Tim Page – living on “free time from the gods”

Legendary Vietnam photojournalist Tim Page has died. Described as the wildest of the “wigged-out crazies running around Vietnam”, he rode a motorcycle to the front lines, jumped on and off helicopters like a hobo riding a train, went into high-risk situations where other journalists would not venture and kept returning to combat zones despite being injured four times. On one occasion he floated wounded in the South China Sea for hours before being rescued after the ship he was on was strafed. The fourth time a shrapnel wound in the head sent him into rehabilitation for a year.

  What is intriguing and refers back to the Ranulph Fiennes/Black Elk post, July 9 2022, is he had a ‘delusional’ sense of invulnerability that carried him into and through situations of extreme danger.

  The Times obituary remarks: “His fearlessness derived from a karmic belief that he was living on “free time from the gods” after a near-fatal motorcycle accident when he was 16.

“I had seen the tunnel. There was no light at the end and it did not seem scary . . . This was the dawning, the overture to losing a responsible part of my psyche. A liberation happened at that intersection,” he wrote later.

   He was born 25 May 1944 with his biological father killed in the World War 11 (like Fiennes) and he never knew the identity of his birth mother. He was adopted and left home at 17 to travel abroad with no plan in mind, driving overland through Europe and the far east. He taught himself photography and eventually got a staff job with UPI in Saigon.

  He was a Sun Uranus in Gemini trine Neptune and sextile  Mars Pluto in Leo conjunct North Node in Cancer. The Mars Pluto would be essential for a crisis-zone career, giving him courage and grit; Sun Uranus Neptune is creative and a maverick. He was immersed in the Vietnam War drug culture – marijuana, LSD and opium – which also had Neptunian overtones.

  His Sun was square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which points in two directions – one is a craving for alcohol/drugs. The other is a leaning towards psychic, supernatural and occult beliefs which he obviously utilised to boost his fearlessness.

  Ranulph Fiennes has his Uranus square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which gives supernatural experiences.

  When Page had his teenage near-death experience tr Neptune was square his Pluto for a devastating and other-worldly event. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter which would give him a sense of supreme power – there was nothing he could not overcome.

  Mind magic sometimes works.

4 thoughts on “Tim Page – living on “free time from the gods”

  1. Fascinating, thanks Marjorie. I’m intrigued by his Cancer Moon and North Node – not knowing his birth parents and leaving the homeland as soon as he could. Cast adrift free floating

    I’ve seen this before with Cancer north node – seperation from mother, leaving the country. And oddly, the ones I am thinking about have Sun or ascendant in Cancer too – all risk takers, lots of accidents. Weird and unexpected correlation

  2. I rectified his birth time to 3:25:10 am, giving him an Ascendant of 16Pi08, ruler Neptune, photography, in the 7th of public projection.
    His 3rd/9th axis is Gemini/Sagittarius, ruler Jupiter, 6th, work, suitable for a journalist. He has Jupiter in his 6th House of illness. Jupiter rules the liver and he
    died from liver cancer when Solar Arc Sun, r6th, conjuncted his natal Jupiter. Many cancer indicators were also active at this time.
    See his rectified triwheel for death from liver cancer below.


  3. Beyond a bit of intuition, I don’t know much about interpreting astrocartography.
    As I read this, I did wonder what his chart would look like when moved to Vietnam?

    And, yes… I took many, many risks when young… a mixture of “it’s an adventure”, “doesn’t matter if I die”, and a trust/faith in … well.. something! I also did not feel particularly attached to any person. Now? I have a few of these connections.. and an older body!… so am more careful.

  4. There’s a huge element of survivor bias to the those who claim a sense of invulnerability. I probably had that sense when I was younger – a devil-may-care attitude that everything would turn out alright and I could do anything. One thing it does, when you’re in a scrape, is give you the optimism to keep trying options rather than wilt and collapse in panic. If you stop trying, then the situation will win. I feel like I lost my indomitable spirit since Saturn last went over my Jupiter and Neptune.

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