Beyonce – carrying the weight of fame

Crazed fans, fawning critics and unhinged lawsuits – welcome to the whacky world of mega-music stars like Beyonce. Her 15.5 million twitter followers ensure that reviews in the music press err on the side of adulation to avoid being deluged with hate mail. Which hasn’t stopped a former band mate alleging that Beyonce practised  “dark magic”, effectively wrecking her life. It might sound like sad paranoid ravings except it has rung a chord with a chunk of social media obsessives. They soaked up the occult and Illuminati conspiracy blarney which Beyonce and Jay-Z evidently put about early on in what many believe to be a cynical effort to boost traffic.

  Opening Pandora’s Box not wise in these credulous and deranged times.  

   Even allowing for self-protective flattery, reviews of her first solo album in six years have been largely upbeat. “A joyous soundtrack to a hot girl summer”. The Telegraph predicted it “will be filling dance floors for years to come”. The Guardian said it was “unapologetically escapist”. Pitchfork’s Dylan Green claims it’s “the most unabashedly fun new Beyoncé record since 2006’s B-Day”. The Times says “This is an album about letting go and having a good time. It doesn’t seem like a bad way of dealing with the age of anxiety.”

  Beyonce said it came out of the pandemic – “Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world. It allowed me to feel free and adventurous in a time when little else was moving”.

  Two points of interest in her chart. One is that the tr Uranus Mars North Node are exactly in opposition to her 4th house Scorpio Moon now. Drat it – having looked up, the birth time is unverified and no idea where this one came from. But as it happens it is spot on so I’ll stick with it. So she will be facing emotional or domestic upheavals at some point – and tr Pluto sextile her Uranus also hints at a transition into a different space this year as well.

  What will be more concerning is her Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Sun, exact around now; and her Progressed Mars square her Uranus again around now. Neither of which sound restful or indeed good for for self-esteem since they tend to induce upsets. Her Solar Arc Sun will also conjunct her Pluto over coming months which is blocked. Tr Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023 which start by being conjunct her South Node and then opposing her Mars in 2024/2025 which will be infuriating and aggravatingly stuck.

Even music goddesses have to suffer occasionally.

7 thoughts on “Beyonce – carrying the weight of fame

  1. Thanks for this.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if her birth time is wrong, been altered by time / year or been “managed”. It might never be confirmed by her camp.

    She’s one of music’s most famous faces but it’s strange how casual onlookers can only rely on speculation to get a real feel as to who she is behind closed doors. I’ll give the record a listen – at some point.

    • There’s a widely used 10AM birth time online which I think makes more sense. It puts the Mars and NN in the 10th and Pluto+Venus on the ASC which speaks to her sexuality and the way she comes across as a powerful feminine.

  2. Comparing Rihanna and Beyonce astrologically might be interesting as there’s this unfortunate tendency to pitch one against the other. Rihanna has more sales, Bey has way more Grammys. So what. They appeal to slightly different generations and perform quite differently as well. Kudos to both women, and all women performers who make it in this far too competitive world. As a Black woman lecturer in HE and community worker I have issues with both of them. I have witnessed how young Black women often have a very difficult time defending themselves against the over sexualized stereotype of Black womanhood. Heightened sexual expression is the hallmark of their music. Of course it’s not just them two, but they have been at the forefront for years and have accrued the most wealth and status from it all.

    • I agree @Anita F, especially with your last few sentences. And as black women with now status, money and power they could for the greater good change course and educate young black girls and women positively and constructively. Instead they perpetuate the stereo type even further – Beyonce now losing more clothes as did Rihanna while pregnant and for what?!! SMH.

  3. The irony is that for all her hype, Rihanna(youngest self made female billionaire) still has her beat. All the pomp and pageantry of being “Queen”, she still lags behind Ms. Fenty in record sales.
    Seems the Illuminati chose the little island girl over the American pop Queen(I’m being facetious with the conspiracy thing) 🙂

  4. Beyoncé has done well for herself in as much, there is not a great deal known about her apart from what she wants to ‘put out there’.
    Kudos to her.
    Reflected in your Astro analysis of her chart also.
    She has carried the weight of fame so very well.
    I do appreciate your analysis of all you post btw.

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