Democrats – so so Mid Terms before turbulent 2023 ++

The Democrats are chewing their fingernails in anticipation of the November Mid Terms since any hope of progressing Joe Biden’s agenda depends on the result. He has some lucky breaks beforehand July to mid October and a mild uplift in late November and has lost temporarily the catastrophe laden tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint which is creating havoc earlier in the year and returns in 2023. He looks so so about the result and it is really 2023 when his problems mount precipitately. See previous post 11 February 2022.

 Kamala Harris, who has her own particular image problems, is labouring mightily in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and has a nerve-stretched tr Uranus opposition Neptune over the MidTerms – followed by a tempestuous 2023 which will knock even her stalwart temperament sideways. She’ll have a blip of luck in mid 2024, not exact over the election but returning in late November 2024.

  Nancy Pelosi, 26 March 1940, is an amazing 82, so other factors may be at play in her astrology – there’s nothing much showing over the Midterms this year and again 2023 looks to be the applecart-upsetting year with massively testing pressures on her as tr Pluto opposes her Pluto and squares her Saturn as well as tr Uranus jolts and jangles.

Chuck Schumer, 23 November 1950, the Senate Majority leader, again has not much of note over the Midterms though a blocked tr Saturn opposition his Pluto in late November suggests he will be weighed down by responsibilities. His 2023/2024 will be heavy going with more than a few disasters in 2024/25 – and not remotely happy over the 2025 Inauguration.

Pete Buttigieg, 19 January 1982, is in good spirits running across the Mid Terms, with some triumphs to savour. 2023/24 won’t be too inspiring for him with losses and anxiety; and the challenging tr Pluto conjunct his Sun to contend with as well. But 2024 will see him returning to confident form, determined to make a splash and his success will extend into and throughout 2025.

Bernie Sanders, 8 September 1941, again not much over this November; unsettled and disrupted in 2023, not altogether upbeat, but recapturing his optimism for an enthusiastic push in 2024/25.

Elizabeth Warren, 22 June 1949, startled and insecure through this November, so not comfortable with whatever happens. She’ll be trying to get her momentum back in 2023/24 with an enthusiastic, motivated tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter; but is running into the sand by 2025 as tr Neptune squares her Sun Uranus in Cancer.

Beto O’Rourke, 26 September 1972, is cheerful through this November feeling pleased and that extends into early 2023. But from May 2023 onwards for several years he’s on a hiding to nothing – panicky failure and great confusion.

 Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, 13 October 1989, nothing over the Mid Terms, a mix of mountainous obstacles which make her feel trapped with a few blips of luck in 2023-2024 though she will begin to recover her mojo in mid 2024 – this is generally a tough phase for her.

  These above are not picked because they are possible contenders for anything, merely because they are leading Democrats and might be expected to show cheer or otherwise when their party does well.

Stacey Adams, 9 December 1973 4.44pm Madison, WI,  is not in a great year with tr Pluto square her Mars over the Mid Terms which is blocked and aggravated. Before then at the moment she’s uncertain and panicky and that comes back next year along with more frustrations. Though admittedly Jupiter is moving across her midheaven and 10th now until early 2024 which usually is higher profile and brings some success. But these Pluto Mars aspects are tough to overcome.

12 thoughts on “Democrats – so so Mid Terms before turbulent 2023 ++

  1. Re Nancy Pelosi, “tr Pluto opposes her Pluto” can’t be right. That would make her 124 years old (half a 248 year Pluto Return).
    Tr Pluto will be trining her natal Pluto. Would that in any way change the forecast for her, Marjorie?

    • Pluto’s orbit isn’t exactly circular because it the outer-most planet.
      The babyboomer generation is coming up on their Pluto-Pluto oppositions and most oof people who had their natal Pluto in Cancer have already had their Pluto-Pluto oppositions.

      • Interesting that the pluto in cancer generation were those most affected health-wise by the pandemic. What lies in front for the baby boomer generation I wonder!

  2. The only thing I can guess by Schumer is that the Democrats not only retain the majority in the Senate but add a couple of seats and Schumer is under pressure to eliminate the filibuster.

    As for Pelosi her husband was just arrested on suspicion of DUI and she has already stated that this is her last term as Speaker.

    It is possible that the Democrats retain control of the House and there is no clear contender for Speaker of the House and Pelosi reluctantly steps in and given her age Pelosi just isn’t physically up to the task any more.

  3. The first Black governor was P. B. S. Pinchback, from Dec. 9, 1872, to Jan. 13, 1873 in Louisiana. The next Black governor was Lawrence Douglas Wilder, a Richmond, Virginia native, ran the state from 1990 to 1994. The most recent Black governor has been Deval Patrick, of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2015. No women Black governors yet.

  4. Is this a rectified birth Marjorie? It’s listed as 4:44pm but you have 6:44pm; which would put her rising in Cancer instead of Gemini.

    • Ok I see the adjustment. Much obliged. Pelosi’s time of 3:10pm has a ‘B’ rating, which makes her rising the same as Trump’s; quite interesting. They’re both tanacious after all.

  5. Can you add Stacey Abrams to this list? She’s running against ultra-conservative incumbent Brian Kemp in what promises to be a hotly contested race for governor of Georgia. She narrowly lost to Kemp the last time around and would be America’s first Black governor if elected.

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