Crumbleys in the dock for junior’s rampage

Inner chart Ethan, middle chart father, outer chart mother

Ethan Crumbley, 15, the latest in a long line of school shooters, ended four young lives and wounded another seven of his peers, some of them seriously, on November 30th in Michigan. What is unusual in his case is his parents have been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter. He used his father’s new 9mm Sig Sauer semi-automatic handgun, which he had claimed was his own in troubling Instagram posts beforehand, to which his parents had been alerted by the school.

  Born 28 April 2006 (wiki) he is a Sun and Moon in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune – stubborn, over confident and delusional. With his Sun in a contradictory low self-esteem square to Saturn. And his Jupiter in a Water Grand Trine to Mars in volatile Cancer trine Uranus – Water Grand Trine types can be detached from reality, living in their own bubble. He would get double messages from his father which are always confusing for children – both spoilt and punished.

  It isn’t a particular brutal chart though his self-defeating 10th Harmonic is ruthless and over-pushy;  and his ‘serial killer’ 18H is also heavily aspected and stressed.

  His father James Crumbley, 25 July 1976, a Sun Saturn in Leo with Venus Mercury also in Leo seems to have been the main influence on him – though not clearly all in the right direction with Junior’s Taurus Sun exactly conjunct his father’s South Node and trine his father’s Mars and opposition his father’s Uranus.

  Their relationship chart has a power-couple/tussle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter square Pluto; and an unkind/cruel composite Mars Saturn – quite a mix.

  His mother Jennifer, 1 April 1978, a Sun Aries opposition Pluto trine Neptune had an even more fractious relationship with him – their relationship chart has a composite T square of Mars opposition Neptune Uranus square Sun; and a resentful, chained-together Saturn square Pluto. An elder half-brother (same father, different mother) left the family home last year because of difficulties with his stepmother/Ethan’s mother.

  Nothing much to conclude apart from the usual – the gun-toting genie is out of the bottle in the USA and there’ll be no stuffing it back in. That argument is well and truly lost. But holding parents’ responsible might just make a small dent in the problem.    

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    • His parents left him alone for long periods of time in order to go to bars when he was as young as 8. A former friend reported them to Family Services for this reason. An older half-brother reported that the gun-permissive parents were also permissive with marijuana, and Michigan is a state where that drug is fully legal.

      Yes, the parents should be held responsible for these deaths.

      • Today’s dope is stratospheric in contrast to what was sold in nickel and dime bags circa late 1960’s. So many behavioral and physical disruptions to the body. Legalized heroin is now available in Oregon.

        Heroin! Scourge of the 60’s. Would it be better to offer kids mescaline at Halloween?

  1. When first reported, it was mentioned that Michigan has no laws to “lock up” weapons in the home. Even if such laws existed, the parent-child relationship would have circumvented restraints. There were also hints of Ethan being bullied. So he had to “go and show THEM” what he was about. Such anger wrapped up in children and it usually comes out in a single event.

    The school is on the hot plate now as no one searched Ethan’s backpack/locker for the unusual. Such a tragic waste. No one wins.

    What’s obscene is the GOP response in their pair of photos showing kids armed with long guns in front of the Xmas trees. “Santa, send us ammo!”

    • I saw those pictures larry and in sympathy tried and failed to crank my brain into the cognitive dissonance needed to arrive at the whole Season of Joy/family/guns’n baby Jesus connection.

      • There was an ugly but not unexpected twitter battle btwn AOC and Boebert in which Boebert claims her four sons are being attacked. Typical of the seasons’ greetings.

        Marjorie posted in her blog “Taylor Greene, Boebert, Hawley – the nut-job squad … 31st January 2021”

        Even in the UK, Boebert is now labeled as “Bigot barbie”. International notariety but not the kind one wanted. Maybe?

    • It seems that this picture is not so much an honest presentation of “we love guns”, but a specific “baiting”tactic by Republicans that is becoming the new norm. Each is ramping up from the last one. A way to bait the “left”, create a frenzy, and add thousands more Republican followers and money into their campaign funds. It’s actually working. That politician gained many new followers and money with that picture.

      A conscious choice by these people … bait and hook.

      This is horrifying…. this last kick at the Pluto in Cap can, seems to be a complete unraveling of the glue that holds community together!! Caring about “the other”!!!

      I was watching a documentary that included striking video footage of Hitler, the Nazis, the THOUSANDS of people marching and in plazas and stadiums…cheering and supporting Hitler. Thousands!!

      We did get through that time and some good things came afterwards.
      One has to remember that, I think.

      still… this all makes me very sad.

      • Open-air demonstrations proclaiming of Hitler and all he held as “truth”. Hundreds of thousands of cheering crazies. They did so to avoid prison. But he did rise to power legally…the West seems to have largely forgotten that.

        • My Dad was just 15 and running from the Russian army back in late January 1945. Got to Berlin, dealt on the black market before the Wall, worked in coal mines in Germany a bit later.. the only work available to him. Paid in porridge. He hated porridge!

          before many meals, he would say.. in a kind of joking but not joking way…
          “Well… eat for the hunger that’s coming”. And we knew what that meant.

          He would also say.. “I just want to live long enough to know my girls will survive anything”.
          We knew what that meant too.

          I’ve done a lot of work on processing multigenerational pain…. but I have to say that my Centre is getting shaken. I have some very good tools…. and….

          I am SO grateful, Marjorie.. to you, to this small community of people… names that I see regularly… great comments….
          a small touchstone in all this.

  2. The shooting began at 12:52 pm, Oxford, Michigan. 4 Students were killed. Erecting an event chart with this data.
    1. Notable midpointe, Sun/Moon = Uranus; Asc/MC= Pluto
    2. The 22 death degree prominent……Zeus, gun, gunfire is at 22 degrees in the 8th House.
    The cusp of the 9th House, High School, is at 22 degrees.
    3. Shooter Ethan at 20Cp conjuncts Venus, ruler 9th H, High School sextiles Neptune, 1st H, and squares
    Zeus, gun fire, in 8th, all equal midpoint Mars/Neptune.
    Many students were absent that day due to threats of a gun attack the day before.

  3. Marjorie:
    The media reports that the gun was actually “an early Christmas gift from his parents: “My new beauty,” Ethan Crumbley, 15, called it in his social media post. The day after Thanksgiving, he and his father had gone together to a Michigan gun shop to buy it. He and his mother spent a day testing out the gun, which was stored unlocked in the parents’ bedroom. On Monday, when a teacher reported seeing their son searching online for ammunition, his mother did not seem alarmed and texted her son: “LOL I’m not mad at you, You have to learn not to get caught.” These parents deserve to be prosecuted for recklessness, but sadly whether they will be remains to be seen, Michigan has few restrictions on guns.

  4. First read of the headline, I thought was out of character for Marjorie to refer to older people as “crumblies” as we used to when I was a teenager. Laughed when I saw it was their surname.

    On a simple note, both parents Saturn in Leo – children being an obligation and responsibility.

  5. I think k it would be a good thing to make parent’s responsible for their child’s actions if in using a weapon owned by them should result injury or death. Which could mean jail time, and possibly paying compensation to the victims and their families. Then perhaps people might think twice before allowing their children access to lethal weapons!

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