Donald Trump – will his balloon deflate or deflect ++ Melania – storm-tossed ahead

America’s painfully slow attempts to hold Donald Trump responsible for his various transgressions is heading for a climax with his criminal indictment for attempting to overthrow the democratic result of the last election. No president has faced criminal charges before Trump. The closest parallel is Richard Nixon, who resigned rather than face impeachment and was pardoned by his successor Gerald Ford, who believed a presidential trial could rip America apart.

  Key to the indictment are the notes which VP Mike Pence took when he told Trump he had no power to overturn election and was told “you’re too honest.”

  Given that it also feels like the last final battle for the soul and integrity of the United States, it is fitting that the Judge Tanya Chutkan, 5 July 1962, has her Cancer Sun at the same degree as the USA and her North Node is in Leo also a match.

In November 2021, Chutkan forcefully rejected Trump’s attempts to block the House select committee investigating January 6 from accessing more than 700 pages of records from his White House. She has previously said of Trump: “Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President.” She has presided over dozens of criminal cases against alleged January 6 rioters and has repeatedly gone over what prosecutors have requested for prison sentences.

  Her stalwart Mars in Taurus falls on Trump’s Midheaven and her Uranus falls on his Ascendant conjunct his Mars – an explosive combination that has the capability of upending his image and career. Her forensic Saturn in Aquarius also blocks and opposes his 12th house Pluto so she’ll be up to his tricks.

  Their relationship chart is ploughing through heavy seas from late February 2024, through 2025 as well with tr Pluto square the composite Saturn; with a major upheaval from late May 2024 onwards; and 2025 looks mired in confusion.

Jack Smith, the special counsel, 5 June 1969, is no slouch either with a super confident Jupiter Pluto Uranus in Virgo which squares Trump’s Gemini Sun, Uranus and North Node opposition Sagittarius Moon – a formidable collision.  Their relationship chart also shows early 2024 as the starting point for a two year run of devastation and muddle as tr Pluto squares the composite Neptune; plus tr Saturn throwing a cold dose of reality onto the composite Venus, Saturn, Sun.

  Mike Pence, 7 June 1959, who gritted his teeth throughout Trump’s term to his shame, has finally cast off the shackles. Their relationship chart has a controlling Pluto, Mars, North Node conjunction on the focal point of a Sun trine Neptune Saturn – bullying, fearful, suspicious, distrustful – hardly a merry twosome.  The central Pluto is being upended by tr Uranus in square from last month, repeating in mid November/early December and again March 2024.

Trump’s legal woes are legion;

Mar-a-Lago classified docs trial date 20 May 2024.

Stormy Daniels hush money trial scheduled for 25 March 2024.

Georgia election meddling, charging decisions to be announced this summer.

Jean Carroll seeking damages of $10m for defamation, trial set for January 2024.

  Before getting overly hopeful about all this being terminal to his career hopes, he does have (sigh, as per usual) undeserved good luck and confidence boosts running mid this November to early March from two Jupiter midpoints, alongside other less favourable influences.

 On the downside his Solar Arc Mars squares his 12th house Pluto for another few months which is scary and trapped; his SA Pluto is also in a discouraging and blocked square to his Saturn this year; and will trigger his sensitivity to being unloved in 2024 as it squares his Saturn/Venus midpoint.

  Tr Pluto will oppose his Saturn/Pluto midpoint for a monumental struggle from late February 2024 on and off into 2025. Late April to late May 2024 he looks aggravated, bad-tempered and inclined to let fly with tr Pluto opposition his Mercury/Mars midpoint.

  If his birth time is accurate then tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven from late May into June 2024 will send his career/life’s direction off course in a surprising way. That repeats into 2025.  Even more to the point tr Uranus will square his Mars early July to early August 2024 across the Republican Convention. Usually this explosive influence causes insecurity and a major ego-dent which often results in a reckless kickback to boost machismo. Although (urgh) he does have tr Jupiter moving across his Midheaven and 10th house from May 2024 for a year which is usually successful or at least high profile.

 His Solar Returns (for what they are worth) suggest this June 2023 to June 2024 will haul in money, see him grandstanding and smoke-screening like mad.  His SR June 2024 to 2025, is not too favourable with a hidden 12th house Sun, a directionless Neptune in the 10th and a regretful Saturn in the 9th house of legal affairs.  Not a total disaster but not triumphant either. Never say never where Trump is concerned but it is certainly not the Jupiterian feste over the 2024 election which swept him to power in 2016.

  Trump’s continued popularity in the USA is (astrologically-speaking) connected to two major factors. One his Gemini Sun opposition Moon is conjunct the USA argumentative and divisive Mars and squares the USA Neptune – so he tunes into the ‘glamour’, publicity-crazed (and delusional) streak in the US psyche; and secondly his Venus Saturn in Cancer tie into the US’s Mercury opposition Pluto which attracts fanatical, rabble-rousing, conspiracy-heavy opinionators.

  His relationship chart with the USA is fairly chained together with a composite Sun trine Pluto, sextile Saturn. It is moving through a muddled, disappointing 2023/24. But the key moment may come early next July to early August across the Republican Convention. At that point tr Uranus square the composite Jupiter which usually brings relief from tension. But whether this means the country is freed from the prospect of another chaotic Trump term or great celebrations since he has overcome the machinations of the deep state (otherwise known as the Justice Department) is not clear.

  My eye is drawn to the USA Mars which in mid 2024 has the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars, which does suggest a considerable setback – or disaster/accident. Whether that is tied into Trump or other international or legal complications is not clear.

 One last thought about Trump’s extraordinary ability to float above a sea of chaos and stratospheric pressure and I apologise if the analogy seems tasteless. But it reminds me of a comment I read years ago that those who survived the concentration camps best in WW11 were the mentally ill or schizophrenic, since their inner worlds were so jumbled and scary that the outside did not impinge to the same extent.

  In Trump’s case anyone else would have taken a heart attack by this time – and indeed tr Uranus square his Mars next July is often associated in the elderly with cardiac incidents. But he may manage to brush it off as incidental he has done his entire life.

  I worry for the USA – the state of the nation is not good.    

Add On: Melania has not been much seen of late though she sticks close to Trump’s residencies and is reportedly supporting his 2024 run. Though given how underwhelmed she was by his last White House stint she may well be saying one thing, meaning another.

  How much use her chart is in gauging his possible fortunes is tricky since she might well be relieved with an election no-show or loss. Or even freedom from the marital bonds. Their relationship chart does have an undermining tr Neptune square the composite Venus now but it is 2025 when it will move into times of turmoil with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun, tr Uranus square the Pluto and tr Pluto square the Neptune – and that is quite a pressured set of separating influences and possibly devastating circumstances. 

  Her own chart is rattled at the moment with tr Uranus conjunct her Mercury over this last set of charges; and into disaster-territory with tr Uranus square her Mars/Saturn midpoint from the middle of this month till mid September and on and off until March 2025, including across the Inauguration. Tr Pluto is also opposition her Mars/Pluto midpoint up to and through December 2024 which is scary, trapped and enraged.

  For most these would indicate a clear no-no to a win but her antipathy to a public presence could suggest the opposite – but whichever way it plays out she is certainly not a happy housewife over the next eighteen months and indeed beyond.

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  1. Marjorie, your astrological take here is sobering. It’s breathtaking to me that Trump even still has the standing in the US public that he does after all the chaos he has caused, and continues to, filled with so much spite, ego, and narcissism. Who would have ever believed a decade ago that this ridiculous, reactionary and incorrigible man would have caused so many problems for America? Or rather, maybe he is just a reflection of the country’s shadow, come to light at the threshold and transit of its Pluto Return?

    Have you looked at Biden’s chart for the next year? My fear is that he lacks the vitality to run a successful re-election campaign next year and that his health may take a downward spiral at any time; he needs to be 20 years younger than he is for what he is up against, and doubly so facing a rematch with Trump.

    Worse, VP Kamala Harris seems uninspiring and unlikely to be able to smoothly step in to campaign in Biden’s stead midstream should the need occur. And because of their standard deference to Biden as the sitting president, there likely won’t be any other rising Dems ready and angling to jump into serious campaign mode. 2024 could be a perfect storm of trouble.

    Of course, Trump could face similar heath challenges, but where others would have already collapsed due to the stress of so much legal trouble and advanced age, he somehow seems to keep trudging forward on spite, if nothing else. He has to come to his end eventually, as we all must do, but it seems for him it won’t happen quite soon enough for the relief we desire from all his particular brand of chaos.

  2. I’m out of here. The constant tail-biting hatred that belongs to Twitter and other unmoderated sites.

    Just elect him and get it over with.

    Good bye.

    • @larryc, please do not give up, yours is a voice of reason and for those who live outside of the USA just trying to identify all the people mentioned is laborious, my view is that the USA is facing an existential crisis and the fact that it has been eroded by fundamentalists of what appear to be an evangelical, hard right mindset will need a lot of improvement in the fundamentals such education.
      What is happening there is important for the world at large.
      We may find a few surprises in the next few weeks with the two moons coming up.

      @larryc, please do not give up just yet, for those of who do not live in the USA just trying to identify all the names mentioned is laborious.
      Yours is a voice of reason and it is difficult to understand how the USA has been shaped by an evangelical, hard right mindset which points out a need to reconsider the fundamentals such as education.
      A few surprises may come in the next few weeks with the two moons coming up.

  3. The Georgia case, which will be brought under racketeering laws, is potentially the most damaging for Trump. It’s a pity it has taken so long for the judicial wheels to turn. Trump will pose a major risk to democracy in American is he is elected – it is painful to watch.

  4. For the fun of it, who do you all think will be his running mate?
    I say Tim Scott. He’s not a limelight seeking flame throwing hog like say…a Kari Lake. And Nikki Haley is a 2 tongue type, so he wouldn’t trust her. The clinical narcissist doesn’t like sharing the spotlight with similar characters. So kinda like a pence 2.0, ‘good ol boy’ Tim would be the perfect lickable lackey.

    • @Troy, I think that Scott would be a good choice as DeSantis’s running mate.

      No one who is a serious politician would be Trump’s running mate so it would be someone like Kari Lake or Marjorie Taylor Green or maybe the sycophant Vivek Ramaswamy who would be a long shot because he has a little too much melanin

      In 2016 Trump declined choosing Haley due to her skin color so he won’t choose her or Tim Scott next year if he is the nominee.

      • @Roderick: You’re reading it all wrong man. Let me re-iterate my main point about Tim. “Likable lackey”. It doesn’t matter who the nominee is, they’d strongly consider him, and he’d gleefully accept. He’s a lackey but an ambitious one; similar to Pence who deludes himself into thinking he could be POTUS. Skin color is far less relevant(even to racists) when dealing with a lackey loyal to the cause. A la Clarence Thomas!

        MTG is out because she’s not good looking and Trump would be fixated on a fair amount of beauty to compliment him if it’s going to be a woman; the opposite of it’s a man. Lake has the looks but what both women have in common, as I aluded to, is they are limelight hogs and flame throwers. Trump doesn’t want a female version of himself shadowing him because he must get all the attention. His first marriage largely failed because Ivana got more attention and accolades than him for how she managed his hotel. Male or female, he doesn’t want another firebrand. He wants someone pliant, docile, likable and above all, Loyal; hence, Tim Scott.
        Clinical narcissists only want sycophants who don’t upstage them; regardless of gender or race.

        • @ Troy, Tim Scott along with Byron Donalds just spoke against DeSantis’s attempt to whitewash slavery.
          Whether it was sincere or a political calculation Tim Scott began his campaign by denying that America has any issues with race, and I don’t think that Republican voters appreciate him being on the wrong side of the race card as they see it.

          I understand what you are saying but after how Trump treated Pence I don’t know anyone who fits your description would subject himself to the bullying and belittling required to be Trump’s VP.

          • What they said is called convenient lip service my friend. And don’t get me started on that Byron moron.
            I’d like to be wrong about Scott. But If the Trump “flies” has taught me anything since 2016, is to never underestimate the dark side of ambition.
            To quote Al Pacino as the Devil….”Vanity is definitely my favorite sin”.

    • @ Troy,

      Since Donald Trump is a complete narcissist who likes to be the star and doesn’t want to share the spotlight with ANYBODY, I think he’ll choose Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination. Here are the reasons why I think Hawley would be Trump’s likely pick:

      1. Josh Hawley does have nationwide name recognition but he’s still low-profile enough not to usurp Donald Trump’s massive ego.

      2. Josh Hawley is a younger, White, Protestant, and straight cisgender male with the stereotypical “All-American” “GQ” appearance – all of which keeps in line with the Republican Party’s preferred traditional aesthetic.

      3. Josh Hawley’s policies are almost lock-step with Donald Trump’s. He has a very conservative voting record and I believe he was one of the few U.S. Senators who refused to affirm Joe Biden’s electoral victory in 2020.

      4. Josh Hawley is from the Midwest – a region where Republicans have made massive gains within the last decade and Hawley is popular with White Evangelical Christian voters (a pivotal voting block in the Republican Party) and he could help enhance higher turnout among this group of voters (the same way Mike Pence was able to do in 2016).

      5. Josh Hawley has often been described as a more polite and a more articulate version of Donald Trump – so he could potentially attract some of the White suburbanite “soccer mom” and professional women voters who Republicans lost in 2016 and in 2020 because of their aversion to Donald Trump.

      Granted, many would argue that it would be more strategic for Donald Trump to choose a Black, Latino, or Woman running mate – given how the Republicans would love to make inroads with these demographics. However, I don’t think Donald Trump thinks that strategically. Trump is too misogynistic to choose a female running mate and he’s too racist to choose a Person of Color. Remember, Donald Trump supported Democrats for years….but when Barack Obama (who is Multiracial – with partial Kenyan [ethnic Luo and Muslim] heritage) won the elections in 2008 and 2012, he became vehemently anti-Democrat. Trump doesn’t mind having People of Color and women working for him….but he doesn’t want them in line for the Presidency.

      • @ Chris Romero,

        That sounds good except that Hawley has presidential ambitions of his own and he’s up for re-election next year which means that if Trump did ask him to be VP he would have to forfeit an almost second term as senator where he could continue to build his resume’ in the Senate and run for president in 2028 when he will only be 48.

        Also why would Hawley take a chance on being closely associated with Trump and another tainted presidential term and allowed Pence to be hanged?

        • @ Roderick,

          Hawley is already an ardent supporter of Donald Trump so I can’t imagine him being too concerned about being closely associated with him (especially since that is where the Republican Party is at right now). If Hawley has convinced himself that Trump will win the general election in 2024, then I would think he wouldn’t mind mind forfeiting a second Senate term if it gets him into the White House as VP.

  5. I have come around to a view similar to Troy’s: that Trump’s unwitting function is to expose the rot and corruption and downright treason (with strong connections to Putin’s Russia) in the GOP, and by exposing it, ultimately to bring it down–to sort of “out-Pluto the Plutonians,” I suppose.

    Since at least the 1968 election, when Nixon’s GOP used the “Southern Strategy” to appeal to racist whites, the Republicans have been marching toward fascism, working to appeal to xenophobes and racists while co-opting the judiciary, gumming up the works in Congress, and gaming the electoral system in their favor.

    Until Trump ran for president, they largely accomplished these goals behind the scenes and through misdirection, and would have been happy to continue in this successful vein until they had completely taken over–except that Trump’s obnoxious presence has brought daily (sometimes hourly) focus to their plans, and has resulted in massive electoral losses and criminal exposure. (He keeps saying the quiet part out loud–and he is loud.) He’s like the nasty visible lump that alerts the surgeon to the presence of cancer, hopefully before it’s too late. He’s a horrible blight and a national disgrace, but in a way, as Troy suggests, he’s also provided a necessary early warning.

    The gloom and doom about all Trump’s alleged support seems overstated. Thanks to Trump, the number of American voters who identify as Republican is down to 25 percent, a historic low; and of those Republican voters, only around 43 percent would vote for Trump over the alternative. That 43 percent seems to be his ceiling; he almost never polls above it.

    That tells us two things: 1) He can’t get even a majority of *Republicans* to support him, and 2) his total diehard support is under 11 percent (.25 x .43=.1075). He’s widely loathed among other groups, including Independents.

    More recent polls have also shown that aside from a bounce in popularity after the Stormy Daniels charges in New York (which I guess burnished his he-man cred among some supporters), he has actually been losing support with each new indictment. Charges regarding hush money paid to a porn star seem laughable to some; selling America down the river in service to his ego and personal profit does not. People are really tired of him–even Republicans.

    So much of what outside observers write about America seems to miss the point; it reminds me of the old story about the blind men describing an elephant. There’s just too much going on, and so much is affected by the permutations of the federalist system, which adds an extra layer of uncertainty to any outcome. One thing’s for certain, though: Trump will be spending a lot of 2024 in court (he can’t avoid it, and he won’t be accorded continuances), which will keep his criminality front and center among the public and will seriously hinder his attempts to campaign. Things aren’t looking good for him.

    On a side note, Marjory says that America is a Cancer nation, and I know this is the majority view. But I understand Jessica Adams (among others?) claims America is Capricorn, based on January 2, 1776, the first historical record of the phrase “The United States of America” being used? Would predictions look different using that chart? Thank you.

  6. This is a very detailed analysis – certainly a lot to consider. While the prospect of Donald Trump being reelected remains a serious and ominous threat, there are a few signs of hope that democracy and sanity will prevail.

    For example, last night on MSNBC, President Biden’s former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, was interviewed and she reminded us of something to take into consideration. She said that while Donald Trump has unequivocal support in the polls, has ardent and enthusiastic voters, and he is raising large sums of money, in 2022, majority of voters (including some of Trump’s supporters) voted against far-right candidates who ran on election denial as well as candidates who ran on the idea that state government officials should be allowed access to residents private medical information in the midterm elections. Also, majority of voters (including some of Trump’s supporters) have voted in favor of upholding women’s reproductive rights and Medicaid expansion – even in solid red states like Missouri and Oklahoma.

    So, thinking about all of that does give me hope that majority of Americans in this country (regardless of political ideology) do want to uphold democracy. Hopefully, voters will remember that this country is in a very precarious state at the moment and they’ll vote on policy rather than who they’re enamored with (and how anyone could be enamored with Donald Trump of all people truly defies logic. That’s case study for sociologists!)

  7. I’m personally astounded at how much support he still has from his base, after the most recent polling. I’m in the U.S., on the west coast. The cultures in various parts of our country are vastly different. So, I’m surprised but not surprised. Trump has that Jupiter Uranus trine, he’ll never face any serious consequences and he knows it.
    He has a belief in himself that most of us can’t even grasp. My Dad was born three weeks after Trump with the same trine and he endlessly & magically evaded consequences, just like Donald. I think his base doesn’t necessarily support Trump as much as they hate the liberal establishment. And I mean HATE. I have a huge family fanned out across the U.S. and they are successful and educated and they are not budging support for him one bit. I really suspected DeSantis could budge him out and still might but these latest polls tell a different story.

  8. An unhappy/unholy outcome is my own personal opinion, based on human greed, violence, and bigotry in the US. His balloon will deflect…and will cause other balloons to expand and lift off. Perhaps in 15 years, this will all settle out somehow. But I’m not banking on it to point toward a happy ending. I’m reminded of the movie with Captian America, wherein “Hail Hydra” is spoken. Cut off one head, two more shall appear.

  9. Reputed Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe has weighed in re Trump’s latest indictment. He feels that Merrick Garland was too slow in pursuing an investigation, hence the case against Trump could drag on into the next presidency. His dire observation: “If the next presidency is held by either Trump or by one of his acolytes or by virtually any Republican, there is the horrible prospect that this (legal case against Trump) will all be wiped away.” OMG. Horrors! I think Tribe’s commentary is pretty much in synch with Marjorie’s predictions. As I’ve said before, the criminal who tried to overthrow the U.S. government will likely end up living the good life at Mar-a-Lago. Luck, thy name is Trump.

    • For sure, if Trump is President there’s no way he’s behind bars. He’d pardon himself if that’s possible. And even if it isn’t, he still will.

      I’d say Trump’s odds on winning the Presidency again aren’t as high as the stories of his support fearmonger. That is support from Republicans who are choosing him over their other candidates. He scraped the 2016 Election because he was an unknown prospect. Floating voters were willing to see what he could do. Now they know and it’s ugly hence he lost in 2020. I can’t see where he’s won more support from in the interim – only where he can lose it. That Republicans are going all in on him doesn’t matter – IF Democrats and floaters aren’t switching sides and as long as they go to the polling booth.

      Even so, it is a sad reflection of human nature that even when someone has shown their true colours so openly, others will still want to support him.

      • He can’t be pardoned for state criminal convictions at any rate, so the cases in NY and in Georgia would still stand. So there’s that. Except for hard-line MAGA folks, others of his supporters are showing signs of getting tired of his act and wishing they had someone else to vote for. If not, some may stay home. I don’t see his base growing in any way. Polls are notoriously wrong, and it’s easy to say one thing to a pollster (only people who answer their landlines by the way) but another to follow through.

        It is astonishing and sad that this man was elected to US president and that he continues to have so many supporters. In large part aided by watching only Faux News and such, so they’re not getting the truth.

        • @ Les,

          You took the words right out of my mouth. That is correct; Trump cannot be pardoned in state criminal convictions….but surprisingly, there are many people in this country who are unaware of this.

          And I agree with you about the polls: I have noticed that they’ve been off (in some cases – way off) in a number of local, state, and federal elections in recent years. One psephologist explained that while many pollsters are now conducting questionnaires via cell phones (rather than the traditional landline approach), they’re still using outdated methodologies, asking ambiguous questions, and oversampling older (and mostly Non-Hispanic White) voters.

          On CNN, there was a Republican strategist or former elected official who was insisting that Donald Trump will not win the nomination in 2024 for the Republican Party. When he was reminded by journalists that Trump is leading in all of the polling (including the gold-star pollsters), he responded by saying that analysts are misreading the polls and that Trump has already lost considerable support in his state. I have no idea how he’s able to extrapolate such a conclusion, but I guess we’ll see if he’s right next year.

  10. Thanks very much Marjorie. How does Pluto’s move into Aquarius starting in October play into this. Is there anything positive in this in terms of change?

    Experts are suggesting the justice process could take as long as 4 years due to appeals. If so, that would play into the 2028 election/Inauguration Day which you described as even more troublesome than 2024.

    It’s inconceivable to read that the man still has so much support. I seem to remember your post of Jan. 15, 2022 on Melania one is the possible scenarios a possible split in the relationship “As tr Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 tr Pluto will square Melania’s Jupiter for an almighty push on her part running into 2024; but running her at the same time into major and risky obstacles.”
    I would imagine that she will jump ship quickly as the legal woes/trials become overwhelming. Most likely she negotiated her finances during the period when she declined to show up for weeks as First Lady at the onset of his presidency.

    “My eye is drawn to the USA Mars which in mid 2024 has the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars, which does suggest a considerable setback – or disaster/accident. Whether that is tied into Trump or other international or legal complications is not clear”.

    I’m am concerned about Biden facing some sort of disaster or attack in the middle of the campaign since his chart looks extremely troublesome. A push for more violence and or even secession on the part of Trump supporters and Southern states as the trials get underway.

  11. Thanks Marjorie, for a concise and pithy summary of a horrible situation. It feels like a walking nightmare for the whole world. Pray Trump doesn’t get elected, despite everything.

  12. I have just binned (and blocked) a comment that read – “Jack Smith has lost several big cases and was accused of ‘ gross prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering and illegal wiretapping . This is no doubt a stupendous ‘ phishing ‘ exercise by JS. I am no Trump fan but this is a flagrant attempt at election interference.”
    I only repeat it to indicate the lengths to which people will go not to admit they were wrong or to deliberately smear in order to silence.
    Other reputable sources say Smith secured convictions of New York mob bosses, gang leaders, police officers accused of assaulting prisoners and white collar criminals. He brought war crimes charges against the former Kosovo president Hashim Thaci last year during his second stint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and secured the conviction of Salih Mustafa, a former Kosovan military commander who ran a torture prison during the war with Serbia in the late-1990s.

  13. Thanks Marjorie. The judge and counsel’s synastry with Trump looks encouraging, but the popular support he still enjoys has the potential to thrust him, his criminality notwithstanding yet again into power. Pundit, Tom Nichols wrote:

    “It is a ghastly reality that the only job left that Donald Trump could get in this country is president of the United States.”

    It seems incredible that someone who has been accused of four counts, including conspiracy to defraud the US, tampering with a witness and conspiracy against the rights of citizens is at the same time a leading candidate for the 2024 presidency. But Trump’s cult membership appears more wrathful, more vindictive and more brazen than ever.

    Today, Michael Day in the Independent said: “It’s unclear whether there will be time to complete the trial before the November 2024 election. This raises the prospect of having a US president spending his entire term and the rest of his life behind bars. Yes, this really could happen.”

    Regarding Jupiter transits, sometimes Jupiter’s influence can bring overconfidence and hubris. I expect there will be plenty of this on display in the coming year.

  14. From my perspective, they are 5 types of people. The Steels, magnets, excrements, flies and cynics. And apparently throughout history, every era has its quintessential excrement that reveal all the flies that are drawn to thee. Harsh? Maybe. But life is no bed of roses for most, so call a spade….a spade, I say.
    Trump’s purpose(unbenounced to him) is to drag the GOP down with him so America can continue changing for the better. So whatever luck is still in his chart is as a result of the Party closing ranks behind “dear leader”. Much to DeSantis’s chagrin I’m sure.
    The remnants of pre 1965 in their backlashing element. Go Trump go!
    I got my popcorn.

    And for the record, I’m a magnet. Which I hope is the majority.

  15. Thanks for the detailed rundown. I am hopeful the latest case will be the sword that finally cuts the chord of insanity that holds many Americans to Trump. ( Most will go over the cliff with him and try to pull the country with them.) Pleased to see the powerful charts of the the Judge in the case and that of Jack Smith. Particularly pleased to see Jack Smith’s Pluto square Trump’s Sun.

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