Daily Mail – a scandal- prone Neptune Pluto Gemini baby

The Daily Mail – “the best-hated paper in the world” according to its adoring founder Alfred Harmsworth, Lord Northcliffe, had an auspicious start when it launched in 1896 to an eager audience of hard-working, middle-class types. The elite were scathing about it being “run by office boys for office boys” but within a few years it was the world’s most successful newspaper. Which didn’t stop the criticism – one reviewer said Northcliffe had done “more than any man of his generation to pervert and enfeeble the mind of the multitude”.

  A new biography of Northcliffe describes him as charismatic, swashbuckling, admirable and appalling. His instructions to staff were to focus on anything out of the ordinary and keep explanations simple; with three imperatives for content – health, sex and money. He was a man of ferocious prejudices, with “Jews and Scotsmen” among his favourite targets. He banned photographs of women in trousers on the grounds that “masculine tendencies in women are interfering with the birth rate”. In the decade after the Mail launched he launched the Daily Mirror, bought The Observer and the Times. Despite his oddball and racist views he proved invaluable during WW1, campaigning ferociously against Germany.

  By the the early 1920s, he descended (or ascended) into  megalomania, some say because of syphilis, though others point to a terminal heart infection. Convinced the Germans were trying to kill him with poisoned ice cream, he regularly brandished a revolver at his terrified staff. On an excursion to Boulogne railway station, he loudly accused God of an enthusiasm for sodomy. He died aged 57 with no legitimate heirs though four children born out of wedlock.

  He was born 15 July 1865 6.50pm in Baile Alha Cliath, Ireland, but educated in England and started his career early running a school magazine.

  He had a Cancer Sun, which, as a sign, has a knack for sniffing out the public taste and spotting trends. His Sun was square a Saturn opposition an Aries Moon – hard-working, emotionally damped down. At first glance it is not that interesting a chart for a man who became ‘one of the blazing meteors of the late Victorian age.’ But on closer examination his Mercury is heavily aspected being in the intense (digging the dirt) 8th house in a dogmatic square to Pluto and a duplicitous trine to a communicative 3rd house Neptune and sextile a frivolous, entertaining 5th house Venus in Gemini.  His Moon and South Node were also in his communication 3rd house opposition a self-righteous 9th house Saturn. He had a vengeful, deeply buried 8th house Mars sextile a divisive Uranus on his Descendant and a passionate, emotionally insensitive square to Venus.

On the other hand his get-it-together, businessman’s 5th Harmonic is immensely strong with a highlighted mega-confident/successful Jupiter Pluto conjunction tied into the North Node (=spirit of the age), the Moon ( = the masses) with a hyper-active and enduringly determined Mars.

  The Daily Mail, 4 May 1896, has a more descriptive chart with an enduring, stubborn Taurus Sun opposition an obsessive Saturn in Scorpio square an Aquarius Moon; and Mercury in Taurus opposition an outspoken Uranus. More significantly it had the Neptune Pluto in Gemini conjunction of that era which is scandal-prone and associated with the rise of ‘yellow journalism’ noted for its sensationalist leanings.

  The circulation war between Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal in the USA in the late 1890s was a classic Neptune Pluto event.

  In the Mail’s case the Neptune Pluto is square Mars giving it a ruthless edge –  both showbizzy and publicity-attracting from Mars Neptune, as well as cold-hearted and merciless from Mars Pluto.

   During the 1930s, the then Lord Rothermere, a brother of Alfred, was a friend of Hitler and Mussolini and violently anti-Communist.   

12 thoughts on “Daily Mail – a scandal- prone Neptune Pluto Gemini baby

  1. Rest assured, my news sources go beyond Mail online. Some comments are sensible, some are abhorrent and generally weeded out.

  2. Say what you want about the DM (mail online) but they do not censor readers comments and are aways first with the news.

    • Mail Online is a cesspit of bias, hatred and irrelevant celebrity gossip, and the comments section is a testament to all that is worst of British society… racism, ignorance, bigotry…. Suggest you switch to a new source for some facts and evidence-based news by real journalists.

      • Daily Mail online is the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world. May be a sad testament to the state of the world but as well to keep an eye on what the public taste is focused on.

    • London Lemon, this headline was printed on the front page of the DM 10/8/22: “Giggs had EIGHT full-on affairs claims
      his ex-lover.” The DM is the 21st Century version of “Confidential”, a long-forgotten US 1950s publication which
      promoted very lurid stories about Hollywood stars and their private lives. It sold millions of copies and was very
      popular for its gossipy style of reporting.

      Criticizing the DM is rather like hitting a sponge with an iron bar. Why bother?

      • Because it holds significant power with the wretched Conservatives and dictates a great deal of policy to the damage of the people of the UK, unfortunately. We will not get positive change until that changes.

      • Trish—Lyrics to the Beatle song, Paperback Writer:
        “His son is working for the Daily Mail, it’s a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer”.

  3. Daily Mail is vile and has caused a great deal of damage to Britain. Whenever I go into a supermarket I find a few copies and put them in the toilet paper section. Much more appropriate – although personally speaking, I wouldn’t even wipe my arse on the Daily Mail.

  4. It is bitterly ironic that in all the history of the DM’s hateful, repellent rhetoric, they were solely responsible for
    bringing the murderers of Stephen Lawrence to justice through their unrelenting campaign against them. This was
    because Neville Lawrence worked on the house of the former editor, Paul Dacre. Dacre is born under Scorpio.

    They have had an unfair reputation, but they can also look out and champion the underdogs.
    Robert Kennedy and Harry.T. Moore spring to mind, as key examples. It was the DM’s only moment of redemption.

    Regrettably, the paper has fallen back to its’ abhorrent formula of malicious gossip pretending to be newsworthy.

  5. He was never going to have legitimate heirs when you look at that Aries moon on the South node and Libra Saturn on the north node. Throw in a trine from Sag Jupiter to the moon and a Venus Gemini, along with Uranus on descendant and he’s just not getting pinned down into a relationship.

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