Diana Kennedy & Mexico – tu casa es mi casa

Diana Kennedy, who found her spiritual and culinary homeland in Mexico has died aged 99. She became a “culinary anthropologist” after a series of happy coincidences that transformed her itinerant lifestyle into a national treasure. Born 3 March 1923 into a quiet English family, her education disrupted by WW11, she emigrated to Canada and on a vacation to Haiti met a New York journalist who was Bureau Chief in Mexico, married him and moved there.

  He died of cancer ten years later and through his contacts she started publishing  nearly a dozen books, which transformed American views on Mexican food. Her first book, The Cuisines of Mexico, published in 1972, became a bestseller. Along the way she joined an elite group of cookery writers like Elizabeth David who sparked a deep interest in the food of other cultures.

  She made repeated voyages round the Mexican countryside, by bus, train, later by her own campervan (sometimes with a pistol in the glove compartment), and was in constant demand in cookery schools of America. She moved permanently to Mexico in 1976, purchasing a few acres, where she set up a smallholding of pigs, goats, chickens and fierce dogs and  established a centre of research, teaching and sustainable living.

 She had an innovative Sun Uranus in Pisces in a creative and healing Water Grand Trine to Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio; which may have been formed into a Kite by Sun Uranus opposition Moon (North Node) in Virgo, making the Moon the driving planet (depending on birth time). It would make sense to have a Virgo Moon so prominent.

  Since there’s no birth time sadly the astrocartography is missing. But her Sun Uranus in Pisces are conjunct the Mexico 10th house Pluto with her Jupiter trine the Mex Pluto so her discoveries would help to spread the country’s influence. And her Moon North Node falling in Mexico’s 4th house of roots and home/domestic matters also makes sense.

  Her relationship chart with Mexico also had a fated Yod of Neptune sextile Venus inconjunct Pluto – tied together in mysterious ways.

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  1. I have just read her wikki. She was an amazing women. Travelling around Mexico as a lone women, would be very dangerous. Sun/Uranus is a combination for pushing boundaries and innovation. An old theosophist was my initial teacher in Astrology and she taught me that Uranus was the higher mind, Diana was a women ahead of her time and in some ways a bringer of the awakening regarding our biodiversity in need of protection and eating good food. If that was her correct time, her South node/ Uranus midpoint would be opposite her Moon. An old soul, appearing at the right time in Mexico to help with the importance of food and biodiversity?

  2. You are right Marj…..after rectifying her birth time to 1:11:10 pm, her Moon is indeed in Virgo, in her
    3rd House of writing

  3. Thank you so much. She’s one of my heroes. I love her books and am sorry I never got to meet her. A fascinating woman and cuisine!

  4. My apologies for writing here; I sent a question about mars neptune square already some time ago…… would it be possible to discuss… many thanks, as always…….. giovanna

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