Rebekah Vardy – a hard start in life left its mark

The most offensive waste of money since the Beckham Peltz wedding or indeed the upcoming Boris Carrie country-pile splurge has ended with Rebekah Vardy losing her court case against Coleen Rooney. Two waste-of-space famous-for-nothing types squalling over leaked gossip of the sort which garners headlines on which both depend to bolster their vanity always seemed a pointless exercise.

  Running true to form, Rebekah Vardy is stamping her feet, blaming a flawed judgement and insisting she wasn’t wrong in her muddled testimony.

  Born 17 February 1982, she has a troubled, even harsh chart with an angry, anguished and aggravated Pluto Saturn Mars conjunction in Libra trine her Aquarius Sun and square her Venus and North Node in Cancer. Her Sagittarius Moon may even be sextile Mars Saturn and either conjunct Uranus or Neptune.

  Her life until she married footballer Jamie Vardy in 2016 appears to have been a train-wreck.  

Her parents divorced when she was 11 and she moved from city to city, was sexually assaulted by a family friend on a weekly basis for three years, which was dismissed by her mother leading to a rift, which left her homeless at 15. “I was made to feel like it was my fault.” She attempted suicide with pills and vodka.

She married first at 17, which fell apart after six months when she slept with singer Peter Andre, whom she later disparaged because of the size of his genitalia. A six year relationship with a footballer followed which ended acrimoniously, with him claiming she dumped him to upgrade to a wealthier type. He said as his parting shot that he showered her with expensive gifts, took out an “extortionate mortgage” on their Nottinghamshire home and lent her his Mercedes but nothing was good enough. “Becky liked the finer things in life. She wanted the biggest house on the street, expensive handbags,” he said.

  When she married Jamie Vardy neither his parents or Becky’s mum and stepdad attended. The groom’s family blamed Becky for causing the rift and mum Lisa said: “I don’t have anything directly to do with my son any more. It’s a shame and very sad.”

 She now lives with him in an eight-bedroom farmhouse, worth £3million, with an indoor pool, sauna, tennis court and gym, in between Dubai holidays staying at the Atlantis (a suite costs £1,800) and the Four Seasons (suites up to £14,000 a night.)

  Two psychological thoughts. One is that bad experiences don’t necessarily produce good people or result in a well-rounded, pleasant, compassionate temperament with a sense of decency and perspective.  The other is that abusive and dysfunctional nurturing in childhood produces individuals over-sensitive to criticism, even where it is legitimate, since it taps into their deep well of inner shame.

  She now has five children from various liaisons.

  Her present husband, Jamie, 11 January 1987, is a Sun, Mercury in Capricorn which squares her Mars, Saturn and Pluto which does not sound easy or harmonious; with her Jupiter in likes-money-Scorpio conjunct his Pluto – so hints of a wannabe power-couple ambition. Admittedly her Venus is conjunct his Sun which will help slightly.

  Their relationship chart has a possessive, controlling composite Sun square Pluto with an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter conjunction and an illusory Venus Neptune. He’s very welcome to her, frankly.

She will bounce back in 2023/2024 with tr Pluto square a Jupiter midpoint – she has a titanium-strength protective shield which will deflect anything that feels threatening. Kind of like Trump/BJ etc.

5 thoughts on “Rebekah Vardy – a hard start in life left its mark

  1. Bunch of unrelated thoughts …

    It occurs to me, in all the Twitter coverage I (avidly) read, there is no “Team Vardy”. Even people like Boris and Trump have their supporters but not her. It’s very Sag-Aqua to keep your distance but usually they’re likeable and upbeat. Maybe the Saturn-Pluto in Libra results/distrust in a fear of relating and sabotages things.

    I think her only chance to develop lies in her Cancer North Node. Bringing up children is difficult but if you put in the time and effort it is rewarding AND it helps you process your own childhood. But again, with five children already, it’s probably a bit late now. She strikes me as the sort of mum who will be straight up the school making demands but putting in very little effort with their homework.

    The court case highlighted how Colleen Rooney has everything Rebekah wants. Colleen was leader of the WAGs, family around her, a husband who came to support her every day in court. But the difference is deeper than Becky can ever see – Colleen is sincere, honest, straightforward, loyal and those support her relationships – the exact qualities Becky lacks. Astrologically that shows up with Colleen being Aries-Taurus while Becky has nothing in the Aries-Virgo personal development signs.

    • I usually make an effort to be sympathetic to those warped by a rotten childhood but I must say reading her track record doesn’t inspire much faith in redemption. Her behaviour throughout seems to be crass, destructive and self-serving.

      • Indeed, you are much more sympathetic than I am.

        She’s got no reason to change now. She has the money for the life she wants and the wilful independence that puts relationships second. With forty years of baggage and blaming others, there’s probably too much to unpick.

      • Dear Marjorie, I’m in agreement with you.

        Rebekah is a poisonous gossip whose wings have been financially clipped.

        Regarding her “titanium-strength protective shield”, I wonder if her relationship with her husband can survive
        such a massive hit to their cash flow?

        • His current 4-year contract is worth just shy of £30 million. He came late to professional level but seems ot have been earning £2-5million annually in the previous 6 years playing for Leicester and England. And at age 35, he can probably eke out another £10million or so. Total career earnings somewhere around £50million. Minus tax and agent fees perhaps net of £30 million. Hopefully he has invested it wisely, and got a decent pre-nuptial ….

          Plus, of course, Becky was bringing in a few thousand pounds selling stories to The Sun!!

          (Apparently he bought a stake in a US soccer team last year. It has become traditional for ageing Premier League players to ship off to America for some easy money. I wonder if Mrs Vardy will push for that to regain some anonymity and prestige)

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