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  1. Facebook/Zuckerberg is having a tantrum which is blowing up in their face globally as they abuse democracy, again, regarding the Australian news media. They have effectively blacked-out Aussie news outlets using their site due to a dispute about being paid. Anything in the stars that they and the rest of silicone valley will finally be regulated as it is sorely long overdue?

    Funny how they can quickly pull the plug on these news outlets overnight, yet they sit on their arses as fake news and conspiracy news sites saturate their platform and destabilise democracies. FB directly profits as these vile sites pay for Facebook ads to reel in the gullible and angry masses as they manipulate its algorithm.

    • Yes, Jo, I just watched the news about this. Are we seeing the first rumblings of the Saturn-Uranus square? Facebook first trade chart for May 2012 has 7 Taurus on the MC, right in line. Mark Zuckerberg is also Taurus Sun. Apparently Google has already done some sort of deal to pay for news. I’d think that Saturn in Aquarius does suggest regulation of the Aquarian world of Silicon Valley. If you take the first time this name was used in an article, 11th January 1971, Saturn was in Taurus, quincunx Uranus in Libra – more earth and air energy.

      I really hope something is done globally now. A lot of damage has been done already, and such incredibly wealthy companies really do need to be held to account on a number of levels.

      • Not only did they shut down Australian news sites big and small, they also shut down various health and medical sites. Even the Bureau of Meteorology site, for goodness sake. We are on the cusp of the roll out of the covid-19 vaccination program and guess what, just about the only vaccine info freely available on FB in Australia is toxic anti-vaxxer rubbish.

        Is this FB’s jump the shark moment?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if we have all been the obnoxiously greedy Zuckerberg’s big collective experiment. He is very clearly happy for misinformation to be widespread across his platform. Remember, this man’s idol is the Emperor Augustus, who was a totalitarian dictator who overode democracy by using fake news. Huge alarm bells. Some jounralits after the Australian blackout are now questioning this too in more detail than when it came out a few years back.

        The guy should be in prison for the astronimical damage he has done and it all seems completely deliberate. That side of his control-freakery nature is bad enough but the fact he earns all that money and just removes it out of circulation just disgusts me too. I’m praying that enormous reforms and regulations are coming in for this pathetic little scrote of a man.

  2. This is possibly a bit over the top but I am increasingly thinking that the Pluto in Capricorn era is just turning out to be an unmitigated disaster across the board with only destruction evident. I also feel that for the most part the same could be said for the Pluto in Cancer era. Perhaps Pluto’s transit across this particular axis brings nothing but wrecks.

    That said Neptune in Pisces is probably just as much of an issue too in this regard.

    • It could get worse. Neptune in Aires could spread the notion that individual identity is paramount, and that ones own reality and selfishness is all that matters, as well as agressive religion and worship of all things martial . It flows one to the next, so the diffused energy of Pisces becomes concentrated and directed in Aires. And since it seems we dont start dealing with the issues of Trans Saturnian planets until the second half of the transit, currently fake news/propaganda Neptune in Pisces, it could be quite scary for awhile.

      On the brighter side Aires Neptune might also see the washing away of more toxic masculinity for want of a better term.
      I also see it as a survival mode placement, ie we need to address climate change NOW.
      The dissolving of procrastination?

      And I cant say Im looking forward to Uranus in Gemini [see WW2] especially given its both the US and Trumps natal placement. Trickster energy zeitgeist.

      Living in the now, flapper roaring 20s energy. Good if we do it with appreciation for life and live with awareness of our actions, disastrous if its done for selfishness and superficiality.

      • I’m trying to balance the downsides of the Aries and Gemini ingresses into two of the outer planets with Aquarius moving into Pluto to sextile/trine them, and hopefully with that the optimism Barbault had for the world after 2026. Neptune moves into my 6th with that Aries ingress, and with squares to my Sun/Mercury and opposition to Moon in that trip, I’m looking at that on the horizon with trepidation!

        • Yes there is that ongoing never ending Neptune Pluto sextile, and the trine as you say, but its all quite ungrounded. I hope we dont spend all that energy on space races etc rather than changing our behaviour here.
          I hope Uranus in Taurus will help shift habits of unquestioning consumerism. Brexit will probably help 🙁
          Sorry, Im being pessimistic.

      • Uranus’s shift into Gemini in circa 1942 did however mark the turning point of WW2. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not though.

      • “Neptune in Aires could spread the notion that individual identity is paramount, and that ones own reality and selfishness is all that matters”

        It could but I read something the other day (and I’m annoyed I can’t remember exactly what it was) … that occurred in 1864 – the time when Neptune was last in Aries (1861-75) … and it involved people (individuals) giving themselves up to a greater cause (Neptune).

        It may have been to do with trade unions which were legalised in UK in 1872. The first US trade union was set up in 1869.

        You could argue the American Civil War is also an example. People going into battle to fight for their states / country and the underlying cause being whether to keep or abolition slavery. While war is not a good thing, the abolition of slavery obviously was.

        I think many of the current issues mirroring those of the Pluto in Cancer are because it was also Uranus in Aries/Taurus (1927-41). Archetypally they’re selfish signs – only interested in their own enjoyment and Uranus’ promotes the uniqueness of the individual. Gemini and even Cancer are still somewhat self-orientated but they do at least begin to look around the neighbourhood and begin relating to others.

    • Also with Neptune in Aires, I imagine self Id’ ing will become much more of an issue, and increasing efforts to remove more and more aspects of womans biological reality
      Apparently East Sussex hospital now calls womens breasts, chests, the term mother is not used, nor breast feeding… its anyones guess how this will play out.

      • Yes I read about that too. But men do have breast tissue, and although rare, they can get breast cancer as well. No need to call anyone’s breast tissue a “chest”…I think the hospital has misunderstood some basic anatomy! Men can also lactate, but this is usually a sign of something wrong. Neptune in the sign of hospitals and nursing….in Aries it will be surgery and perhaps exercise in focus? I don’t know what Neptune in Aries did last time around, might be worth looking at that.

        • See also ‘beating ones breast’ and breastplates.Frankly I find it f**cking scary, the total displacement of reality, Brexit Trump qanon and this, its on the right and the left and it reminds me of those accounts of mass hysteria and The Crucible. I guess Pluto in Capricorn combined with Neptune in Pices is the perfect signature for the great God Pans Panic pandemonium and pandemic, a pandemic and panic of the mind and spirit as much as the flesh.
          And captured by the Devil card, our enslavement to fantasies and fears.

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