UK Brexit – a different reality

Down the rabbit hole into the government’s never-never land fantasy, all will be spiffing in ten years’ time according to the Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary. Which is scant comfort, if not outrageously insulting, to businesses facing bankruptcy or having to relocate part of their operations inside the EU to survive. The right-wing media lie at the behest of their masters in No 10, unwilling to inform their readers they might just have made a glaring mistake; and Opposition leader Keir Starmer appears to be struck dumb, as the ‘teething troubles’ morph into permanent problems.  It’s a touch like the Republicans in the US who are terrified of upsetting their base with few seemingly capable of telling the electorate that – a) they were lied to; and b) they credulously swallowed it.

  However it is what it is. The question becomes – whither the UK this coming decade.

  There are two significant planets and houses on the UK 1801 chart being spotlighted in the near future.

   One is the financial 8th house Mars in Taurus, ruling international and business finance – it is being battered by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus this year on and off till March 2022 with setbacks, shocks and high insecurity, plus perhaps a few disastrous accidents since that UK Mars is a crisis/disaster-magnet. Tr Uranus will move through the UK 8th until 2026, making for an unstable, inconsistent financial phase – not necessarily all negative, but an exceptionally bumpy ride. It’ll be made more stressful on the money front because tr Uranus will square the 5th house speculative Venus in 2022 along with tr Saturn conjunct; and moving on to hard aspect the 2nd house Neptune thereafter.

   The other highlighted astro-area is the 5th house Venus in Aquarius which picks up the Solar Arc Sun in opposition by late 2021 and the Solar Arc Midheaven conjunction in late 2022. Both of these sound superficially good news but I wonder whether Venus like Jupiter carries an undertow of negative energy?  Especially in the UK’s case since the Venus is badly aspected being square Mars on one side and square Neptune on the other as well as opposition Saturn.

Venus in mundane astrology is connected with national resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming; and is associated with both peace and with war and negotiations leading to peace. More generally it rules recreational events, sporting events and celebratory gatherings, fashion, entertainment, cultural areas and children. Negative indicators are emotional upsets for the country and setbacks to the financial markets.

  2023 looks road-blocked with Solar Arc Pluto square the UK Sun though at the same time tr Pluto will square the UK 10th house Jupiter for a confident push and tr Jupiter also moves through the 8th in 2023 for an easing of financial problems.

  2025 has a fairly cataclysmic Solar Arc conjunct the Mars for a major financial upset (and other disasters). But thereafter tr Uranus moves out of the 8th in 2026 which should also help to stabilise the economy. At that point Jupiter is moving through the 10th for a year which will help to boost prospects and national reputation.

  Tr Neptune moves out of the employment 6th house in 2027 and tr Pluto moves into the ambitious 5th from 2029.  It may be marginally less than a decade for better results to come through but it will be an exceedingly painful transition.

  Looking back on previous Solar Arc midheavens to the UK Venus in 1927 and 1836:

1836 – the Solar Arc Midheaven in Leo was opposition the UK Venus. After 1840, Britain committed its economy to free trade, with few barriers or tariffs, prompted by the view that the economy if left unfettered was poised to dominate world trade which it did by the 1850s. Though it failed in its broader goal of ‘regenerating’ societies and as an ideal it owed much to the misplaced optimism of British policy-makers and their partial views of the world than to an understanding of the realities of the globe.

 1927 – the Solar Arc Midheaven in Scorpio was square the UK Venus, moving on two years later to conjunct the UK Neptune over the Crash. The late 1920s in the UK, following the General Strike of 1926, saw growth become erratic, with brief periods of stagnation and then sinking with the Wall Street crash in 1929. In the US market returns on the stock market shot up in 1927/28 before collapsing.

  Stock market charts are often unreliable as indicators – and the markets anyway often bear no relation to the economy itself as it affects ordinary people. But for what its worth and since the UK Venus sits in the chart area of speculation – the FTSE First Trade 3 January 1984 10am London chart, is trapped and scary (presumably with losses) through 2021/22; with further jolts and jangles from this July onwards; with late 2022/early 2023 looking the most discouraging time with two downbeat Solar Arcs and a ‘financial bubble bursting’ or at least high-hopes-dashed tr Neptune square the FTSE Jupiter.

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  1. If you care about environmental standards you would not encourage UK to join NAFTA, very low standards compared to the UK right now and the EU. How can it make sense to join a trading group for the other side of the world anyway, when we are supposed to reduce CO2?

  2. Boris has no integrity and is a habitual liar. So it’s difficult to gauge the truth of his real objectives or motivation. It’s a Boris first policy. Let’s not forget, 14 ministers in Boris Johnson’s government received funding from donors linked to Russia! We also need to understand that the Chinese defense industry is growing rapidly, with a handful of Chinese firms displacing Western defense powerhouses. A list of the world’s top 100 defense firms published by Defense News revealed that 6 of the top 15 companies are Chinese. Last year, (2019) there wasn’t a single Chinese company among the top 100.
    This trend has continued and expanding latest evidence states that China was the EU’s main trade partner in 2020, taking the top spot occupied until last year by the United States. Whilst most countries are trying to survive, The bad guys in the world are quietly getting on with business. I do hope we get more honest leadership and come together globally the challenges are mounting up !

  3. Hi Marjorie, the sentence below does not make sense to me. Venus can’t be square itself. Can you clarify and/or correct it?

    “Especially in the UK’s case since the Venus is badly aspected being square Mars on one side and square Venus on the other as well as opposition Saturn.”

    On a different note, given that we are studying the astrology of it all, it is worth reflecting that the stars and progressions would have been in the same place even if Brexit had *not* occurred. Brexit is but one manifestation of the deep divisions destiny had in mind for us anyway.

    If it had not been Brexit, we would still have been deeply divided (probably over continued membership of the EU) and would have had financial consequences (probably over Covid) anyway. Or we may have been generationally divided (just as in the case of Brexit) over the costs of dealing with Covid, etc.

  4. Cathy, I’m a Canadian and I dispute your assessment of NAFTA. If it were as negative as you say, it would not have survived. Here in Quebec, while it has been painful in some areas (e.g. the low-paying textile industry was lost), it has been undoubtedly wealth-creating as a whole and boosted high-tech and scientific industries (pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and others) while generating closer ties with the American Northeast in particular. Brexit is clearly wealth-destroying and will remain so for many years as disinvestment in the UK accelerates.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Indeed, based on the limited knowledge I have of NAFTA, it may be worth the UK joining NAFTA. Trade without shared sovereignty and without the inability to control “freedom of movement” (otherwise Canada would have Spanish as its second most spoken language within a decade, as happened with Polish in England).

  5. Thanks Marjorie, this is very helpful. You did say a while ago that Dominic Raab is on a downhill path from 2021. Perhaps his recent remarks about ten years time mark the start of that. His Pisces Sun/Mercury seem to be lost in some kind of dream. Has he even considered what ten years actually means to people? An entire adolescence, the vital years between 30 and 40, and so on. I don’t imagine those who voted Brexit thought it would be ten years before they saw improvements of some kind. Plus, nobody expected a global pandemic, except for the scientists who were routinely ignored.

    As for Boris, I agree with Maggy. Running away has been his modus operandi in life generally. He is, I think, bright enough to see how this is going, and I don’t think he has the stamina to go into another general election either. I sometimes wonder if Keir Starmer will make it as far as the next general election too. He seems to have lost his mojo somewhat.

  6. If it’s any kind of negative comfort to people in the UK, Canada’s participation in NAFTA — the North American “Free Trade” Agreement, effectively started in 1989 — has been arguably more catastrophic than Brexit is for Brits. It precipitated the worst depression since the 1930s and cost 350,000 manufacturing jobs.

    • Cathy I’m interested in reading more about these effects of NAFTA that you mention. Please can you add a link or two or point me in the right direction. Thank you.

  7. Marjorie what an excellent analysis. Are there any signs the British public might wake up? Personally I am concerned about the weakening of environmental standards. Pesticides which can kill thousands of bees are already being allowed now the UK left the EU. Is there any hope of keeping high standards?

  8. Marjorie, ‘whither the UK…’? more like wither…on the promises made to businesses, etc and cheerfully reneged on….of course it will be spiffing in 10 years as they will have fled the scene almost a decade earlier, with stuffed coffers and dumped responsibilities. Articles in UK papers say even people with big money in accounts cannot access a mortgage these days….banks are…rupt! There is no easing, except quantitative……Boris’ progressed Moon is conj pr. Asc, I think he’s about to do a runner (he’s already at the brick wall and must head off in the other direction). Neither hair nor there……someone else will have to fill the holes in the road…..its a giant tragedy/

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