Eclipses and Ingresses – the Sun on its courses

  The high-tension, unsettled and economically challenging Saturn Uranus square which haunted last year has another few months to run. The final exact aspect falls this October and by January 2023 it is out of orb. Though the Eclipse effect will carry resonances of it further ahead.

 Ebertin describes Saturn Uranus as irritability and inhibition, tensions, kicking against limitations on freedom and separations. But also the power to endure and cope; growth of strength through overcoming difficulties and dangerous situations.

  Levels of anxiety are peaking globally at the moment which will come from a mix of Astro-influences, some of which affect individual countries more than others. The shift of Pluto into another sign will be part of the high uncertainty as the celestial tectonic plates prepare for a move. The June 2022 Cancer Ingress chart also had a Mars square Pluto to add to Saturn Uranus, adding another layer of fear and desperation.

 The upcoming Cardinal Ingress charts from 23 September for Libra and 21 December 2022 for Capricorn will still have the Saturn Uranus stamp but without Mars Pluto and will have the addition of easy-going, lucky Sun Jupiter contacts so should be marginally less stressful. [Caveat: I don’t put much store by Ingress charts which can be so-so in terms of useful information.]

  Eclipse charts tend to make more sense. The previous late April 2022 Taurus Solar Eclipse was in a series which highlighted the unreliability of authority figures. The upcoming late October Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio is in a Saros Series hinting at forceful even manic activity intent on taking power – and huge efforts in group activity. Which might, in the UK’s case, be when public tolerance snaps over energy prices and inept government. The tr Uranus opposition the 2nd house UK Neptune picking up this July, running on exactly now and repeating in early 2023, certainly mirrors the extreme concern over impossibly high living costs.

  The October Solar Eclipse has the almost exact Saturn square Uranus plus two quincunxes of Mars to Pluto and Jupiter to the New Moon – a mix of extreme aggravation and grandstanding on the part of some.

  The October Scorpio Eclipse will have an impact on the Royal Family since the Queen’s Taurus Sun, Prince Charles’ Taurus Moon and Prince William’s Scorpio Midheaven Jupiter (and Prince Harry’s Pluto) will all be in close aspect and triggered by it.  Boris Johnson’s Zero degree Scorpio Moon will also be shaken up.

  The Lunar Eclipse of 8 November at 16 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus and square Saturn may well be the more powerful of the two. The Mars quincunx Pluto is still in place, along with Saturn square Uranus emphasized by the Lunar Eclipse closely entangled, with a financial-bubble-bursting Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

  It will have a considerable impact on various countries – Ukraine with its 10th house Pluto catching it and Russia’s Scorpio Sun (with Moscow sitting under part of the Eclipse path). China will get a sobering reality check as its Saturn is elbowed. The EU and UK will catch both the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in its financial houses; and Germany, and Italy will be particularly aware of the Lunar Eclipse.

  No greatly reassuring conclusions except that the April 2022 Solar Eclipse’s focus on unreliable leaders was all too accurate. There will clearly be a few more humps and bumps before we clear this phase.  

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  1. There was a square of Saturn in Taurus to Uranus in Aquarius in 1999-2000 at the time of the bust. I have a felling that a lot of the worlds subsequent financial woes can be traced back to decisions taken in that era. It is also worth noting that Vladimir Putin became President of Russia in May 2000 just before the final square between Saturn in Taurus to Uranus in Aquarius took place. It is like the current set up with all the retrograde planets is playing back all the events of the past 22 years. Definitely a back to the future feel as has been pointed out.

  2. Adding these to the watchlist for eclipse effects:

    -President Biden has a 1 Taurus Moon and Mars-Mercury at Scorpio 13 and 22.

    -The US midterm elections will be on Nov. 8. Typically the party in power (currently Democrats) loses seats at the midterms – the question is, enough seats to shift majority power in the House and Senate to the other party (Republicans)?

    Marjorie and All, what do you think about the Mars retrograde during this eclipse period? Mars will turn retrograde on Oct. 30 at 25 Gemini (quincunx transit Pluto, as Marjorie notes, and the Queen’s Saturn-MC and President Biden’s Sun). Perhaps emphasizing, intensifying, and extending this eclipse period with ramped-up communication/attention/plans (Gemini) in reaction to an eclipse change, event, or revelation. Will timing around January 12, when Mars turns direct at 8 Gemini, reflect decisive forward momentum or new direction following these eclipses?

    Travel, transportation, and physical mobility also are associated with Gemini and Mars can be hasty, hurtful, or accident-prone when in emphasis. Wishing good health to the Queen and President Biden during this eclipse period!

  3. Thanks Marjorie, really good to have all this here during such febrile times. Interesting and concerning what you say about Russia and the Lunar Eclipse in November. I had noticed that this (and Uranus/Saturn transits) could have an impact across a number of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. They all have Pluto in Scorpio at 17 degrees – including Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Slovenia and Croatia.

    And re what you say here about Italy, I’d also noticed that Giorgia Meloni (15 January 1977), leader of the Brothers of Italy far-right party, has her Black Moon Lilith at 19 Taurus, conjunct Jupiter at 21 Taurus. The elections are at the end of September, so who knows whether or not she will win, but she’s a favourite at the moment. Italy 1871 has Pluto 19 Taurus. An astro curiosity – she almost shares her birthday with Michelle O’Neill of Sinn Fein – 10 January 1977. They were born under the Leo/Scorpio square between Saturn and Uranus, so perhaps reflect the times we’re experiencing now in some way.

  4. Speaking of Saturn-Uranus……Salma al-Shehab, born November 9, 1988 in Saudi Arabia.

    Has 2000 followers on Twitter, final year medicine in the UK, was arrested when returning to her country for few days holiday.

    She is a Scorpio with a Moon-Pluto conjunction. Saturn-Uranus 29/28 Sag square ruler Mars at 0 Aries.
    During her life the Saturn-Uranus progression moved over exact creating a similar progressed Saturn-Sun maximum tension
    She was sentenced to 24 yrs for her tweets. Ebertin on Saturn-Uranus aspects….”the tendency to cause unrest within
    ones environment…..limitations against one’s freedom.” Below is her current biwheel with secondary progressions

  5. Thank you very much for the charts and the article, Marjorie.

    The one thing that caught my eye immediately when looking at the Libra Ingress chart you posted is just how many planets are Retrograde. It has a strong “Back to the Future” vibe. Do you have any reflections on that particular point (of so many planets being retrograde)?

    You’ve mentioned that the EU will catch both the Solar and Lunar eclipses in its financial houses. You have in the past mentioned that the UK’s chart has many similarities to the EU’s charts when it comes to finances. Will the Eclipses trigger the financial houses on the UK’s charts as well?

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