Princess Diana – a life marked out by eclipses ++ 2.10pm birth time

Twenty five years on the memory of Princess Diana burns brightly and still raises strong reactions. She died on 31 August 1997 in Paris, causing worldwide shock and an outpouring of grief in the UK. 2 billion people watched her funeral on television.

  She died two days before an 18 North Solar Eclipse in the same Saros cycle as the previous one which oversaw the death of the Queen’s uncle, Earl Mountbatten, killed by an IRA bomb while holidaying in Ireland. This Saros cycle usually accompanies illness or accidents and is given to obsessive worry. Eclipses repeat in the same cycle every 18.5 years approximately and this one has particular relevance for the Royal Family.  It was the closest to the birth of Lady Diana Spencer in 1961.

  Eclipses marked her life as she was married two days before an eclipse on 31 July 1981, a service watched by a global audience of 700 million people. This cycle, not seen as a luck-bringer, puts pressure on personal relationships, with the caution that hasty decisions are not wise since information is distorted and possibly false. Tiredness or health problems are also associated with it.

  Prince William, the eldest son and heir to the throne in succession to his father, was born on the day of a solar eclipse in June 1982. This series is challenging in effect, dealing with separations or the ending of a union, although the long-term outcome is hopeful.

  Born 1 July 1961 7.45pm (memory) Sandringham, England, Diana had a charming and people-oriented 7th house Cancer Sun and Mercury so was adept at making everyone she met feel special; and in trine to Neptune would give her a healing presence. Her 5th house Venus would also give her a radiant and entertaining glow. She needed a stabilising partner in life but she would be conflicted and contradictory emotionally. Her yearning for Watery togetherness sat uneasily with a maverick Aquarius Moon in a freedom-loving opposition to Uranus square Venus conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol. And she had an angry, argumentative 9th house Mars Pluto in Virgo. On the one hand this gave her the ability to spread a message to a wide audience about the tragedy of AIDS and landmines, dark subjects the public would otherwise have turned away from. But it would also give her considerable inner turmoil, resentment and hostility.

 She was also born with a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn/Aquarius, which for a very few individuals ties them into the spirit of the age and whose lives seem marked out by destiny. Messiahs in their own sphere, they carry the hopes of their era. John Lennon was born in 1940 with Jupiter–Saturn in Taurus and became the unlikely hero of a generation. The Beatles’ debut occurred on the 1960 Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, and his death on the conjunction in Libra in 1980.

  Similarly, Diana, born on a waning Jupiter–Saturn conjunction, was married in 1980 during the exact Jupiter–Saturn conjunction but never quite made it to the next one in 2000.

  What appears to happen is their Jupiterian fame pitches them too high into the realm of the gods and Saturn, the grim reaper, comes into play to cut them down to size as mere mortals. Most US presidents in the past 200 years who were inaugurated on a Jupiter Saturn conjunctions were either assassinated, survived an assassination attempt or died while in office.

  When Diana died, most significantly tr Pluto was putting pressure on her natal Mars Pluto conjunction – building up from the previous year, so she would be amped up, feeling trapped and not thinking clearly, driven by her demons. She also had tr Neptune conjunct her Saturn which brings great uncertainty; and an accident-prone tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Mars midpoint. Strangely she also had tr Uranus conjunct her Jupiter which is usually associated with luck and relief from tension though it may also have stoked her high-spirited streak into taking risks.  

 On her astrocartography, the United States would be where her Cancerian sun shone at its brightest. A glittering public career would have been guaranteed and her Jupiter (easy) on the I. C. (home) line runs through New York and down to the Bahamas, both places where she was happy to relax and feel accepted. Her Venus (love, affection, indulgence) on the I. C. (home) line, and the Jupiter ascendant (confidence-bringer) line both run through Egypt, the home of Dodi Al Fayed. Her Sun I. C. line (spiritual home) runs through India where she frequently visited Mother Teresa, and which was also the home of one close friend, an Indian heart doctor, after her separation from Prince Charles. Her Neptune (sacrifice, pity for the suffering) midheaven line runs through Africa, as does her Jupiter ascendant, giving her confidence to raise her land-mine campaign to international notice. Her other Jupiter midheaven and Neptune descendant lines, with much the same meaning, run through the Far East, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, suggesting she had much to do in future in this mine-strewn area before her life was cut short. She had Pluto cross lines (‘parans’) through Paris, northern France, and significantly through the Mediterranean, the scene of sailing holidays a few weeks before her death, hinting that this was not a safe area for her. Jupiter in the midheaven crossing her Venus ascendant also in the Mediterranean zone perhaps distracted her, suggesting as it does glittering acclaim, a glitzy lifestyle and a good deal of lavish indulgence.

Her Sun fell on the UK midheaven so she was a guiding star for her time.

Add On: Penny Thornton wrote to me suggesting a 2.10pm birth time which she resourced from Diana’s personal comment to her that she was born just before a Wimbledon match.

It would give her a charming Libra Ascendant and put her passionate Venus in the 8th; with her Moon on the cusp of the 5th house ruling parties and children. A much-travelled Sun in the 9th’ influential-out-in-society Mars Pluto in the 11th though also difficult friendships.

 When she died tr Neptune would have been crossing the IC and tr Saturn crossing the Descendant. When she married tr Uranus would have been trine the MC and Solar Arc Pluto sextile the MC – certainly feasible.  

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  1. Good add-on from Penny Thornton’s site about the birthtime, I was alluding to that but never like to direct people away from your site to other astrologers.

    Reading her article it mentions how Diana and her own mother (Frances Shand-Kidd) had periods of estrangement. Can’t help but notice that’s another trait she’s handed down to Harry. Cutting people out when the going gets tough and no surprise he feels it’s acceptable for MM to do it with people

  2. please the synastry of diana with her grandchildren! What the composites shows of their relationships?

    What is the synastry of diana with france and italy? some diana close friends said in her last years she wanted to live in some of those countries.

    What the currents transits of Diana shows about her life?

  3. I just decided to move Diana chart from 745pm to 700pm and her natal sun in seasonal cancer ♋ the crab shifted from the 7th back into the 8th,and then when I created a age harmonic chart for her home in England,pluto was in the 8th harmonic age chart’s eight house,and in Martin goldsmiths revised sabian symbol book,pluto at 4degrees ♐,made a interesting note,it says mustering. courage to strike out on her own,just fascinating. Pondering this stuff,could Diana actually. been born earlier than stated,since wouldn’t a 8th house sun,seem deeper than her 7th house portrayed her,since the 8th house is overseen. by pluto,and could Harry have taken some of this deeper stuff from Diana,since Meghan seems more plutonic,than solar ruled,just pondering stuff,plus it seems like Diana,Harry is more concerned with values,and resources than just being a good prince,and ♉ /♏ seem more concerned with values over fame,then Meghan seem more like she needs money over fame,which if represented by ♏,means she not only digging her tail into Harry,but hercclaws,and some folks who are pinched by real scorpions say when they pinch it really does hurt,and so maybe Meghan is releasing Harry’s emotions,which in some astrology sounds alot like scorpio,and if Meghan is ♏,could she be opposing Charles moon,which represents a sorta fixed family life,the reason bring this up is in Bernadette. Brady’s jigsaw software,when she writes about strong fixed sign families,she writes about how on the darkside,these families drag everyone,and everything underground,like how scorpions do to some of their prey,also other arachnids like some spiders do the same,and in some astrology rulership books,arachnids are listed under ♇,and scorpio,as well as other nocturnal animals like bats,and other stuff of true darkness around us.

    • Hello Anthony, I won’t attempt to reply to all of your thoughts, but I did want to mention that in a whole sign house system, Diana’s Sun and Mercury would be in the 8th house even with the 7:45 pm birth time. However, I now accept what some astrologers like Rick Levine and Meira Epstein have pointed out, that it’s not necessarily an either/or situation and from different perspectives you can see these borderline planets functioning from either house. Since her identity was so entwined with that of the man she married without whom she would not have been Princess Diana, I tend to accept the 7th house for her Sun and Mercury, but agree that with her psychological depth and emotional conflicts she could easily have been an 8th house Sun-Mercury. That’s my contribution and maybe others can offer comments on the rest of your remarks.

    • I have read there is some debate about Diana’s birth time. I can’t remember the details but it was originally given as one time, then a few years later it was said to be something completely different that she’d told an astrologer. The alternative is in the middle of the afternoon – somewhere around 2-3pm. No-one will be sure as British birth certificates don’t record times.

      • I think the 7:45 pm time works pretty well. It’s been a while so I can’t remember offhand all the past research I’ve done into her chart, but one thing has always stuck with me–the time of her accident, 0:23 am on August 31, 1997 puts 17 Sag on the descendant which is within one degree of her ascendant with this time. I have read and indeed found that this is a common position when death is caused by another. A natural death often has the person’s ascendant degree rising.

          • Interesting, thank you for that, Sarah, which also supports the Sag ascendant. I always thought she had a bit of a horsey look which befits a Sag ascendant if I can say that! Also tall at 1.78 m, slender, outdoorsy, and athletic like a Sag. The Jupiter-Neptune square seemed to define her life well with the fairy tale romance and wedding that ended in disillusionment. A Placidus chart also gives her Libra rising with Venus in her 5th house of children and she was famous for her love of children and her relationship with her sons. (And now she is even remembered in a statue in which she is flanked by children.) It also puts the nasty Pluto-Mars conjunction, North Node, and Uranus in her 8th house of death. Works for me! Thanks again for that tidbit!

  4. I really enjoyed this, especially since I was born three days after Diana, so I often get a lot personally out of analyses of her chart! The year 1997 was one of the worst in my life although my progressed Sun was also applying to the degree of a post-natal eclipse and transiting Pluto was on my IC. It was as if she died physically and I died psychologically as traumatic events that year changed the entire trajectory of my life and I had to let go of so much. So watching her death, funeral, and the outpouring of grief for her had a huge impact on me. I have often pondered the meaning of Neptune conjunct her Saturn and Uranus conjunct her Jupiter especially since I went through those transits at the same time. I have noticed Saturn with Neptune can indicate accidents due to carelessness, drugs, or alcohol. If only she had been wearing her seatbelt, she might have lived. I think it can also produce a kind of martyrdom and she was perceived by many as a victim with the accident being the ultimate unfair twist of fate. Also, I think the Uranus conjunct Jupiter which is sometimes present when people suddenly become famous may have secured her a place in history far more lasting than if she had lived, and of course, the Jupiter contact may have simply magnified the Uranian energy of the shocking, sudden car crash. Thanks so much for revisiting this, Marjorie. A really thought-provoking write up.

  5. Marjorie – very nice write up.

    Do you think the 29th July wedding date was set by an astrologer? It seems strange, at least in this day and age, to get married on a Wednesday.

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