Andrew & Fergie – a folie a deux

Jaws dropped when it was learned that Sarah Ferguson, not long ago on the verge of bankruptcy, had bought a £5 million Mayfair property as an “investment opportunity. And eyebrows shot up further when news surfaced that there was a £1.6 million debt still outstanding which may interfere with the sale of the Swiss chalet she jointly owns with Prince Andrew, which had already caused maximum aggravation to the original seller who described Prince Andrew as “an absolute fool”. The sale was supposed to clear all debts, and according to rumours pay Prince Charles back for the Virginia Giuffre £10m payout.

  Fergie did profit from a bestselling Mills & Boon novel last year and went on to sign a 22 book deal, but the Sunday Times sniffily said her novel had only sneaked into No 10 of the best seller list for a week and then disappeared. It would not produce a James Patterson level of profit.

  Both their charts always did look due for more turmoil with any hopes of an appropriate decade or several out of the limelight not being likely.

 Andrew’s divisive and can-be-lawless Uranus on the focal point of a Yod at 18 degrees Leo is in line for the Uranus Mars North Node square and that continues on for several months ahead in effect. So there is a real prospect of it sending his life’s path off on a different trajectory altogether. There’s also a good deal of activity around his 8th house of joint finances where his Mercury in Pisces, on another leg of his Yod, sits. His Progressed Moon is exactly conjunct his Mercury at the moment with his Solar Arc Saturn moving to conjunct his Mercury, exact in 3 months. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, ruing his 8th has all the right ingredients for secrets crawling out into the open.

  Tr Saturn is also heading for his 8th house from mid 2023 until 2026 which is when he will be thrown back on his own resources and not able to borrow as easily as in the past. He’ll be forced to sort his chaotic and shady finances out.

 Tr Pluto is, of course, also conjunct his 6th house Mars Venus in Capricorn and his Solar Arc Moon this year and next which will be infuriating and frustrating and put pressure on his health, as well as grind his career to a halt.

  2024 is when his life will upend further as tr Uranus opposes his 4th house Moon which may precipitate a house move. Indications are Charles wants him out of the Royal Lodge when he takes over the throne. In 2025 Andrew’s Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct his Saturn, on the other leg of his Yod.  All life-changing jolts and jangles.

 Fergie, 15 October 1959 9.03am London,  has her Solar Arc Mars conjunct her 2nd house Saturn, exact in late 2023 and that will be a financial setback for considerable proportions. Her Solar Arc Saturn will oppose her Pluto, exact in six months for a blocked slow-down; and by 2025 the tr Neptune Saturn in Aries will square her 2nd house Saturn for more financial woes.

  Relationships within the Royal family are always mystifying – Charles hates confrontations and seems confused about Andrew this year; with the Queen also perplexed and more so next year. Though there’s nothing muddled about Prince William’s view of his uncle – he’s seething through 2023/24 and will be pushing hard for a decisive banishment by the look of the astrology.     

Absolutely nothing in the way of insight appears to penetrate.

3 thoughts on “Andrew & Fergie – a folie a deux

  1. Brilliant photo of the pair. Andrew might be better off with a new tailor, or at least making use of an iron.

    Fergie famously claimed to have ‘little understanding’ of money. I think otherwise. Somehow she’s ended up with a house in Mayfair, from the Duke of Westminster no less. Is she best pals with Jupiter or something? Complete speculation on my part, I wonder if she might have ended up with a nice house in lieu of writing a tell all book?

    • Well, Fergie does have an angular Jupiter in the 1st house in the sign of its rulership, ruling her 2nd house of finances and her 4th house of the home in a quadrant-based system. That sounds pretty lucky to me! Also square the MC/IC axis and the apex of a t-square with Pluto-Venus opposite Saturn. And in a fortunate trine to her Moon. So really pivotal to her biography.

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