough ride (2023-2024 especially), so maybe some plans will derail.

      Will be interesting to watch this play out.

      • Yes, Jennifer!
        Big legacy moves by Musk. Ain’t over yet tho, is it! Pandemic lowered my news intake, like many, which made mental health sense, but also means less vigilance. Appreciate that detail- the kind of thing I used to be on top of.

        • Hi “A” Fan

          ‘Ain’t over yet tho, is it!- have no clue except if it over but when it comes to enough money people will sell their mother (lool – or something like that).

          ‘Pandemic lowered my news intake, like many, which made mental health sense, but also means less vigilance.’ – well, isn’t that how a whole lot of s**t slid or sliding through or was or being set up under the radar, i.e. this, Putin, etc etc? Everyone pre-occupied.

          Peace out /1Love

  11. I’ve never truly been a Twitter person but did occasionally use it to see what was trending and for opinions on certain TV programmes or events. Their recent restrictions on only being able to see content without a login have been great. I no longer bother with it.

    Longer term, I think that’s where Pluto in Aqua takes us. complete lockdown / monetisation of the internet. With the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions falling in Air for the next century and on, the internet, globalisation and being impersonal from each other is the future – however much I may dislike it.

    • ‘….being impersonal from each other is the future ….’

      Sounds like Metaverse?! Defined as ‘ a graphically rich virtual space, with some degree of verisimilitude, where people can work, play, shop, socialize — in short, do the things humans like to do together in real life (or, perhaps more to the point, on the internet).’

      Why live in the real world when you can live in the internet world. A scary thought or a previous futuristic movie they trying to bring into existence, or both. Why can’t some things just remain as make believe?

      • ‘being impersonal from each other is the future’ is an interesting but depressing thought, GD. But if the internet is locked down and monetised even further, people may well leave many social media sites or create their own open spaces. Many of us will remember being teenagers and simply kicking about in small groups, because we couldn’t afford to do very much that involved money.

        As for the ‘free speech’ theme – Twitter was supposed to be a ‘town square’, open to all. Now they’ve started (since 2021) blocking access without an account, that seems to be over. Politicians, local councils, the police force etc who used Twitter to broadcast information to “all” can no longer rely on this platform.
        I’ve never had a Twitter account, but enjoyed looking at various niche accounts for folklore, amazing old photographs, and art. I didn’t access any of the comments, which I realise can be vile. Sometimes these quirky visual accounts really helped with or inspired research too. I’ve read that if you don’t use your account to tweet, they will eventually block it as well. The Scorpio/Taurus/Capricorn themes in that Twitter chart seem to have overcome the less controlling Mars/Neptune aspect.

        • You can browse it without an account, I’ve never had an account. You just need to start at a profile page, so put something common after the / like www dot twitter dot com / asmith

          From there you can use the search box as usual.

          Like GD, I use it rarely for specific purposes. I can always tell people who use it heavily, they become very opinionated and think they know everything, just parroting what they’ve seen on twitter. I saw the change in a relative of mine recently

          • Thanks Tara – but I’ve tried everything now. Incognito browsing, deleting cookies, going in via the home page etc. Some things worked for a short time, then back came the sign up request, blocking further scrolling. It doesn’t matter so much for words, but for the visual accounts I enjoy and use it is very annoying. I don’t visit them every day. Not sure how Twitter ‘decides’ where this is targeted – some people were complaining about it before it began happening to me. Before that, all was fine. I have no desire or professional need to tweet about anything, hence no account.

            Interesting what you say about parroting twitter. I’ve noticed this too, also earlier on with Facebook – it seemed to change people’s focus, and became an obsession with many for quite a long time. What I found unsettling was watching people using both/either in an actual real-life social setting while ignoring their real human friends!

  12. I read somewhere that he is planning to introduce a paid subscription which will likely deter the Trump fan base and other amateur virtual warriors. However that will also make it an ideal medium for lobbyists. I predict youth will depart in droves (if they haven’t already). We’ll see. Thanks Marjorie.

    • I deleted my Twitter account a while back, I found it to be such a cesspool. Twitter in reality is quite small. The majority of Americans say they use YouTube and Facebook according to Pew Research for 2021 Social Media use and for those under 30, the majority of 18- to 29-year-olds say they use Instagram (71%) or Snapchat (65%), while roughly half say the same for TikTok. If you don’t have that generation you’re not going to get very far in the long run. Case in point …my daughter tells me no one in her large circle of friends/acquaintances of around 25 years old or so have a Twitter account.

      • I agree Anita, hopping on Twitter can be a tiresome task. It does make me wonder what captivated Musk’s imagination. The price tag suggests Mighty big dreams…

      • @Anita, I have an account. Mainly because there have been and still are corners worth following. Incidently, maybe the biggest reasons I activated my account – had been having it for a while, but following maybe 25 accounts – was finding out many people countering Russian State disinformation were active there. Many of these “blue checkmarks” are now also reporting on War in Ukraine – some, as Julias Davies and Joffe, are Ukrainian born too.

        • I understand but for me there is plenty on Instagram accounts to follow many of it’s politicians incl. Yulia Klymenco and various reporters like UK Telegraph reporters on the war and the official insta account of the country of Ukraine. The rest I get from NPR and PBS news. That said I refuse to support a bully like Musk.

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