Anna Sorokin – a guilt and shame-free hustler

The grifter who fooled Manhattan has been let out of prison early because of Covid. Anna Sorokin pretended she was a German heiress worth billions, convinced banks to give her loans and overdrafts, stayed for months in five star Manhattan hotels without paying and stole money from friends by stiffing them with the bill for expensive trips and meals. She pleaded not guilty and maintained her innocence throughout trial, insisting it was all a misunderstanding. The judge remarked she was “stunned by the depth of the defendant’s deception.” On her release she promptly set up a new Twitter, which she used to troll the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and to ask for money.

 She was born in Russia on 23 January 1991, with a truck driver father and the family moved to Germany when she was in her teens.

  She has an Aquarius Sun conjunct Saturn North Node in Capricorn with her Sun trine Mars and opposition Jupiter in flamboyant Leo – a curious mix of Saturnine low self-esteem with Jupiterian aspirations. She has her Venus in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio which can turn on the charm to order and can have a deeply manipulative streak. She also has the highly strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and an Aries/Taurus Moon.

Aquarius leaning heavily towards its Saturnine co-ruler – I’ve known several Aquarians who were out and out hustlers, belying the humanitarian-saint image of old style astrology.

  Her 9th harmonic chart which seeks pleasure is the strongest – same as Ponzi-scheme crook Bernie Madoff. In her case it has a ruthless and innovative connection between Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Next strongest is her 11th harmonic – ‘a so called Master Number, which means that it is difficult to live up to. The positive aspect is idealistic and inspired imagination. The negative aspects are fanaticism and unreasonableness, also dishonesty, greed, self-indulgence.’

 The future isn’t as bleak for her as she deserves with a lucky-break tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint on and off through this year; plus another lucky-break tr Uranus square her Jupiter next month; though she’s also got a couple of Neptune dips to negotiate as well in 2021. 2022/23 will be discouraging and deprived with tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn and then her Sun/Saturn midpoint into 2024. Though 2023/24 will have their confident moments at the same time.

  It is truly astonishing how far brass neck and zero sense of shame can get you. Her story is now being turned into a Netflix series produced by Shonda Rhimes, of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Bridgerton fame.  Sorokin evidently used most of the $320,000 fee she was paid for the show to pay restitution to banks and other fines.  

5 thoughts on “Anna Sorokin – a guilt and shame-free hustler

  1. This woman stole from people, ordinary people with JOBS and bills and fidelity to what they thought was their friendship. She is sociopathc, a narcissist… She could not care less about any pain she may have caused the ordinary people who trusted her and believed in her and who STILL live in denial.

  2. She has asteroid Lucifer conjunct Jupiter in Leo. (Will do anything to live large and can pass for aristocrat.) Has asteroid Ixion conjunct Pluto square Venus. Will “rape” (Ixion) “kidnap” (Pluto) others’ bank accounts/wealth for life of luxury (Venus). Mars trines her Sun (brass balls/neck) and Uranus conjuncts Mercury (audacity/genius). Saturn/North Node/Sun in calculating Capricorn opposing Chiron in Cancer (poor me complex), squaring Ceres in Libra (false/charming nurturing).

  3. I think she’s marvellous, and don’t feel any of the moral indignation on display here at her charade. It’s very hard not to feel a sense of glee at any embarrassment to inherited/entrenched wealth, given how it typically tends to be amassed. For instance, I wonder how many of the institutions and individuals she duped pay their taxes transparently?

    Marjorie, the point you allude to is maybe the most satisfying part of her story. She has arrived at a degree of celebrity which – handled correctly – could bring her persona within material reach.

    I wish her all the luck in the world.

  4. “It is truly astonishing how far brass neck and zero sense of shame can get you.”

    I’ve always been interested in psychology of scams, and I think Anna Sorokin’s story is interesing in that she also got caught because her generation in general has lower sense of shame than the previous ones. Since the early modern days, at least, successful scammers could play on sense of shame of their “marks” for not getting reported to authorities. In fact, Sorokin was able to lead a luxury lifestyle in Europe for years targeting smaller boutique hotels and “proper” boutiques she paid to I think with wire transits, and these establishments let it go, because of cost of litigation and shame of having cut angles on payment transaction procedures that wouldn’t reflect well to business.

    Ultimately, Anna Sorokin alias Delvay was caught thanks to a wealthy Millenial friend Rachel Deloach Williams she scammed to paying for a 62 000 US$ luxury holiday in Marocco by faking she had a credit card issue. I think she fully expected Williams would do the same businesses had for years, cave in embarrassment, but Williams didn’t.

    It seems that Sorokin’s type of scammers will have harder time in the future, but the ones scamming truly “big” can still find ways to make money.

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