Does the universe dance to numbers? 18 is back in play

Uranus moving on to 18 degrees for the final time in a few weeks (April 24 to May 12) is raising anticipation or dread about momentous events occurring. It is true that a planet moving to a sensitive degree can stir up the ether and trigger, in this case, both the Solar and Lunar Eclipse charts from late in 2022 which had 18 degree Saturn as well as the history-changing Uranus, North Node, Mars conjunction of last August at 18 degrees. And, of course, the May 5 2023 Lunar Eclipse hanging over the Coronation with Uranus at 18 Taurus close to the eclipsed Full Moon.

Question one – does the number itself matter?  Some astrologers and numerologists attach a meaning to the degree. Numerologists think 18 equates to ‘strength, a natural leader, sometimes great material success, but also conflicts and enemies, fire and explosions, including from natural elements.’ The 18th harmonic oddly is seen in the charts of serial killers. Though just as the 9th harmonic which makes it up as 9 X 2, can be in its positive manifestation humanitarian and negatively a financial con artist, there is a spectrum of meaning.

 Sabian symbols assign enigmatic meanings to astrological degrees:

17-18 degrees Taurus: a Symbolical Battle Between “Swords” And “Torches”. Maybe warmongers versus trailblazers of new ideas.

Or A Woman Airing An Old Bag Through The Open Window Of Her Room. The feminine getting rid of old baggage.

18-19 degrees Taurus – A New Continent Rising Out Of The Ocean. Hope for the new possibilities of the Pluto in Aquarius era for two decades ahead.

  Looking through recent charts which feature 18 degrees Fixed there are some amusingly apposite ones – wealth-acquiring Elvis had Jupiter at 18 Scorpio. Charles Babbage, father of the computer had Uranus at 18 Leo – mind you so does Prince Andrew, with his contrarian tendencies leaning more to the minus side. Sex-toy supremo Jaqueline Gold had her Mars at 18 Taurus. Matt Hancock, UK politician who resigned after a sex scandal has Venus at 18 Scorpio. Pluto at 18 Fixed include Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu. The Sun at 18 Fixed has the Tory Party 1912 in Taurus and Richard Sharp, BBC chairman in Aquarius.

   Administrations which kicked off under 18 degree Fixed – Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term; Giorgia Meloni in Italy, the Swedish PM,  Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak’s term.

  All of the above will be shaken up or provided with an opportunity for change when Uranus comes back round for a final time to 18 degrees.

  The key global shift indicated by last August’s coming together of the North Node and Uranus wouldn’t happen in the blink of an eye, and often the scale of a change can only be seen in retrospect – small ripples extending out to create a giant wave. See post 17 June 2022.

  For individual charts it may be no more or less important than any other transiting Uranus hard aspect, which will bring the impetus to move away from old compromises and restrictions and strike out in a new direction in whatever arena of life is indicated by the personal planet involved.

8 thoughts on “Does the universe dance to numbers? 18 is back in play

  1. Interesting read! Another Administration to be added to 18 degree club will likely be Finland’s new Government. Elections are on April 2nd, and negotiations won’t be easy, since the three largest parties are virtually tied. I’m somewhat more inclined to think there will be a rightwing government, but we’ll see.

  2. The electromagnetic weather is very volatile at the moment. The Northern Lights are visible way south of the normal latitudes. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently detected a coronal hole on the sun, estimated to be 30 times the size of Earth. This is triggering a great increase in the solar wind reaching the earth, hence the Northern Lights. I’m wondering whether this is Mars-Uranus weather and how much more intense it will become as we reach the end of April?

    • There is a correlation. Years back I remember when there was a great deal of solar activity and someone suggested a spike in car crashes had been one offshoot. I looked up the astrology and there was indeed a Mars Uranus plus Pluto I think. But a definite hot spot on planetary aspects.

    • FWIW, the solar cycle is 11 years. I found this specifically “The current solar cycle 25 started in December 2019 and will continue to around 2030 with an expected peak in July 2025”

      I’m not sure over the longterm it coincides with any astrological cycle. Jupiter’s probably the closest at 12 years.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. The resonance of 18 degrees in the Fixed signs has cropped up over and over again, and doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. I was interested in the Sabian Symbol of Swords and Torches, since its so close to the Minor Arcana suits in the Tarot – Swords and Wands. Swords are symbolically linked with the Air element, and Air signs. Wands are linked with Fire, and Fire signs. The next Sabian Symbol of a new continent rising out of the ocean gives us Earth and Water – Pentacles and Cups in the Tarot.

    The other fascinating thing is that 18 is a Lucas sequence number, where each number is the sum of the two previous numbers – forming some of the beautiful spirals (the “golden spiral”) found all over the natural world, like the more famous Fibonacci numbers do. A Lucas sequence begins – 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47…. From pine cones to shells and sunflower seed patterns, there it is! What you say about the ripples extending out to create a giant wave fits this spiral pattern rather well I feel.

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